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The Player (Sexy as Hell Trilogy, #2) [KINDLE] ✽ The Player (Sexy as Hell Trilogy, #2) ❁ Harlem Dae – Tuscany – New lovers new lessons and an eruption of uncontrollable lustThe real world was working for me its pastel shades and straight and narrow route a familiar path to tread It suited me this no Tuscany – New lovers new lessons and an eruption of uncontrollable lustThe real world was working for me its pastel shades and straight and narrow route a familiar path to tread It suited me this normality; it was good for me too Or so I thought because the new light in my life Catherine was not uite fulfilling my needs Her lack of colour the weak whispers of her kisses were not touching my soul the way I’d become accustomed to I needed More of everything in my darkly addictive rainbow; the wicked wantonness of sin the depraved pleasure of seedy seduction and the prism of delight I took in being struckand of doing the striking I missed the fireworks the brilliant displays of Technicolor ecstasy that strung me out and bared me to my bones I wanted to go there again and take Catherine too see if I could have that pyrotechnic display with her Did she have a riot of vibrant shades beneath her skin or was she magnolia to the coreMy teacher Zara told me I could discover her palette That all I needed to do was show Catherine my world my new world the one I’d never inhabited alone Zara couldn’t come with me this time she had a new student now I was on my own it was down to me Or was itIt seemed my teacher had other ideas after all and when she sashayed back into my life with her rules and murmurs of encouragement I had no choice but to listen to her take her advice follow her lead even though I knew nothing ever ended well with her But resistance was futile my protests fell on deaf ears But that suited my plans didn’t it Look out for book The Virgin and book The Vixen It is recommended that the Sexy as Hell Trilogy is read in order so that the story and characters can be fully appreciatedPlease note that at the end of The Player the first three chapters of The Vixen are available for your enjoyment.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 300 pages
  • The Player (Sexy as Hell Trilogy, #2)
  • Harlem Dae
  • English
  • 02 October 2014

3 thoughts on “The Player (Sexy as Hell Trilogy, #2)

  1. Debi Debi says:

    The Player by Harlem DaeBook two in the Sexy as Hell trilogyOh Victor Victor Victor your poor guy Well Victor is trying to get on with his life without Zara He is introduced to Catherine who is his secretary Mary’s niece They get along just fine and he can actually see a future with this woman She would make a prefect wife The only problem is when Victors beast wants to come out and play he can’t Catherine is a sweet and innocent woman and Victor wants to share his knowledge of sex with her but he is afraid Do you remember his cousin Ollie? Well Ollie tries to get Zara to teach him and she did not want to because he looked to much like Victor Ollie is a sneaky buggar and tricks her into teaching him One night while she is training Ollie she gets an email from Victor and she regretfully emailed him back Zara ends up trying to help Victor with Catherine but is she really helping him or helping get rid of her because of her jealousy? She finds out they are taking a trip so she comes up with a plan Zara convinces Ollie to take her on a couple’s trip so guess who they go on vacation with? Yep you got itVictor is so jealous of Ollie uite a few things go down on this trip but most of Victor realizes how he really feels about Zara They always say you don’t realize what you have till it’s gone I am not going to tell you every thing but it is a wonderfully written story Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae are some very talented writers Be sure to check out book three The Vixen That is where I am headed now“I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review”

  2. Amy Valenti Amy Valenti says:

    A fantastic continuation of the story with gloriously muddled emotions and headfucks I have to admit the knocking off of a star is mainly due to the sex scenes between Victor and Catherine I know they're meant to be awkward but I'm not someone who enjoys that 'watch from between your fingers and cringe with embarrassment' kind of storytelling It's definitely a worthy instalment though and the character development is fantastic

  3. Kim Quick Kim Quick says:

    Well written and full of steamy scenes I hope these characters can get their stuff together in the next book

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