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Entre ciel et terre Vango #1 ❰EPUB❯ ✵ Entre ciel et terre Vango #1 Author Timothée de Fombelle – Thomashillier.co.uk A gripping mystery adventure set in the 1930s interwar period about a character desperately searching for his identityRaised by a strange nanny in Sicily Vango grows up with one friend a priest Zefiro A gripping mystery adventure set in the et terre eBook ´ s interwar period about a character desperately searching for his identityRaised by a strange nanny in Sicily Vango grows up with one friend a priest Zefiro who lives in a monastery hidden from sight On reaching adulthood Vango decides to follow in Zefiro’s steps Entre ciel eBook ¶ but at the moment he is taking his holy orders at Notre Dame in Paris he is falsely accused of a crime and has to go on the run This is a breathless and highly cinematic story that follows Vango traveling by Zeppelin across Europe from Stromboli to Nazi Germany from Scotland ciel et terre PDF Í to the Soviet Union climbing the rooftops of Paris crossing the paths of arms traffickers crooked policemen Russian spies and even Stalin.

  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Entre ciel et terre Vango #1
  • Timothée de Fombelle
  • English
  • 09 October 2016
  • 9781406354010

About the Author: Timothée de Fombelle

As a child Timothee de Fombelle was et terre eBook ´ born in the heart of Paris in but often accompanied his architect father on his travels to Africa Each summer his family left for the countryside the west of France where the five brothers and sisters lived like wild horses making huts in Entre ciel eBook ¶ the trees playing in the river and losing themselves in the woods In the evening they performed plays for the.

10 thoughts on “Entre ciel et terre Vango #1

  1. Jeanie Phillips Jeanie Phillips says:

    Dear VangoI'm sorry but I'm just not that into you I stuck with you through the end of the book but it is time for us to go our separate ways Don't get me wrong we had our good times I mean who wouldn't want to visit a Scottish Castle fly in a German Zeppelin and hang out on a secret Italian island with monks You are definitely an exciting guy But I found you largely emotionally unavailable If we are going to have a long term reader relationship I have to at least feel like I know who you are Don't give me that I don't even know who I am line And please don't bring up Ethel Dr Eckener and the Cat I know you had deep meaningful relationships with each of them but I am not feeling it I wish you many happy seuels in your future Sincerely Jeanie

  2. Mrs G Mrs G says:

    I devoured this book chapter by chapter Brilliant complex plot that twists and turns all around and back again Exciting funny with some great characters Phew I've ordered book 2

  3. Skip Skip says:

    Pirates Russian aristocracy zepellins mysterious monks Nazis and family secrets A real adventure all set in Europe between the world wars Vango is washed ashore on a small island off the coast of Sicily with Mademoiselle and grows up in a safe environment as a wild child of the outdoors eventually discovering a secretive group of monks on a nearby island With little companionship except from the mysterious Mademoiselle Vango decides he wants to join the monks but the leader forces him to learn something of the real world before escaping it Vango gets much than he expected travelling the world in a zeppelin and getting into a heap of unexplained trouble I hope the second book allows us to learn about Vango who is still much of a mystery after 421 pagesI recommend reading Sam's review at which is better than mine

