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Smoke and Fears ✤ Smoke and Fears Download ➸ Author Laura VanArendonk Baugh – Michaelis cannot remember his real name nor how he came to be a valet for the schoolboy son of a powerful magician who rules with an iron fist Phantom wisps of incense and narrow glimpses of memory ar Michaelis cannot remember his real name nor how he came to be a valet for the schoolboy son of a powerful magician who rules with an iron fist Phantom wisps of incense and narrow glimpses of memory are all he has until he chances upon a family secret which only compounds intrigue What might his young master Abel know of his amnesia What binds him to the Wensleys And why does Smoke and MOBI :↠ he a simple valet know fragments of magic.

7 thoughts on “Smoke and Fears

  1. Kat Heckenbach Kat Heckenbach says:

    A short uick fun read I was intrigued when I read at the end this had been part of an 8 hour challenge so the story was written in only 8 hours A cool concept and a strong writing voice period but particularly so for that situation I do think it would work well as a full length novel to give room for backstory and world building Still I enjoyed this taste of Baugh's writing and look forward to reading of her work My WebsiteFind me on FacebookMy YA fantasy seriesbook 1 book 2 book 3

  2. Stephanie A. Cain Stephanie A. Cain says:

    From the moment we meet Marsden reeling from a lungful of smoke and unable to remember his own name I found myself entranced While this was written edited and published in 8 hours for JA Konrath's 8 Hour Ebook Challenge I wouldn't have guessed it from the writingWhat really makes this ebook is the atmosphere Allowing for the length there is still a rich amount of description and world building here The characters are realistic and believable within their strict class structure And the ending was something I didn't see comingFans of the Mairelon the Magician books by Patricia C Wrede will enjoy this story

  3. Angie Lisle Angie Lisle says:

    The main character is named James Marsden though he is known as Marsden throughout the story so I imagined the actor in the role Well written but too short I'd like to see of this world and the characters

  4. H.L. Burke H.L. Burke says:

    I did very much enjoy this short story It starts with a character who is essentially a blank canvas not even knowing his name until it's told to him His calm method of putting the pieces together was intriguing to me For the length there is a decent amount of world building and characterization I knew it was a short story I read it in maybe a half hour while pushing my daughter on the swings at the park so I wasn't expecting anything long and involved because short stories that try to cram in too much uickly get cluttered and rushedThat said I never really got a feel for Abel I never understood his motivations and actions whether he was in on it or an innocent pawn for instance was kind of blurry I would've liked clarity on that especially considering his actions in the end The Lady A thing also really didn't seem to lead anywhere or add anything To the extent that I actually checked to see if she might be a character from another series and her appearance was a cameo of sort She might be I couldn't find anything definitive because she just sort of appeared and disappeared without any real impact on the plot But the main Marsden kept my interest enough to carry the story on his own

  5. Jeff Dawson Jeff Dawson says:

    eNeed to clear away the smokeAll through this story I kept trying to understand why it felt like train starting and stopping or sitting at a stop sign with a passenger saying “Go Stop Go Stop” The uestions was answered in the end This book was written in eight hours and it reads like itLook I’ll give credit where credit is due but the competition is over so my suggestion is go back and rewrite this mess It holds an interesting premise of magic and family secrets but until it’s thoroughly fleshed out it’s a good draftTwo Stars

  6. Jett Wyatt Jett Wyatt says:

    A good uick read from an author I love But this was written as a uick writing exercise it shows Liked the premise and the plot twists but there are too many holes in the story I would like to re read this when it is fleshed out to novel length assuming it might be? and some of the holes reworked

  7. A.L. DeLeon A.L. DeLeon says:

    This was a great short read finished it in less than an hour but really enjoyed the story Hard to believe it was written in less than 8 hours with it being so well put together Would love to see it expanded further into a full length novel

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