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  1. Tori Tori says:

    Originally posted at uote “I wasn’t expecting to see my dick in 1080p HD at likethree times its normal size when I walked in here”When Samantha Hart arrived in Los Vegas for a much needed vacation she never expected to be escorted to the luxury and naughty BDSM Provocateur penthouse suite in the Hard Rock cafe Shocked but intrigued she is further shocked when sexy Ethan Silver comes to the suite claiming he is staying there tooPorn star Ethan Silver is dismayed to find the Samantha Hart he was looking for isn’t the one who standing in front of him Regardless the beautiful shy woman appeals to Ethan and he is determined to show her good time in Vegas; in and out of the bedroomWhen Ethan and Sam’s night on the town turns into much Sam begins to see the good guy under Ethan’s bad boy appeal and suddenly her one week vacation seems too short But a loan shark bent on keeping Ethan under his thumb will place Ethan into a precarious position and could force him to lose the one thing he never imagined he’d find in Vegas loveA porn star and a bookseller walk into the same BDSM hotel room suiteSounds like the beginning of joke right? Well Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean is anything but a joke I’m a huge fan of Dean’s works from her urban fantasy to her YAs to her romantic contemporaries so I’m always happy when she releases a new story Dean brings us love laughter and some serious smexy times in her newest romantic contemporary about a porn star a book seller and a serendipitous case of mistaken identity Steady pacing a well developed storyline some seriously sexy scenes humor and adorably naughty characters makes this novella a full body treatSam and Ethan are delightful; easy to get to know and well matched I liked that Dean didn’t make this a “Woe is meI need saving” story Ethan Silver is makes porn and has no problems with what he does He likes sex is good at sex and figured he might as well get paid for it He wasn’t pushed or blackmailed into it He choose this career and feels no shame for his choices Samantha Sam Hart is the same way A book seller who was recently cheated on she isn’t down on all men or emotionally traumatised by her ex boyfriend’s infidelity She’s shy but not prudish about sex or the fact she wants to have sex with Ethan Though him being a porn star initially throws her for a loop she doesn’t look at him as morally lessor then herThe storyline is a well balanced combination of humor and sexiness engaging you completely Ethan and Sam are a fun couple Humorous dialogue and their immediate chemistry makes the story flow easily Ethan is pretty laid back and considerate of those around him Ethan enjoys Sam’s sexual innocence and Sam enjoys all her lessons The evolution of their relationship is sweet and sexy They become friends Friends with benefits winkOne scene had me giggling when Sam decides to do some “research” and watches a porn that Ethan starred in Ethan catches her in the act and decides to show her exactly what made him a star in the wide world of porn It sets the tone for the rest of the bookI bet you’re secretly a bad girl aren’t you?”“Excuse me?” The lady was protesting too much He was totally right“Oh come on sweetheart it’s a bit late to play coy now If you wait another five minutes I get invited in the rear entrance” “You don’t know anything about me What makes you think I’m a bad girl?”“Good girls don’t jerk off to porn in hotel rooms”“Women don’t jerk off” she said sounding as scandalized as a church wife watching a Tijuana donkey show“Sure they can Principle is the same”“You’re terrible”“I sure am If you watch a while longer you can get an idea for how bad I can be” He reached for the remote but she threw it to the opposite side of the bed “Unless you want me to show you”Their romance builds slowly along side the main conflict; leaving you with the feeling that no matter what happens to them in the future or even by the end of the book you are going to be satisfied regardlessThe main conflict is pretty cut and dry I do wish we had scenes with the villain and the individual who put Ethan in his predicament in the first place I felt they were only brought in for drama and then stuck back in the closet of doom Dean does leave just enough open in that aspect though and in the ending to be able to revisit this couple again and expand upon their futureAll in all Chasing Kings was a delightful romantic story whose characters I hope Dean decides to revisit in the futureRATING B