  4. Alex Baugh Alex Baugh says:

    Born in 1915 and raised on by a nanny simply known as Mademoiselle Vango has no idea who he is or where he came from He and Mademoiselle were rescued from the sea by the strange Mazzetta when Vango was only 3 and they remained on Salina one of the Aeolian island off the coast of Sicily At 10 Vango discovers a hidden monastery on another island called Arkudah and befriends its founder Father ZefiroThe story begins in April 1934 just as Vango now 19 is ready to take his vows following Father Zefire into the priesthood Lying prostrate in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with others about to be ordained a shot directed at Vango suddenly is heard Within seconds Vango finds himself on the run a wanted man for a crime or crimes of which he is completely innocentEluding the very Inspector Clouseau like Superintendent Augusta Boulard of the Paris police as well as unknown but the just as persistent sinister pursuers from Stalinist Russia and Gestapo from the newly created Nazi Germany Vango does find aid from old friendsFirst with the elderly anti Nazi German commander of the Graf Zeppelin Hugo Eckener and second with young beautiful Ethel 16 who witnessed the shooting at Notre Dame Since the death of their parents Ethel and her older brother Paul have lived in the family's Everland Castle on Loch Ness Scotland Paul is in the RAF and Ethel skillfully drives a speedy Railton automobile all over Europe looking for Vango As Vango remains on the run a master of disguise and escape he begins to wonder who he really is and why he is the focus of such an intense international manhunt The reader of course has been wondering this all along Is the mystery solved by the end of the novel? Well remember there is a second bookWhat an exciting adventure reading Vango is I began it one night after dinner and by the next afternoon I had finished reading this 432 page whirlwind of a novel Timothée de Fombelle has brought together such a varied cast of characters some real figures from history others completely imagined all excellent at the part they play in Vango's story Though there is a lot of back story throughout the novel the central story runs from April 1933 to Christmas Eve 1935 and both the settings and time frame are pivotal points of the interwar years Politically Hitler has just seized power in Germany Stalin had just been re elected in Russia thanks to the assassination of his political rival the anti Communist Sergi Kerov and both dictators were beginning to tighten their grip in their respective countries through the use of secret police The Zeppelin had been in use since before World War I and during the war was actually used for bombing raids over England By 1934 the Nazis had insisted that a swastika be painted in the right fin of the Graf Zeppelin in the novel Eckener has trouble with the Gestapo after painting over the swastika a real nail biter scene Commander Eckener and Captain Ernst Lehmann of the Graf Zeppelin are two characters taken from real life that populate VangoVango was seamlessly translated from the French by Sarah Ardizzone I can't think of one awkward sentence in the whole book and I think she has really captured the feel the flavor and the style of the storytelling which reminded me very much of novels written during that period of time And as epic as Vango is nothing is superfluous Everything is there for a reasonAll this results in a very exciting and interesting Zeitgeschichte But the mystery remains who is Vango and why does someone want his arrested or even dead? And what is the meaning of the Latin words How many kingdoms know us not that are embroidered on the handkerchief Vango is almost never without? I have not ideaI don't any of the answers to the mystery raised in the story but I can't wait to read the second book Vango A Prince Without a Kingdom Maybe the answers to all the uestion raised in Vango Between Sky and Earth will be answered One thing I do know is that this is historical fiction at its bestThis book is recommended for readers age 12This was an EARC received from Net GalleyThis review was originally posted at The Children's War

  5. Sam Sam says:

    Vango issurrealengagingpoignantdelightfula beautifully written piece of literature with fascinating characters and captivating scenarios set in one of the most critical periods of world historyIt is fractured yet fluid sweet yet terrible It is both modern and timeless confusing and perfectly sensibleIt will lead you on a chase through time and place confuse you make you pause and think hard and then show you in the simplest of ways what you were missingI read this under the impression that it is a young adult novel; if so it is one of the most mature I have picked up in a long time not in a graphic sort of way but thematically linguistically emotionally We are introduced to a hero suffering a crisis of identity but his is not like those we see in American schools and towns Vango does not attend a high school he has no plans to go to university; he has no friends of the conventional sort and he has decided at the age of 19 what to do with the rest of his life Circumstances prevent this story from being short and sweet; Vango's plans are destroyed and his apparent paranoia proved valid The novel is written in a then and now format with lyrical narration and uick dialogue and lots of tiny little plot twists de Fombelle employs a uirky plot device in his suspense building; I don't know what to call it Several times I was tricked into thinking one event was about to happen only to have it turned on its head by some word play at the last moment Each time I was surprised and delighted; for me the trick never got old This book is utterly unpredictablePerhaps some of the novel's appeal comes from the mere fact of its foreignness; my version is a translation and I have to wonder what components of the original are irretrievable to an English speaking audienceRegardless the overall effect of the story is reminiscent of being in a dream; I often had the sense of being suspended in a non reality whilst reading though the details were at times gritty and the characters certainly real and believable enough Vango has a uality akin to Alice meeting Peter Pan in his world of rooftops and stars but they've both gone through the looking glass to get there I want to reread and to ponder; I want to study each character and find the symbolism that must be written in Vango is touching; he will make you think I will highly recommend this story to my rabid readers to those who love both the classics and the modern to those who cannot get enough to read to those who want their books to impact their daily lives and not to fade from the mind when the final page is turned

