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Bloody Lessons A Victorian San Francisco Mystery #3 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Bloody Lessons A Victorian San Francisco Mystery #3 Author M. Louisa Locke – In Bloody Lessons it's the winter of 1880 and the teachers of San Francisco are under attack their salaries slashed and their competency and morals uestioned in a series of poison pen letters Annie Fu In Bloody Lessons it's A Victorian ePUB ´ the winter of and the teachers of San Francisco are under attack their salaries slashed and their competency and morals uestioned in a series of poison pen letters Annie Fuller the reluctant clairvoyant has been called into investigate by Nate Dawson Bloody Lessons PDF \ her lawyer beau and the case becomes personal when they discover that Laura Nate's sister may be one of the teachers targeted for attackIn this installment in the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series readers will find the same blend of a cozy mystery with romantic suspense played Lessons A Victorian PDF ☆ out against the historical backdrop of late th century San Francisco that they found in Maids of Misfortune and Uneasy SpiritsIf you are new to this series you will still enjoy spending time with the lively residents of Annie Fuller's boarding house and visiting San Francisco when Lessons A Victorian San Francisco PDF or Golden Gate Park was filled with horse drawn carriages saloon keepers controlled politics and kisses were stolen under gaslight.

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  1. Petra Petra says:

    What I'm enjoying abou this series is being drawn into the lives of these characters These people enjoy each other's companionship The characters are warm and inviting In each episode the characters become bonded and the friendships strengthen In this story we're introduced to Nate's sister She adds family to the circle of friends She's young impulsive and has a few lessons of her own to learn as she grows towards maturity The mystery portion is light and I thought a bit slow moving but it was interesting There's a bit on the political side of San Franisco at this time difficulties in the educational system there's an element of abusive relationships It's a bit of a mish mash but it comes together in an entertaining manner

  2. Nancy Butts Nancy Butts says:

    I'm afraid I couldn't like this book as much as I did the first two in the series The author added a third POV character Nate's sister Laura and I found that distracting I also didn't like Laura that much she is so negative all the time That was by design I think to show Laura's distress And she does come out of it by the end of the book but that's a long time to wait to start empathizing with a character whose head you are in periodicallyI also felt that the book was slow filled with lots of exposition about the state of education in the 1880s and of politics in San Francisco at that time At times the book felt like a textbook than a novel Even when Nate and Annie were talking it often seemed like two people lecturing one another than really relating All this disappears in the final ten percent of the book where the exposition drops off the pace picks up and at last you feel a sense of urgency and drama I like the ending a great deal and for that reason I will eagerly await the next book in the series

  3. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    Annie Fuller and Nate Dawson have spent the last few months getting to know each other better Now Nate's sister Laura is staying in Annie's boarding house while she works as a teacher at the local high school Laura has big dreams to go on to university and become a lawyer like her big brother She shares those dreams with her dear friend Hattie from Normal School When Laura is attacked in the alley behind the house her confidence is shaken She is too proud to tell her new friends and her brother what has spooked her Dandy the dog senses something is wrong and will protect his friends at any cost When Laura finally meets with Hattie the other woman has new hopes and dreams and Laura is perplexed and hurt that her friend has abandoned everything for a MAN and not just any man an teacher and administrator at the school where Laura works Then Laura learns that someone has been sending threatening and accusatory letters about some of the teachers and Hattie has a terrible accident it seems like Laura's nightmares are coming true She must trust Annie and Nate enough to let them help her get to the bottom of the mystery Annie is secretly thrilled to be investigating with Nate again but it's not enough for her She wants from their relationship but isn't sure that's what Nate still wants Will she allow herself to trust him enough to tell him her fears and her dreams?On the mystery side this book is nowhere near as compelling as the last volume The murder happens a couple of chapters in and at first I was in doubt as to whether there even was going to be a murder I didn't care about the notes at all and it just took too long to put it all together I knew who it was almost right away but I didn't know how to connect the dots I also guessed who it was that attacked Laura though how that played out was a bit of a surprise The writing style isn't very good in this book As a former professor the author should know some basic rules of grammar like never start a sentence with And or But However she seems to ignore that rule even though most of the book is all about teaching and the curriculum at a San Francisco High School in 1879 There was rather too much of that I could tell the author was an educator and passionate about the subject but as someone who absolutely does not want to teach I could care less It was somewhat interesting to learn what women were studying at that time and the gains women in the west were making towards women's rights but other than that I was completely uninterested On the romance side I had wished for kissing I got my wish and then some With kissing comes Annie's dreams of someday having children with Nate and his fantasy of watching her undress at night There was a bit too much of that and not enough talking I had hoped that by now Annie would have opened up to him or at least this book would have her trusting Nate and opening up and the next one would proceed to full on courting mode I really did not like Annie in this novel Not EVERY woman dreams of having a husband and family I could relate much to Laura at least at first It seems like her plot was going to change a bit though and that disappointed me My education with the goal of supporting myself has always been my main focus I have zero interest in children can't stand babies at all and could relate to Laura's feelings about Hattie's future Probably I would have acted the same way at her age if my friends had started getting married that young I hope Laura stays strong and accomplishes her goals without any silly complications like romance marriage and children I share Laura's opinion of Hattie's new dreams and I also jumped to the same conclusions Laura did about a certain man He didn't seem like a romantic figure or a killer I don't see what Hattie saw in him I didn't like any of the other new characters and had a hard time keeping them and their schools straight There was just too much going on to remember The introduction of Seth was stupid and pointless except to complicate Laura's plot and the whole thing with Buck kind of fizzled out with him being a stereotypical character This is the worst entry in the series so far I can't get the 4th volume or short stories at this time but I would like to read them anyway

