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Death Is Overrated [Reading] ➿ Death Is Overrated ➶ Jeffrey Perren – Professor Thomas Payne didn't intend to wind up dead on his caving vacation to Wales and in truth he wasn't the victim But proving his identity to the police becomes tricky after they pull his passpor Professor Thomas Payne didn't intend to wind up dead on his caving vacation to Wales and in truth he wasn't the victim But proving his identity to the police becomes tricky after they pull his passport off the Death Is PDF \ body and conclude the deceased is Dr Payne no doubtThings go from bogus to baffling when a mysterious phone call at the crime scene leads to the arrest of the young scientist His fate seems sealed when the victim's fingerprints match the professor's work visa and his employment records disappear altogether A tart tongued American with no identity looks like a pretty good patsy to the detectives eager to close the case Being accused of killing himself presents the brooding inventor with an interesting puzzle but taking time to solve it from jail will threaten his deadline to file a patent worth millionsIntervention by the smitten police captain's sculptress daughter frees Thomas to search for clues to prove his innocence before his invention goes up for grabs So it's off around the UK with Terri one jump ahead of the authorities — and his estranged sociopathic father a lapsed uaker who may be the real killer One slip and claustrophobia will be the least of his problemsThomas' journey soon becomes as much about healing his troubled past as recovering his present self Along the way he'll battle betrayals by his envious staff romance the rebellious artist and suffer harrowing misadventures at historic sites in Ireland Scotland and Wales Travel — even to find yourself — was never so perilous.

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  1. Olga Miret Olga Miret says:

    ‘Death Is Overrated’ by Jeffrey PerrenPhysicists Caves Murders and Mynah BirdsMost of us have watched a large number of crimemysterythriller stories Fewer of us but uite a number have also read many books on this genre from Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie to the new craze for Scandinavian authors We all like to think we can spot who the killer is and work out motives and reasons I don’t know if like me when you read or watch one of these stories you come out wondering if it all really fits in as neatly as it appears or if given time you’d find holes in the story But you plunge ahead taken by the rhythm of the writing or the performance and are left satisfied ‘Death Is Overrated’ is one of these novels that will leave you satisfied The author is careful at sharing and revealing clues that come together neatly at the end but keeps enough information hidden to make sure you don’t have one of those ‘a ha’ moments in the first pages You might have your suspicions but getting the full story is a fairly tricky business What makes ‘Death Is Overrated’ different to other books in the genre? Mr Perren does not go for the tried and tested Yes we have a number of amateur detectives the main one Thomas Payne good name although this Thomas sometimes shows little of the ‘Common Sense’ his historical namesake so loudly proclaimed an American physicist who is a victim of mistaken identity and ends up accused of having killed himself He is not the typical suave charmer He’s a physicist who loves caves and is pretty secretive about his life for very good reasons that I’m not going to tell you You’ll have to read the book Somebody is clearly at work trying to kill him and goes beyond that crime to annihilating any way that would allow him to establish his identity and it made me reflect of how vulnerable we might be not only to identity theft but even to being erased like in ‘The Net’ and he desperately needs allies He has a friend colleague Rhys who shares interests even a romantic interest as it happens and will go to any lengths to help him And he meets Terri the daughter of the chief inspector in charge of the case She’s a sculptor who has a difficult but affectionate relationship with her father and as we find out shares than a few things with Thomas The main characters are well drawn flawed and likeable and the author piles up complication after complication never letting us draw breath for than a few pages before we’re rushed again climbing swimming driving flying and even being almost eaten by a shark We travel through Wales England Scotland Ireland and Northern Ireland and one can’t help but think that if there is a movie and there should be and it keeps to the settings it would be an astoundingly gorgeous one And pretty fastI’m not sure I’ve yet mentioned important scientific discoveries uakers estranged fathers electrocutions yachts Mynah birds guns hammers computers phones passports dead bodies motorcycles crazed landladies determined immigration agents attempted rapes claustrophobia nature and The author maintains a good pace throughout; the language is accessible with some amusing comparisons and turns of phrase and there is enough suffering humour and even romance to keep everybody happy ‘Death Is Overrated’ is a good addition to the genre and it will keep readers guessing until the end If you enjoy adventures mystery and hate being bored this book is made for you Go and get itI was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  2. Viviane Crystal Viviane Crystal says:

    Professor Thomas Payne looks down at a body that other people are claiming is him – a very dead man with brutal marks that indicate foul play The Payne insists the body is not him the he seems to be getting himself into deeper trouble He is taken to the local jail and the inuiring police officer believes he is the murderer albeit the fact that missing evidence is all that uestions Payne’s guiltA meeting with the Police Captain’s daughter Terri seems like oil and water that simply will not mix; however she seems to trust him enough to uietly arrange for his release from jail and that enables him to begin the search for the unknown murderer The betrayal of a colleague follows with destruction and theft; but it turns out that there is someone behind these actions who is even deadly Add to that puzzle that Payne’s father a former uaker is looking for Payne Sounds innocent enough right? It’s notTerri’s father is a tough competent detective who is willing to give Payne the benefit of the doubt but will leave his guilt or innocence an open uestion In the meantime Payne and Terri will be frustrated by a gauntlet of misunderstandings and missed meetings to contend with in spite of their growing feelings about each otherDeath is Overrated is a superb mystery that will engage every reader with its numerous twists and turns The capacity for evil has no boundaries but the perseverance and integrity of better characters as well as the physical and mental tests arising on every page of this novel proves the better human beings Great read

  3. Teresa Teresa says:

    If you like mysteries you should give DEATH IS OVERRATED a try It is set in the UK and includes everything a good mystery should have When you think you understand who the killer is or why the person was killed something happens and you're lost again The reader is kept guessing until the end just like an Agatha Christie mystery The author has managed to create well developed likable characters and scenes which are not boring but realistic It allows the reader to imagine the characters crawling along in the small cave system but also see the open countryside while being glad you're not the one experiencing the wind and rain as it attacks them Each person in the story is given just enough information for the reader to appreciate the person for who and what they are without droning on and on making them boring in the endAs the story opens Thomas Payne is attempting to convince the local DI that he is indeed alive and not the dead body in front of them Unable to do this things take a turn for the worse and Thomas eventually ends up in jail Once he is free he is able to return to his lab only to find disaster there also Attempting to get a new passport in hopes of returning to the USA is harder than he ever imagined as he has no records in his university's computer system So he attempts to find who the victim is and why was he killed in the first place Who could have done this and why seems a mystery until the very end of the story when everything comes together and it all makes sense

  4. Sheri Sheri says:

    Death Is Overrated Jeffrey PerrenProfessor Thomas Payne American is off on vacation to Wales and finds himself in a strange predicament The police believe he is dead they even find his passport work visa and identification With the help of the police captain's daughter Terri she helps spring him from jail risking her life to try to help him solve this crime As they dig deeper he begins to wonder if his uaker father may be behind this switch and deceive murderA page turning murder mystery Twists turns and surprises come up along the way I loved the writing style Thomas and Terri as well I feel murdermystery lovers will enjoy this book Next I will be reading Cossacks In Paris also by Jeffrey Perren

  5. Babus Ahmed Babus Ahmed says:

    A marvellous and witty mystery written with humour and very engaging When a body is found by a bunch of cave explorers the local constabulary have a puzzle on their hands as their prime suspect claims to be an American citizen by the name of Dr Thomas Payne but the passport found on the body bears the same identification So who is the actual murder victim and why was he killed? Fate and his father have strange things planned for Thomas but can he defy both and save the love of his life? This romancemysterycrime thriller has many turns and is hugely entertaining I found myself chuckling away to turns of phrase in the book too Highly recommended

  6. Jenna Jenna says:

    A mistaken identityThe protagonist Thomas Payne the Physicist was misunderstood by the police for being dead Apparently his passport was found on the dead body who happened to fell down from the cliff Planted by someone who's objective was to cause havoc in Thomas Payne's lifeIn order for Payne to get out of the police radar he has to solve the puzzling mystery And why his passport was concealed in the victims personA fast paced action adventuremystery A good plot it will refreshes you on some history with the setting of the novel

  7. Janice Janice says:

    Jeffrey Perren has weaved a breathtaking suspense filled tale eual to that of literary classics whose authors could write engaging tales and didn't have to rely on tiresome expletives and nauseating grunge Perren's novel should be the new benchmark If you are a discriminating person of dignity and integrity and enjoy a well crafted tale don't let this one escape you