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Fantastico Wow what a ride this was The two books in this series really seem to be just one book splint in half so I shall review them as a single unit Random thoughtsVango is completely unforgettable Even though I don't know what he looks like the author paints such a crystal clear portrait of his soul that I feel I know him well This troubled young man has no idea where he came from and I was completely invested in finding out his heritage along with him And nearly every character in this book is vividly drawn You grow to love them all except for the bad guys This author has fine tuned the art of showing to such a degree as to be breathtaking He really tells nothing but lets you see the story for yourself Utterly brilliantAnother thing this author does uite cleverly is set you up to believe a scene is going a certain way only to mischievously turn everything on its head It is completely mind twisting and terribly delightful all at the same time It also makes you suspicious and looking for alternate meanings in every detail of and character that enters a scene And FUNNY I have never laughed at a book so much de Fombelle's sense of humor is witty surprising tender hearted mischievous a bit irreverent and sometimes ridiculous This story is monumentally complex very Dickens like with a huge cast of characters and many plot lines woven together You really have to use the brain to keep everything straight In the end it all comes together in a glorious satisfying ending Everything has a purpose in the end One last thing that impressed me was the author's ability to evoke the time period so clearlyit really felt like I was going back in time while reading this book Even the prose is similar to works of the era it took place in The historical detail is spot on This is a classic tale of exuisite charm and beauty it is so rare to find modern authors who write with such skill My hat is off to Timothee de Fombelle he has truly created a literary work of art Notes on content There is a smattering of language here and there There was a slight bit of adult type innuendo that most children would probably not pick up on The tone of this book is very much adult level so it would take a mature child to appreciate it I'm thinking Probably appropriate for young adult and adults

  7. Mathew Mathew says:

    Moments from being accepted into priesthood Vango finds himself shot at and pursued his only hope is to hide in Notre Dame and find a means of escape as uickly as possible from the mysterious assassin and all of the French police Having been washed shore when only a toddler Vango now finds that his past is hunting him down at a time when war in Europe is brewing at a deeply alarming rate and the stories behind those few Vango trusted reveal a world beyond his comprehension Not only must Vango prove his innocence but he must also understand why half the world is after him Special commendation needs to be made to the translator Sarah Ardizzone who brought de Fombelle's words to life so much so that it feels like she must have written it herself Just incredible As with de Fombelle's Toby books it is not just the intricately woven plot which seems to effortlessly grip up but the fact that every single character is painstakingly painted to a point where you believe you could meet them walking down the street I loved every single page and the book should also be acknowledged for its welcome list of very strong female leads

