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Dark Secret (Carpathians, #15) ❮Reading❯ ➶ Dark Secret (Carpathians, #15) Author Christine Feehan – Thomashillier.co.uk Rafael De La Cruz has spent centuries hunting vampires with his brothers With each passing year his capacity to feel emotions has grown weaker and weaker until finally there's barely a memory of one l Rafael De La Cruz has spent centuries hunting vampires with his brothers With each passing year his capacity to feel emotions has grown weaker and weaker until finally there's barely a memory of one left only sheer willpower keeps him from turning into the very abomination he hunts But it'll take than will to keep him away from the woman who is meant to be his and his aloneFor five years rancher Colby Jansen has been the sole protector of her younger half siblings and with fierce determination and work she has kept her family together and the ranch operational Now the De La Cruz brothers are threatening that stability They claim that her siblings belong with their father's family not with her Colby vows to fight them especially the cold and arrogant Rafael De La Cruz But Rafael is after than her family; he wants Colby and will not let anything stand between them After ages of loneliness the raw desire to possess her overwhelms his very soul driving him to claim her as his lifemate© Christine Feehan; P Recorded books.

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  1. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    4 Change of heart StarsFirst read August 2012 Rated 25 Stars Reread February 9 2016 Some Spoilers You think to escape me peuena but there is no chance for you You may as well accept it as you accept the air you breathe into your lungs And I don't like you saying no to me No one says no to me least of all you RafaelSo the first time I read this book way back in 2012 I hated Rafael I remember thinking what a jerk he was and how I wanted to punch him in the throat I have reread this series 4 times so far but I always skipped this book after the first time I read it because I hated the hero so much I am glad I didn't skip it this time because I liked it better this time around Like a total change of heart That almost never happens for me I actually liked Rafael this time don't get me wrong he still did some shit I wanted to punch him for but I had a total 180 on my feelings for him It was like night and dayThe way I seen Rafael the first read You do not ever have to be without me Colby Lifemate is forever Tonight be in my world with my laws I can do no other than to see to your every happiness Your health and needs and desires will be forever mine He kissed his way down the valley between her breasts My world was one of darkness until you gave me back life I know absolutely you are everything to me You will always be everything I may command you in bed he swirled his tongue around her beloved belly button but you command me in all other things RafaelThe way I see him after this read A low sound escaped a groan of despair How could he have been so selfish? He had thought only of his needs his desires He hadn't stopped to think of the conseuences to her Colby would suffer terribly this day and it was through his own selfishness In that moment he hated himself RafaelI am very shocked at how much I really liked Rafael this time around I actually felt bad for him and at times thought Colby was being a bitch to him Like a total 180 I know I already said that but I'm just so damn surprised I like him so much I guess it helps that I have read books with way bigger asshole heroes since the first time I picked this book up I found Rafael dominate brooding and lonely He came on strong and wanted to control everything but he did soften and tried to make Colby happy You have so much here Colby You are willing to give so much of yourself to those you love I want you to love me I am not deserving of your love I have not only done nothing to deserve it but I have made your life difficult I need you I know I will not always be easy to be with I am a very dominant man sexually and otherwise I want you to be mine All mine He said the words starkly without embellishment totally vulnerable aware she could crush him easily with one word one look But I want you to love me I need you to love me Rafael If I never say it again Rafael thank you for this night Thank you for caring enough to lend us the money to save the ranch And thank you for accepting me the way I am for making me feel accepted ColbyColby I still liked although she annoyed me this time around Colby was strong willed brave very independent but at times wishy washy It was the I want him but I don't want to want him I have to fight my feelings for him I don't want this you can have my body but not my heart crap that drove me crazy I felt sorry for the pain she caused Rafael He just wanted her to love him accept him She would make love to him be nice to him then push him away It got to the point where I as I was reading I was yelling at my kindle for her to knock her shit offRafael I can't be submissive to you It isn't in my character don't you see that as well? I have to have some control some partnership or it would never work between us I could never love you I know I'm sexually addicted but I want to be in love with you as much as you want me to be I just can't make that leap knowing you don't respect my judgment Colby I love everything about you uerida I am not ashamed to admit it to you I love the way you burn for me and the way my body grows hard and hot and ready for you every time I lay eyes on you I love the way you take care of your family and even the way you think you can defy me Stop being a coward and admit you love me Stay out of my thoughts It's bad enough that you try to force me to do whatever you want If you need to hear me say it before I even know my own mind compel me to say it Rafael and ColbyI think Rafael's brother Nicolas really nailed it on the head when he told herI didn't ask to be your brother's lifemate I have my own life here my own responsibilities Why should your rights be important than mine? Nicolas leaned close to her his eyes flat and diamond hard Because if you don't find your lifemate you will not turn into a monster that will be absolutely evil and live for the death and pain of others I will I am not human Rafael is not human We have fought centuries against the darkness You could relieve his pain so easily You could ensure that he would never face that moment in time when he might succumb to darkness yet you are too stubborn too selfish to give him what he needs And because of that you foolishly risk the lives of your brother and sister and your neighbors and others you don't even know Worse you risk my brother's very soul and the souls of my familia and myself In the end he will have you so taking this risk is senseless I would take you if you were mine and get it done Colby and NicolasColby does pull it together and is super awesome towards the end I loved Nicolas and Vikirnoff in this book I just enjoyed everything so much better this time around and I am glad I gave it another go So I am raising my original rating of 25 stars to 4 stars I no longer need the words Rafael I opened my mind to yours and I feel the love you have for me I know the words in your heart because I can see them there She kissed him a long slow kiss of seduction I want you I want to touch you hold you to feel you inside of me I need to feel you alive and wrapped around me Colby

