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Valens Rise (The Valens of Legacy, #2) ➿ [Download] ➽ Valens Rise (The Valens of Legacy, #2) By Sherrel Lee ➵ – Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B0078RK1When Jemma Nix a shape shifting phoenix discovers her family’s legacy she is overwhelmed with distrust and doubt Her entire family ma Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN BRKWhen Jemma Nix a shape shifting phoenix discovers her family’s legacy she is overwhelmed with distrust and doubt Her entire family may have been murdered Her mentor may be using her in a deadly pursuit of powerConfronted with these facts Jemma begins to suspect that those closest to her are mad Refusing to believe their claims of a secret race she pushes away the one man who may be able to help The one man who she may love Rather than face the reality of her new life Jemma makes a fateful decision One that places the Valens in jeopardy and forces them to face a deadly genetically engineered threat.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Valens Rise (The Valens of Legacy, #2)
  • Sherrel Lee
  • English
  • 13 January 2016

About the Author: Sherrel Lee

Sherrel Lee lives in a land called Texas and is the wrangler of a fearsome Yorkiepoo named Rogue Half Yorkie half Poodle weighing in at a hefty eight pounds She is a mother and grandmother who encourages her family to live life on their own terms and to laugh as often as they can She is fascinated with the real and mystical worlds of Urban Fantasy and Romantic suspense chasing murderous villa.

10 thoughts on “Valens Rise (The Valens of Legacy, #2)

  1. Leslie Stokes Leslie Stokes says:

    35 starsThis book started off great We get introduced to Jemma Nix and find out her sister has died and left her in charge of a company Jemma is trying to get up to speed with the help of Griffin Hawke and other members of the company Here about halfway through the book is where the storytelling starts to falter Hawke thinks Jemma is in danger and even though there is evidence to support his thinking Jemma refuses to believe him and keeps trusting the wrong people Hawke and Jemma also keep dancing around the issue of the Valens animalhuman hybrids Almost from the beginning the reader suspects Jemma is a Valen but it's not confirmed until well into the second half of the book Now the Valens are pretty cool and a welcome change from vampires and werewolves and I think they should have made an appearance much earlier in the story They are after all the most interesting part The storytelling in the latter half of the book is also uneven that the beginning Scene transitions become jerky and the story feels rushed I wanted details about everything Dr Gruen and Astrid's motivations the Valens the romance between Jemma and Hawke I think the concept for this book is great the execution just needs some tweaking

  2. InD& InD& says:

    This story starts off mysteriously expertly pulling the reader into Jemma’s lifeRead full review in the 2013 June issue of InD’tale Magazine

  3. Maghon Thomas Maghon Thomas says:

    So what happens when you find out that you're not an orphan but you had a family that was killed and still had people looking for you An important family And the people you've trusted for a long time aren't all that trustworthy Oh and you're new family is out of their minds because they believe in the supernatural LOL Yep that's the story and it's a great one It has a ton of good things going on like action and mystery and romance and friendship and teamwork and best of all some totally hawt guys LOL So Jemma is our main character for this one She's been in HORRIBLE and I mean HORRIBLE foster homes and then she ran away and wouldn't trust anyone ever She always took care of herself but living on the streets in hard So when an offer to work with some research scientists came up she took the opportunity And then once she finally settled in a lawyer tells her that she had family who had been searching for her for a long time and they left her things A LOT of things Like a butt load of money businesses cool house and she doesn't believe a word of it A lot of her time is spent being so suspicious of everyone that she forgot to be suspicious of the others But anyways I like her She's strong and capable and definitely independent but she's also loyal and loving and even forgiving which is hard to believe after everything that happened to her And then of course there's Griffin Hawke who somehow blew up all the walls she built around herself They really do have an interesting relationship Griffin Hawke aka Hawke has been running the security business in place of Larinda until Jemma can be found Then she's found and she really doesn't want anything to do with all of it But he's persistant and patient and teaches her everything Including about the Valens which she doesn't believe and when proof almost eats her she almost loses her mind But he's always around to catch her I like him He's strong and alpha yet he doesn't want to stand over her or around her he wants to stand beside her He's a cool supe too Not too many of him around Plus he heads all the teams which have some great characters that add to this book And even though some are lost yes I cried because I really liked that person too I know that there's going to be greatness to come because somebody has to get all the bad guys And speaking of bad guys you almost wanna believe they are good and doing it for the right reasons but boy oh boy are you in for a surprising shock It's crazy and I am still a little tongue tied as to all of it And I need some revenge really bad LOLThe world building is excellent They are still trying to keep humans from finding out but they are hiding in plain sight There's some humans like upper military who know about them but it's still very secret And the relationships and team work built into the story will make you cheer As to the plot lines it's definitely one for the books because I am totally freaked out about snakes now LOL Read it and you'll understand As well as the writing it's so easy to read and flows so well I was hooked and I can't wait to get my hands on the next installment And those betrayals will they be answered for and will the bad guys get what's coming to them I sure do hope so 5 WINGS CLAWS AND PAWS

