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  1. Erica Erica says:

    Every so often I encounter a book that feels truer and inspired than imagined or created It's as if the author channels a story drawn up from the depths of heretofore undiscovered world mythology That's how I see Stefan Bolz's book The Three Feathers In the story a rooster named Joshua leaves the comfortable and predictable life of the chicken coop and heads on a uest to uncover the meaning of a persistent dream he has about three feathers Along the way he befriends Grey the wolf and Krieg the horse and they travel together inspired and motivated by Joshua's vision Why did you help me Joshua asks the wolf Grey replies I do not know the answerI just knew I had to Thelonging in you was so strong and powerful I wanted to help you find whatever it was you are looking for Maybe so I could find whatever it is I'm searching for as wellI celebrate this idea of the importance of the personal journey accomplished in some way with others as a fortifying and essential element to the world I like the way the challenges this trio encounters are not minimized or skipped over in some way It's very lifelike this ebb and flow of confidence and doubt among the characters That you don't trust your own strength doesn't mean I don't have any left It also doesn't mean you can't trust mineI recommend this book because it's about family not just our families of origin but those we choose to have accompany us in our lives It's also a book that's suitable for practically all ages the storyline is engaging and operates on so many different levels yet remains accessible to anyone with lots of thought provoking insights that invite reflection from the reader I think part of what makes the larger concepts digestible is the fact that the characters are all animals I can identify the way I want toWe need each other it's such a sweet reminder Even if he found the feathers what then It was hard for him to remember how much they meant to him when they appeared in his dream One thing was certain if he hadn't found Grey and Krieg he would not have come as far as he did And even the friendship between them was what truly made all this worthwhile It was than he could have ever hoped to findSo grateful for Bolz's willingness to birth this book into the world Enjoy

  2. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I've made it an unofficial policy of mine to simply not review indie books that I do not like Grandma's old adage If you can't say something nice sorta stuck with me she'd be happy to hear I'm glad something stuck in that girl's thick head she'd say However when an author actually submits a novel for review I feel an obligation to give it my best shot to let the author know where I feel the story andor writing could improve and the reader know they might want to skip it I got that tight nervous oh no oh no no no feeling between the shoulder blades when I started The Three Feathers Yep I started to tense up right on the first page already dreading writing this review Someone poured their heart and soul into this book took a leap of faith sending it to me for review and here I sit judging it from the first page I imagine Mr Bolz is feeling that hard cold knot in his stomach right about now reading this so I've got to let him off the hook Not even realizing it I looked up a few pages later and noticed that nervous feeling I had the dread had melted away I had become thoroughly immersed enthralled in fact by the magical world of Joshua the rooster and hadn't even realized it Yes rooster Give it a chance people ;Stefan Bolz's The Three Feathers is a delightful story about stepping out of the box following your dreams literally and figuratively in Joshua's case and finding your place your mission It is about the bonds of friendship and love and making differences a strength It reminds me on many levels of an old Chinese proverb; the language the Zen like lessons the writing itself The best I could describe it would be an ancient Chinese fable intertwined with a Grimm's fairy tale a parable and an epic fantasyThe Three Feathers follows Joshua the rooster as he escapes his mindless but easy life in the coop He has had a dream and unlike many of us Joshua is brave enough to follow it even though it means leaving the comfort of everything he knows there is danger at every turn and he doesn't know what it really means He just knows that he must As his journey begins he meets his companions Grey and Krieg a brave wolf and a mighty war horse Together they help Joshua follow his dream while each of them separately fights to overcome their own personal demons Friendships are forged and obstacles are overcome fantastical creatures are discovered and evil souls unearthedJoshua steps out of his comfort zone and opens his heart to magical possibilities I am asking you to do the same when you read The Three Feathers The writing style and dialogue is a bit different formal yet simple That's part of what put me off for the first few pages I think but now I realize it is part of the charm and I couldn't imagine it any other way The punctuation could have used a little help but given my background I think I notice punctuation errors than the average readerMr Bolz has woven a hypnotic tale where friendship and love can overcome the most devastating of enemies doubt in yourself This is a book for all ages There is danger yes and doubt and sadness and loss But lessons cannot be learned without them am I right This book is marvelously innocent and thought provoking all at the same time Tired of the jaded and worn out modern fantasy tale I enthusiastically encourage you to pick up this enchanting fable and rediscover the innocent joy of childhood and the magical wonder of life in this simple yet wonderfully complex story Joshua and his friends will make you a believer I promise

  3. Charlie Kravetz Charlie Kravetz says:

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebookDisclosure I was given my copy of this book by the author as a review copyA dreamer's journey a war is won by winning the battleThis is the tale of a rooster a wolf and a horse that become friends It is the journey of winning and the cost of doing battle To me it is also a story of perseverance and persistenceI will be honest When the author contacted me about doing a review of a book about a rooster a wolf and a horse I thought he was kidding After checking out the description I decided I would give it a try and see what would result I love the way the rooster persists yet doubts his own ability The support given by his friends in this case a wolf and a horse is wonderful Reading this story it could easily be the tale of anyone with a chronic illness and their epic battles to continue with life in spite of the challenges thrown by the illness I don't know if the Stefan Bolz intended to make this the tale of challenges in life or not I do know it is a great book for all of us that face extreme challenges in life It will help you continue fighting those challenges and make you a better person for that helpI would recommend this book to anyone facing challenges in life I would hope readers will see themselves as one of the heroes I am really looking forward to the seuel I want to meet the next hero of this tale