  2. Beth Beth says:

    I didn’t especially like either of the characters in this book However the fact that most of the story takes place on a ranch means the proverbial dead horse metaphor literally applies here Him You are my lifemate I will have youHer Ex CUSE ME? No You forced me to have sex with you and didn’t give me a choice and my feathers are feeling ruffled so I’ll take care of myself my ranch and my juvenile siblings myself tyvmHim You burn for meHer Back off bucko OMG I’M BURNING FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU RAPED MEHim I will have you I need youHer We already discussed this I don’t need you OMG I NEED YOU Him You are my lifemate You will be mineHer Uh no I’m not interested I’m independent Him But you are my lifemateHer But I’m independentHim I SAID YOU WERE MY LIFEMATEHer What part of INDEPENDENT do you not understand?? AND YOU RIPPED A MAN'S HEART OUT OF HIS CHEST WITH YOUR BARE HANDSHim Vampires are evil and I need you Her I want you in my body but then you need to LEAVEHim I can’t do thatHer I can’t do this Him I love beating dead horses With sticks I have a monstrous pleasure toolHer I love your pleasure tool AND beating dead horses I think the constant back and forth bickering in this particular novel did NOT work for me especially well probably because he and she did the deed way too early At the beginning they butted heads Then he forced her to have sex with him in the first third of the book Then they kept arguing and arguing and arguing and it never changed until WHAM BAM at the end almost miraculously they fell in love In books where the arguing serves as foreplay and builds up to the inevitable boink session that we all love and expect in books such as this I like the arguing that can occur between two very strong willed characters But when the sex happens as early on as it did in this story I find it annoying This author has been on my “recommended” list for uite some time and I’ve finally had an opportunity to give her a try The fact that I started with #15 in a long running series was wholly uncharacteristic for me—I hate reading out of order I’m also not a huge fan of audiobooks but I made a weekend road trip alone recently and wanted something to pass the time and that was how “Dark Secret” became my first Feehan Most of the books shelved in the audibook section at my library were things I’d already read and didn’t feel like listening to all over again or else they were in genres I couldn’t even feign interest in ie war stories and thrillers Overall I thought it was a decent distraction and I’m curious enough to go out and pick up some other books from this series preferably from the beginning I enjoyed the story but spent much of the car ride blushing furiously over the erotic descriptions Why is it I don’t blush when I read things like this but listening to it felt a bit like an intrusion???

  3. TJ TJ says:

    This one would have been stuck on three stars if not for the awesome climax probably the best so far in this series In this installment Feehan finally addresses what we have all been wondering about what if the strong domineering alpha male didn't care if the woman wanted to be his lifemate? Rafael De La Cruz answers that uestion in spades He is an ancient super powerful and used to getting his way always and without complaint If there is any uestion he just takes what he wants That is how he handles the woman he discovers is his lifemate It is of little conseuence what she might want If she disagrees and she does he compels her and takes it anyway It makes him a very hard character to like but kudos goes to Feehan for exploring the side of the Carpathian male we all know is there Colby is the perfect foil for this plot line She is independent incredibly headstrong she has to be as she has had the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings and running a ranch since she was seventeen years old She is responsible yet loving and fiercely protective of her life and family So when Rafael enters the picture demanding she submit to him turn her siblings over to his care and follow him to his home country of Brazil one can imagine the response It results in great reading but not necessarily enjoyable reading Rafael's character is never given enough depth to overcome our disdain of his actions He never just sits down and explains things to Colby so she is able to understand and accept everything that is pummeling her world The reader becomes as infuriated as Colby with this confusion keeping those stars from climbing despite the great writingThings take a drastic turn for the better however as the climax hits It comes out of nowhere and again explores an area that we often wonder about concerning those almost indestructible males but have never really experienced to this extreme notice how hard I'm trying not to spoil?? It was the perfect twist needed to bring redemption to Rafael and acceptance to the reader The steam factor in this book is high and somewhat uncomfortable It is also hard to skip and keep the thread of the plot consistant

