Birth of the Persian Empire The Idea of Iran Volume 1

Birth of the Persian Empire The Idea of Iran Volume 1 [PDF / Epub] ☉ Birth of the Persian Empire The Idea of Iran Volume 1 Author Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis – This book explores the formation of the first Persian Empire under the Achaemenid Persians It brings together a multi disciplinary view of ancient Iran in the first millennium BC and concentrates on t the Persian Epub ß This book explores the formation of the first Persian Empire under the Birth of Kindle - Achaemenid Persians It brings together a multi disciplinary view of ancient Iran in of the Persian PDF ✓ the first millennium BC and concentrates on the art archaeology history and religion of the Persian Empire The MOBI :↠ of a vast geographical area far beyond the present borders of modern Iran in the period beginning just before the formation of the Persian empire in the middle of the th century up to its collapse following conuest by Alexander the Great in the late th century BC Eminent scholars offer a critical approach to some of the traditional interpretations and guide the reader towards a better understanding of the formation of the Persian empire This is the first volume in the four volume  Idea of Iran series Charting over years of history The Idea of Iran series offers a significant new appraisal of one the most fascinating but also at least in the West relatively little known of the great civilizations of antiuity Comprising four substantial volumes which have emerged from a series of seminars held under the joint auspices of the London Middle East Institute and the British Museum and supported by the Soudavar Memorial Foundation the series explores the empires which have shaped the culture of Iran Beginning with the Achaemenid dynasty of Cyrus the Great which founded Persian imperial rule in the middle of the sixth century BCE the series goes on to examine amongst other key topics the society religion and government of ancient Iran under the Parthians Sasanians and the Arab rulers of the early Islamic period The Idea of Iran will be mandatory reading for all serious scholars and students of ancient and early medieval Iranian history.

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  1. Abigail Hutchins Abigail Hutchins says:

    THE BRITH OF THE PERSIAN EMPIREBy Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis and Sarah Stewart There has always been that one Empire that just refuses to die For thousands of years the Persian Empire was just that They kept thriving until one day the ruled the entire Ancient world This book is an array of essays that explain how the Persian Empire was forged In order to do this the book uses maps art work and other data to support its claim It starts off by making the claim that the start of the Persian Empire was forged by Cyrus the Great and his relationship with Anshan He claims that Cyrus the Great is the fore father of modern Persia The book starts off with the history of Iran itself The birth of the Persian Empire starts with a brief explanation of the topic and then goes on to talk about the history that would make up the new empire that was being built It gives a look into the early life of the Persian King However in the first part of the chapter it talks about the different ethnic groups in the Assyrian and Persian Kingdoms It talks about how in the Bronze Chalcolithic and Neolithic ages; archaeological records show that ceramics architecture seals metals and other things can be used to show the regionalism in that area However you should never use these things to determine if there were different ethnic groups The writer says that the diversity of materials accoutrements could be used as a genuine reflection of cultural diversity He said that it could also be reflected in the toponymy of Bronze and Iron Ages in Iran He also talked about the records that appeared from the Assyrians campaigns in Zagros and Khuzestan He wrote about the diverse names one being Elamites The book talks about the records that show that the Elamites were one of the most important indigenous groups It shows that they have over 2000 years’ worth of conflict with the Mesopotamian military It shows that artifacts from the Elamites were found in many different places in PersiaIran There is a map in this chapter that shows the distance of the places where Elamite artifacts were found; one of these places was Susa Another way the author conveys that the Elamites were important is through Persian art Nobleman from the Persian Empire took on some of their traditions such as their duck bow and wearing the “Elamite Dagger” This page shows a relief picture of a nobleman wearing the “Elamite Dagger” The writers than go on to talk about the person who is responsible for the creation of the Persian Empire Cyrus the Great In order for the writer to get a better idea of what Cyrus was actually like he had to look at the Babylonian sources because they are closely dated to the time period of when Cyrus lived The authors go on to talk about Cyrus’s lineage and who he descended from the great kings of Anshan The second chapter talks about the debate of scholars and archaeologist alike about the map of the Persian Empire before it was an empire It also conveyed to the reader that some archaeologist believed that the Pahlavi traditions had been severed or eliminated because of extreme isolation They looked at the toponyms to see if history correlated or disproved these theories This chapter also deals with the countries that bored the Susan Empire There is a list of these countries called the “Younger Avesta” It also showed that there were many different maps from each country that showed different bordered line This book basically tells the reader how the Persian Empire was built It gives strong details on matters that are relevant to the claim of the book which is to inform the reader of the birth or making of the Persian Kingdom I think that each essay or article in this book was well written and very insightful This book is especially good for a reader who has very little information about Persian and Iranian history This is a good book for students because it is easy to read and comprehend I learned a lot about a person Cyrus the Great that I did not know before

  2. Yi Lun Yi Lun says:

    A good collection of essays on the Pre Sasanian Persians As someone with no knowledge of the Persians before reading this book I have come away knowing a fair deal of the main Persian Kings the main Persian Eras Zoroastrianism and the people whom interacted with the Persians: the Elamites Medes Assyrians Sogdians etc However my book also has a lot of highlighted notes in it from where I had to use wikipedia to gain information on the subject in order to stop myself from getting lost As the book is compiled of academic essays I would say this book is a bit advanced for the general reader who has no knowledge of the Persian Empire and I would not recommend it as an introduction to the Persians unless you are prepared to undergo some research however I believe it would be of great interest and value to people with existing knowledge of the Persian Empire Zoroastrianism or even Assyriology

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