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The End of Suffering [Download] ✤ The End of Suffering By Chuck Comstock – If you were at the end of your rope battling with depression anxiety loneliness where would you turn When there is no place left to go it can help to turn to someone who's been through the same hell a If you were at the end of your rope battling with depression anxiety loneliness where would you turn When there is no place left to go it can help to turn to someone who's been through the same hell and made it through to the other side The End of Suffering is a book written from the trenches For most The End eBook Ä of Chuck Comstock’s life he suffered from anxiety depression suicidal thoughts and loneliness He stuttered as a child growing up feeling different weird and wondering if he was crazy As he got older he began feeling and alone and helpless and and desperate to find love and wholeness No matter what he tried nothing could fix him And then it happened He found a way out of the misery or accurately the misery found a way out of himHere's what you'll find in this book Have you ever had the feeling you are never going to be understood fully seen and appreciated for who you are Never truly loved Have you ever had the feeling that you are a failure at life and that there is something wrong with you deep at your core Have you ever had the fear that you will die alone Have you ever noticed that no matter how many counselors you see books you read techniues you attempt to master and 'cures' you try ultimately the same feelings frustrations and problems come up over and over againWithin these pages are the foundational keys that address these issues at their core These problems are like a house built on sand Once the ocean of truth washes away the core issues these feelings no longer have a platform to stand on and simply dissolveWhat happens when your core fears and frustrations dissolve Like a butterfly emerging from it’s a cocoon the real solid true you breaks free Have you ever had the desire to feel connected to people and the world Have you ever had the desire to feel alive excited and full of wonder at the mystery of life Have you ever wanted to have true passion and true purpose A life of meaning and fulfillment where you touch others at a deep core levelThis book describes in simple language with easy to grasp examples the understandings that will lead you to a new beginning in life A Life of Connection A Life of JoyA Life of Inner PeaceA Life of WonderA Return to Innocence The True End to Your Suffering.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 107 pages
  • The End of Suffering
  • Chuck Comstock
  • English
  • 10 September 2014

About the Author: Chuck Comstock

I'm a speaker author teacher and regular guy I don't consider myself any kind of spiritual leader guru or saintIf you asked me I'd tell you I'm just a person who had some shifts that changed my perception of life my perception of hopelessness and despair transformed into an exciting wonder filled experience of gratitude and joyI'm sharing what I The End eBook Ä learned or as I say unlearned so other.

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  1. Grady Grady says:

    ‘My gift free energetic meditations every day to help you begin to discover your own connection for yourself’Colorado author Chuck Comstock is a software developer in addition to his role as a speaker and coach to those who have endured the experiences he has had anxiety depression suicidal thoughts and loneliness – whose perception of hopelessness and despair transformed into an exciting wonder filled experience of gratitude and joy In this book he shares ‘what I learned or as I say unlearned so other people can find their own freedom from depression and suffering’ As he states in the opening pages ‘Depression and suffering were huge problems in my life Most of my life I felt alone and misunderstood I was frustrated that no one could truly see me frustrated that no one truly believed in me I became desperate to find someone to love me desperate to win my parents’ my siblings’ and society’s love I was desperate for approval Desperate to create success and happiness to replace my despair What I didn’t realize was that I felt depressed because I didn’t accept or love myself What I couldn’t see was that there were hundreds if not thousands of pieces of me that I had judged as wrong or bad and would not allow to have a voice What I came to understand was that the suffering came from separating myself into the good and the bad the positive and the negative the acceptable and the shameful into successes and failures I was projecting onto everyone else the very acts of judgment condemnation intolerance and non acceptance that I was giving myself I came to see that as long as I perpetuated this schism inside myself it was impossible to feel any other way than depressed and alone There was some good and some bad news in this realization The good news was that I was 100 percent responsible for my suffering The bad news was I was 100 percent responsible for my suffering I could no longer project blame or complain about why I was miserable And I didn’t have a clue how to change it Ultimately I found true freedom in taking responsibility to love myself all parts of me—all my feelings all my thoughts all my actions all my beliefs all my conditioning—everything the inside and outside of me As if by magic the suffering faded and a world of indescribable connection love and beauty took its place Since that day I have never felt alone because I know what to do In each moment of my life I pick up the little “unlovable” Chucks give them big smiles and bigger hugs and then whisper “I will never leave you You are not alone I love you just the way you are”Chuck creates parcels of instruction that fit together so well they become meditative Hairballs and Why They Must be Regurgitated The Sinking Ship Platform Nine and Three uarters—The Good News So What? And Practically Speaking The Dilemma and the Key What Suffering Is Not What Suffering Is How Did All This Happen? The Opposite Is True There is No Cure for Suffering A “Painful” Dose of Reality Practices for Discovering Reality Whose Fault Is This Anyway? An Optimal Method of Validation The End and the Beginning AfterwordThe Strangest Secret and Discovering Your ConnectionAnd some closing thoughts – ‘A person who is aware of their connection who has released a good portion of her emotional content can be useful in helping others do the same This is like one candle helping another candle burn brighter I know there will be a scientific explanation for this someday but in the meantime I have to use rather vague terms that can be associated with many different groups with many different belief systems I am speaking in very generic terms so please bear with me Let’s call this way of being Vibrational Living As a person’s innate natural vibrational connection begins to be rediscovered their life begins to flow in new and creative ways The their inner light begins to shine the stuck emotional content begins to release’There is so much valuable common sense and wisdom shared here that will find receptive minds in everyone A beautiful book that deserves a wide readership

