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Rough to Ride ➻ [Reading] ➽ Rough to Ride By Justine Elvira ➰ – Thomashillier.co.uk This will be released as a free ebookThis isn't a full length biker novel You aren't going to get a love story or an MC story with a beginning middle and end This is a short story 10000 words of a hot This will be released as a free ebookThis isn't a full length biker novel You aren't going to Rough to Epub / get a love story or an MC story with a beginning middle and end This is a short story words of a hot sexy biker and the woman he meets stranded on the road It's sexy lustful and HOT It's the fifteen minute uickie every woman needs So get on the back of Maverick's bike and join him and Trixie on their sexy encounterRecommended for for mature themes and content.

10 thoughts on “Rough to Ride

  1. Pam Pam says:

    3 sexy shortie stars Sometimes when your life turns to a shitty place you need something new Some kind of pick me up Some kind of change Rough to Ride was a sexy shortie that fit the description perfectly with a little twist As much as I enjoyed my little bed time read I was stoked to have enjoyed the writer’s style so much so I ended up picking another of her books to read next love when that happens

  2. ~♡AB♡~ ~♡AB♡~ says:

    A very short and steamy read involving an MC President and a damsel in distress

  3. ρυηүα [Punya Reviews...] ρυηүα [Punya Reviews...] says:

    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookHaven’t read anything by Justine Elvira prior to reading Rough To Ride I was looking for something hot and short this fit the criteria just fine Moreover this was a freebie so I went ahead and downloaded itThe story starts with a girl who introduces herself as Trixie waiting for someone to pick her up from a highway where her car apparently broke down In comes Maverick the hot biker who picks her up and gives her uite the ‘ride’ just the way she likes it Ooh la la Now the beginning made me a little confused leading me to think Trixie was cheating on her longtime boyfriend until I got to the last part I had a feeling about what they were doing and was really glad that I was correct Cheating is a big no no in my listThough I felt I would’ve loved to know about ‘Trixie’ and ‘Maverick’ after reading the author note I understand why the author doesn’t want to expand this to a longer story 35 starsPS I do agree that a girl sometimes just needs a uickie Both literally and er as a uickie read LOL“Rough To Ride” can be downloaded from smashwords in various formats

  4. Justine Elvira Justine Elvira says:

    Rough To Ride is available for FREE with a new cover at Apple iBooks BarnesNoble Kobo and Smashwords This is a short erotic story to say thank you to my readers You're the bestSmashwords

  5. Michele Michele says:

    DNF at 23% because the MC states It's probably a little late for my conscious to make an appearanceClearly everyone was unconscious during the production of this book Her conscious FML people

  6. Saunders Saunders says:

    free read and it was good Justine Elvira should think about developing this into a book it has the potential

  7. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Free ebook short story about a couple who has drifted apart spicing up their sex life I mean there is a third person or is there?Nothing special and pretty predictableSafe25

  8. Ann Ann says:

    Loved this book loved how they role played can't wait to read books by this author

  9. Emma Edwards Emma Edwards says:

    OH MY GOD this book is HOT it is full of seriously HOT sex from beginning to the end This story is about a girl that is in a relationship that seems to have hit a dry spell in the sex department while thinking of things to spice it up a little she becomes stranded in the middle of a hot desert and nowhere to go what will she do?Just when she thinks she'll have to start making her move off someone finally drives up a hot sexy biker already in a state of sexual need and desire from thoughts of her man this biker does nothing to suash that thirst only making it intensify When faced with a dilemma what choice will she make? Knowing something is wrong doesn't necessarily mean we won't choose to act on it I enjoyed this read and what the story brings everyone needs a little spice ;If your looking for a uick read to get ya hot under the collar this is a good book for youDef recommend

  10. SammiesBookBlog SammiesBookBlog says:

    So this was very good and very hot A perfect weekend read And only took like 15 minutes to read That is the only bad thing I wanted how it ended I was like NO please LOL I hope there will be some I really enjoyed it It`s every womans fantasy At first I was thinking how is this woman going to cheat so easily but then it started to make sense and the tiny twist came to light Over all it was short sweet and hot as f I love Justine`s books and she does NOT disappoint yet again

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