  4. Cindy Cindy says:

    I was given this book by LoP for an honest reviewThis is a well written action packed story There are yummy bad guys at every turn but you cheer for the good guy to win Jemma was raised in a foster home and knows what horrible abuse there is in the in the world Running was her only hope so she thought She ultimately ends up with group that rescues her from the streets and gives her a place to live But can she ever trust anyone? One day she is notified that she has inherited a security business and wealth from her sister she can’t remember having What she doesn’t know at first is that she not only inherited a security business she has inherited a Legacy Jemma meets Griffin Hawke Can she trust him? Is he after something?Griffin Hawke is there to help Jemma get up to speed on the company and her legacy Griffin feels that Jemma is in danger and even shows her the proof but with her trust issues she doesn’t believe him They both dance around the true issue which is the Valen Valens are half animalhuman hybrids Jemma finds out further in the book that she is a Valen herself Will both Griffin and Jemma learn to trust each other? What does Dr Gruen and Astrid who are the ones who took Jemma off the streets have to do with the Valens?This book is action packed full of secrets intrigue and betrayal This story does have its moments where it seems rushed and the characters need developing but still overall it is a great story The idea of half animalhalf human is a great concept I give it 3 ½ secret Angels

  5. Jonel Jonel says:

    Although on the surface this is just another in a long line of supernatural novels it is extremely uniue in its premise and very intellectually stimulating in its background Lee catches you attention right from the first sentence with this uniue novel that combines mythology with the supernatural into a super myth Lee works bits and pieces of background and historical information sporadically into the storyline so as not to slow down the plot of the story The characters in this novel have a very different outlook on life than most of us have yet the way that they are presented makes it easy to identify with them I found myself stuck in the main character’s head following her thoughts and emotions I learned about this intriguing world right alongside her It’s a very intriguing way to learn about such a mythically charged worldOverall this novel was uite enjoyable but difficult to completely immerse myself in at the beginning Throughout my journey with these characters I went from a spectator in this world to someone who walked alongside the characters It was a great introduction into the series giving you the information and backdrop necessary for future instalments Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review

  6. Carla Carla says:

    35 starsI was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I really liked the premise of this book The story is uniue and contains elements of mystery science fiction and fantasy The romance part of the story isn't really played up It's there but not a main theme in the bookThe characters in the story were good but I felt that I didn't get enough of a connection to most of them First books in a series where you are trying to define a world and characters can be difficult While I really liked the story and will continue to read this series I'm hoping the next book won't be as choppy and will have personal insight and feelings with the characters Towards the end of the book I felt like there was somewhat of an improvement in character developmentMy major issues with this book are the grammatical errors and lack of editing I can overlook a few here and there especially from new independent authors I'm sure I would make many errors writing my own book but this needs to be edited better It distracted from the story several times In summary this is a good story that needs a little help with character development and editing

