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Holy Fire [PDF / Epub] ☆ Holy Fire ✩ R.T. Kendall – Thomashillier.co.uk The Holy Spirit Greater than your theology bigger than denominations beyond all we can imagine God's gift to the church and to youDebate about the Holy Spirit has been around for a long time In Holy F The Holy Spirit Greater than your theology bigger than denominations beyond all we can imagine God's gift to the church and to youDebate about the Holy Spirit has been around for a long time In Holy Fire best selling author and respected theologian R T Kendall sets the record straight about the Holy Spirit's role in our lives and in the life of the churchIf you want to increase your knowledge of this most misunderstood member of the Trinity or if you long to experience His presence in your life in a deeper way than ever before this book is for youAre you charismatic He is bigger than your signs and wonders events Are you Reformed He will not be limited by your theology As Jesus said of the Holy Spirit He blows where He will.

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  • 256 pages
  • Holy Fire
  • R.T. Kendall
  • 23 January 2014
  • 9781621366058

10 thoughts on “Holy Fire

  1. Eric Huber Eric Huber says:

    Kendall has some wonderful pastorally counsel throughout the book but I found myself often wondering if he had read the passages he used as proof texts for his positions They seemed removed from their biblical context What surprised me was his description of cessationists He created a straw man that no one holding those views would recognize What is concerning is that he claims to speak as an insider one who understands Reformed theology I was left thinking that either he does not understand it as he thinks he does or he is intentionally misleading I was saddened by either possibility

  2. Stan Stan says:

    I found Holy Fire A Balanced Biblical Look to be a pretty decent book I was not sure what the author was trying to balance as he was not weighing possible theological positions And I cannot say I thought everything he wrote about the Holy Spirit was biblicalThe first part of the book struck me as a you should believe this because David Martyn Lloyd Jones believed this argumentIt also seemed that every time the author touched on a subject that he had treated extensively in a different book he made sure you knew it was available for you to purchaseThe overarching thrust seems to be to convince Reformed cessationists that they should reconsider their position and cease being cessationists In that sense I did not find the book to be balanced there is very little effort to explain the cessationist position In all fairness the author treats the subject kindly and does not attack anyoneMost of the common topics related to the Holy Spirit are addressed The private prayer language version of tongues is present albeit with a careful approachThe section on the gifts of the Spirit was exceptionally shallow presenting the gifts in 1 Corinthians 12 but little than a paragraph or two dedicated to most of themAll in all this is a decent book I don't agree with the author on all points I think he could have given information on several topics which seemed to be treated on a superficial levelI'll certainly be looking for other books written about the Holy Spirit to fill in some gaps left by this one

  3. Mel Mel says:

    I'm so disappointed with this book It was recommended to me by a young lady at the Christian bookstore First issue referring to the trinity instead of the Godhead as scripture sayspg 14 He is the only Holy Spirit you have He won't adjust to you you must adjust to Him but the author wrote about things that aren't backed up in scripture so he's addingchanging to God's word pg 15 The Father the Son and the Word The Word is the Son; the Son is the Word I think the author meant; The Father the Son the Holy Spirit; and these three are one Second issue referring to the Holy Spirit as a person Third issue using modern versions please see pg 14 pg 17 Holy Scripture is closed It is final Absolute Incontrovertible No word that will come in the future will be eual to the Bible in level of inspiration This means that any leading prophetic word word of knowledge or vision one may have today must cohere with Holy Scripture If it doesn't it must be rejected See Third issue The modern versions therefore must be rejected pgs52 53 He had to think for months when asked how far he was prepared to go in his commitment to Jesus? Fourth issue the amount of times he mentions his opinion pg 128 The wording matters he claims it doesn't Does it matter if the Holy Spirit descends like a dove or as a dove Wording matterspg 129 References of scripture he claimsshow that the baptism with the Spirit is what Jesus does in heaven where He is seated at the right hand of God This contradicts John 35He also contradicts himself pg 131 and in the intro xxxv of the Pentecostal movement Fifth issue uoting someone like Ghandi in a Christian book pg 152I don't understand how someone like Kendall whom is in the Charismatic denomination can get so much wrong when writing about the Holy Spirit pg xxxvi people thinking wild fire or strange fire is better than no fire claiming it's better than dead orthodoxy or formalism YikesI didn't finish this book due to all the things wrong with it What's the point?

