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Ég man þig ❴Download❵ ➽ Ég man þig Author Yrsa Sigurðardóttir – Thomashillier.co.uk In this terrifying tale three friends set to work renovating a rundown house in a remote totally isolated location But they soon realize they are not as alone as they thought Something wants them to l In this terrifying tale three friends set to work renovating a rundown house in a remote totally isolated location But they soon realize they are not as alone as they thought Something wants them to leave Meanwhile in a nearby town a young doctor investigating the suicide of an elderly woman discovers that she was obsessed with his vanished son When Ég man MOBI :↠ the two stories collide the shocking truth becomes horribly clearIn the vein of Stephen King and John Ajvide Lindvist this horrifying thriller partly based on a true story is the scariest novel yet from Yrsa Sigurdardóttir who has captivated the attention of readers around the world with her mystery series featuring attorney Thora Gudmundsdottir Now Yrsa will stun readers once again with this out of this world ghost story that will leave you shivering.

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  1. Carol Carol says:

    I Remember You caused me to see shadows everywhere in my house no matter how many lights I turned on and I turned on a plenty while reading this novel If not for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge I'd not have selected a book in the horror genre Because horror Especially novels A movie is done in 2 hours A book takes over my lifeSo when you read a novel you wouldn't select for yourself in a genre you don't care for and it makes you very uncomfortable and you don't sleep well while you're reading it and yet you conclude it's hands down one of the best written books you've read in the last couple of years? It's that good Yrsa Sigurdardottir has written the uintessential ghost story Her style is reminiscent of Poe in that she wastes no words She introduces multiple characters in two distinct but ultimately merging story lines and yet the reader is never confused and has no difficulty remembering who's whom She explores the impact of death and loss on multiple characters without distracting from the action She made my skin crawl and ratchets up the claustrophobia of being trapped with a ghost At night On an island without electricity batteries or communication devices And a dog A dog I worried about endlessly because I'm that reader the one that can cope with all manner of inhumanity to man but doesn't choose to read anything where the dog dies So I'll tell you now in case you are like me the dog makes it Worry about the people And read I Remember You during the daytime

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    When I read that Simone St James said that I Remember You is the scariest ghost story she has ever read then I knew I had to get my hands on a copy It may have been a 6 month wait at the library but it was definitely worth it While I am not a very religious person I will say that since I was a youngster ghost stories always appealed to me I just love them but finding the good ones is sadly few and far between There are a lot of different threads through out the story so let me break it down a bitFirst we have a trio of friends Garder and his wife Kartin along with there friend Lif that have decided to purchase and restore a dilapidated seaside home in hopes of renting it out in the summer The house is located in an abandoned fishing village that is surrounded by the sea It isn't too long after arriving when they discover they aren't alone at all There is a presence and it isn't happy at there arrival Then we have a psychiatrist Frehr who's son Benni went missing three years earlier never to be found Soon after his marriage deteriorated He now spends his time working nearly around the clock to keep his mind from thinking of what may have happened to his young boy We also find out that a local preschool has been vandalized in a most disturbing way Stranger yet it is very similar to another school that was vandalized 20 years earlier That case remains unsolved An elderly woman has recently committed suicide in a local church and strange markings are discovered on her body What's most shocking is when they discover she was obsessed with finding Frehr's son even though he and his family have never even met this woman Sounds complicated right? Yrsa Sigurðardóttir manages to bring all these story lines together in a most intriguing way This book has two things I normally dislike long chapters and long paragraphs which tend to slow down my reading In this case it worked perfectly for me Talk about atmospheric and while the chapters could be lengthy they always end with a cliffhanger that makes you salivate for I had to know what in the heck was going on and I was not disappointed There are uite a few chilling and creepy scenes to be had but the mystery was just as intriguing as the haunting which is a sign of a terrific writer in my opinion If you like ghost stories with a side of mystery then I would highly recommend giving this one a try 4 spooky stars

