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A Risk Worth Taking ➹ [Read] ➵ A Risk Worth Taking By Robin Pilcher ➼ – Thomashillier.co.uk Dan Porter had it all a big house in suburban London a beautiful wife three children in private school and a high paying job But then it all collapsed like a house of cards Now Dan stays home while hi Dan Porter had it all a big house in suburban London a beautiful wife three children in private school and a high paying job But then it all collapsed like a house of cards Now A Risk PDF or Dan stays home while his angry wife pursues a career and his marriage falters Returning to his old profession could mend the rift but Dan needs to do something else something Then Dan hears about a company for sale in northern Scotland and the temptation is too great to resist With his son Josh and two dogs in tow he lands in a primitive cottage above a frigid loch As he takes stock of his past he discovers a community who desperately needs his help a new chance for the future a risk that reuires a leap of faithand an astonishing love.

10 thoughts on “A Risk Worth Taking

  1. Heather Heather says:

    I still think Robin Pilcher writes great stories and I like his characters I have decided that I'm a little tired of the fact that many of his books include infidelityadultery I think I will choose very carefully which of his books I read in the future

  2. Lorrie Lorrie says:

    Dan the main character was a really noble sweet guy He was without work for uite a bit which really bothered his wife Jackie This would bother me too Jackie complained that Dan's lack of a jobnot looking for a job caused her to lose respect for him She was unfaithful not a great mother not much of a homemaker and an average businesswoman Dan left their home in London to venture to Scotland to see about buying an up and coming clothing business He ended up befriending a wonderful family there and instead of buying the clothing company he ended up helping the husband run his business Dan Jackie's children Josh Millie Nina also seemed to enjoy Scotland and the family even became closerbut not with Jackie's help because she had an affair and took off with the sexual partner like a little twit This book ran much like a soap opera and was nearly as shallow I enjoyed the references to Scotland's weather mountains and people I also enjoyed the small rugged house Dan Josh and their 2 dogs lived in while living in Scotland Although Dan returned to London it's interesting to note that Josh remained in Scotland finding his way Josh seemed much better off after having moved to Scotland found work in the factory and began dating one of the women at the plant Dan seemed better off after Jackie left He even brought his mother to live with them She wasn't too happy in her retirement condo The end of the book leaves one wondering what happens next Sort of like a soap opera

  3. Jess Van Dyne-Evans Jess Van Dyne-Evans says:

    I liked this I liked it because it was simple and heartwarming and really miles away from being as good as his mothers stuff the author is Rosamunde Pilchers son so it stood on it's ownYou could climb into this book and pretend you were shivering on a wet Scotland meadow trying to learn how to run a new business and fit in and finding comfort in your children and your sense that this was where you were supposed to beI read it in a day A uick novel

  4. Stacey Stacey says:

    This story is gripping This couple is in a difficult place in their relationship and they both make choices and take risksI really enjoyed this book It was exciting but not at all predictable Nothing turned out as I had expected The main character Dan took uite a journey and than one riskI highly reccommend this book

  5. Pamela Darling Pamela Darling says:

    This is my idea of an easy going good read It is a STORY which is uite different to some books where we have to concentrate in case we miss something No one really gets hurt but Robin Pilcher writes in such a way that I wanted to pick the book up again as soon as possible to find out what happens next I would recommend it for a holiday read

  6. Sandy Denholm Sandy Denholm says:

    I am always drawn to books like this one The characters are so well rounded and easy to like The description of life in both Scotland and London make me want to hop on a plane and go myself Writing like this always leaves me feeling satisfied and happy

  7. Lynn Lynn says:

    I liked the book it was a nice light read While the story had great possibilities they were not fully explored and the ending was too abrupt

  8. JodiP JodiP says:

    This is the second book I've read by Pilcher and I really like the stories he tells They are deceptively simple but grapple with ideas of ability loyalty following one dreams and relationships I only wish he was a prolific author There are only two that are available as audio books at the library so I'll have to read the rest of them This is a pity because they are wonderful to listen to

  9. Ireland Ireland says:

    This book moved at a snails pace and really never went anywhere The main character went from London to Scotland and that was the biggest movement I didn't believe some of the turns the story took and never really felt anything for the hero His son was sort of interesting but his daughters were cliche teenage girls

  10. Dorothy Clark Dorothy Clark says:

    This is a very good book The characters are well developed and likable except Jackie There was no shooting and nobody was murdered I even liked the open ending that let me decide what would happen when Dan returned to Scotland

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