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La vampa d'agosto [PDF] ✅ La vampa d'agosto By Andrea Camilleri – Fa una calor tòrrida asfixiant un sol implacable és la foguerada del mes més calorós de l'estiu sicilià Però no només és üestió de la xafogor al comissari Montalbano també l'abrusen l'ardor Fa una calor tòrrida asfixiant un sol implacable és la foguerada del mes més calorós de l'estiu sicilià Però no només és üestió de la xafogor al comissari Montalbano també l'abrusen l'ardor i la passióSom en ple mes d'agost en Mimí Augello ha hagut d'anticipar les vacances i en Montalbano està obligat a uedar se a Vigata Acompanyada d'una amiga amb marit i fill la Lívia baixa a passar les vacances en una casa vora la mar Però un dia el nen desapareix En Montalbano s'ocuparà de la investigació i descobrirà una galeria subterrània amb una sorpresa La vampa ePUB ½ inesperada el cadàver d'una noia Ara sí ue la recerca comença de debòAmb Foguerada d'agost la sèrie Montalbano arriba al número fatídic el desè volum ue en la filosofia pitagòrica condensa tota la perfecció Maurizio Assalto La Stampa.

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  1. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    My third Inspector Montalbano mystery I previously read The Terra Cotta Dog and The Voice of the Violin This is a police procedural translated from the Italian It’s a fun read as the Inspector is known for his love of good food both at a local Sicilian trattoria and that cooked for him by his maidcook His excessive hours and his obsession with his cases tries the patience of his woman friend so the relationship in on againoff again He writes letters to himself that help the reader follow the twists and turns of the case He hates bureaucracy and likes pulling the chain of his idiot superiors as much as they like pulling his His underlings speak dialect that sounds almost like a Sicilian Brooklyn accent that can get annoying at times “Says Gasparino Manzella was getting on ‘is noives since it was rilly hot ‘n all an’ a fly was walkin on ‘is head which rilly bugged ‘im an’ so he shot ‘im” The story starts on a humorous note when his woman friend asks him to find a rental vacation home for her friends Montalbano finds what looks like a great place for the younger couple with a young boy but it is soon invaded by roaches then mice then spiders The couple starts to believe that the house is cursed Then their boy disappears after sliding down a hole into a hidden basement apartment Montalbano find the missing boy and is momentarily the hero until he announces that there is a trunk down there with a decomposed body in it Needless to say their vacation ends The body is that of a 16 year old girl who went missing six years ago The hidden basement is simply the way things were done in Sicily – building a big home with a buried basement saves time and money due to complex building codes permits and taxes It’s much easier to hide it and dig it up later – mea culpa The construction crew the foreman the mafia affiliated contractor all become suspects All are reluctantly dragged in for interviews one by one by Montalbano and his crew Meanwhile while toying with the mafia affiliated contractor Montalbano becomes suspicious of a death in an unrelated case It looks like an Arab construction worker an illegal immigrant fell off an unprotected scaffold at a work site and the crew covered up their responsibility in his death by installing railings after the fact and dousing his clothing with alcohol to make it appear he was drunk This incident provides a second case that the Inspector’s department is working simultaneouslyIt turns out that the deceased girl had a twin sister The Inspector interviews her – she’s 22 years old and drop dead gorgeous Suddenly she’s in full pursuit of Montalbano who’s 55 and whose woman friend took off on her own vacation Is this simply the fantasy of a 55 year old man? Or the author 81 at the time this book was written But it turns out that her pursuit of the Inspector is tied in with the plot and provides a surprising and shocking twist at the end of the bookA good story with a lot of local color of Sicily And you have to love the mouth watering food scattered throughout the book antipasto di mare; passuluna olives calamari salad and pappanozza spiced onions and potatoes in a mash and fine wines There are sites featuring recipes from the Montalbano series on both Wordpress and PinterestThe author just died this year 2019 at age 94 He was best known for this Inspector Montalbano series I think twenty six in all although some of the most recent ones do not yet appear to have been translated into English The stories were made into a popular TV series in Italy His hometown featured under a fictitious name in his novels has officially appended that name to attract tourists See photoPhoto of the author's hometown Porto Empedocle Vigata from grandangoloagrigentoitStatue in honor of the author in his hometown from infoagrigentoitPappanozza from montalbanosfoodfileswordpresscom