  3. Trudi Trudi says:

    I love to be scared and suspended in a state of heebie jeebies I crave the dread succumbing to the paranoia and to that always elusive but much desired sensation of epic creep I don't mind when authors reach for the gross out that's all fine for a good bit of schlocky fun; but where horror's beating heart really lies where it lives and breathes in the darkened shadows is in the dread and creep That's how it all began with Gothic fiction Those are its roots baby and on some primal level as voracious consumers of the tale this is still what we crave when we ask somebody to tell us a scary story Of course horror by its very nature and definition is extremely fluid and subjective I would argue the most subjective of all the genres What scares and unsettles us is so specific to the individual Horror can be and often is in the eye of the beholder It's an emotion that happens in the nervous system not the brain Horror can be smart and demanding of its readerviewer but the desired experience is to feel during and think later I'm always on the hunt for the next thing that's going to scare the pants off me Over the years there have been long dry spells I'm getting older and critical I don't scare as easy as I used to and most of my horror consumption of late has been of the film kind not the book kind That doesn't mean I stop lookingI'm always looking When a co worker brought I Remember You to my attention I was intrigued It was in translation from Icelandic I had never read anything by an Icelandic author before and this particular one was being touted as terrifying So I took a chance and I'm really glad I did This is a ghost story and like a lot of the best ghost stories there is a mystery that demands to be solved I Remember You is a duel narrative that switches off every chapter The first narrative is of three friends who travel to a remote abandoned village in Iceland Their plan is to renovate a property there and make it a travel destination for those seeking natural beauty and escape From the first moments of their arrival the friends begin to notice strange occurrences As the days pass things get stranger and frightening as the group realize they are trapped with no easy escape The second narrative follows a doctor whose son disappeared three years previously His body was never found and the loss continues to torment him and his estranged wife As the chapters flip back and forth often ending on a cliffhanger the tension and stakes ratchet up accordingly The two dueling narratives eventually collide and combine in a most satisfying way This isn't a fast paced story It takes its time Each reveal meant to be savored I recommend reading this late at night preferably with the wind howling high and loud outside your window and if the lights should flicker well don't be alarmed It's just the wind I enjoyed this book a lot It's moody and atmospheric and creepy as all hell in parts This would make a fantastic movie I'm going to betray my reader heart here and say it would probably make a better movie than book I love ghost stories on film and if you love any of the following movies you will probably love this bookThe ChangelingStir of EchoesSession 9The OthersThe Devil's BackboneThe InnocentsThe Ring 2002 and Ringu 1998The ShiningAs an added bonus I will ask you Do you want to see something really scary? Click here

  4. Eilonwy Eilonwy says:

    Three friends a couple Katrín and Garðar and the recently widowed Líf plus Líf’s dog Putti travel to the abandoned village of Hesteyri to renovate a house to provide guest rooms during the summer tourist season But as soon as they arrive strange things begin to happen Is the isolation just playing tricks on their minds? Or is something truly eerie happening? Meanwhile a middle aged psychiatrist has moved to the town across the fjord from the abandoned village to escape his failed marriage and the loss of his son who disappeared without a trace three years earlier When Freyr is called by the local police to the local elementary school to analyze the mind of an unknown vandal he gets pulled into the mystery of another boy who disappeared 60 years before his son just before a similar act of vandalism at the same school As he delves deeper into the past eerie coincidences abound I cannot decide what rating to give this book so I’m going with three stars My reading experience looked like this First chapter with the threesome Sigh Could there be any bog standard set up for a horror story? Characters decide to go to a completely isolated area unreachable except by boat to a house with a sketchy history at a time of year when bad weather is likely to make it hard for the boat to come back for them Plus the characters are completely clueless and seem to have forgotten all sorts of obvious supplies like candles Remind me never to go anywhere beyond the nearest corner with these people Second chapter with Freyr All right this is an interesting set up So many clues and possibilities Third chapter through middle of book The suspense in Hesteyri is building I’m really caught up in the mood of this story even if I do still think these three people are neither very bright nor very interesting The abandoned town really is creepy and I want to know what each odd occurrence signifies I find myself living in the story even when I’m not reading it Freyr’s story is moving uickly pulling in ever threads with lots of potential Plus every chapter ends on a cliffhanger which makes the book really hard to put down Middle of book to final uarter Frey’s story is moving decently but the alternating chapters set up of the two plots is starting to make the continuing events in Hesteyri feel a bit forced I read every word of these chapters to be sure I don’t miss anything important but they do drag a bit Plus I start worrying about the dog than the people and flip to the end to see whether he’s still there view spoiler He is hide spoiler

  5. Obsidian Obsidian says:

    I honestly don't know what to say This story blew me away And the ending I got the shivers A really great ghost story taking place in Iceland I will have to read other books by this author in the future This was a great book that kind of takes certain aspects of The Ring and then makes it it's own thing I thought all of the characters were developed very well and then we get thrown a twist towards the end that had me rushing back to read earlier passages of the book I loved how things tied together in the end and how I didn't get the full picture until it was given to readers Very very good horror book I Remember You follows different characters First we follow a group of three friends Garder and his wife Katrin and their widowed friend Lif who have bought a home in Westfjords They have decided they will take their funds and make a perfect getaway for people looking to escape It takes a bit but we find out via Katrin's third person point of view that her and Garder's funds are almost gone The financial crisis has left them almost bankrupt and they are depending on the house to provide them a living Lif's husband died suddenly many months ago and at times Katrin is irritated with her but ultimately doesn't know what she would do if she lost Garder Things seem ominous for the threesome when they have a captain of the boat that they are on that the house they are going to doesn't have a good reputation And of course once they move into the home to start renovations it seems as if weird things keep occurring and they start to see a young boy around the place who suddenly disappearsThe story then jumps to follow a man named Frehr who is a psychiatrist Frehr seems to really care about his patients and when he is asked to help the police when they are investigated who vandalized the local pre school We then find out that Frehr has a tragic past His son Benni went missing three years earlier and was never found He and his wife's marriage imploded because of it The book switches back and forth between the group of three to Frehr and his investigations with the local police When the police start to wonder if a woman who committed suicide has ties to Benni and the vandalism things take a hard turn The writing was phenomenal I was really dumb to read this book on a cold and rainy day in VA I had a migraine for most of the day so thought hey I will stay up and read this book I doubt it will be very scary Bah I am an idiot This book gets into you and you start to worry about every little creak your house is making Sigurðardóttir ramps up the tension so badly while you are reading that you just have so much tension being built up that you may fly through chapters The flow of the book works very well too I thought It takes until almost the end when you start to line up what you have read to find out what happened to characters mentioned and what is going to happen to the characters we have been reading about at that point The setting of the abandoned village gave me the willies And even when Frehr is in his own home you start to feel nervous after a while Everything feels so cold and desolate as you go through this book As I said the ending was definitely a gut punch and I enjoyed it I read this book for the Ghost Stories suare

