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Just A Step Away ☆ Just A Step Away PDF / Epub ✩ Author Flora Roberts – Thomashillier.co.uk Lanie Wagner has it all—from her great apartment in the heart of Los Angeles to her amazing career as the city’s most sought after wedding planner Yes ladies and gents Lanie is riding high on life Lanie Wagner has it all—from her great apartment in the heart of Los Angeles to her amazing career as the city’s most sought after wedding planner Yes ladies and gents Lanie is riding high on life But there's just one problem When her cousin called her and asked Lanie to plan her wedding she knew it was going to be a disaster She hasn’t Just A eBook ☆ been back home in over five years and her family is out of control crazy All of them With her cousin's wedding looming Lanie has to make a pivotal decision She needs to find a date; a boyfriend to be exact She needs to find some poor bastard willing to pretend to be madly in love with her for an entire week The only downside is Lanie is convinced that no one is pathetic enough to take her up on her offer Lucas Sparks aka Sparky is the epitome of every woman's wet dream And he knows it Born into a family of wealth and privilege Lucas has never wanted for anything Well that was until he was given the opportunity to share an apartment with Lanie the one woman that has never fallen at his feet and begged for all that he could give her The same woman that acts like he doesn't exist Even all the money in the world wouldn't be enough to make his humble roommate fall in love with him When he is given the chance to spend a weekend away in the country with a woman he fantasizes about on a daily basis he’s determined to do whatever is necessary to go along for the ride even if it means pretending to be her manBut playing pretend can be a dangerous game and considering the circumstances Lanie and Lucas just might have signed up for than they bargained for.

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  1. Elysia Schumacher Elysia Schumacher says:

    I was recently given this story to read And from the first sentence I was hooked It's full of boy humor I don't know what else you'd call itother than it's the humor I grew up with in a house with only brothers lol I loved Lanieand Lucas even though I'm not a lover of playboys in general Nothing turns me off uicker than a man whore But you just can't help but love Lucas He's sweet and knows what it is he wants Lanie just needs to get on board Add in her uirky family and it's just a recipe for laughs Over all I enjoyed this uick fun read I can't wait to see what happens in book 2 I'm sure it too will have my side in stitches

  2. ❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃ ❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃ says:

    Funny and hot short romance with a friends to lovers storylineI really liked this It was super funny at times the lead females' family was a bunch of crazy I loved the lead male he was an alpha in the bedroom but really down to earth and totally besotted with his friend and room mate

  3. Talltree Talltree says:

    375 stars

  4. Flirty Reader Flirty Reader says:

    I don't usually review books on my blog that are under three stars but for Just A Step Away I felt it had so much promise that it deserved some feedback The first three words that need to be said development development development There wasn't any in this book I felt no connection with the characters becasue of it Yes they were snarky and witty to read at times but the underlying motives for each character Lanie and Lucas was very much lacking as well as a solid backstory for each character to fall back on Granted this is a novella I can understand that the author probably didn't want to go into too much character depth but there is a fine balance of putting too much in and not enough Here is what I loved about the book 1 Laine was a very likeable character she has a incredible job in LA and is living her dreams 2 Lucas when he wasn't being crude could turn on the charm on a dime He was a very sexy lead when the love scenes came along 3 The plot has so much promise It's exactly something I would love to sit down and delve into 4 The sex scenes saved this book for me Roberts can definitely write a good steamy sex scene But I must be honest I almost flounced this book about 40% of the way through I wasn't connecting to the crude humor of Lucas and then Willard Plus Roberts seemed to liken everyone's smell to something countryfied Ex manure pecans sweat etc I was struggling with understanding why Lanie was so apprehensive about going home becasue there was no backstory about why she left in the first place We got that she was embarrassed by her family because they are really over the top caricatures of what hillbillies are perceived as being but what really lead her to leave and break her parents' hearts? What event? Something had to have happened And then why does Lucas love that they have such a strong family? We don't have any notion his upbringing was bad We even met his mother early on and she seemed perfectly loving to him What really made me pause and put down my Kindle was the crude humor When Lucas explained how he had to go to the bathroom so bad he likened it to a turtle head poking out of his butt I was like WHAAAAA? How is Lucas supposed to be the perfect male protagonist to Lanie if he constantly acts like he's 12 This wasn't the only instance either He pretty much acted like a juvenile the whole book I decided to give it another chance and really the love scenes made me stick with the rest of the book But then when I we did get into the meat of the story Lucas admitting he wanted Lanie for than just sex and Lanie telling him she wanted as well it fell flat No sparks Then the wedding happens and Lucas moons the bride because he's been bribed by Willard for some stupid reason that didn't even matter anyshakes head I was doneThis book needs work I think it could be great if the crude humor was curbed and kept to just witty humor the backstories thought out and developed especially with Lanie and Lucas's families and their motivations the characters enriched with emotions and love the basics expanded on like Lanie's job Lucas' job their dynamic between the pair and correction of continuity issues and editing and finally the ending needed a compelling climax Again I really loved the summary of this book and really think it has so much promise A story like this will sell like hotcakes with a little help I think Roberts is a decent writer and she obviously has a biting wit to match her characters I will be watching for from Roberts hoping that with her next book Lanie and Lucas will come to life for the reader

