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Traumatic Brain Injury [PDF / Epub] ☉ Traumatic Brain Injury Author Connie Goldsmith – Two soccer players collide on the field A soldier in Afghanistan is thrown to the ground during a bomb explosion A teen has an accident while riding her bike and she isn't wearing her helmet Each of t Two soccer players collide on the field A soldier in Afghanistan is thrown to the ground during a bomb explosion A teen has an accident while riding her bike and she isn't wearing her helmet Each of these incidents can produce a Traumatic Brain Injury TBI Of the million Americans officially diagnosed with TBI each Traumatic Brain MOBI :↠ year die from their injuries And that doesn't count all the unreported TBIs which experts estimate range from about two to four million incidents TBIs range from concussions to penetrating head injuries to life threatening brain swelling and coma And they have countless causes war sports car and motorcycle accidents falls and physical violence The aftereffects can be devastating including compromised memory and concentration loss of hearing physical disabilities depression brain disorders and in the worst case scenario death Find out about the different types of TBIs what causes them and how they are diagnosed and treated Along the way you'll learn about National Hockey League player Derek Boogaard and US Representative Gabby Giffords both of whom sustained TBIs with dramatically different outcomes You'll also meet teens and young adults living with TBIs and the doctors who treat them And you'll learn about amazing medical technologies that help victims recover and promise hope for the future Journal.

  • Hardcover
  • 88 pages
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Connie Goldsmith
  • English
  • 21 February 2014
  • 9781467713481

10 thoughts on “Traumatic Brain Injury

  1. Shaeley Santiago Shaeley Santiago says:

    From sports injuries to car accidents or military service injuries to the brain can happen to anyone In a straightforward fashion this book explores different types of brain injuries including what can be done to prevent them Wear a helmet and treat them I read an ARC on Net Galley In addition to the helpful resources at the back of the book there are also materials available online at the publisher's website

  2. Dallas Smith Dallas Smith says:

    The book Traumatic Brain Injury From Concussion to Coma by Connie Goldsmith is a nonfiction piece about the detrimental effects of a traumatic brain injuries Goldsmith presents staggering facts and stories about people who have suffered from a TBI and how their lives have been severely affect or even ended This book appeals to many aspects in life that involve an increased risk of physical contact and TBIs Soccer football and bicycling are the main focus for sports These activities involve a lot of physical contact and a tremendously high risk of suffering a concussion Examples are given such as a soccer player taking a severe blow to the head and being knocked unconscious The book also explores how traumatic brain injuries are possible in military service such as diving on an explosive Several troops every year suffer from brain injuries that impair them for the rest of their lives Car accidents is also a large portion of the book as many accidents involve rapid jerking movements at an unexpected moment such as banging your head on the dashboard All of these examples of how brain injuries can occur are meant to provide the reader with convincing evidence that they should be taken very seriously and treated properly Thousands of people die every year from these injuries and the better educated society is about this problem the less likely a life is to be taken from brain damage This is a very informative book as it expresses how serious traumatic brain injuries are Everyone who reads it becomes aware of the severe conseuences of TBIs and how to better prevent and protect themselves The information in the book was very helpful in developing my knowledge of concussions and provided me with facts and evidence that I could use in my future essays The real life stories made it worth while seeing how people are actually affected by this changed my view and will change others about how serious TBIs are

  3. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Like Fourth Down and Inches this is a great book to have for many reasons It's that Common Core nonfiction piece to go with just about any soccer or football book plus it will be eagerly read by sports enthusiasts who are interested in the topic This had a very nice mix of anecdotes and medical information which really helps liven the book up At just under 100 pages it's not too long and I especially liked how it included traumatic brain injury suffered by military personnel bicyclists I AWLAYS wear my helmet and people who are injured in falls Illustrations resources and notes at the back make this a book that could also be used for research projects This will be worth the 26 it will cost

  4. Angie Angie says:

    Very useful Kids need to understand the possible effects of riding your bike without a helmet or not wearing a seat belt Just think and be safeThe story that stuck with me most was Brad Christensen He was in a car accident and suffered TBI when he was 17 He was holding on the to the door handle of the car when the driver took off I looked up the newspaper article and it's even ridiculous Brad and another teen were fighting over the front seat and he didn't want to give it up Not worth it

  5. Gabic Reads Gabic Reads says:

    Original review at Gabic Reads Review copy received via Netgalley This book was very well detailed It listed many facts as well as statistics I enjoyed not only learning what a TBI is and what causes them but also ways to prevent them This is a good book for anybody to read particularly if they play sports Lots of good tips and stories are part of this factual book

  6. Mrs. Murfee Mrs. Murfee says:

    Written by an RN Extremely informative; there was so much I didn't know about brain injuries This book also describes concussions as they occur in sports but it also describes brain injuries suffered by soldiers in battle from explosions Recommended

  7. Tanya Tanya says:

    A decent overview and recommended as an introduction to the topic Focuses on types of injuries and is best as a resource for preventing injuries and raising awareness As far as providing information for testing and treatment not so useful

  8. Cassidy Cassidy says:

    A very introductory reading I reuested this book and upon receiving it knew it wasn't what I was looking for Regardless I read through it This would be a nice book for parents to read if their child played contact sports Wasn't as meaty or scientific as I wanted

  9. Mrs. Mrs. says:

    A must read for teens who play sports are about to drive or who know anyone who does Interesting fact that girls report injuries often than boys and that girls who play soccer are especially prone to brain injury

  10. Tazca Tazca says:

    It was ok Kind of boring at some times

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