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Unraveling ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Unraveling By Elizabeth Norris ❤ – Thomashillier.co.uk El mundo está a punto de acabar Y antes de ue suceda todo empieza a cambiarJanelle Tenner muere atropellada por una camioneta Sí muere con luces cegadoras e imágenes de su vida pasando frente a ell El mundo está a punto de acabar Y antes de ue suceda todo empieza a cambiarJanelle Tenner muere atropellada por una camioneta Sí muere con luces cegadoras e imágenes de su vida pasando frente a ella Pero poco después abre los ojos y se encuentra cara a cara con Ben Michaels un chico de su instituto con uien jamás ha cruzado palabra Y pese a saber ue es imposible está convencida de ue Ben acaba de devolverle la vidaSin embargo su resurrección es solo el primer misterio ue Janelle deberá afrontar Mientras husmea en los expedientes policiales de su padre agente del FBI en busca de alguna pista sobre su accidente descubre un temporizador con una cuenta atrás para algo pero ¿exactamente para uéCuando alguien muy próximo a ella muere asesinado ya no podrá seguir negando lo ue parece más ue evidente todo lo ue ha ocurrido el accidente el asesinato la cuenta atrás la súbita aparición de Ben apunta en una sola dirección la desaparición de la vida como la conoceLa cuenta atrás sigue avanzando Janelle se da cuenta de ue si uiere detener el fin del mundo deberá descubrir los secretos de Ben y evitar enamorarse de él en el proceso.

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  1. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    The end of the world is coming When a book begins with the heroine getting hit by a truck and killed in the first chapter you know you’re in for a good time 17 year old Janelle Tenner somehow wakes up miraculously unhurt however and staring into the eyes of a boy she barely knows In the 24 days that follow she has to figure out what Ben has to do with her strange revival as well as how her FBI agent father’s investigation into a series of unidentified burn victims might tie into her own storyand the fate of her entire worldThis sci fi mystery took me by surprise in a very good way While I go into all YA novels with an open mind particularly when the premise is as intriguing as this one I admit to a certain degree of ennui after slogging through so many tedious paranormal romances that don’t add very much to the genre Despite its somewhat ambiguous blurb it’s nice to find that this is not PNR at all although I think it will definitely still appeal to fans of that genre While there discussions of uantum physics viral engineering and various other interesting theories the book is written in a very accessible and entertaining way The story does take some cues from X Files Fringe Veronica Mars and a host of other sources but I don’t think anyone but the most hard core fans of those shows will nitpick with the influences that are found hereThings I really enjoyedJanelle’s leafing through her father’s case files I’m the type to do this too especially if I found reports of severe radiation poisoning that resulted in gelatinous melty humans Let me say that again gelatinous melty humans DJanelle’s dad We really only get to know him much later in the book but her relationship with him was plausibly complicated with the confusing combination of anger and frustration and love and guilt and regret that starts to surface when you're the heroine's ageA romance that eventually grew on me I was relatively indifferent to Ben and Janelle as a couple at first but I gradually warmed up to their relationship The first cute moment came with grape soda and then their attraction grew into a keen connection that I became invested inRealistic family drama and setting Janelle’s father is a workaholic and her mother is bipolar and unreliable so it’s up to her to parent herself and her younger brother I thought the family dynamic was well done and it added an interesting complexity and tension to Janelle’s situation I also liked the way Janelle’s school life was a part of the book because it’s such a big part of being a teenager and yet often gets ignored in YAThings that could have been smoothed out a bit There’s a lot crammed into 450 pages While I appreciate the fact that this isn’t not a sketchy wham bam thank you ma’am kind of book some of the subplots did seem a bit superfluous If the ex boyfriend subplot about rape etc were compelling perhaps I wouldn’t have felt that way but as it is I think the book easily could have rid itself of 100 pages without losing anything vitalFairly unremarkable secondary characters Aside from Janelle and Ben Janelle’s dad and her ex boyfriend Nick most of the other characters blended together for meThe structure the choice to break up the story into segments corresponding with the mysterious countdown is a good one but I’m not sure it was necessary to have so many short breakdowns to the point that essentially each change in scene merits its own chapter Because the story also flits back and forth as it fills us in on backstory there were occasions when it also disrupted the flow of the story We’re in the middle of a tense scene at the climax of the book for example when we suddenly step out of the action to a flashback of Halloween which could have easily been included elsewhereA couple of overly dramatic gun brandishing moments one of which I suppose could be explained away as the character’s extreme agitation after finding out upsetting news but it’s a little harder to look the other way when it’s being done by an FBI agentWriting techniue occasionally trumping story this goes back to the structure thing although there are other moments when I felt a little jolted out of the engrossing plot because of a line that is included for irony or affect For example Ben’s unorthodox way of telling Janelle how he feels about her “I fucking love you” is strangely commandeered by someone else during an important scene towards the end of the book In my opinion the emotional punch of a poignant moment was interrupted and diminished because of that inclusionDespite these criticisms and my dislike for the Heroes like tagline I very much enjoyed this book which is the first one in a planned series While I wasn’t really surprised by any of the twists and it wasn’t a story that moved me strongly enough to tears I did find that the way the author explores the aftermath of grief and separation seemed very true to life particularly in Janelle’s conflicting feelings and the heavy weight of her responsibilities That strong opening scene is also bookended with a fantastic ending one that leaves the door open for the story continue but also feels emotionally satisfying—even if it is extremely wistful bittersweet one Unraveling is a great blend of science fiction mystery and romance with solid writing and a memorable story and this debut author is definitely one to watch This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher

