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  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    Opening in the same bucolic Aibisk farming village to which Noriko and Izark had fled at the end of the ninth episode of Kyoko Hikawa's fourteen volume manga fantasy epic From Far Away this tenth installment of the series sees our hero and heroine discovering a new set of companions and allies while the villainous Lord Rachef's source of power as well as some of his back story is revealed As Irk and the other tree spirits struggle to maintain a protective shield around the village evil grows ever stronger throughout the world When three rogue Gray Bird Tribe warriors break through the shield Izark teams up with Roki real name Alef to fend them off and then the companions Izark and Noriko Doros Duke Jeida's wife Niana his daughter Glocia and their bodyguard RokiAlef flee once again Back in Rienka in the meantime Rachef conducts an impatient Keimos back to the ruins where he reveals the source of his own strength the deeply buried crystalized moonstones The episode closes as Izark Noriko and company confront yet another set of challenges in the form of political corruption in their new townThis was a particularly amusing entry in the series the scene in which it is revealed just who Roki and company are is particularly hilarious as Noriko and Glocia keep blurting out the exact same thing at the same time and then with great comic timing turning to one another in surprise; and the exchanges between Izark and Roki are likewise entertaining and I enjoyed reading it a great deal I appreciated the brief but chilling glimpse of Rachef's childhood and the few scenes involving Gaya Barago and Jeida were uite welcome although as always I wanted to see a little of their activities I was very glad to see the map on page 136 as I'd had a difficult time envisioning the physical layout of the countries mentioned and their geographic relationship to one another I do continue to wonder however whether this world has any specific name It was uite interesting to witness Rachef's musings about the Awakening his contemptuous dismissal of Noriko as just an ordinary girl I was reminded of Lord Voldemort's similar feelings about the ordinary Harry Potter and his ordinary Muggle mother in JK Rowling's fantasy novelsIn sum exciting engrossing and very satisfying with plenty of action some heartwarming scenes and lots of humor On to the eleventh volume

  2. Kristine Hansen Kristine Hansen says:

    Time to heal time to make friendstime for peace comes to an abrupt end for Noriko and Izark What's cool is how different storylines are starting to come together and the first half the series is now firmly linked to the second half I love that Izark is laughing and teases Noriko I love the devotion that they have to each other This is a beautiful series and I love watching it unfold

  3. Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru says:

    SynopsisOn her way home from school one day Noriko is unexpectedly plunged into a strange and extraordinary fantasy world Her troubles compound exponentially when she is rescued and befriended by a handsome young man by the name of Izark He may be brave and courageous but inside Izark lurks the darkest evil imaginable And according to an ancient prophecy Noriko possesses the power to unleash that evil Now inexorably bound together these two unlikely allies must navigate a world both wondrous and hostileMy ThoughtsStill very much enjoying this series Noriko Izark and Doros are still in the village that they have been hiding in but they get a warning from Irk that an evil presence is coming and that all over the country the evil presence seems to be gaining a lot of ground I'm wondering if that evil presence is the entity that has been assisting Rachef and making those that follow him strongerEventually three men show up in the village looking for someone Noriko and Izark worry that the men are there for them but surprisingly they're there for three others It really is a small world because it seems that Noriko and Izark have stumbled across the wife and daughter of Duke Jeida and their bodyguard When the three men attack attempting to bring Glocia Niana and Alef in Izark intervenes It was in a surprising way too For once they were able to stop someone without killing This scare though tells both parties that they can no longer remain in this peaceful village so they go somewhere newNoriko Izark and Doros stay with Glocia and the others since they're related to Duke Jeida This new city doesn't seem to be too great Apparently there are dissidents in the city and people must be beginning to speak out against those in charge there From what I can tell they're a corrupt lot save for maybe one police officer Another officer is conspiring to have something done about Lori and Izark along with him because Izark embarrassed him when he stopped him from taking Noriko and Glocia away after accusing them of being dissidents It seems Niana had wondered off and the old man she met isn't all that he seems I'm interested to know where that will go and how Izark and the others will fare in this town considering they are likely to run into problems getting a permit to open their shop in order to make some money

