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The Secrets of the Montebellis (Secrets, #1) [Read] ➪ The Secrets of the Montebellis (Secrets, #1) Author Cheryl Colwell – Lisa Richards is caught in an abusive relationship and devises a clandestine plan to escape In league with the secretive Montebelli Corporation she grasps her one chance to gain financial freedom and Lisa Richards of the MOBI î is caught in an abusive relationship and devises a clandestine plan to escape In league with the secretive Montebelli Corporation she grasps her one chance to gain financial freedom and fulfill her dream to help revive the town her ancestors helped settle in the Pacific Northwest Imminent threats at work to crush her The Secrets MOBI :↠ efforts thrust her to the edge of destruction.

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  1. Nancee Nancee says:

    Lisa Richards is trapped in a loveless and unhappy marriage her husband disrespectful and abusive Miserable insecure and unfulfilled she creates a life of her own developing plans to rejuvenate a failing town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest With the help of the Montebelli Corporation as financiers a brilliant young architect who strengthens Lisa's vision and her son part of the design team Lisa's dream appears hopeful As enemies surface and uestionable circumstances appear to thwart her plans Lisa plummets into a uagmire of events that could destroy her Her husband's threats cause concern for her life His greed and jealousy reveal hostility and contemptThis was a tough book to put down There are mysteries and secrets that captured my attention throughout the book and revelations that placed a new spin on the developing story A mountain containing a mine where fire opals had been harvested a mysterious tomb in the park at the base of the mountain and stories of the past create suspense and intrigue throughout This book contains numerous elements to keep the reader engrossed Intrigue mystery romance deception and adventure are only some of the elements that make this a compelling novel Cheryl Colwell has brought the landscape to life with her pictorial detailing of the mountains and valleys in this beautiful setting The characters she has created are credible and imaginative colorful and mysterious formidable and fascinating The plot moves along at a pace that kept me interested and wanting to continue reading to the very end in one sitting Unfortunately my schedule prevented me from doing that but the author places enough breaks in the story to give the reader time to lay the book down and come back for when time allows I highly recommend this unpredictable interesting and exciting book and look forward to from this very talented authorDisclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are my own and no monetary compensation was received for this review

  2. Tom Tom says:

    Cheryl Colwell has the talent and ability to pen a wonderful story about family romance love and yes spousal abuse I found myself starting the novel but was distracted and so I stopped after a few chaptersI was encouraged by my wife to stick with the story I am glad I did as it turned out to be a page turner and that doesn't happen very often for meThe Montebelli family history is an interesting one filled with secrets and intrigue revealed in the present life of Lisa Richards She is heir to riches passed down to her made possible from a family owned Opal mineLisa has a vision of creating a new town with the help of the Montebelli Corporation Many people are in favor of the idea and some are not Family and business conflicts involve her to the Nth degreeCheryl Colwell gives us many twists and turns in a story that kept me reading non stop I highly recommend this 5 star novel

  3. Sara Sara says:

    I won my copy through the Goodreads FirstReads contestI'm going to review this one as I read it so I will probably change my opinions as I go alongChapters 1 – 6I am intrigued by the characters and the settings I already hate the husband I hated him from page one Since much of the story so far is written from Taylor's perspective I feel like I know him I am wondering what Lisa is up to and how she thinks whatever she's doing will get her away from the hateful husband She's being a little too secretive for my taste at the moment but with good reason I know this is part of the plot design Looking forward to seeing what happens with the rest of the storyChapters 7 – 10The plot thickens and we get to the heart of it The husband Thomas is a royal jackass and that is being polite Lisa's up to something Taylor and Jesse want to protect her Some secrets have been revealed but we're just getting to the good stuff Looking forward to it And I am PRAYING that Thomas gets it in the endChapters 11 – 16So many secrets are out and now we are working damage control Thomas ugh the thought of him turns my stomach I know this is going to turn out well in the end I just know it I LOVE Gale She is absolutely fantastic I really need this to work out for Lisa I am pulling for her – a lot Also I love that God is laced all throughout this book but He's not thrown in your face like a lot of other inspirational books It's refreshing since I personally feel that's how He works He's there even if you don't see Him Looking forward to the restChapters 17 ENDWhat can I say? Thomas gets his in the end all right view spoilerI just didn't expect him to die by wild animal LOL hide spoiler

  4. Dana Rongione Dana Rongione says:

    Lisa Richards is far than she seems Despite her unfaithful husband's opinion of her Lisa has dreams goals and many secrets With opposition meeting her at every turn Lisa is determined to see her plans come to fruition no matter the cost Unfortunately she has no idea just how high the cost will be In a story riddled with greed and mystery treasure and history The Secrets of the Montebellis tells the story of one woman's determination to be faithful to herself and her family while struggling to find out who she truly is It is a tale of intrigue that will leave you reading long into the nightWhen I first read the description of Cheryl's book I knew it sounded right up my alley Treasure hunts abandoned mines historical artifacts that point the way to solving the mysteries at hand Definitely the kind of book I like to read and I was not disappointed From the very first chapter I was drawn in to the story feeling like another character immersed in the mysteryI would have to say that the thing I loved most about the book was the character development Cheryl did a fantastic job of portraying characters that you love and those that you love to hate Not only were the characters realistic but each had their own uniue personality that set them apart in the story At times I found myself hurting so much for Lisa the main character that I just wanted to be able to reach out and give her a hug As for her husband well let's just say a well deserved slap would have certainly made me feel betterCheryl also did a fabulous job of weaving a complete history of Lisa's family into the story Not only is the history fascinating but each new fact that is revealed presents another piece of the puzzle in the grand mystery I enjoyed keeping track of each tidbit and trying to solve the mystery before the characters did While the reading process was a little exhausting this way it was still truly enjoyableThe Secrets of the Montebellis is a wonderful blend of intrigue romance adventure scandal and forgiveness with Christian aspects and influences thrown in Also being a Christian book it is free of foul language and other negative features making this a refreshing read for me If you're into mystery then you'll love this book But be warned once you start you won't want to put it down