  4. Mirel Mirel says:

    I downloaded this book several months ago from Story Cartel free for an honest review but just couldn't get into it Feeling guilty I returned to the book determined to persevere Although I found the beginning which describes the rooster Joshua's dream and his decision to break out of his coop to follow his dream tedious the book began to pick up once he met his first companion a wolf named Grey As Grey and later the warhorse Krieg join Joshua on his uest the story deals with many intriguing subjects such as following your dreams loyalty and friendship perseverance in the face of odds and many The story read like an allegory due to the languagethe animal characters and the inspiring messages Even once I grew interested in the story I found it slow reading because there was so much to absorb There were however uite a few mistakes that should have been caught earlier spelling grammar and punctuation errorsOn the whole I would recommend this book to people who enjoy stories with a message fantasy or fables

  5. Lynn Lynn says:

    What an adventure not just in fantasy but spiritually too Since I do have an advantage since I know the author uite well I was inspired by his insight into the adventures and feelings that his characters displayed throughout their travels Their journey brought them loyalty love friendship and They stuck together they protected each other and they faced each adversity with couragelearning along the way alot about themselves as well There are many underlying messages in this storyread it enjoy it and look deeply into your own life journey Fun read makes you think gives adventures humor sadness and just overall a great story

  6. Friedrich Haas Friedrich Haas says:

    At first I think it is a pedestrian setting of a simple farm but it becomes and fantastical At first I think it is simply written but it keeps triggering emotions of hope and longing At first I think it has a simple story line but now I have no idea where it is taking me It is at once familiar and strange difficult and easy to read frustrating and satisfying Taking motifs and perhaps the very style of a european story teller the author crafted a tale I would gladly read to children a bed time story to fortify their nascent personalities and remind a jaded adult

  7. CeliniBumblebee CeliniBumblebee says:

    My son got stuck in the beginning of the book as he was afraid an animal was going to get killed that's when I took over I figured I would read the story and let him know if it was worth continuing and I'm so glad I did because what I discovered blew me away in the most unsuspected wayThe three feathers is an amazing story that will take you on a spiritual journey it is filled with adventures that makes you want to read the whole book in one sitting But yet it will make you want to go back to it and reflect on the journey of the 3 oddest friend and uestion your own lifeI absolutely recommend it and the rest of my family will read it too

  8. Colette Chadwick Colette Chadwick says:

    I was moved by this amazing journey of the most unusual group of memorable characters As they follow Joshua’s dream the adventure forces them to face their fears But they also learn from their friendship faith courage trust and love The imagery the author provides is magnificent and also reflects the backdrop of the moodlight versus dark good versus evilMy 12 year old friend had this to say It’s really good I love the part where Joshua and Grey save Krieg I enjoyed the whole book

  9. Molly Molly says:

    I need to start this by saying stories involving animals are very rarely my thing But I decided to give this a try And I am so glad that I did The characters find their way into your heart It's an absolute joy to join them on their journey I could not put it down This book manages to combine fantasy fable and uests while also imparting wisdom about friendship and finding the courage and strength within oneself I can't wait to see what's next for Joshua

  10. Colby Colby says:

    Every few years you come across a book that is different Special This story is a beautiful magical one The characters are wonderful and stay with you long after the story is finished I had read some of this author's work before but The Three Feathers is in a league of its own I enjoyed this story immensely will surely read it again many times and am looking forward to sharing it with my children Well done Mr Bolz You have truly created something amazing

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The Three Feathers - Special Edition [Download] ✤ The Three Feathers - Special Edition By Stefan Bolz – The hero of our story is a rooster A rooster You might ask and rightfully so Yes a rooster He's a most unlikely hero I must admit He can't really fly that far or particularly high He isn't overly smar The hero of our story is a rooster Feathers - Epub à A rooster You might ask and rightfully so Yes a rooster He's a most unlikely hero I must admit He can't really fly that far or particularly high He isn't overly smart or strong or fast Joshua Aylong is none of these things when we first meet him He does what most roosters do settle uarrels protect his flock and call out each new day at AM And yet he is about to set out on the most magnificent and dangerous The Three PDF/EPUB ² adventure of a life time You see Joshua has a dream A dream that plagues him every night A dream of three feathers that lay deep inside a mountain somewhere He doesn't know why and he doesn't know how but one morning one of those clear and crisp mornings when everything seems possible he pushes down his fear of the unknown and his doubts about himself and flies up onto the highest perch inside the pen And then to the amazement of the other hens he opens his wings and jumps Three Feathers - PDF/EPUB æ What now begins is something completely unexpected; something that will change his life and the lives of the ones he meets foreverThis special edition includes in depth notes about the writing process what inspired the book and how it all came about Enjoy.