  4. R.P. Dahlke R.P. Dahlke says:

    Annie Fuller widow and boarding house owner supplements her income as financial advisor to wealthy patrons but only accepted with the disguise of her alter ego Madame Sybil complete with black wig and her star charts As much as Annie wishes to be able to reveal her talents to the world she knows this won't happen in 1880 And Annie needs the income for every day is a struggle to make enough money to keep herself and the women who depend on her for a living afloatI so enjoyed revisiting this house with its charming characters Beatrice the cook Kathleen the housemaid Barbara her son Jamie and his cheery little Boston Terrier Dandy and of course Annie's love interest Nate the handsome young lawyer whose efforts to court Annie freuently rub her the wrong way Then there's the author's ability to make the reader feel how San Francisco must have been all those years ago The crowded noisy streets the fog and how the city hadn't yet expanded beyond Portrero Hill or into Sausalito or TiburonIn this latest story Nate's younger sister Laura comes to San Francisco to accept a teaching job and the logical place for her to stay is Annie's boarding house But when Laura is attacked in the alley behind Annie's boarding house Annie is suddenly afraid for her newest tenantThen anonymous letters accusing first one and then another teacher of unseemly behavior and trouble seems to double up Okay so nasty letters don't sound like much by today's standards but in 1880 a teacher could lose his or her only source of income From teacher to a boarder the evil seems to spread sparing no oneWhen Nate is hired as attorney to help uncover the culprit Annie naturally fits into the picture as part of the investigationThe author never sugar coats how difficult life is for women in this oft glamorized time in American history From the boarders to the boarding house help the reader will uickly see how close women live to the edge from pressure to keep up their hard work lest they be fired from their poorly paid jobs to having their reputations ruined which for a lady might mean anything from loss of family prestige to being cast out of one's home Yet love laughter and happiness are threaded through the book The characters grow change become better people or they are unmasked for the villains they areThis new mystery is once again cleverly created with clues red herrings and the ending is perfectly done I highly recommend the entire series

