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Lovergirl ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Lovergirl By Dahlia Schweitzer ✩ – Bad girl rule number one—no skirt too short Bad girl rule number one—no skirt too short.

2 thoughts on “Lovergirl

  1. Eden Parke Eden Parke says:

    Right from the start it's pretty obvious that this isn't going to be just a simple 'get 'em off and describe it' erotica novel Adrian the book's heroine finds herself in a strip bar as part of a sociology research project on the striptease which isn't your average reason to wander into such a joint and it's an even less obvious inducement to start dancing naked in front of 67 year olds But this is just the start of a story that follows her journey from 'good' girl to 'bad' girl in inverted commas 'cos she turns out to be pretty good at much of what she does and this means porn shoots experiments in domination and than a few flashes of flesh for cash Adrian's also a pretty funny narrator which does the book than a fair number of favours in maintaining interest during the less provocative pages Schweitzer's turning out to be a pretty stimulating writer it's got to be said

  2. Paola Piliado Paola Piliado says:

    The raising of a intelligent educated girl from doing a sociology research project on a Stripclub to a full work on the porn industry She takes us through the process in which she creates Karla as her alter ego which empowers her to do things she feels not adeuate things that scare her and we see her learn from herself and from the things that happenI really enjoyed this book Its a good thing that she doesnt make a lot of fuzz about the sex and taboo stuff which I think is really intelligent like her because dealing with sex as it is something wrong or dirty is not very helpful to ourselves The sex parts arent seen as erotica or filled with adjectives they arent meant to turn on anybody they are just narrating the process she was through and that I find refreshing I really recommend this book specially if you can take sex apart of the emotional charge that it comes with

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