  2. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    As seen on The Readventurer25 stars When I look back at Unraveling the first word that comes to mind is calculatedI read a fair number of commercial genre fiction and I am uite used to certain themes plots and character archetypes being recycled over and over and over and over It does not bother me in general But Unraveling was the first book that made me think while reading it that it had been written off of a checklist of what is currently in and sells well in YA market I do not even have energy nor a desire to harp on how much of this novel is tediously familiar Just a few notes 1 Opening the hero saves the heroine from dying 2 Romance 50% instalove see #1 50% I have loved you forever Escalates to I can't live without you in a matter of 2 3 weeks 3 The heroine is strong smart good student knows how stand up for herself family caretaker family problems dark traumatic incident in her past of sexual nature 4 The hero is good sensitive caring saves the heroine on multiple occasions with floppy hair he is constantly running his hands through crooked smile with dark secret fixes motorcycles hides his smarts under a stoner persona 5 School a class that is conveniently designed for the hero and the heroine to banter on a very intimate level encouraged by the teacher 6 Other stock characters stoners slutty mean girls stupid jocks the heroine's best male friend possibly gay? unclear 7 Sleeping chastely in the same bed? Yes etc etcIs it really that hard for writers to break away from the same old same old? Or is this what publishers are consciously and actively seeking out? Something that fits the mold?There are a few saving graces however that barely keep Unraveling from the 1 star abyss in my case and apparently elevate this book to the level of a favorite for other readersFirst it appears the author of the novel went out of her way to make sure to put all positive ualities into her characters and situations There is no promoting of unhealthy relationships abusive behavior doormatedness and so on The main characters even give small lectures along the way on the matters of dating dangers of motorcycle riding drunk driving honorable way of hacking into the school records etcSecond while I was not at any point enad with the characters I still thought the book was a very brisk read The writing has a sense of urgency to it The chapters are very short and represent a countdown to a very important possibly life threatening event So you just tear through these pages like there is no tomorrowThird this novel starts out as a paranormal after all the hero magically brings the heroine back from death but eventually turns into a science fiction story SF is on the rise people that is why it is in this book I am betting Several very positive reviews of Unraveling I have read call this SF bend uniue and readers seem to like it a lotBut I beg to differ here Maybe because I do read a lot of SF and I have very recently read another much better YA SF with the same ideas view spoilerPlanesrunner hide spoiler

  3. Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker Queen of the Undead Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker Queen of the Undead says:

    My name is Janelle I'm the star of this book I'm super smart I am way above all these social misfits in this book in fact they are so beneath me I just call them stoners or whatever else I see fit My boyfriend Nick is a loser I'm just with him because I felt sorry for him and when he smiles he is soooooo devilishly handsome I'm going to lie to avoid him and use my friend Alex to come up with excuses to stay away from Nick Oh yes don't forget Alex He's my super smart best friend who happens to live next door We are so smart that some gravitational force caused the two super smart and I mean brilliant people to end up right next door to each other It was a brilliant move in terms of storytelling Even though I'm super smart any future bad behavior on my part we can blame my mom My mom is bipolar and she has ups and downs faster than a roller coaster so if I'm not that stable we'll blame her because her bipolar is the perfect textbook bipolar that helps set this story up as wellLet's not forget about Ben He's a stoner but he doesn't smell like smoke so I think he's not a real stoner Because stoners always smell like smoke Remember I'm brilliant and I make brilliant deductionsBut you'll never be as brilliant as me since you stopped reading Oh well I'll be super smart and brilliant without you