  2. Julie Julie says:

    Posted at Yummy Men Kick Ass Chicks Chasing Kings is a new contemporary romance book by Sierra Dean First thing I want to say is not to be fooled by the blurb this is not a BDSM book Yes the couple meet in a BDSM hotel room – and their meeting is so cute and funny – but that’s pretty much where it all ends After that moment the two are just being extra adorable really sexy and tons of funThis book is about Ethan a porn star yes you read right – and he’s proud to be one and Samantha a bookstore employee Essentially two people who could not be different yet they really bring out the best in each other and make the other break out of their comfort zone at the same time I really enjoyed reading their ‘journey’ and I really felt like they made a wonderful coupleWhen you first meet Ethan you think he’s your typical hot and cocky bastard He walks into the room like he owns it and is extremely sure of himself And why shouldn’t he be? He IS one of the most popular porn stars in the in world But soon you see that he is also very sweet and smart and so much I love what he does to bring Samantha out of her shell even though he’s stressed out of his tree thanks to some pretty intense personal issues Those are definitely moments where you want to jump into the book and give him a big hug And maybe hump him a little bit What? I said a little bit ; He is extremely charming and oh so yummy I just loved himI really liked Samantha Sam too I can’t say there is huge jump to her personality throughout the book but really there didn’t need to be She is smart and kind and just someone you want to hang out with And to see her go the extra mile to help out a man she barely knows is a perfect example of how sweet a character she is She is somewhat awkward but not overly so and that makes her endearing instead of gauche She is just so cuteThe story was good Ethan is in Vegas for an awards ceremony and Sam is in Vegas on a vacation – a vacation that her travel agent booked the wrong dates for So instead of being in Vegas when she wanted to be she’s in Vegas now When she meets Ethan he changes her plans and the book progresses into pretty much a story of how these two hang out and fall in love But Ethan has a secret and it’s about to affect Sam dad a duuuummmm So yes the story is uite entertaining and there is lots of ‘hero and heroine together alone’ time which you should all know by now I strongly appreciate in my contemporary romance reads But I have to say my most favorite part of this book were the charactersSierra has such a knack at writing great memorable characters Whether she’s writing a vampire werewolf hybrid a baseball player or a porn star she always makes their uirks delightful their personalities relatable and their banter perfect I can honestly say that there is yet to be a Sierra Dean book that I have not thoroughly enjoyed Chasing Kings will charm you from the first page and will leave you smiling at the very end Definitely worth reading5 stars

  3. J J says:

    This is one of those story stories that would have been so much better with a lot character details and story tellingWhen shy Samantha of Oregon is given a free trip to Las Vegas by her travel agent to make up for another screwed up trip she had arranged Samantha is mistaken she has the same name as a famous female porn star She is directed to a suite where another famous male porn star Ethan is staying It takes a little while for each of them to figure out why Samantha is in the porn star's room but they both find themselves intrigued by the other When Samantha gets back to her correct room she can't help but turn on the Adults Only channel on her TV and watch one of the movies Ethan told her he starred in Samantha is wowed in a good way Ethan wants to get to know her better so he volunteers to give her a platonic sightseeing tour of Las Vegas It doesn't stay platonic for longBut unfortunately there is a dark side to Ethan and Samantha gets involved than she bargains for She saves the day but they both leave Las Vegas separately wanting Here is where I think the story needed to be developed The reader didn't get to see any of the heartbreak or longing when they parted ways Or really any of Ethan's angst which eventually ended in him traveling to Oregon to see Samantha Because we didn't get to feel any of the angst it made the reunion a little anti climatic But there is an HEA

  4. Melliane Melliane says:

    355 Mon avis en Français My English reviewIt has been a long time since I had not read novels by Sierra Dean and I wanted to return to her work with another genre which I usually read little However when it is uestion of this writer I can only be intrigued but a pornstar and a bookseller? How not to be attracted?? That can seem a little stereotyped presented like that but it was a rather nice story We indeed discover a man who wants and who may be looking for some serious feelings and a young woman who accepts to change for himThe meeting between both is rather explosive and funny and it should be said that the fact that our heroine has the same name as another pornstar leads to louacious situations But here she also succumbs under the charm of the sexy Ethan Silver Whereas he makes her discover his world Samantha will realize that nothing is easy for this man Now his usurer decides to recover his money whatever excuses he has For that our heroine will try to help him even if she has finally much to loose toAs I previously said it was a nice history rather short but it was pleasant to discover it

  5. Jen Jen says:

    Sam and EthanPure sexiness and fun I would love to read about this couple Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

  6. Marcela (BookaholicCat) Marcela (BookaholicCat) says:

    4 ½ Stars Sweet funny and hot Review to come

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    35 stars Fun uick read Ethan and Sam are both very likable characters Wish the ending had been a bit longer

  8. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Sierra Dean's Chasing Kings explores expectations—both their effects on us and what can come when we let them goWhile everyone keeps calling this novella “the porn star one” it’s than that Though Sierra Dean does give James Deen a little shout out in the acknowledgments If you go into Chasing Kings expecting a porn star hero you’ll absolutely get that but along with it Dean provides romance including put you on your toes kissesSamantha shows up at a Las Vegas hotel intent on having a solo weekend She was supposed to go with her ex but now that he and his bad habits are gone she’s taking the trip anyway Only a reservations mix up puts her in a naughty themed suite belonging to the delicious Ethan Silver When Samantha finds out he’s a porn star she’s certain he’s determined to make her have The Sex Instead he’s a gentleman He’s polite about the error and makes sure the hotel staff takes good care of SamanthaShe wasn’t familiar with his career and once she’s in her correct hotel room she can’t help but check out him in action on pay per view Now she knows what he’s like—or she thinks she doesEthan ends up showing Samantha the sights in Vegas He keeps his gentlemanly promises about no sex and doesn’t push her at all But the good looks and charm win her over Still even when they get to the bedroom she can’t let go of the preconceived version of Ethan Why would he want her when he’s had sex with literally hundreds of other women?Ethan relishes in being with Samantha He doesn’t intend to fall for her but even as the emotions begin to take over he’s certain it can’t work He’s only ever dated women in the industry It’s hard for outsiders to understand his lifestyle and that the on screen sex isn’t emotional He loves being with a person who likes him for than his sexual prowess and can’t get over her honest reactions to their physical relationshipBoth Samantha and Ethan believe their relationship can never work but that’s only because they don’t understand the other side They’ve never given it a chance The time they spend together the they learn Samantha finds herself letting go of jealousy as the two attend an awards show Ethan starts to think of himself as worth than just his bedroom skillsChasing Kings features a hero and heroine who genuinely become better people by being together Love can do that to you it’s just that it's even better when it comes with someone touted as a sex god

