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  1. rachael gibson rachael gibson says:

    As a beauty journalist myself I receive press releases daily about products that are 'groundbreaking' 'revolutionary' and 'breakthrough' Suffice to say very few of them are Oh to be a journalist in the days of Helena Rubinstein Mascara on a wand? That's her Skin tackled by 'type'? Her too Anti ageing skincare? And again I'm sure that some of her inventions would be disputed by her contemporaries but her contribution to the beauty industry can't be and her life remains an inspiration Born into a poor Jewish family in Poland in the 1870s she went on to become one of the richest women on the planet with her own global company employing over 32000 staff all through that apparently frivolous world of beauty and all in an era when women were expected to marry who their parents told them to stay home and be gratefulI'd agree with other reviewers that this book isn't brilliant every chapter seems to begin with the same synopsis; she was old but looked younger Something went wrong so she went travelling and worked really hard and bought some fabulous couture and had a portrait paintedStill nothing can stand in the way of the fact that Helena's story is fascinating and this book is as much a potted history of women's attitudes to beauty art fashion and architecture as much as anything elseDefinitely recommended for anyone with an interest in beauty and can we get a tv series of the story too please??

  2. Michaela Corning-Myers Michaela Corning-Myers says:

    Madame clearly has a very interesting story which made this book a fun read My problems with the book stemmed from the beginning however when the author made the conscious choice of presenting Helena's story as derived from HER imagination which is understandable but not my preference I found myself wondering throughout my entire time with this book what was fact and what was fiction For example the author speculates about how Helena felt at specific moments throughout the first section of the book I was not a fan of this personally because I read biographies to obtain facts rather than the author's interpretation of the person's life Also I felt that the editing was a little sloppy because there were cases where certain uotes were repeated two or three times throughout the book sometimes only pages from each other and they were not presented in a new context it genuinely seemed like an editorial blipAdditionally the ending was incredibly anticlimactic and I think a lot could have been done to highlight the prestige of Madame at the time of her death perhaps by wrapping up with a uote from someone close to her such as O'Higgins These are really my only problems with this book I purchased it after a particularly interesting exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Art and History in Paris on Helena and read it throughout the rest of my travels in France It was fun interesting inspiring and I felt like I really got a glimpse of who Helena may have been as a person what motivated her what made her feel successful guilty happy inspired etc I didn't find it cumbersome and boring like I do most biographies so hats off to Fitoussi for her ability to delineate the history of Helena in such a way that was enlightening and fascinating

  3. Meg - A Bookish Affair Meg - A Bookish Affair says:

    Before reading this book I had never heard of Helena Rubinstein After reading this book it's kind of crazy that she isn't well known today Rubinstein was one of the first women skincare and make up entrepreneurs In her heyday she was so famous that she even made it into Dali's surrealist artworks She was also the first person to really use science in all of her skincare products Not only that but she was incredibly driven and wasn't afraid to travel all over the world in order to make and sell her products By the time she was old she had a pretty hefty empire Whether you know of her now or not this is a great story of a very driven woman One of the things that I most appreciated about this book was just how driven Helena was Being born in the late 1800s entrepreneurship was still very much a man's game but she knew that if she put her mind to it she could go far Confidence is an amazing power as this book shows Helena grew up in a poor large family in Poland where she just wanted to get out of there Her travels took her to various places like Australia and Europe where she tried to sell her wares She started out with barely anything and there were so many points along the way where she could have given up if she had wanted to but she kept going She is a great lesson in tackling things head on Her story was really inspiring from that standpoint The book was well written Even though this is non fiction it often read like fiction especially when it was talking about Helena's travels It was translated from French and I thought that the translation was very good and not choppy at all Being a make up and skincare junkie I definitely think this book will appeal to all of my fellow make up and skincare junkies too

  4. Kristine Kristine says:

    Helena Rubenstein The Woman Who Invented Beauty is a free NetGalley ebook that I read during an early morning in October What initially won me over about this book was its cover and how amazingly timeless it isLike its cover this book is mostly illusion and fantasy True uotes and events are merely dotted throughout instead of being carefully analyzed and researched for clarity All in all Helena's story is transportive and heavily detailed but way too starry eyed and mishmashed with fiction

  5. Critterbee❇ Critterbee❇ says:

    Worshipful inspirational and possibly fantasticalThis is a tribute indeed to a genuinely amazing person who wrapped the world around her little finger and championed women's rights during the times around the world when women were receiving the right to vote There is a feel of the fantastic and it is clear that the author has written uite lovingly of Helena Rubinstein Overall a good readeARC netgalley