  4. Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Maja (The Nocturnal Library) says:

    Update 041712 Stop by The Nocturnal Library to read a guest post by Elizabeth Norris and enter for a chance to win a hardcover copy of Unraveling I never give five stars easily but I'd give this book ten if I couldI always feel this strange sense of accomplishment when I discover a book I can add to my all time favorites There aren’t many books that mean so much to me and that I keep going back to over and over again I take that short list and adding books to it very seriously Therefore I needed to give myself some time before reviewing this because I was afraid that my initial reaction was entirely emotional and that my enthusiasm will drop once I calm down I slept on it I finished a very different book by one of my favorite authors but none of that changed how I feel If anything I am now convinced than ever that I found something truly special in Unravelling that’s two Ls in the UK edition only one in the US Janelle Tanner is living with her parents and her younger brother working as a lifeguard at the beach and dating a gorgeous and extremely popular high school senior Nick Her life looks perfect on the outside but on the inside her mother is bipolar and needs to be taken care of and her father no matter how wonderful has a job that’s keeping him away most of the time He’s the head of counterintelligence in the FBI’s office in San Diego and he just got a case that’s driving him and the other agents crazy An explosive device has been discovered and it’s counting down days but no matter how many experts they bring in no one has any idea what it is or how to disarm it As if that’s not enough unidentifiable bodies almost completely melted from radiation are suddenly showing up everywhere One of these bodies was found in the car that hit Janelle on her way home from work She seemed or less fine after the accident but what no one knows what no one would ever believe her is that she died when the car hit her and a stoner kid from her school Ben Michaels brought her back to life and healed her Who is Ben? Where are all the bodies coming from? What’s going to happen when the countdown finally hits zero? Is it all somehow connected? Janelle and her best friend Alex always enjoyed ‘borrowing’ her father’s case files from his home office and discussing his cases but this time they may be in over their heads Elizabeth Norris’ writing is flawless It doesn’t draw attention to itself but it keeps you engaged and controls your emotions in a way that doesn’t make you feel manipulated Unravelling is action packed from start to finish but that doesn’t mean that it lacks depth It was truly heartbreaking and I gave myself a headache from all the crying If you think this is just another YA novel think again because Elizabeth Norris pulled no punches She kept surprising me on every page and each time I thought I had it all figured out she did something entirely unexpected It was like watching the awesome first season of Fringe all over again but with a likeable heroine instead of Olivia Don’t you just love a girl who doesn’t spend all her time consciously making one mistake after another because she lacks the backbone to do the right thing? That’s our Janelle for you a girl who knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to make it happen She’d been a victim once and she has no intention of being one ever again so she thinks hard about every choice she makes and doesn’t allow herself to be influenced by anyone else’s opinion She’s my new character I want to be best friends with I always expect YA heroines to disappoint me sooner or later because they almost always do but with Janelle that never happened I can count on the fingers of one hand the characters that impressed me as much as she didDid you guys notice how I avoided writing about Ben as much as possible? I'm trying to be serious here and I don't think gushing about that boy would help my cause much But rest assured he IS perfectI think I’ve made my opinion pretty clear I cannot recommend this highly enough I can’t wait to find out how other people will feel about it Do yourselves a favor and preorder this one you won’t regret it A copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher HarperCollins UK for review purposesAlso posted at The Nocturnal Library

  5. ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ says:

    A lot of funThere’s a rumor I’m the reason Dave Kotlar only has one testicle now but it’s a total lie I have no idea what he did to himself but since he hasn’t made any big attempts to dispel the rumors it must be way embarrassing than getting beat up by a girl cIt’s not that I haven’t accomplished things It’s not that the people I leave behind won’t remember me It’s not even that I’m young and there was so much I wanted to experience—so much I wanted to doIt’s the realization that I was practically dead alreadyHow can I ever dare to meet my own eyes again? I can’t Not even in dreams cThe shirt is from a concert two summers ago I didn’t even go to because the book I was reading turned out to be crack And well I chose it over the concert because I’m like that cAnd I do the same thing I do any other morning I’m tempted to turn it off and roll over I think of my mother and the life she’s slept away and in seconds the alarm is off and I’m out of bed and digging through the pile of clothes on my dresser cApparently this month is full of surprises No one is as dumb as I thought they were cThis man who dedicates his life to the pursuit of truth lives in a house where Truth always remains Unsaid canyone who doubts that there’s something wrong with public education in this country just needs to sit in her class for a day to know cAnd a whole bunch of dumb stuff actuallyHe might hide behind the dark brooding stoner thing but his face is actually just as perfect as Nick’s or Kevin’s I can’t help wondering if he gets the same kind of play c His face is almost strangely blank and it makes him look sad like he has some kind of tragic secret and for some ridiculous reason I wonder what it is c Myyyyy what do we have here a 'tragic secret' thingy?I turn to Ben’s profile and open my mouth but pause as I realize he looks almost classically beautiful from this angle—his profile the shape of his face—it just seems so perfect and I’m frozen with surprise that I could see someone on campus for two years and not ever take the time to really notice him c For one thing this gal must be really easy to surprise For another of course his profile is so damn perfect how else would he have gotten his 'tragic secret'?I follow my messed up schedule for the rest of the day and each class I walk into the teacher just looks at my name and gives me a sad look of apology They let me sit in the back of the room and don’t even give me the books It’s painful that they know I don’t belong in their classes yet here I amThe inefficiency makes me want to throw up c Ok if classes really are organised anywhere this way I probably should no longer be surprised at people being ignorant

  6. Christina (Ensconced in Lit) Christina (Ensconced in Lit) says:

    After enduring several duds on my list I decided to treat myself to a book I've been dying to read for a while I'm not sure what I was expecting but I loved this bookUnraveling by Elizabeth Norris is about Janelle a teenaged girl who seems just like any other ordinary teen until she dies and is brought back to life by a boy she's never noticed She believes she has been given a second chance and is determined to live life to the fullest But she also has a streak of curiosity and wants to find out Ben's secret in addition to helping her FBI agent dad solve a case about several dead people who have apparently been killed by a healthy dose of radiation To make matters worse her father has found a device that is ticking down to a certain doomsday Will Janelle be able to figure out the answers before the clock reaches zero?If I could describe this book in a tagline it would be Veronica Mars meets Fringe The first 60% of the book while beautifully written doesn't have a ton of surprises Instead I would say it is almost an homage of all the wonderful books movies and shows that have come before it In addition to the two I mentioned above there are shout outs to X files Ender's Game Before I Fall and some plot twists that are similar to the teen series and show Roswell The characters are terrific Janelle is a wonderful protagonist spunky and smart Her best friend Alex may be my favorite character Ben is a fascinating love interest and even though when I realize logically that the way he knows Janelle is kind of creepy Norris masterfully weaves the story to make it seem normal The pacing of the story is great and the last 40% of the book approaches unknown territory which makes it fun to keep guessing Overall a terrific addition to the small but persistent genre of YA science fiction with a great protagonist and plot twists I can't wait to pick up the next installment

  7. Ari Ari says:

    Elizabeth Norris I fucking love you If I had to describe this book in only one word I would say “incredible” but if I had words to play around I would say something along this lines“Mind blowing heartbreaking with a pinch of humor and an actionsuspense overdose all in the best possible way Keep both eyes on it when it comes out And be assured this is a hell of a great book“And if I had even words to use well you should sit down as I have many things to say about this book My Thoughts Define love An intense feeling of deep affection;Define adoration A feeling of profound love admiration;Close but these words are simply not enoughUnraveling is probably one of the best books in 2012 and yes I realize it’s only AprilIt's funny because I read Elizabeth’s blog and I noticed that her favorite book is Jellicoe Road and take a guess you have one chance that's mine too Next to it I put “Graffiti Moon” last year and in 2012 I’m adding “Unraveling” to the list as wellI don't remember the last time I’ve been so lost into a storyI simply couldn't put it down and I was turning pages like crazy wanting to see what happens next but in the same time not wanting to reach the ending There is this mixture of feelings this book gave me There were happy moments and really heartbreaking ones there were moments when my heart was speeding dangerously and there were moments when I didn’t realize that I was holding my breath until Janelle realized just the same thingI let go of a breath I didn't know I was holdingThis book will probably make you too want to write in italics bold caps lock using way too many exclamation points and filling the review with tons of animated gifs showing your excitement and I don't even like gifs view spoilerbecause they are the reason why images appear no longer in our homepage feed on Goodreads hide spoiler