  8. ALPHAreader ALPHAreader says:

    Outside Notre Dame a group of men who were about to become ordained priests are lying facedown on the cobbled stones A group of policemen led by one superintendent Boulard are making their way through the crowd searching for one 19 year old man; Just then one of the seminarians stood up He wasn’t very tall His robe was weighed down with the rain His face was streaming He turned full circle in the midst of so many bodies none of which moved On every side plain clothes policemen emerged from the crowd and began to advance towards him The young man bought his hands together as if in prayer then let them fall to his sides The clouds in the sky were reflected in his eyes“Vango Romano?” the superintendent called outThe boy nodded Thus begins Timothée de Fombelle’s book ‘Vango Between Sky And Earth’ Originally published in 2010 in France ‘Entre ciel et terre’ the English translation of the book by Sarah Ardizzone has only just been released this yearThe book begins in 1934 with Vango the main suspect in the murder of a priest After the confrontation at Notre Dame Vango is saved by a passing Zeppelin and goes on the run Vango’s bid for escape will see him cross the skies to Germany and beyond – and as his tale unravels and intersects with those around him his story backtracks to 1918 and the Aeolian Islands where he and his nurse found refuge as survivors of a shipwreck And then jumping ahead to 1925 and the discovery of a secret island called Arkudah – then to 1929 when Vango found himself aboard the Graf Zeppelin for the World Tour and met a young Scottish heiress who he’d never be able to forget and finally circling back to the 1930s as Vango comes to realise his life long paranoia may be grounded in a frightening realityTimothée de Fombelle was a playwright before becoming an author In 2006 he released his debut novel the first book in children’s series ‘Toby Lolness’ and met great success – the ‘Toby’ books have since been translated into 29 languages and the first book is being made into a movie With his second series ‘Vango’ de Fombelle has once again proven himself – here is a breathtaking new series woven around an international murder mystery peppered with historic characters grand events and featuring one of the most fantastically compelling protagonistsI knew after about three pages that ‘Vango’ would be a favourite book of 2013 for me never mind that it was first published technically in 2010 and I was 100% right Timothée de Fombelle’s playwright roots shine throughout the book but never so than in the exhilarating and beautifully staged opening chapter Notre Dame de Paris setting police charging through a crowd who had gathered to watch young men become priests – and an accused murderer among them I knew I was hooked because as the lovely character of Ethel notes; I like the idea of a priest who climbs cathedrals to escape the police Even before Vango scaled the side of Notre Dame to escape police superintendent Boulard by hitching a ride on a passing Zeppelin de Fombelle had me hooked even with the minor details in such an extravagant set up; like young Scottish miss Ethel who was in the crowd watching Vango being ordained with a tear in her eye From that first explosive opening chapter de Fombelle plays with pace and flashbacks like a true virtuoso Now a fugitive Vango starts backtracking through his life to pinpoint when the danger began – he has been forever paranoid always afraid of being followed or monitored and now recent events have proven him horribly right Part of the charm of ‘Vango Between Sky And Earth’ is how de Fombelle has manipulated history for his story The author plucks historic figures from the depths of time and turns them into characters – like Hugo Eckener commander of the Graf Zeppelin who de Fombelle has written as a great friend of Vango’s they met on the 1929 World Tour and as a uick witted if uiet protestor to Hitler’s increasing regime There are also snippets of story told from the perspective of young girl Svetlana who turns out to be Svetlana Alliluyeva – Josef Stalin’s daughter These historic guess who’s never felt clunky but were a wonderfully natural mix in the storytelling And the storytelling is marvellous From a mysterious young woman called simply The Cat to Russian spies and hidden islands – ‘Vango’ is like no other story you would have ever read It’s like a hyper coloured espionage spy thriller with backwards and forwards timeline a charmingly paranoid protagonist some heart clutching romance and a cliffhanger you’ll happily topple into I was so happy to get to the end of this book and discover that despite the seuel ‘Un prince sans royaume’ having been released in France back in 2011 the English translation of ‘A Prince Without a Kingdom’ is coming in 2014 Thank God

  9. Ben Trevail Ben Trevail says:

    Formidable Magnifiue Etc etc I devoured the majority of this book over 300 pages in 24 hours while off work with a fever so this may not be the lucid review Simply it's almost impossible to put down Each chapter ends with a hook or reveal so cleverly planned The whole plot structure is a complex narrative with Vango at the centre surrounded by a complex web of characters Ethel is superb a strong yet young female presence reminding me of Lily from Cogheart In fact the fast paced narrative reminds me a lot of Cogheart Moonlocket and the zeppelins are another shared feature I'd be interested to hear if teachers have shared this with UKS2 classes Although knowledge of Stalin Hitler and Nazism isn't essential to understanding and enjoyment of the text I think the plethora of characters and jumps in chronology would be a challenge to most primary readers Right I'm off to order Vango 2

  10. Jody Phillips Jody Phillips says:

    What a delightful book It is beautifully written; containing such passages as Small miracles can accompany great misfortune He had always thought that You just need the confidence to believe it Let her make the most of it while she can Which is what you might say about a hen that's still prancing around when it's got a date with the saucepan Should I untie the horse from the piano on the second floor? Peter the gardener inuired of the housekeeper without batting an eye Realizing something was most definitely up Mary began to take charge of operationsFast paced and set during WWII the plot jumps from place to place and person to person while the reader tries to keep up

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