  4. Matthew Monnin Matthew Monnin says:

    Great book not perfect but really helpful Recommend reading the physical book and not listening to the audio The book is written in such a way that many topics have a 20 points or 5 things to remember which can be challenging to take in when the list is purely auditory The audio book that I had also had a British speaker which certainly caused some dissonance when the reader talked about growing up in Kentucky with a THICK British accent which was also kind of fun

  5. Maeve Beyer Maeve Beyer says:

    RT gives great insight into the Holy Spirit’s power and presence in the lives of Christians He also instills hope for Jesus’s church to be ever Spirit filled He gives practical instruction on ways we can strive to be Spirit filled as individuals and encourages this to be all for God’s glory Practical descriptions of spiritual gifts are also included Great stories and overviews of how the Holy Spirit has worked throughout his own walk with Jesus

  6. Richard Ryan Richard Ryan says:

    Just because I didn't love this book doesn't mean that I missed the importance of it This could be one of the most significant Christian books I've read I don't know much about RT Kendall and I haven't read anything else he's written but I do find his journey compelling Although I struggled with uite a bit at the start of this book his personal testimony in chapter 7 was a game changer in ways than one

  7. Danyelle Read Danyelle Read says:

    This was my first book by RT Kendall and it will not be the last It's not that I agree with all of his theology nor disagree with a lot either His book reads like a discussion than a lecture His style is neither argumentative nor didactic So there is room to breathe and to think to define one's own positions When you step into the book you have really stepped into RT Kendall's classroom He outlines his doctrinal position using historical and traditional terms useful classifications which he also summarizes whether you need a bit of brushing up or just need to learn Calvinism Reformed Pentecostal as differentiated from Charismatic facts not speculation information on what's happening around the world But the book is than mental floss He doesn't get too terribly bogged down in dogma it's not like reading Calvin or Luther themselves and if you stay with his short technical discourses the payoff is great Out of them emerge gems that one can take home practical wisdom for common application The book is a mix of anecdotal experience and doctrinal contemplation It's far from dry He discusses how he has not really fit into any sect or denomination and he discusses his own struggles with this including with career and family I appreciated the courageous wisdom that is the distilled vision of several decades But most of all I appreciate my renewed relationship with the Holy Spirit that this book inspires

  8. Christopher Lewis Kozoriz Christopher Lewis Kozoriz says:

    We can accomplish in five minutes when the Dove comes down on us than we can achieve in a lifetime trying to work something up R T Kendall Holy Fire Page 85I would not say this is an exhaustive book on the Holy Spirit; however it gives the author's experience wisdom and knowledge concerning the Holy Spirit Some of the book is very scholastic and theological Some of it has real life examples and remember this is not a charismatic pastor who is writing this book but a reformed theologianHe does attack Benny Hinn and Todd Bently in this book although he does not mention their names He can very critical at times of the way some charismatic ministers do their ministry For example he goes on a tangent about a time Benny Hinn came out on stage when the hymn How Great Thou Art is being played He insinuates that Benny Hinn is saying he is The Great One I thought this was utter false If you read any of Benny Hinn's books and autobiography you would know that he uses worship as an atmosphere for healing I thought this was a false judgment And should not be attacking the anointed of God and the way God has lead them in their ministry I liked the last few chapters of this book they went into the fruits and the gifts of the Spirit He says that wisdom is the greatest of gifts because it is listed first in 1 Corinthians 12 There are others who would say that prophesy is the greatest of gifts because Paul says in 1 Corinthians 141 that we should desire spiritual gifts especially prophecy However I have to agree with this author I also believe gift of wisdom is most likely one of the greatest of gifts and other Scriptures in the Bible would support thisThere is an Appendix at the end of the book that examines the word fire as mentioned in the Bible It teaches on natural fire supernatural fire and strange fire and dicerning between them I highly recommend the reading of this appendixAnother tool to help you to understand the Holy Spirit His personality His role His gifts His fruit and how He works with us to bring glory to God

  9. Bradley Somers Bradley Somers says:

    I wouldn't recommend this book for novice Christians I would recommend this book to those who are further along in the Christian journey If I could split my rating review I'd give the first half of the book a 4 and the second half 3 stars It was a challenge to my head and heart on attitudes I personally have held towards charismatic followers of Christ and even in ways towards the Holy Spirit's work As Kendall moved from the middle chapter of his own personal story to the second half of the book he lapsed into imbalance and poor exegete of scripture It is not that he didn't make valid conclusions in many places in this half of the book But Kendall does what so many charismatic preachersteacherswriters do he turns every scripture text into a Holy Spirit or gifts of the spirit proof text This can prove dangerous and seems to create a two tier Christianity Those who are the elite victorious Christian spirit filled ones and those who have not spoken in tongues etc I don't believe this is Kendall's intent but his exegetical style does this non the less

  10. Ken Peters Ken Peters says:

    I've been reading so many challenging devotional books this year each of them addressing character issues in my heart and inviting me to live in ways that are impossible by my own strength This has resulted with an increased hunger for of the Holy Spirit’s activity in my life because I know that I can't put any of the things I'm learning into practice without His help This book came to mind because it was highly recommended by my pastor I found it very helpful partly because Kendall begins with the basics and expands from there But it was his emphasis on the immediate as in suddenly and direct testimony of the Holy Spirit as a conscious experience that was especially helpful to me That assertion provided an excellent basis for why the baptism of the Holy Spirit is meant to be something that typically happens repeatedly after conversion and for how that baptism is meant to provide the highest form of assurance available to us which was very encouraging

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