  8. Megs ♥ Megs ♥ says:

    This book has made a splash amongst YA reviewers lately so I had to make sure I had this read before its release on the 24th Also the synopsis saying 24 meets the X Files made me very interestedJanelle is a 17 year old girl who seems to have the perfect life Nice fun job as a lifeguard on the beach super popular hottie boyfriend cute little brother and She also has a dad that works for the FBI One day when she is going through his files she discovers a file that says something is going to happen in 24 hours She doesn't know what it will be but assumes it's the end of the world and she has to stop it Ben is a boy from her school that saves her life or erbrings her back to lifeafter she was hit by a truck Jannelle feels that Ben is somehow related to whatever is going to happen in 24 hours tooThis is one book where I honestly did not care about the characters at all and was fully engrossed in the plot That doesn't often happen to me I didn't find anything uniue about Janelle or any of the other characters but I did feel Janelle was relatable She was abused in the past and works hard to make sure no one will ever take advantage of her againThe countdown created amazing suspense and will make any sci fi fan happy they picked this book up The story flowed at a nice fast pace so it never got boring The writing style is pretty simpleThe reason I didn't give this book a higher rating is because I feel like it tried to sueeze a bunch of things into a tiny book and I don't feel much of it will be memorable To me anyways It feels like the author couldn't decide if she wanted to write something totally sci fi or maybe a high school drama about the abused teen or a paranormal romance? I don't know it just felt like too much to me Others may love the fact that it has a bit of everything to offer the reader though so don't let that stop you from checking this book out This really is a good book that was entertaining and interesting There are a few parts where you might think have I read this before? because it's honestly got some details that have been used over and over again I feel like the plot was uite fresh thoughI think the majority of readers who read this book are going to love it I keep seeing that this book is part of a series but I haven't found anything on goodreads to confirm that If it is though I will definitely continue reading This was an excellent debut

  9. Elizabeth Norris Elizabeth Norris says:

    So I wrote this which means I obviously read it several times Most of those times I really loved it except while I was editing those times my feelings were a little complicated I'm excited some other people have liked it too

  10. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    Ten days ago I should have died But I didn't I'm alive I have so much to live for And this time I'm going to do it right Current Status Happy Camper45 stars It's a miracle This book is sci fi but it's not dystopia You could knock me over with a feather right now Unraveling is not even technically post apocalyptic Think along the lines of pre apocalyptic Either way I'm in shock Good job with bucking the trend Ms NorrisUnfortunately I can't tell you the best parts of the book or I'd be giving away a huge reveal I think it's pretty safe to say that there's to the story than meets the eye Every event is triggered by another event Starting with the very first chapter Janelle had a bad day at the beach Getting hit by a car and being brought back to life by a near stranger was just a small link in a large chain reaction of worse events to comeBen was the guy who brought Janelle back He smells like mint soap and gasoline we were told this repeatedly and has a love of fixing things especially motorcycles He sounds normal Oh well except for that whole bringing someone back from the dead thing Naturally we're only going to get the information about Ben and how he's involved with everything in bits in pieces I thought the name Unraveling fit not only the theme of the book but the execution of the plot as well Everything unraveled a little bit at a time until I was left with an ending which had me excited yet sad and satisfied yet unsatisfied All in all it was good stuffOne thing we do find out early on is that Ben and Janelle have a connected past He remembers everything about me details I wouldn't have even remembered about those moments and the way I looked through his eyes Positives The characters I believed in these characters They felt like real people who were making real decisionsThe suspense It's always nice to see any love story balanced with some action and mystery Balance is goodThe ability of a story to make me ignore the unbelievable and just go with it There were a couple of moments which seemed so far out there even for sci fi But I didn't care I was having too much fun to careNegatives As mentioned above there were a lot of repetitive statements and actions such as the mention of Ben's familiar smells I'm now fully aware that this author is a fan of the coffee shop It's a Grind I shouldn't have been able to pick up on that I understand that sometimes a repetitive action is used to distinguish one character's uniueness but it could have been reigned in just a bit Three times should be the absolute maximum I need to establish that someone's tell is tugging on their hair for exampleThere were also too many pop culture references This is what dates a book If you want a book to be timeless write it so when people read the book 30 years from now it still feels like they can slip into the story Although I have to admit that I laughed at mention of World of Warcraft's frost mages still being gimped because that is so trueEven so the positives far outweigh the negatives This is going on my list of favorite sci fi fiction for the year The end of the world is coming In 24 days Stop the Countdown Save the world edit to add one last note This has to be the best text message ever in a book Can you see the innuendo? sry babe get u off tmrwHaha

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