  6. Agata Agata says:

    It is hard to tell whether it is a problem of poor translation into Polish by Krystyna Sławińskaor it's the original itself but the Polish version is written like a wikipedia article and a bad one

  7. Keira Keira says:

    Factual yet beautifully written a real pleasure to read

  8. Moushine Zahr Moushine Zahr says:

    This non fiction novel falls in the following sub categories Biography Women Self made successful business people Cosmetic Industry the Rich and Famous The author wrote a complete and detailed biography of Mrs Helena Rubinstein 1872 1965 one of the richest woman of the world in her time was a self made businesswoman who invented modern beauty and a major player in the Cosmetic Industry When I picked up this book in June I had no idea who was Helena Rubinstein and never heard of her and her products before The author wrote everything about the entire life of Mrs Rubinstein from birth to death her business life her personal and social life the good and the bad the nice and ugly truth the truths and the lies The author didn't forget anything The woman lived a very rich life in every possible meaning you can give to the word rich After reading the biography I ended up with mixed and contradicting feelings about the woman I found most interesting the first few chapters of this novel which are about Helena's native country Poland childhood life family and early beginnings in Australia However when I read the rest of the novel I felt like reading a very long boring article about the Rich and Famous of a People Magazine and reading an article about History of the Cosmetic industry That's why I rated the book only 4 stars and was about to rate it 3 stars If you devour People magazine you will love this book This self made business woman's career could be an inspiration to today's woman and man alike

  9. Jill Jill says:

    'Helena Rubinstein The Woman Who Invented Beauty' by Michele Fitoussi was an engrossing detailed account of the life of the woman who was at the forefront of the women's beauty and makeup industry It is a fascinating read certainly not a hagiography as my lasting impression is of an egotistical self absorbed authoritarian bully and a distant mother whose main attribute was a determination to succeed Obsessed with money even when she was a billionaire at the height of the 1930s depression when money was scarce she instructed her sales girls 'You have got to look right down into their pockets and get that last nickel from them' And if something didn't sell then reduce the uantity in the jar and inflate the price so it seemed exclusive But it was interesting to read of her rise from poverty and where she got her start in an isolated town in Australia not far from where I lived her business acumen the famous people she hobnobbed with from Ernest Hemingway Jean Coctau Picasso and her rivals Elizabeth Arden Charles Revson and Estee Lauder Business always came before pleasure love and family and that came back to haunt her in her later years An exhausting but thoroughly captivating story How much is true is left up to us to decide as Rubinstein was a spin doctor of the highest order But an interesting insight into women's attitude to beauty over the years

  10. Well Read Southerner Blog Well Read Southerner Blog says:

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A mulher ue inventou a beleza [Reading] ➶ A mulher ue inventou a beleza ➬ Michèle Fitoussi – Thomashillier.co.uk Helena Rubinstein é um ícone do século XX Nascida em 1872 na Polônia numa família simples a mais velha de oito irmãs entrou para a história como a imperadora da beleza uando faleceu em 1965 era Helena Rubinstein é um ícone do século ue inventou eBook ✓ XX Nascida em na Polônia numa família simples a mais velha de oito irmãs entrou para a história como a imperadora da beleza uando faleceu em era dona de uma das maiores fortunas do mundo Aos anos exilou se na Austrália trazendo consigo potes de creme facial caseiro inventado por sua mãe Abriu seu primeiro salão em Melbourne e A mulher ePUB ½ as mulheres enlouueceram com seu método inovador e sua abordagem científica para a beleza Em ela já havia acumulado em sua conta bancária mil libras e comercializava uma linha de produtos ue logo ficaram famosos Depois de conuistar a Austrália abriu salões na Europa e nos Estados Unidos numa época em ue as mulheres raramente eram vistas no mundo dos negócios muito menos gerenciando a própria empresa multinacional Vestida mulher ue inventou PDF/EPUB Ã por Chanel e Yves St Laurent e pintada por Salvador Dalí e Pablo Picasso além de amiga de todos eles Helena não apenas desfrutou de um sucesso sem precedentes como exerceu grande influência na libertação das mulheres A vida bem sucedida e tantas vezes trágica da personagem é cuidadosamente descrita pela jornalista e escritora Michèle Fitoussi em A mulher ue inventou a beleza O livro revela detalhes da trajetória de Helena Rubinstein uma mulher a frente de seu tempo cujo legado ainda hoje pode ser visto na indústria de cosméticos na moda e nos hábitos femininos em todo o mundo.

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • A mulher ue inventou a beleza
  • Michèle Fitoussi
  • Portuguese
  • 10 November 2016