  5. Janell Sutherland Janell Sutherland says:

    The blurb for this book infers a pretend boyfriend story and I love pretend boyfriends Unfortunately I didn’t feel that the book met my expectationsBefore I go on I have to mention the writing style The characters are veryloose with their discussion of sex and body parts I couldn’t relate to it at all So this is me leaning on my old lady cane saying “Back in my day we used purple prose like ‘turgid member’ and ‘throbbing manhood’ and we liked it” Kids these days apparently use crass euphemisms such as fur burger pussy pie a la mode flick your bean man package golden peen and salami canoe Is this the evolution of sexual language? Do we call it blue prose? Again that’s just me not getting it and I wouldn’t want to hang out with people who talked like that but I bet they wouldn’t want to hang out with me eitherMoving on Once upon a time in the past Lanie and Lucas met at a bar She shot him down so he wanted her and they hung out at the bar every day forever until Lanie’s roommate moved out and Lucas moved in They’ve been roommates for a year when the story opens and Lucas is madly in love with Lanie He cooks for her he rubs her feet and draws a bath when she’s had a bad day at work but he never says anything or makes a move Lanie thinks he’s a manwhore her friends nicknamed him Sparky because he makes sparks fly out of their you know whats but he’s also her best friend and she doesn’t see him as anything elseLanie grew up in Stereotypeville South USA but she moved away five years ago because she was horribly embarrassed by her gross family She never went back But now she’s planning her cousin’s wedding and has to make an appearance with the boyfriend she claims to have Lanie has no such boyfriend because she has issues and men are all dumb or something Lucas steps up to be the fake boyfriend so he can tell Lanie how much he loves herThings I expect in a fake boyfriend book PDA to prove the relationship tense moments discussing the fake relationship with others inner turmoil about whether the fake boyfriend is really faking it and maybe fake boyfriend rescuing the girl from an awkward situation by proving his fake loveThings I got from this book fake boyfriend pooping in an outhouse fake boyfriend telling smelly cowboy strangers that the girl’s vagina looks like a cheese grater every other character seeing through the fake boyfriend ruse and telling the girl that she should really get a piece of that alleged fake boyfriend because he has a golden peen Yes they had sex and it was graphic in a “Mr Thundercock was jealous” talky sort of way but I didn’t feel that it was romanticTheir relationship such as it was was already established from the beginning of the book I didn’t feel that the relationship changed or developed beyond the addition of sex and it felt very much like it was just sex Lucas was hot but also gross Lanie was oblivious then accepting there wasn’t any drama to draw them apart or throw them together I wasn’t satisfiedGrade D This review originally posted on Red Hot Books at

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    I loved this book Lanie feeling the need to leave her hometown her crazy family is something we all can relate to As is the realization that crazy or not family will always welcome you homeThe sexual tension between Lanie Lucas is so thick when it finally boils overwell you'll have to read it to find out The book is very well written I loved the alternating point of views This was a great uick read that I finished in one sitting I really hope there will

  7. Jen Jen says:

    This book was soooo good I couldn't put it down and was hooked after I read the first sentence Through out the whole book I was on the edge of my seat from laughing swooning and all the sexual tension between Lanie and Lucas I would definitely recommend it for others to read

  8. ❤️Melanie G. ❤️Melanie G. says:

    4 Freaking Funny As Hell StarsI laughed so hard I almost cried This book is hilarious Fur perv Viper Vixen Hoss and baring your ass over a balcony with eat my ass Jas written on it is funny shit uick fun and cute read

  9. Kristin Elyon Kristin Elyon says:

    To read or not to read may be a uestion many of you may ask yourself And let me tell you you’d be crazy not to read if you enjoy erotic romance books Highly recommend

  10. Lissette Lissette says:

    Lanie Wagner's life is going just the way she wants it to She has her own business a roof over her head an awesome and very sexy roommate and enough time on her hands to do as she wishes In her mind she's got it made She loves what she does and wouldn't have things any other wayAn unexpected phone call from her cousin soon disrupts her peaceful way of life Though she doesn't want to plan her cousin's wedding Lanie knows she has no other recourse but to do just that The thought of going back home frightens her most especially the thought of seeing the family she left behind Part of her knows she'll need to do the right thing The uestion is can she do that without falling apart in the first place?Determined to give things all she's got Lanie enlists the help of her roommate In her mind he's just what she needs to show her family that she's truly independent On the one hand taking Lucas along for ride will allow her family to focus on other things On the other hand it'll inadvertently draw attention to herself in the process Lucas is far too good looking and draws a woman's attention whether he wants to or not herself includedDiving head first into a dangerous game of cat and mouse Lanie soon realizes she's way over her head Her feelings for Lucas are rearing their ugly heads making her look at the situation at hand through different eyes While she might not like what's going on within herself she knows she'll need to acknowledge her feelings and when the time comes It's the only way she'll be able to finally move on in order to enjoy the life she's now made for herselfJust A Step Away is one of those stories you won't want to put down It sucks you in and doesn't let go until the very end The fact that there's another book coming for this series is definitely the icing on the cake Flora's storytelling is certainly pleasing and allows you to visualize the characters and their environments I'm definitely looking forward to of Lanie and Lucas

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