  2. Lyn Elliott Lyn Elliott says:

    I whizzed through this in about three hours enjoying an easy read By chance the only other book i can remember reading in this series was the first one just a week ago The Montalbano character hadn't fully taken shape in the first book but he has here and he feels a bit over worked to me And the secondary police characters seem to have become stereotypes perhaps as a conseuence of the television seriesPerhaps writerly fatigue set in with the endless repetition of the enervating effects of high summer heat in Sicily Some parts of the story telling were unbelievable like the lack of a fan anywhere in the police station or any one's home If you live in a climate where summer heat goes over 40 degrees C you have fans around somewhere to haul out when the heat goes up It's not just a short term demand with an acute lack of supplyDo I sound a bit grumpy? It's just been 38 degrees here and is going to be around the 40s for the rest of the week And this is only mid December It is an El Niño year and we know it will be a bad summer So the fans are out of storage and the hot weather daily regime of closing and opening windows and doors is well and truly underway

  3. Simona B Simona B says:

    35 While I love classic detective fiction because it focuses entirely on the puzzle I love Montalbano precisely because he is so inextricably involved with every crime he investigates with every witness he uestions and every crime scene he inspects So while La vampa d'agosto expands on Montalbano's personal demons specifically his anxiety about growing old I think it leaves unanswered uestions than usual as regards the crime and even though I understand that the details I'm referring to view spoiler what happened to Ralf on that train for instance hide spoiler

  4. María Alcaide María Alcaide says:

    Always a pleasure to read a Moltabano adventure by the great and much missed already Andrea Camilleri RIP There will be many this summer

  5. Dave Riley Dave Riley says:

    Although I had seen the television version of this novel and I've watched all of the Montalbano TV series it is not the same as experiencing Camilleri up close and first hand in another superb translation by Stephen SartarelliSo much of what you get from Montalbano is the thinking stuff that goes on in the written narrative and Salvo's head such that the plot serves as a bridge to hold these musings aloft The TV adaptions although excellent do not capture that rich and very Sicilian nuance nor the intricacies of the character interactions You have to embrace the journey casually partaken as it may seem and regret that it has to end at the novel's conclusion With Montalbano the chronology nonetheless is important as you share the storyline and characters from book to book so that the microcosm of Vigata is built up in culture cuisine politics stone and cement And with each outing the character of Salvo Montalbano is deepened and enrichedFortunately I still have a few in the series to look forward to reading There are 17 novels with maybe 3 still waiting to be published in English translationThere is a very good review of Camillieri and his work here

  6. DeAnna Knippling DeAnna Knippling says:

    A young brat the son of two of Livia's friends disappears on vacation In finding the kid Montalbano opens up a bigger can of worms than he anticipated a hidden house a dead body wrapped in plastic a corrupt building contractorThis one shakes things up a bit The normal Montalbano plot is that there are two cases that turn out to be interrelated by some weird connection This is of a noir plot where the trail of clues leads deeper and deeper into a maze until finally the center is reached An interesting shakeup I think this will end up being one of my favoritesNote I'm listening to this series on audio which is freaking FANTASTIC If you're not a mystery reader but want the perfect short attention span audiobooks try these

  7. Calzean Calzean says:

    The first uarter of this book saw the good Inspector finding a summer rental house of a friend of his girlfriend then discovering a dead body in the rented house The story didn't really grab me but the ending involving the revenge of a femme fatale saved the book

  8. Trish Trish says:

    Having just read one of the Martin Beck books the reference to Montalbano reading ones of the same on page 115 of this August Heat made me appreciate that actually there are a lot of similarities between the two series Notably the generally honest detective trying to do his job in spite of the social conditions around him and backed up by a regular ensemble of other detectives Albeit that the Montalbano books have a lot dry humour to them I wonder why I'd never made the connection before

  9. David Highton David Highton says:

    Another great story in the Montalbano series so well written the heat nearly steams off the page Montalbano has to solve a murder when a body is discovered six years after being left in a trunk Wry humour throughout the story with a little twist at the end

  10. John John says:

    In Sicily a small boy disappears from the home his parents have rented for the vacation Family friend Inspector Salvo Montalbano goes searching for him and finds him hidden in a secret underground apartment beneath the house Apparently this is done in many Sicilian houses to get around building regulations You 'fess up later pay a modest sum uncover the illegal bottom story and you have a house with one story than you'd have been permitted at the outset Also in the secret apartment is a trunk with the body of a murdered girl in ituite soon Montalbano and his men determine that the victim was 16 year old Rina who lived nearby and disappeared six years ago Identifying her killer should on the face of it be a relatively simple matter but it's hugely complicated by both the passage of time and the Mafia related corruption of Sicilian politics Complicating Montalbano's own personal life is the fact that his girlfriend Livia is out of touch on a boat trip with a male cousin while Rina's very lovely identical twin sister Adriana is keen to insert herself into the case and improbably given their disparity of ages Montalbano's bedI laugh as much as anyone else about the current trope in crime fiction whereby boozy middle aged detectives find themselves mobbed by gorgeous babes half their age and twice as willing From the above paragraph you might be led to think that this strand of August Heat falls into that trap It doesn't view spoilerIn fact it actually to great effect exploits the trope turning it back on itself as it were hide spoiler

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