  8. Shirley Shirley says:

    Refreshing mystery This novel was about the accused murder his past his life and his future than it was about solving the mystery of who done it I would especially recommend it to readers who don't think they like murder mysteries because the plot doesn't follow a typical mystery template

  9. Y. Correa Y. Correa says:

    Hmmm The best way to describe Death is Overrated what could that be? insert thinking face hereI'm going to have to say that it's reminiscent of vintage murder mysteries It's the game of Clue meets Sherlock Holmes meets Agatha Christie However not nearly as good—sorry to sayFollowing is a bit of the premiseProfessor Thomas Payne an archeologist slash scientist goes caving in Wales when all of the sudden he finds himself dead Now when I say that “he finds himself dead” I really mean that he is looking upon a dead body which the police are calling him—Thomas PayneThe police are out for him trying to pin the murder on him and things go ballistic Somehow Terri the Police Captain's daughter takes an interest in Payne and becomes an active part of trying to solve the mysteryTrue it it's title when you think someone is dead all of the sudden they are notI am on the fence as to how I feel about this read I cannot say that I hated it but I can also not say that it was the worst book ever written The books does a definite balancing act as far as pros and cons for meFollowing are my pros and cons This time I will combine them into bullets with all of my thoughts both positive and negative as opposed to separating them by group then bulletThe writing is engaging enough but at certain intervals seems lackluster and also seems to drag on at times1 The syntax was great However there is tons of UK slang which can make it a difficult read for those English speaking people from other countries Particularly those who are not familiar with that type of slang2 While this is supposed to be a thriller of sort as mysteries should be I didn't truly feel “thrilled” I did appreciate the small element of realism however it didn't uite make the “mystery mark” for me3 Many of the scenarios felt redundant I kept thinking to myself “How many times people die?”4 The characters were likeable enough well developed for the most part and the ones that you are meant to not be liked come across as such Also while the character of Thomas was well written sometime he felt a little rude Needless to say he wasn't really my favorite main character I preferred Terri5 There was the element of romance in the story While this could potentially be good when incorporating this element into a mystery novel you must be careful You do not want the love story to take full reign of the mystery However unfortunately this story did just that6 There is some action in the story but not enough that would keep the action seeker hooked To be completely honest I fell asleep several times because the action had dissipated to the point of boredom It does eventually pick up again however the gaps between down time and action seuences seem to be too long7 While sufficient downtime in any good mystery is necessary in establishing plot there has to be a method to the madness There needs to be enough of a hook to keep the reader wanting to turn the page not wanting to toss the book aside and go to sleep That was this stories downfallIn a nutshell Death is Overrated is a potentially good read however in my opinion is could be better

  10. Queen Spades Queen Spades says:

    Note I was given this in exchange for an honest review for TRBThe first chapter really had me interested and was a great motivator for me to proceed However there were moments where it was sluggish and caused my enthusiasm towards the mystery to waver One was the focus on romance than mystery This is a deterrent if you are like me where the mystery aspect of the story was important to me than the romance There were certain occurrences in the story that served to keep up the romance end of the book than the aura of mystery In my opinion there was too much emphasis on Terri and Thomas getting together than should have been used to fuel the momentum of the mysteryDespite syntax being wonderful I felt a bit shut out because I didn't understand some of the British slang being used even in the midst of context Some things I had to look up to clarify meaning For me it’s important to have a work that can connect to than one type of audience so the syntax made it slightly difficult for me to connect with at full capacityCharacters I did like the characters of Rhys and Terri Overtime I grew to dislike Thomas or me he was very annoying and his behavior at times uite off putting The outside characters particularly the villains did a good job at carrying the storyIn Death is Overrated there is no shortage of action The only drawback is that the same pattern of conflict happened to multiple characters in the book with a few of the “comebacks” bordering on unbelievableFor the reader who is invested in romance the ending definitely seems to work If one is invested in the mystery then the resolution may appear a bit tidy or lacklusterI do see potential in Death is Overrated but the abundant down times the romance overshadowing the mystery and redundancy in conflict crippled the read for me

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