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Gatehaven ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Gatehaven By Molly Noble Bull ✪ – Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull is a Christian Gothic historical novel set in a haunting mansion in the north of England where Ian Coluhoun and Shannon Aimee battle a Frenchman with dark secrets spiritu Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull is a Christian Gothic historical novel set in a haunting mansion in the north of England where Ian Coluhoun and Shannon Aimee battle a Frenchman with dark secrets spiritual warfare vs the occult  Will they learn enough about God’s words to defend themselves and others or will evil overcome them Gatehaven is the Creation House Fiction Writing Contest Winner  .

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Gatehaven
  • Molly Noble Bull
  • 07 December 2014
  • 9781621364009

10 thoughts on “Gatehaven

  1. TWJ Magazine TWJ Magazine says:

    This story was very creepy I mean that in a good way If you’re going to read suspense you want to be creeped out Add historical to the suspense and you have a sort of gothic setting This is a combination I really enjoy Even the title Gatehaven implies something of a macabre nature and the fact that the occult is involvedOur heroine Shannon Aimee a young Scottish woman has been proposed to by Edward Wellesley The Earl of Northon She has only known him for several months but he wants her to travel from her home in Scotland to England with him to meet his family before announcing their engagement Her mother is dead set against it but her father allows it Secretly they plan for Shannon’s older brother Peter to follow her there to make sure she is safe Also Shannon’s lifelong best friend Ian Coluhoun is concerned as he does not trust the earl It is arranged through Edward for Ian to travel with them under the guise of learning from the vicar at Gatehaven for him to become a man of the cloth But he mostly agrees to go as a favor to his pastor in order to find out about the murder of the minister’s cousin some years beforeWhen they all finally arrive in England along with a chaperone for Shannon she does not receive the welcome she imagined The earl’s mother and grandmother immediately take a disliking to her and put her up in the servant’s uarters But that isn’t the worst of it Shannon spots two mysterious women at the window of an upper room but told by Edward she is seeing things; she is cajoled into palm readings by her chaperone Miss Foster who always speaks of the spirit world and sees a group of men walking around above stairs wearing long hooded robesThere is a lot that goes on and too much to explain here but a man shows up named Etienne Gabeau who seems kind Unbeknownst to Shannon he’s had ties to her family in the past Shannon is eventually kept a prisoner at Gatehaven and Ian and Peter must find clues as to what is going on and how to get Shannon safely back to Scotland before it’s too lateThis small synopsis does no justice to the story in its 99000 word entirety You just need to read it If you like any type of suspense novels you will thoroughly enjoy Gatehaven Trust me TWJ Magazine strives to guide readers to books of personal interest with the understanding and respect that what appeals to some may not appeal to others Therefore we attempt to keep our reviews focused on content genre and style The rating is necessary to make use of Goodreads BN and It reflects the reviewer’s own level of enjoyment but the review is intended to be informative for the benefit of all readers

  2. Kathleen L. L. Kathleen L. L. says:

    Evil has its hour but the end of the Story reveals a Victor whose atoning sacrifice makes redemption possible This is the central theme of the Bible and also of this gothic tale of intrigue and wickedness in high places and of rescue and restoration Rachel Shannon Aimee is the beautiful and spirited daughter of French Huguenots settled in Scotland She has an honorable admirer in Ian Coluhoun a minister in training Shannon becomes the unwitting target of two conspiring men bent on evil the young charming Earl of Northon and Etienne Gabeau aka Leon Picard a wealthy old man looking to satiate his lust for revenge against Shannon’s mother for scorning Leon’s advances many years ago Ian and Shannon’s brother Peter would save Shannon from a big mistake—trusting the handsome earl’s sudden proposal of marriage Their journey takes Shannon Ian and Peter Aimee to England where the young lass is set to become the earl’s bride or perhaps meet a nefarious fateWhat transpires will send chills racing down the reader’s spine and keep them riveted on the edge of their seat as mysteries are uncovered and evil is exposed by the light of revelation Enemies and allies are drawn up in an epic battle of good and evil while the plot twists and turns through narrow escapes and brushes with cultish meetings and the supernatural So much than entertainment this story brings truth and balance to a cultural fascination with spiritualism Written with skill keen insight and wisdom this story will please readers of Frank Peretti Tedd Dekker and all fans of supernatural thrillersI give this book 4 and a half stars

  3. Nike Chillemi Nike Chillemi says:

    They say the first line is most important of all and this novel has a great first line Monsieur Ettienne Gabeau wan't his real nameI don't usually read Gothic novels they're not my thing but as this one is also a murder mystery I thought I'd give it a whirl The story's dark side ventures into a world where Christians fend off those involved in the most heinous demonic occult practices This novel ventures into an area of darkness depicting a villain who is completely overtaken by demonic forces and who hates the French Huguenots who are Bible believing ChristiansThe fortress like structure Gatehaven is cloaked in mystery Some say there is a blood red gate not its main entrance but inside the mansion which the house is named for While others claim this inside gate does not exist The heroine Shannon Aime sees two women at an upstairs window as she arrives but then they might be apparitions or an over active imagination Some say young women have been brought to Gatehaven never to be seen again The creep out factor is high If you are a lover of eerie Gothic novels that don't shy away from delving into the darkness this one is for you The story is balanced and put into Christian perspective by via the narrative of the young hero Ian Coluhoun a vicar's apprentice studying to become a clergymanand also by the use of Scripture brought into the story