  4. Shannon (Giraffe Days) Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

    This cover makes me laughThis is actually one of the better books in this series All the usual suspects are there all nice and predictable but the Carpathian in uestion is different and convincing enough to add a new layer of spice and the plot is for Feehan complex Actually reading the blurb it made no sense to me at allColby why do Feehan's heroines always have such dreadful names? has been running her stepfather's ranch for her two young half siblings Paul and Ginny since their father died five years before The work is mostly horse breaking and she works all day and well into the night while her neighbours crowd her She had to borrow money from one and is now struggling to pay it off Even worse Paul and Ginny's uncles Juan and Julio Chevez arrive from Brazil determined to take them back with them The Chevez family had ignored them when Armando Colby's stepfather was ill and when he died and are now trying to take the kids away It doesn't help that they have the support of the powerful De la Cruz brothers Rafael De la Cruz came with his brother Nicolas to help the Chevez family but his first sight of Colby complicates everything A powerful dominating Carpathian who had been sent to South America along with his brothers in the 13th century Huh? Really? to hunt vampires he fully expects to simply convert Colby and take her back to Brazil with him Once he manages to break through her mental defences and form a path to her mind though he starts to see things through her eyes and gradually learns what it is to love others and care for them The way Rafael grew and matured as a character revealing a selfless side that wasn't there before is what made me really enjoy this book Usually the Carpathian men don't change much; the women simply have to learn to put up with all the crapThere are a few nice surprises in this one that I don't want to give away It's a very passionate book and although the awful repetitive writing is there it was much easier in this one to ignore it and enjoy I guess I found the characters much less irritating

  5. Laura Laura says:

    It's been a long time since I've read any of Christine Feehan's books Reading this reminded me whyIn my defense I was sick I wanted something light to read for brain dead me Even ill though I could barely make my way through the book I was ready to scream despite my lack of voice if I read the word dominant or the variation dominate againHe has to own her? Seriously? The book is a throw back to the bad 60s and 70s Harleuin romances brooding dominant male intent on having his way with the tiny perfect independent female who says no right up to the point where she says Fortunately Rafael is so rich that Colby can overlook his domineering ways rolling eyesWhen I went to Target today I saw two books in the series I didn't own them; I still don'tRun away from this book if you're looking for an original creative paranormal romance This is the book for you if you're fond of dreck

  6. Kirsty Bassett Kirsty Bassett says:

    HOW HAS THIS GOT 4 STARS? The hero bloody rapes the heroine He literally knocks out everyone in the area holds her down and uses his vampire mind control to make him want her RapeUgh people need to get their priotries straight rape is not something to be idolised it is disgusting and this book should never have been published without some huge editsI think the hero even acknowledges at one point that he did in fact rape the heroine This is a seriously disturbing book

  7. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    “Dark Secret” is the story of Colby and RaphaelSo I’ve read all of the Carpathian novels so far and this has to be my favoriteColby is the owner of Chevez ranch taking care of her step siblings Ginny and Paul due to her deep love for late stepfather Armando When the Chevron family tries to come and claim the kids and property she fights back like a mama tigress not knowing that someone much dominating is about to come and disrupt her plans the De Luca brothers Raphael and NikolasIt’s a throughly engaging readI really really liked the back and forth between the leads Raphael was the most dominating jealous crazy and OTT Carpathian we’ve seen so far and Colby was the PERFECT match for him as she took him on head to head She is a strong independent and lovable lead who fought for what she believed until the very end Was he totally annoying and exasperating during half of the book? YesHowever does that make us hate him? Nope because his reasons were valid and he did feel remorseI also liked the inner conflict both the characters faced about difference in species conversions and familiesThe mystery villains and supporting characters were amazing the angst heartbreaking and the familial love strongA special mention to all the hot hot hot hot hot lovemaking in this book because if I didn’t say it before it was HOTI’m really looking forward to Natalya Nikolas and the stories of the other De Luca clanSafe455

  8. CC CC says:

    Too much pushpull for me I kind of liked Rafael even though he was overbearing I thought Colby was a bit ridiculous There was a tiny bit of OW drama which absolutely turned me off I HATED the scene and hated that it was never really explained to Colby