  2. Tracy Tracy says:

    What if one day you found yourself at the end of your rope? Do you have any idea where or to whom you would feel you could turn? When battling the demons of depression anxiety and loneliness the best person to turn to is one who had done the very same battle and has lived to tell the tale That is exactly what this book offers—a look at these very same struggles but written from within the trenches of the battles itself The writer runs the gamut of emotions battle tooth and nail to come out on the other side victorious What he learned from his battle and the eventual victory he shares for others facing the same battle So that they know they are not alone and that victory is theirs they just have to fight for it A few of the areas touched upon in this book include Fear that you will never be truly understood? Fear that you have something wrong with you to your core? Fear that you will die alone? These among other issues are addressed and handled in such a manner that the reader will be able to analyze do battle with and eventually work past them in order to have a healthy happy life

  3. Valery Valery says:

    The End of Suffering How Making Peace with Depression and Anxiety Leads to a Life of Connection and Joy by Chuck Comstock is a great book that is truly helpful to anyone struggling with issue of depression or anxiety The author writes from his own experience and that certainly gives this book legitimacy and power This is a beautifully written hopeful guide down the path that not only will lead you out of suffering but into a place of joy and contentment What's great about this book is that the content is rich yet the book is short enough to uickly get through and implement The author himself recommends that you read this book many times think about it and then read it again to fully glean the information on the pages If you desperate for a solution to your loneliness and despair look no further than this amazing guide to lift your spirits and guide you on a new path Highly recommend

  4. Stephen R. Stephen R. says:

    As depression and anxiety become and common there are people who realize that they are affected by these illnesses and try to seek help Self help books are probably the most common way of doing that because they are readily available affordable and as in the case of this book sometimes actually helpfulLike most people who are going to read this book I picked it up because of my own struggles with depression I’m not a fan of self help books because I mostly find them to be shallow andor repeating the obvious but “The End of Suffering” is neither of those things Of course it is no universal remedy either and I can’t say that I’m no longer depressed thanks to this book but some of the concepts and thoughts in it resonated with me and I know I need to take some time to reflect on them I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s suffering from depression or has friendsfamily members that are

  5. Rachel Kester Rachel Kester says:

    This book by author Chuck Comstock looks into the areas of anxiety and depression and how you can overcome them through various means Comstock intricately explores these areas and how they can affect the body He also gives helpful steps as to how you can work through them to help you lead a healthier and happier life Comstock uses examples from his own life to show how it’s possible to overcome anxiousness depression and loneliness even when you’re suffering immensely from them Inside the book you’ll learn tips as to how you can find inner peace while also becoming happierAt 107 pages this book isn’t necessarily that long making it perfect for those who want something uick to read Comstock also writes with a great writing style making the book easy and fun to read If you’re looking for some helpful self help or motivational books to try definitely consider reading this one

  6. Julius Blitzy Julius Blitzy says:

    I was very impressed with The End of Suffering I liked the idea of the author who decided to tell about his life experience to share with the reader a discussion of how he had shown feelings of loneliness a feeling that nobody needs him nobody can understand him The author writes uestions to his reader Never truly loved? Or Have you ever had that fear? I think that these uestions are familiar to many people and many of these topics are pretty close to many of them Everyone will find something in common with the authorI liked the easy and not boring content written in understandable language acceptable for everyone to understand I find Chuck Comstock trying to give a hope to people in need The book really helps you change your point of view and lifestyle I advise everyone to get the book and read it you will definitely not regret

  7. Mia Chiardo Mia Chiardo says:

    “The End of Suffering How Making Peace with Depression and Anxiety Leads to a Life of Connection and Joy” is a book written by Chuck Comstock speaker author and teacher I plunged in this book after reading that the author himself suffered from what he talks about in the book This tells than anything He knows what he is dealing with and what it is like to feel different depressed and with anxietyAnother plus of this book is that it is uite short and I could read it in a couple of days; it has a bit than a hundred pages and as it is an easy and fast read I finished it uickly It was very strange because as I read page after page I felt so identified it was like he was talking about me and about people I knowI would certainly recommend reading The End of Suffering it is deep it goes to the point it is real I liked it

  8. Katherine Hebert Katherine Hebert says:

    Let it goI love self help books Whether it’s a good time in your life or a rough time it never ever hurts to read one It’s only purpose is to motivate you to be better and you always can be betterAs the author stated The End of Suffering is not about giving you an action plan to conuer anxiety or your worries Frankly I prefer it this way as what works for him may not work for you so it’s giving false hope What the author works to do here is to help you reframe your thinking I think it’s a great direction to takeAt only 100 pages this is a super uick read It’s also very amusing a chapter title based on Harry Potter yes please I would definitely recommend it

  9. Ben Cunnion Ben Cunnion says:

    If you have suffered from anxiety or depression you can relate to this book If you haven’t suffered from either but know someone that has this book can really clarify many things of just what these people might be feeling Either way read this book with an open mind “The End of Suffering How Making Peace with Depression and Anxiety Leads to a Life of Connection and Joy” by Chuck Comstock is a real look at how life is when you deal with depression and anxiety It’s an easy read but the author clearly identifies and goes into depth about everything However he gives the reader hope that no matter how low you can get it’s possible to dig yourself out of it Great read I recommend

  10. Jimmy Jefferson Jimmy Jefferson says:

    A real honest look at depression and anxiety This book is written by someone who can relate to the issues because he has battled the same issues in his life The book is concise and short while diving into these issues and making a deep connection with the reader I felt like Chuck was talking about friends that I have who suffer from these issues on a daily basis The knowledge shared is useful and will help anyone who is struggling with depression or anxiety Check this one out and use it in combination with your other treatments to help with your success

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