  6. Simone St. James Simone St. James says:

    Okay this is uite possibly THE SCARIEST ghost story I have ever read Translated from Icelandic it's a completely terrifying tale of three people trying to renovate a remote house where something is haunting them at the same time across the fjord a woman commits suicide in a strange way and there is a disturbing vandalism incident at a school and a doctor's son has disappeared and there is something weird going on all around and I just wanted everyone to get on a plane and RUN AWAY FROM ICELAND because it's like the whole country is haunted The tension just cranks higher and higher until all the stories converge I had to read this with the lights on and now I'm a nervous wreckThe Goodreads listing here is sort of incomplete the book is available on in all formats By all means read it but be aware it is SUPER scary It's going just beneath The Woman in Black as one of my all time scary reads

  7. Martin Belcher Martin Belcher says:

    I discovered this book completely by accident and for some reason it begged me to read it and I'm so glad I did I was hooked from the very first few pages and left at the end with a satisfied twist that keeps me thinking about it the hallmark of a good book in my opinion I Remember You is a chilling thriller come ghost story based partly on a true story and written originally in Icelandic by the author Yrsa Sigurdardottir please don't ask me to pronounce it it has been translated into English and for most of the book you would not know you are reading a translation It can be a little difficult at first reading some of the Icelandic names but you soon get used to it The book has two viewpoints one is Gardar and his wife Katrin and their friend Lif renovating a truly scary derelict house in the Westfjords of Iceland in a deserted old fishing village miles from civilization The second part of the story is about a doctor Freyr who has split with his wife Sara after they lost their son Benni who disappeared without trace and has been pronounced dead The group of friends renovating the deserted cottage realise over the space of a truly chilling couple of days that they are not alone and are being terrorised by an evil entity Meanwhile Freyr is investigating a suicide of an elderly woman and he finds that she was obsessed with his vanished son Benni Slowly these two stories emerge suck you in and then collide in such an extraordinary and unforeseen way The descriptive text is bone chilling and truly disturbing in places the cold and sometimes harsh landscapes of Iceland come through vividly this is not a book to read late at night on your own believe me Highly recommended Five stars Why can't all books be this amazing

  8. Kimalee Kimalee says:

    No overt blood or gore just unrelenting dread If you like splatter porn this is not for you However if you appreciate a slow building plot that finishes like a freight train this is your book Great writing and appears to be a nice translation Btw the dog doesn’t die

  9. Valerio Gargiulo Valerio Gargiulo says:

    There is so much going on in this novel it kept me guessing all the way until the last page I liked the way Yrsa ended the story It's definitely a very well written ghostmissing person book with excellent characters and a strong plot

  10. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    “They screamed as loudly as each other when a small hand reached around the corner Four pale yellowish fingers appeared gripping the wood then disappeared just as uickly”Me to this book I will NOT remember you In fact I’ve already forgotten uite a lot since I finished this one Memo to self please do better at writing reviews soon after finishing a bookIt’s not a BAD book don’t get me wrong It’s actually uite frustrating because the potential is there but it’s never fully realised A brief synopsis three friends go out to an abandoned house in an isolated village in the Icelandic Westfjords to start some renovations But they might not be alone in this village after all eerie music playsThere are two main storylines in I Remember You one of which focuses on the friends in the village the other follows a man back on the mainland who lost his son a few years before The chapters alternate back and forth which can only really be successful if both narratives are eually compulsive Unfortunately I found myself invested in the renovation storyline so it was often with a sigh that I would read the mainland chaptersI Remember You was sold to me as a scary book and at times it did border upon being a little creepy I buddy read this with Gemma cemeteryofforgottenbooks and we both agreed that the scares might have worked better if we were reading it on a cold winter’s night as opposed to reading it with the sun streaming in through the windowsAlso every now and again I’d feel a tad thrown off by the descriptions of female physical traits comments on their figures etc I just found this a little strange in a book by a female authorIt’s not the best book and it’s not the worst but if you’re looking for a thriller with creepy elements it might be worth checking out 3 stars

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