  9. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    Great to read about the Carpathians in another worldthe jungles of Brazil where the four De La Cruz brothers powerful ancient Carpathians had been sent by their Prince centuries ago to fight the spread of the evil vampires and to protect the Carpathian people It’s the 15th book of the Dark SeriesThis is the story of one of those brothers Rafael De La Cruz a seductive passionate dominant sexy and dark vampire killer agrees to accompany the two Chevez brothers who the faithful human servants to the De La Cruz family to the USA to help bring back their nephew and niece back together with their family in Brazil Colby Jansen is independent strong willed and with a spirit that matches her red hair She has been taking care of her brother Paul and sister Ginny since the death of their father and will do anything to keep the Chevez family from taking them away from herFrom the first time of meeting each other both feel a strong attraction and connection and sparks fly between them immediately Rafael who is close to turning realizes he has finally met his life matehe knows Colby is the perfect woman for him Being the usual alpha Carpathian male he goes all out in persuading her to accept that they are meant to be together whilst she is irresistibly drawn to him she tries to fight her feelings for him as she despises his role in trying to take her step siblings away from herThere is uite a lot happening heresomeone vandalizing her ranch the threat of a vampire who is trying to turn Colby a vicious attack on her which causes huge problems with turning her into Rafael’s life mate Great writing and the dialogue is really good Romantic and sensual you are pulled into their story from the very beginning Lots of hot steamy sex between the two A few characters from the previous books that you have grown to know appear here and there are some new ones that you are keep pretty much in the dark about but you just know that you will be meeting them again in the next booksLike Natalya Shonskiwho is she??? Why does she mean when she meets Colby? Who is Vikirnoff Von Shrieder?I am really into this series I absolutely adore the Carpathian world and Colby and Rafael’s story is enthralling dark sensual and so sexyCan’t wait to read the next one in this series which is Dark Demon Natalya Shonski and Vikirnoff Von Shrieder storyI knew there was going to be a book for them

  10. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    Rafael is something else He's definitely a 'I want I take' kind of hero This book plays out like a tug of war He sees Colby and knows he has to have her as his lifemate and then proceeds and taking control of her life But Colby isn't down with that She's attracted to him uite fiercely in fact That makes the physical part easy for Rafael but there is not a stubborn woman on earth at least in this book Colby has had to be stubborn to survive her life and keep a roof over the heads of her brother and sister and herself She works from dawn and past dusk doing so running the ranch and training other people's horses She doesn't even allow herself to think about a life for herself and meeting her own needsShe's scared to death when the De La Cruz brothers arrive with the Chevez brothers who are the uncles of her half sister and half brother They are going to take her family away to Brazil and she'll never see them again So her defenses are up against the admittedly gorgeous and unbelieveably attractive Rafael despite the pull he has on herRafael is pretty underhanded in his seduction of Colby In his mind having her as his lifemate is a foregone conclusion so he proceeds full steam ahead He seduces Cobly while she is dreaming and when she realizes what happens she is devastated At this point had Rafael not been remorseful I would have thought he was a complete jerk He really does feel sorry for taking away her choices yet at the same time he's not going to give her upAs a Carpathian Rafael doesn't have the same understanding of manwoman rules that a human male would follow All he understands is that she is his other half and he can do nothing else but claim her Yes he's pretty arrogant but he also shows genuine caring and love for Colby and her half sister and half brother protecting her from the menace terrorizing her and helping them to shoulder their burdensI couldn't help but like Rafael despite his flaws I liked him because his heart was in the right place I think that CF did a good job of fleshing him out and giving him all the vulnerabilities that put his arrogance into perspectiveI really liked Colby She's a tough strong woman She doesn't back down I admired that she managed to keep the ranch going and to deal with macho guys and put them in their place when they tried to get into her business She could have walked away from her siblings and lived her own life but she stuck it out of love I liked the way Colby handled Rafael and was honest with him about how she didn't like the way he had manipulated her And when his life is in jeopardy she does all that she can to save him In my mind they are a great coupleThe menace of the vampire was very apparent and creepy CF showed it in various ways and makes each book feel different although it's a similar basic storyline This book straddles the line between paranormal and horror in my opinion There are some moments are very thrilling and have the ick factor of a full on horror novel The action scenes were awesome and the descriptions of Rafael and Virkinoff another Carpathian hunting and fighting the vampire Kirja were exciting I think that Christine Feehan is a fantastic author Yes she tends to have her favorite words and motifs but what author doesn't I have to say that this is another one of my favorites in this series and I am so glad that I discovered Christine Feehan this year and for the recommendations to read this series

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