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Silvermeadow [Ebook] ➥ Silvermeadow Author Barry Maitland – When his longtime nemesis the amphetamine juiced killer known as Upper North is spotted in England Detective Chief Inspector Brock is on the trail His manhunt centers on Silvermeadow a huge and glitte When his longtime nemesis the amphetamine juiced killer known as Upper North is spotted in England Detective Chief Inspector Brock is on the trail His manhunt centers on Silvermeadow a huge and glittery new shopping mall on the outskirts of London where North was seen Lying in wait he and Kathy Kolla take on a seemingly unrelated case as camouflage that of a missing girl who had worked in the mall But what to make of the rumor of other girls gone missing Coming up against dead ends Kathy sets off to follow some leads of her own and finds out that going solo can be very dangerous.

10 thoughts on “Silvermeadow

  1. Ivonne Rovira Ivonne Rovira says:

    While investigating the return of a sociopathic bank robber to England Detective Chief Inspector David Brock and Sergeant Kathy Kolla are bamboozled into also looking into the disappearance of a 14 year old schoolgirl Both of the otherwise unconnected crimes do have one commonality Both have a connection to Silvermeadow a state of the art enclosed mall that boasts over 1 million suare feet of retail space and 26 food courts One character calls it the third largest mall in Europe making it clear that author Barry Maitland modeled the fictional Silvermeadow on Meadowhall in Yorkshire or Intu Lakeside in Essex To say any than that is to give the game awayHow suspenseful is Silvermeadow? Using the audio version I meant to listen to a few moments just to get to sleep; instead I had to stay with the novel until past 3 pm so that I could listen to the very last word Mysteries in the Brock and Kathy series always capture readers; however this one proved to be the most riveting yet I'd recommend this novel to anyone While I've enjoyed the novels in order Silvermeadow could be appreciated even by readers who begin with it the fifth in the series

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    I've been reading the Brock and Kolla series while waiting for some other books to become available at the library The plots are pretty good but I find the characters to be a bit flat Kathy Kolla in particular just doesn't uite make it to three dimensions for me I get that she is supposed to be a bit lacking in interpersonal skills but sometimes I feel like if she were a real person I'd be waving a hand in front of her face to test for a reaction It seems strange that the least interesting character in the books is also the lead character I guess she's meant to be the straight man?There are also some pretty egregious editing errors they seem to increase as the series goes along missing words sentences that have run together etc I don't know why so many Kindle books have these issues All that said I've found the series to be perfectly good light reading and the plots are engaging enough to make me want to finish the books In fact the plots are getting better as they go along so I'll probably read them all eventually

  3. Beverly Beverly says:

    This may be my favorite book in this series so far A shopping mall with 1 million suare feet of retail space and 26 food courts becomes the center of a search for a missing teenager Rumor has it that other young girls have disappeared from this same mall but few have heard the stories Finding a body in the debris from one of the mall's trash compactors makes Brock Kolla apt to wonder about these rumors Between attempting to find out what is happening in the underbelly fascinating to learn so much about the parts of the mall that the general public never sees of the mall and having a reappearance of a former nemisisthey are being kept particularly busy Kathy Kolla can't even find the time to spend with her new love interest Overall I enjoyed this mystery very much

  4. Nerfzilla Nerfzilla says:

    A perfectly serviceable mystery about a girl who is missing from a super mall in Essex and the return of the nemesis of the detectives in this series The mall is as much a character as any person in the story The characters are well drawn and there is some story outside of the mystery but ultimately my feeling was meh I will try another book by the author to see if this one was an anomaly

  5. Pgchuis Pgchuis says:

    I am reading this out of order because I read on in the series while I waited for this book to arriveI thought this had the most coherent plot of all the instalments I have read so far although Bren's part of the plot looking for North is largely forgotten about for most of the story Thankfully Kathy's ordeal at the end and there always is one was not as horrific to read about as the next book made it sound in retrospect

  6. carmen casale carmen casale says:

    Poor endingI enjoyed the book until the end which I found unrealistic Not the best of this series If you intend to read the series recommend you star at the first book

  7. Jeannette Jeannette says:

    I didn't find this book in the series as interesting as the ones before it Kathy seemed to have lost her edge

  8. Kay Kay says:

    A 350 page police procedural that could have been told in 200 pages and would have made a better book

  9. Nat Nat says:

    So I guess I'm a Barry Maitland fan There was some really beautiful writing although I felt the ending was rushed and a bit incomprehensible But yeah I guess I like crime fiction now

  10. Marfita Marfita says:

    Some day some day a crime novel will end with Well we'll never know exactly how heshe did it In the meantime we'll just have unbelievable conversations where the perp explains exactly how and why heshe dunnit Or here's another idea Don't you want to know how I did it before you die horribly? Detective faints dead away from loss of blood or just stress and never gets to hearMaitland is a good writer it's just so hard to explain everything at the end without looking like like you're just explaining everything and the plots are interesting I learned a teeny bit about malls than I wanted but at least it wasn't stamps again Now I'm going into serious spoiler territory I mean it No I really doI guessed the culprit again in the face of everything I refused to believe any of the stunning revelations about Harry and Bruno I clung to Harry as the main villain He had all the access He was too helpful He was a former cop and we all know that they're bent Why didn't Kathy make of the missing page? I had Harry pegged before she even found it I knew a page would be missing Hurry up and find that out Kathy Gavin was too overtly manipulative to be it and eventually I felt sorry for him Bruno actually was a baddie but there was no way he could be involved with the robbery The hidden room that three people knew about was unbelievable especially under the faux volcano And it's nice to know that when you've run out of albinos there are multi plegics in wheelchairs to be villainous No I mean that Really there was no one nice in this book not even children who are unrepentant herbicides I have actually been in Brock's situation A five year old resented me for splitting up his parents although I wasn't aware of the family until they had already split And actually I was just a beard for the father until the divorce was final The five year old asked me what I would prefer A broken leg or a broken back? I told him I'd already had a broken leg and that a broken back might be interesting for a change Later I told his father to have a talk with the kid Oh he just likes to ask uestions No something's up And it was The father did have the conversation with the kid and discovered that I was resented for the reason stated above I straightened it out I was told Oh sure

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