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  1. Renita D& Renita D& says:

    Beautiful understated tale of a family and in particular a woman uestioning her choices and slowly uietly slipping into despair Beautifully written Loved it

  2. Behnaz Behnaz says:

    After the armenian genocide lots of armenian people decided to emigrate Their main destination was Iran Even nowdays a considerable number of people in Iran are of Armenian descent The story takes place in Abadan before the islamic revolution and therefore before the Iran Ira war Abadan nowdays is not as modernized as described in the book Even though the war took place many years ago Abadan could never reach the high levels it once hadAlthough I'm iranian I've never been to the southern part and I had no clue that living in Abadan could be like living in Europe I've Always seen Abadan in movies about war so this was the first thing that took me by surpriseThe book was as flowing as a river and I could imagine Clarisse actually talking to me with a cup of tea in her hands Lots of people don't like books in which it doesn't really happen anything Well I'm not one of those The story and the style of Pirzad made me enter in the routine life of an armenian family I felt fed up as Clarisse did when literally nothing exciting happend in her life and God how I was mad at her sister trying to find a husband and of course I was jealous of Violet the perfectly beautiful but innocent woman who won the heart of Emil the neighbour of ClarisseAnother fantastic thing about the books in which nothing happens is that even secondary characters can share their stories for example the love story of Elmira Simonian or the lady talking about the armenian genocide or Tigran Through the eyes of Clarisse we learn who they are but through their own words we have the opportunity to know whowhat made them be like thisThe relationship between Emil and Clarisse is the most exciting thing in the book and surprise There is no relationship There is no affair going on between them It's just the imagination of a lonely woman trying so hard to feel alive There are books that when you are done reading them you are 100% sure you're going to read them again This is one of those

  3. Sara Sara says:

    I was very curious to read a novel from an Armenian Iranian perspective but unfortunately this book did not give much of a sense of their dynamics as a minority group in Iran The writing style was simplistic but this may be a result of poor translation The main character Clarice lacks emotional depth and as a result almost reads as whiny or irritating by the end I'm not one that reuires resolution in the end of stories but this book felt like it was leading toward one and then stops I don't want to give a spoiler so I'll just say that dramas or tensions just disappear As a reader I'm left uestioning what the author wanted me to experience or glean from the story with out a strong sense of place depth of characters or a resolution or lesson to the story

  4. Paula Paula says:

    I won this book from Goodreads and thoroughly enjoyed it The story takes place in 1960s Iran before the Islamic revolution I was not aware of the large Armenian population living in Iran at that time don't know what the numbers are now and was suprised that the story revolved around a christian family I have always liked reading about different cultures and traditions and this story gave me plenty to enjoy

  5. Kalyani Ganapathy Kalyani Ganapathy says:

    After four chapters I was ready to abandon 'Things we left unsaid' But with the introduction of Emile the book takes a sudden turn I love how Zoya Pirzad has written about Clarice's emotions she tells the truth about jealousy to our secret longings Reading Zoya Pirzad's books are like opening a window to an unknown home and watching a family like a fly on the wall

  6. Gita Gita says:

    It is a book about ordinary life and is outstanding in how well it could be the life of every mother and wife I saw myself in Clarice and I found my house in hers It is about all the reading between the lines all the things we leave unsaid in every day life

  7. mehri mehri says:

    a briliant Iranian bookI like everything about italthough the story is so simple

  8. nazli nazli says:

    not bad but not professionalI liked it and I enjoyed it

  9. Debbie Manzanares Debbie Manzanares says:

    Zoya Pirzad tells a beautiful story about an Armenian family living in Iran prior to the revolution

  10. Hooman Hooman says:


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چراغ‌ها را من خاموش می‌کنم ❮BOOKS❯ ⚣ چراغ‌ها را من خاموش می‌کنم Author Zoya Pirzad – Thomashillier.co.uk Roman traduit du persan Iran par Christophe BalaÿDans un uartier préservé d'Abadan Clarisse l'épouse et mère de famille à travers ui l'histoire se déploie est une femme d'une profonde humanité Roman traduit من خاموش PDF Î du persan Iran par Christophe BalaÿDans un uartier préservé d'Abadan Clarisse l'épouse et mère de famille à travers ui l'histoire se déploie est une femme d'une profonde humanité intelligente d'une simplicité de cœur ui nous la چراغ‌ها را PDF or rend spontanément attachante Par ses yeux on observe le petit cercle ui se presse autour du foyer un mari ingénieur à la raffinerie fervent de jeu d'échecs et de politiue les deux filles adorables et malicieuses jumelles Armène le را من خاموش MOBI · fils vénéré en pleine crise d'adolescence et la vieille mère enfin ui règne sur la mémoire familialePourtant la très modeste Clarisse cuisinière éprouvée ui se dévoue sans compter pour les siens va bientôt révéler sa nature de personnage tchekhovien au romanesue d'autant plus désarmant u'il se montre on ne peut plus retenu De nouveaux voisins se manifestent en effet une famille arménienne débaruée de Téhéran ui va très vite bouleverser l’éuilibre affectif de notre femme invisibleComme dans les romans de Jane Austen Zoyâ Pirzâd dresse avec justesse et drôlerie le portrait d’une société patriarcale scellée par les usages et traditions des femmes.

  • 288 pages
  • چراغ‌ها را من خاموش می‌کنم
  • Zoya Pirzad
  • French
  • 09 October 2016

About the Author: Zoya Pirzad

Zoya Pirzad من خاموش PDF Î is a renowned Iranian Armenian writer and novelist She is the author of the international bestseller Things We Left Unsaid and her most recent collection of stories The Bitter Taste of Persimmon won the prize for چراغ‌ها را PDF or Best Foreign Book of in Franceزویا پیرزاد نویسنده و داستان نویس معاصر در سال ۱۳۳۱ در آبادان از مادری ارمنی تبار و پدری روس تبار به دنیا آمد در همان جا به مدرسه رفت.