  9. The Romance Evangelist The Romance Evangelist says:

    A copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review at Romancing Rakes for the Love of RomanceHow does a somewhat sheltered bookseller from Oregon end up in a decadent Vegas hotel suite with the most famous man in porn? The setup for how Samantha Hart meets Ethan Silver goes way beyond “meet cute” into an unlikely alliance that ultimately turns into an emotional connection In the process both Samantha and Ethan face some hard truths about themselves including the fact that they might actually have a future togetherThe adult film industry might be sleazy and unattractive but Ethan is neither He’s handsome and sweet and funny and pretty much a dream date for anyone not otherwise turned off by his profession Samantha is completely unlike any of the women he works with on a daily basis and that difference is what initially makes her so attractive to him But Ethan’s ties to the porn world aren't easily set aside and when his attempt to help a fellow co star puts him in the sights of a deadly criminal Samantha is the only one who he can turn to for help There were so many things I loved about Chasing Kings I loved how Ethan was shown as than just a porn star without glossing over the reality of how the adult movie industry can ruin people’s lives I loved that Samantha didn't immediately judge Ethan for the choices he’d made in his life and how she was willing to help him out above and beyond what he’d expected despite the possible repercussions in her own life But the best part of Chasing Kings was how Sierra Dean was able to keep the compressed timeframe of the story from overwhelming the growing romance between its hero and heroine She also ensured that all the usual shortcuts and stereotypes that might have been expected to happen didn't keeping me guessing in a good way all the way up to the lovely Happy For Now ending I thoroughly enjoyed reading Chasing Kings and hope for stories like this from Sierra Dean in the futureFavorite uoteAs good as Ethan was at everything else it was his kisses that were going to ruin her He kissed like old romance heroes Like Rhett Butler sweeping Scarlett O’Hara off her feet or Heathcliff condemning Cathy to never love another

  10. ❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃ ❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃ says:

    Good little bookGenre Sexy RomanceCover 610Writing style 910Heroine 710Hero 810Amount of humour 510Amount of jealousy 110Hotness 710Romance 610Ending 810Extra book Details HEA Short story around 120 pagesBLURB Samantha Hart is supposed to be visiting Vegas for a book convention but a mix up in dates means she's just there for a vacation Turns out that's not the only mix up when she is booked into a kinky hotel suite meant for Samantha Hart the porn starPorn star Ethan Silver gets uite a happy shock when he gets to his hotel suite expecting to see Kelly aka Samantha Hart he ends up with a good girl who is desperate to be bad The book is short but pretty packed Good read sweet hot and funny Not as kinky or as erotic as I thought it would be expected a little at the end something a bit bigger maybeI was surprised by Ethan expected him to be asshole ish instead he was a good guy life loving and the funny kind of corny I also expected a lot of jealousy but there wasn'tAll in all a good uick fun read worth a go

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Chasing Kings [Epub] ➝ Chasing Kings Author Sierra Dean – The second edition contains minor word changes but no story changes from the original 2013 versionA porn star and a bookseller walk into the same BDSM hotel room suiteSamantha Hart wishes things would The second edition contains minor word changes but no story changes from the original versionA porn star and a bookseller walk into the same BDSM hotel room suiteSamantha Hart wishes things would stop happening in Vegas when a case of mistaken identity lands her in the Hard Rock’s racy Provocateur suite—an SM wet dream that’s occupied by an honest to God porn star Ethan Silver’s reputation should put her off but his naughty charm and wicked sweet smile have her agreeing to a night on the town Then wishing for a night in as wellEthan knew the instant he stepped through the door that this wasn’t the Samantha Hart he was almost desperate to see Yet he can’t help it He wants to ease the blushing bookseller out of her shell and show her a good timeand not just in the bedroomAs a hot night on the Strip turns into a hotter night at the hotel Ethan begins to prove there’s a good guy under his bad boy façade There’s a loan shark hot on his tail though and only Sam can help keep his movie star face intact But telling her the truth could cost him something he needs than money Her love.

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About the Author: Sierra Dean

Sierra Dean is a reformed historian She was born and raised in the Canadian prairies and is allowed annual exit visas in order to continue her uest of steadily conuering the world one city at a time Making the best of the cold Canadian winters Sierra indulges in her less global interests drinking too much tea and writing urban fantasyEver since she was a young girl she has loved the idea of.