  5. Brittany Brittany says:

    What a fabulous book The Secrets of the Montebellis proved to be a real page turner for me This book has it all – a beautiful setting a damsel in distress certain characters so full of hate and spite that they would try to tear down a woman and her family legacy The story also contains wonderful character development and a plot that twists and turns in such a way that I wondered how anything could possibly end up working out in the heroine’s favor by the end of the book There are also two sweet love stories that work their way through the novel They are well done and a respite from the dark side of the storylineThe book is primarily about a woman named Lisa Richards who is in an unloving and abusive relationship The hatred that her husband shows her is painful to read about but handled well by the author Lisa has developed a plan to try to escape from this overbearing man who is jealous of her family history That history and the lands related to it are a key part of Lisa’s hope for escape But when her plans start to crash down around her Lisa will need the help of both new and old friends to weather the storm and come out on top I really enjoyed the mystery and secrets that the author slowly revealed throughout the book Her attention to detail in constructing these clues made for a very interesting read that I enjoyed from page one all the way to the end of the bookI received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through BookCrash in exchange for my honest review which I have givenYou can read this review on my blog at

  6. Marlena Smith Marlena Smith says:

    The Secrets of the Montebellis is about Lisa Richards who is the Guardian of Fire Mountain—a mine that used to contain precious fire opals She is up against many people some who are trying to steal the mountain from her family and some trying to keep her from reviving the small town of her ancestors She could be risking a lot including her marriage and even her life Along the way she meets Steven Taylor who immediately notices there’s to Lisa than she lets on He may be the one to discover her secrets that she has been hiding from everyone else It could either destroy her or help herThis is a wonderful book definitely deserving of 5 stars There are so many good ualities about The Secrets of the Montebellis From beginning to end it keeps you guessing and in complete suspense Add in a mixture of mystery drama and romance and you have the perfect book to escape in The characters are dynamic and I immediately fell in love with them Lisa is such a strong woman with so much against her but she never gives up and is fortunate to have her family and friends there with full support That being another nice touch—family and friends being very important throughout the bookAnd in all honesty I don’t know how much research went into this novel Or how much of it was based on truth Regardless I found myself fascinated in the history of Lisa’s family and the mine It seemed so realistic and I think the history made the story that much appealing

  7. Terri Nighswonger Terri Nighswonger says:

    Cheryl Colwell hits a home run with Secrets of the MontebellisLisa Richards has a plan to break away from her abusive husband but it seems to all come crashing down as her plan begins to unravel As guardian of her ancestors land she is also threatened with losing everything her forefathers had worked to obtain Will Lisa prevail in the end? Will the illusive Montebelli Corporation be her savior or her undoing? How does the handsome and kind Steven Taylor fit into the picture?With a great setting well written characters and a wonderful storyline this one will most certainly keep you up reading until the wee hours of the morning While one secret is revealed another is waiting in the wings This book will keep you turning pages until the final secret is uncovered at the end Good job Cheryl

  8. Lelia Rose Lelia Rose says:

    There's a lot to like in this book from gorgeous scenery to gorgeous opals from pleasant people to thoroughly unpleasant people who have understandable motives from legal maneuvering to genealogy and puzzles There were parts that were hard to read as one could feel the oppression that comes from living with a husband who is always critical and controlling I was glad that Lisa the main character was creative and strong enough to become a developer with a beautiful visionThe story was written from an omniscient point of view which let us know how nearly everybody was feeling and thinking which I like There was romance which I don't like but that's just me and there was mild suspense The book might contain some triggers for abused women but I think most women will enjoy this book

  9. Pamela Pamela says:

    This book kept me engaged from beginning to end which was only 1 day because I couldn't put it down There were characters to love and characters you love to hate There was mystery and some romance I enjoyed the secrets that kept me guessing I felt the anguish of the characters with each failed attempt to find I don't want to give anything away I want to visit Tangle Grove I received this as a goodreads first read Thank you

  10. Sheila Holmes Sheila Holmes says:

    Rating 45Everything about this story made it a pleasure There was mystery suspense tension and of course a love storyHowever personally I had a bit of difficulty over the main characters being somewhat too close during the time the female main character was still married emotionally not physically They never stepped over propriety but it seemed they didn't avoid each other as completely as they might have I will readily admit that perhaps this issue was mainly mineI have to say though that the story kept me actively engaged throughout And while I'm at it I'll add that this story appears to have needed intense research I stood amazed at the thoroughness of the author's knowledge of grants trusts and lawI can certainly recommend this novel

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