  5. Mick Dubois Mick Dubois says:

    I had enjoyed every previous book in this series and also this time I’m not disappointed at all It’s a pleasant but thrilling mystery with the usual cast of characters with 1 interesting newcomer This is the first book that prominently features Laura Dawson Nate’s sister She’s only just moved to San Francisco as she’s got a job teaching at Clement Grammar and of course she’s found lodgings in Annie’s establishment One night when she walks home with Jamie the son of another guest at the boarding house she gets assaulted in the back alley She wonders if it may have something to do with a man named Seth about whom very little is told That’s not her only worry as she’s suspicious about the man with whom her best friend Hattie is engaged the vice president of the school she works in As a fact Laura got the job because Hattie gave it up as her lover might otherwise be accused of favouritism Laura doesn’t buy it and thinks that Hattie betrayed all their ideals and plans A few days later Hattie ‘falls’ down the stairs and dies a few hours later of her injuries and blood loss She manages just to utter a few mysterious words that could mean that it was no accident but that she was pushed or maybe getting pregnant was no accident for that was the reason why she was rushing to get married so soonNate asks Annie’s help with an anonymous letter in which Mr Emory is accused of illegally appointing an unualified family friend as a teacher in Girl’s High That’s where Barbara Hewitt Jamie’s mother also worksThe previous year the board of school administrators diminished the pay of primary school teachers with 30% A factor that may or may not be taken into account as a reason for the accusation During the previous term similar letters had been received by the boardI think it adorable how Nate frets about himself He’s terribly insecure when it comes to Annie and thinks that he makes a bad impression compared with her dead husband and father that they were men of the world and much better at ease when complaining about bad service or low uality goods He’s totally unaware that those are exactly the reason that she loves him because he thinks about other people and their feelings But Annie has to open up a lot to him than she does right now He’s not a clairvoyant and if she doesn’t talk about the bad things in her past he won’t know about them1 of the funny differences with our own time is that Jamie doesn’t think twice about walking home with one of the teachers; nowadays a child wouldn’t be seen dead doing that People did walk a lot in those days than we do nowadays It’s only if they must travel an extensive distance that they take a cab or hansom as you can see in the bookIt can be because I’m not an American but I’m a bit lost in the terminology of all the different educational systems and schools that existed grammar school normal class girls’ boy’s high primary school and what sort of degrees are needed to teach in each of those Or what’s the difference between a teaching degree from normal school or that from State University?Despite all her progressive and modern ideas and beliefs Annie remains very much a woman of her time It’s depending on how you look at it endearing and cute or just ridiculous how she holds on to many rules of the social and moral etiuette of the day and age So she will always leave the door of the parlour ajar when she retreats with Nate for a cosy afternoon chat It's very nice and pleasant to see how Laura and Annie uickly bond and become friends that confide in each other It’s not only Nate that forms a connection between both young women they both have very progressive feminist ideas for their time and age and also similar moral principles They both come from a rather protected youth without much interaction with girls their own age In school Laura formed a strong and intimate bond with Hattie and that loss devastates her; Annie never had a close friend beforeIt’s sad if you know how many restrictions there existed on the interaction between men and women and how all important one’s reputation was in those day’s The restrictions mainly addressed what women could not do as the men could do or less anything they wanted Any whisper of a scandal would harm the woman 100 times than the man involved And then I’m not talking about silly customs as open doors but almost every aspect of daily life was regulated Unchaperoned outings talking to unknown men dress code really everything I don’t think I would be able to live under such a strict social regime and transgress most of those regulations which would have made me a complete pariah without any prospects for marriage company or social relations with any respectable personAs always Mrs Locke did her homework and we get lots of details about the problems and social difficulties of women and teachers most specific in the Victorian era post civil war period They weren’t paid much and their salaries were even decreased On top of that they had to answer to such unrealistic ideals that it’s a miracle that enough teachers could be found It’s not something I can remember but it is not all that long ago that female teachers were supposed to stop working when they got married a demand that was never made from their male colleagues

  6. Beverly Locker Beverly Locker says:

    Conflicted Opinion For the most part I enjoyed the storyline of the book However Laura's character seemed unreal for a level headed educated school teacher high strung easily angered and jumping to conclusions about the motives of everyone she met The book's ending wrapped up the storyline nicely

  7. Paula Paula says:

    I have loved the first two books in the series but this one just didn't do it for me There seemed to be a lot of characters and some different plots going on Nate's sister is a new character but she seemed so immature I didn't really care for her that muchHopefully the next book is better

  8. Karyl Carlson Karyl Carlson says:

    Great seriesI really am enjoying this series of mysteries set in old time San Francisco One gets to know the characters well and they grow and develop as the stories go on

  9. Bobbi Bobbi says:

    I didn’t enjoy the storyline uite as much as the first two but still a very enjoyable read

  10. Nina Nina says:

    I love the way the author starts each chapter with a little excerpt from an actual San Francisco newspaper article from the same year as the novel is taking place It demonstrates that the kinds of events she is writing about were really happening In this book of the series teachers and administrators are receiving letters threatening their reputations Is the angry source of the letters politically motivated ? Angry about the poor ualifications and favoritism hiring of some teachers? Angry about the 13 cut in pay for the primary teachers And that did actually happen One young woman loses her life after feeling pressured to uit teAching and her death seems to be linked to the potential scandals as well Our favorite Victorian sleuth puts her powers of observation and play acting to work to bring about resolution

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