  7. J.L. Dobias J.L. Dobias says:

    Valens Rise Book1The Valens of Legacy by Sherrel LeeThis book took me by surprise It was one of my first forays into the world of self published novels The main character was someone who I found so engaging I could relate to her immediately And the story is peopled with a magnificent supporting cast Bravo on a first novel Looking forward to the nextJemma Nix an orphan discovers that she had a sister Larinda who has died and left her an inheritance She has mixed emotions wondering if she should be excited to finally reconnect with her family or be angry that she's lost the real connection now that Larinda is deadShe gets the message while she's at the place she's volunteered to help in the study of Precognition She has to ask Dr Horace Gruen if she can take the day off He's not happy since Jemma Is the only person they have to help find legitimate candidates for their tests Dr Gruen's assistant Astrid Van Horn had saved Jemma from the seeming endless string of foster homes and given her this opportunity; so Jemma feels guilty about leaving but this is important if it's trueJemma meets with the lawyer Jonathan Grey Though it takes a while for things to sink in; Jemma begins to see undeniable truth that she's the one and she's inherited the family business Legacy She agrees to go to the estate and at least give things a try Grey schedules a meeting with a Griffin HawkeJemma suffers strange muscle cramps that are later tied to her future but at the beginning she has no explanations The increasing episodes are not making any of the upcoming stress any easier to handle The story moves a bit slow at the beginning as the reader is introduced into the perceived life of Jemma and her sister Larinda with Griffin Hawke as the guide to Larinda's lifeThe reader finds out in a hurry that there's a lot to Jemma in what and who she is but for her there are many steps that must take place for her to be ready to fully realize this Because of her troubled life it takes Jemma a while to warm up to the people of Legacy but she'll need to do so uickly because the people she's trusted have been taking advantage of herWhen she learns that she's a Valen and that the Legacy needs her that's when the training begins The first thing she needs to do though is to learn to trust herself to rise to the occasionThere are elements to the style of writing in this book that are sometimes a bit loose sometimes unorthodox but the overall story tracks well and follows a progression that leads to the place where things start to really move as the pace picksJemma will rightfully go through a phase where she isn't sure who to trust both because of her past and the fact that the people of Legacy are often treating her with kid glovesThis book the first book spends some time building the world that Jemma lives in A world of changelings mystical Manticores and Griffins and Phoenix Add in a few mad scientists abominations Even though Jemma is one of them she's unsure she is up to the task aheadThis is a good Sci Fi Fantasy with some neat ideas about the various creatures that live in this world It brings some myths to life in our timeJL Dobias

  8. Laura Thomas Laura Thomas says:

    Warning this is book two in the series May be some spoilers I knew I wanted as soon as I finished the first book in this exciting series Valens Remembered Now that I’ve read Valens Rise I’m hooked The story takes place a couple of years later Jemma’s been working for the clinic doing well for herself For the first time she has security and a place of her own That all changes when she gets the phone call She has a sister she never knew about A sister she’ll never get to know and she’s named Jemma in her will Jemma is wary of these strangers and what they tell her And she becomes convinced they’re all lunatics when they reveal what they are What she is The author stepped up her game in this second book The world is expanded and filled in the shapeshifters are over abundant and so fantastical bordering on science fiction and a love interest begins Jemma has grown and become a favorite character for me She uses her street smarts to protective herself and take the advantage The author made her transition from street kid to mature young woman believable which couldn’t be easy as Jemma isn’t just a human she’s a Valens too This second book is longer than the first but I read it almost as fast tearing through each page devouring the action and loving every minute of it And as with the first book I want please NowI received this book for my honest and unbiased review

  9. Denise Denise says:

    I love this book There is tons of action awesome bad guys and nut bunnies and good guys that make you want to enlist for their team Jemma is an orphan who was raised in foster homes and exposed to horrible abuse She runs away time and again and ultimately ends up in the clutches of a group who rescue her from the streets and give her a place to be needed However the damage is done and it is unlikely to Jemma that she will ever trust anyone She is notified that she has inherited a security business and considerable wealth from a sister she has no memory of and now the intrigue begins Who can she trust? Will she be strong enough to handle her new responsibilities? Will she find a new family to help her understand and live with who she really is? I definitely recommend this read for those interested in a new fantastical world with beings of legend whose existence goes unseen by everyday folks and like some good get down and dirty action betrayal and love I received this book from the author with a reuest for my honest review without any compensation whatsoever other than the joy of reading a new book

  10. Lucee Lovett Lucee Lovett says:

    Lucee Lovett review on Valens Rise by Sherrel LeeJemma Nix the main character discover her sister as died and left her a company as her inheritance While trying to get a handle of how things work Jemma shows that she is naïve and a little too trusting She has a tendency to place that trust in the wrong people Opening herself up to manipulation and deception During the course of this story she begins to realise that things are not what they seem and she will be one of the major player in this mysteryThe concept behind this story is interesting and brings with it a new idea to shape shifting This said I found it difficult to read Not just because of the grammatical errors The grammatical errors I can live with as my grammar is not much better I felt disconnected to the characters And felt the story line faltering in places Nevertheless I respect this as a first book in a series that may have a few teething problems The characters began to take shape towards the end of this book and so I’m interested to see how thing develop in book two A nice interesting storyI was given a copy of this book from the author and LoP in exchange for an honest review

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