  4. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Wow I don't know that I have ever read a book that I literally could not put down So many things that I enjoyed about this book The setting is in Scotland and even though I am not a fan of Gothic in this book it workedThe main character in this tale is Rachel who is the daughter of French Huguenots When the Earl of Northon sets his evil intentions on Rachel her brother Peter and Ian Coluhoun a young minister to be help to save herThere are many twists and turns which make this book irresistible yet thrilling There are mysteries and evil throughout along with a battle of good against evil with God on the side of good This supernatural book would be welcome in any Christian home that enjoys books by DekkerI was given this book by bookfunorg and the author in exchange for my honest review

  5. Teresa Slack Teresa Slack says:

    I love stories that take place in creepy old mansions with mysteries and secrets down every dusty hallway so of course I loved Gatehaven The cover alone will draw in anyone It isn't just a scary story though Gatehaven has a strong Christian message well drawn characters romantic element and thought provoking topics Even if you don't typically like gothic novels give this one a try

  6. Adrienna Adrienna says:

    The book opens up as a historical romance to mebut will see where the Gothic comes in as I continue to flip and read through the pages To read full review see on Dream4More Reviews Goodreads pageI received a copy from author for a review Really enjoyed this book once I got into it 4 starsAdrienna Turnerwwwdream4org for reviews

  7. Kathryn Svendsen Kathryn Svendsen says:

    Rachel Shannon Aimee a French Huguenot has fallen in love with an English Earl and wants her parent’s permission to leave Scotland to travel back with him to his home meet his mother and grandmother and marry him Since it would be unseemly for a single woman to travel with an unmarried man without a chaperone in those days the Earl of Northon arranged for his aunt Miss Forester to travel with them and act as Shannon’s chaperone With misgivings Shannon’s parents Rachel and Javier give their consent for Shannon to go after Shannon’s baby brother is bornOut of concern for Shannon as her parents and her life long friend Ian Coluhoun do not trust the Earl Ian takes a position as an assistant to a vicar of a church in a church nearby the estate of Gatehaven where the Earl lives He travels with them to England Shannon’s brother Peter also travels to England to keep an eye on Shannon but without Shannon’s knowledgeAlmost immediately after leaving the small village of Luss Scotland the Earl seems withdrawn less loving than he did and Shannon is slightly confused Is it the lack of privacy or is he behaving differently? Then they visit a strange church that truly gives her the creeps so badly the it makes her sick to her stomach and she has to run out before she throws up on the floor inside the buildingOnce they arrive at Gatehaven things do not get better Shannon is given a room in the servants uarters Edward the Earl doesn’t clear the matter up for days she barely sees him there are dragon carvings on the headboards of the beds which make her feel extremely uncomfortable as her father has taught her that dragons are a symbol for Satan Yet whenever Ian says anything negative about Edward Shannon refuses to listen because she loves EdwardI found Gatehaven to be uite a well written book about the struggle we go through when we want something that isn’t good for us and we know it but we want it anyway It’s a good lesson to listen to those around us who are older and wiser whose advice we usually trust and listen to their advice even when it goes against what we might want to hearMy favourite character in the novel was Ian While I think he should have spoken up sooner to Shannon of his feelings for her this might have prevented her from running off with the Earl in the first place he was very devoted to her even when he thought she was lost to him Her safety and well being came first A true example of ChristianityThere was a lot of intrigue and suspense in Gatehaven I thought the sub plot of the Scottish pastor’s cousin was interesting as was the twist in that storyline Ms Bull did an excellent job of creating truly evil characters I did find that there was a lot of theology within the story that might count as a negative for a non Christian reader who would pick up a Gothic historical novel The theology presented is fairly basic and it is well explained for the newer believer And that being said it is marketed as a Christian novelI liked that this novel also brings to light some of the occult symbols that have become very commonplace in our world today We see them and we think nothing of them Are we being slowly being brainwashed into thinking they mean nothing? Perhaps we should be paying attentionI thoroughly enjoyed Gatehaven It certainly deserved to win the 2013 Creation House Fiction Writing Contest even before publication I gave this novel 5 stars out of 5Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review A positive opinion was not reuired All thoughts are my ownOriginally published on Shelf Full of Books

  8. Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson says:

    Title GatehavenAuthor Molly Noble BullPages 246Year 2014Publisher Creation HouseThe year is 1784 and the setting is mostly England but some of the story takes place in Scotland Gatehaven is the creepy home of the Earl of Northon where young women have entered but never come out Where are they? Is there really a gateway to the underworld in this house?Shannon Aimee is a young girl whose head is turned by the earl He has proposed marriage to her even though she is a farmer’s daughter She travels to England with her best friend Ian Coluhoun who is to be an assistant to the vicar Upon arrival Shannon is treated terribly by the earl’s family and the earl himself Privately he still keeps her affection with sweet words but makes excuses for his family’s behavior and puts off announcing their engagement Is he really the wonderful man she fell in love with? Was that just an act to gain her regard? What about the strange meetings held at Gatehaven on nights when the moon is full?Ian Coluhoun has known and loved Shannon Aimee all his life but she doesn’t view him with a romantic interest He sees a way to protect her and gain knowledge for himself about becoming a pastor by going to England to work as an assistant to the vicar at Gatehaven Ian meets Monsieur Etienne Gabeau and immediately dislikes him He doesn’t trust this man at all and wonders what his interest in Shannon could be? Etienne has many strange books in his library that speak of evil thingsWhat I liked about the story was Ian’s uest for spiritual knowledge and his willingness to accept instruction and put what he learned into practice He was a real encourager of others’ faith I also liked how Scripture was used to explain Scripture and how Godly ualities were in evidence in some of the characters They spoke their beliefs and lived their lives accordingly There were some creepy effects to lend a somewhat Gothic air to the story I loved the cover of the book What I didn’t like was the main female character that seemed shallow incredibly naïve almost to the point of stupid and only realized Ian’s worth when she thought she couldn’t have him I also thought the transitions in the story were rough and in a few cases a character would refer to something that hadn’t happened so it seemed to me as if some of the story were cut outMy rating is 3 starsNote I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988 FaceBook at

  9. Dream 4 More Reviews Dream 4 More Reviews says:

    The pages are 246 in the copy I have received from the author for a honest review Shannon Aimee meets a noble man who’s an earl of northern England during the late 1700s and she is willing to leave her Scotland homeland to be with him believing that he wants to marry her so soon Her parents discourage the wedding plans and to leave to go to Gatehaven However someone convinced Shannon’s parents that it was alright Yet they send their lifelong friend Ian Coluhoun to keep watch Ian on the other hand is searching passages from the Bible and speaking to a pastor to learn about the binding of spirits as well as testing the spirits Ironically this was the favorite part of the book when the pastor shared about two women that he recommended to test the spirits when they thought they were hearing the voice of the Lord Amazingly the one that Ian thought out of the two tested the spirits was not the correct woman and one that you may least expect to change their lives over to Christ turn a new leaf Later Shannon experiences firsthand some creepier things going on in the Gatehaven home learning about the red gate and divination as well as speaking to the dead What EVIL lies insideAs the synopsis says “deadly deception” this is what I am waiting to see what it is all about and how the truth comes to light I enjoy reading Christian historical fiction books with a scope of “what will you do for love” The book itself had its highs and lows as far as pace flow and interest of the storyline but never a bore The writing style was different to my normal reads but loved how it adds a touch of scriptures to backup the findings of what is lurking in the Gatehaven home and other mysteries that come about in the story Although I became uite fond of Ian Coluhoun on the other hand Shannon Aimee stubbornness and ignoring the obvious facts with her touch of naïveté made me want to shake her up a bit The author did a good job of writing since sometimes I felt the intensity and climax of the story and other times agitated with certain characters or their uncertainty of specific things that seemed uite obvious When the story got closer to the ending it was remarkable I didn't want it to end as the details were carefully being unleashed Dream 4 More Reviews has received “Gatehaven” by the author for a book reviewDream 4 More ReviewsSweet DreamsAdrienna Turnerwwwdream4org

  10. Debbie Debbie says:

    Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull was an interesting surprise Though billed as a Christian Gothic story for young readers which I do not usually enjoy I enjoyed it Here I need to admit however that I am not a pre teen or teen any longer In my younger days I would have found the story tense Though the plot involves the stalking and capture of Shannon a naïve young lady by grown men with dishonorable intent to her and her family Bull handles the situations appropriately for her younger audience The two heroes Ian and Peter do their best to save and help Shannon see the danger and to see what love really is before it is too late but to their frustration she learns the hard way Bull cites a lot of Bible scriptures which I really enjoyed but they could be irritating to someone who believes differently than I do I found that for the most part the scriptures fit with the plot where they are used Shannon is sometimes very irritating in her naivety but not unlike some friends I grew up with The characters Peter and Ian were believable up to and including their frustration with Shannon The protagonists were a bit shallow but did the job well enough to carry the storyline Cally a minor character but a catalyst in the plot had a depth that I enjoyed All of the characters Bull presents had a purpose in fleshing out the storyline so that by the end of the novel closure was realized I will read Gatehaven again and will recommend it to Christian preteen and young teen readers Like the setting Victorian era I found the style and the moral of the storyline obvious but tasteful Good job Ms Bull

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