  4. Luna Luna says:

    Overall Series review 3 Stars I probably should have left it after book 7 because there is a sort of ending there with Noriko and Izark leaving their first set of friends behind but I did want to see what the conclusion was The second half of From Far Away books 8 14 is weaker in my opinion but I do like Noriko as a character she’s endearing and there are parts that I enjoyed

  5. Jessie H. Jessie H. says:

    355 Stars

  6. Mary Mary says:

    Individual small effortscan add up to big changesThis volume introduces us to the terrible strife corruption and abuse that the world is facing Much of the government is now filled with self serving politicians who have incarcerated those that were righteous And the people can do nothing about it The idea of even one person rising to protest these actions are considered Is it truly worth risking your life for a just cause even if you are alone? Or is it not worth the risk in the idea that your say is inconseuential?Noriko has finally started to come into her own strength While not physically strong she is capable of whatever she puts her mind to and helps those struggling with conflicting ideals We finally learn about her family and see that Noriko forced herself not to think of them for she feared it would lead her to being unproductive and worrying constantly about something she cannot change Izark himself is starting to notice things Have I become a stronger man from knowing heror is Noriko showing me my weaknesses just as intentlyand what will it end up meaning for both of us? He has her to provide him something his family never gave to him unconditional love And knowing this Izark is starting to realize just what it might mean if Noriko ever returns to her world someday Countless cute moments abound in this volume just as much as the asskickingAnd I actually have to say that given the choice I myself would like to say I would choose my family However Izark seems like he will lose his purpose Even though he has learned to make friends with many people he always sticks with Noriko I truly hope somehow a happy ending is the result of this series I hope Noriko can take him with her and then he has to adapt lol or she stays with him Afterall for over a year Noriko has been living in this world and her family sadly most likely have accepted that she is dead Were she to suddenly reappear what could she honestly do to explain the situation? Lord Rachef also gets some time to shine Except the dude was a butt He's literally the foil to Izark and Keimos could also be Like Izark he grew up with a mother who despised having birthed him into the world Unlike Izark he pushed his mother down a flight of stairs to her death And he is still grieving over the fact that he feels as though her hate for him has robbed him of powerAnd I guess I can empathize but then again he is a RULER of a country Like wth dude?

  7. Novia Novia says:

    “Can you see it This is the world of light Everything has become one in light I entered the world of light and I found youDo you understand? We are the world of light This is what we have been searching for I feel a gentle energy that embraces everything And this energy can be felt anywhere anytime as long as you open yourself to it”Kanata Kara by Kyoko Hikawa has been my most favorite Shoujo Manga since early 90s till today and I know it will stay as my most favorite for years to comeKanata Kara is the only shoujo manga that can come close to shounen manga Hikawa can beautifully mix love story with interesting adventure and great fighting scenes she also put some good moral in itContinue reading

  8. Soobie& Soobie& says:

    I've bought the whole series second hand but volume #10 and #11 It was actually cheaper to buy them new rather than finding a second hand copy It's a bit weird all the other copies have library stamps everywhere and needed to be de tagged Those two are pristine Anyway I keep giving this series three stars but for me it's a positive rating I mean manga usually get lower ratings from me especially when it comes to later volumesAt the beginning I didn't like the art it seems a bit too simple for my liking I hope it would improve but I can't see any difference in volume #10I still like the story even if there are new enemies and new co protagonists There are only four volumes left

  9. Pingkan Sondak Sondak Pingkan Sondak Sondak says:

    Noriko and Izark being saved by Irkutsk The Asayuge's ghost from the forest They're hiding from the villain's pursued to heal Izark's really bad wound They even got themselves a new friends and also meeting with interesting people

  10. Shannon (Twilight Sleep) Shannon (Twilight Sleep) says:

    A lovely back in time manga much better done than most

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彼方から 10 [Reading] ➷ 彼方から 10 By Kyoko Hikawa – After a terrorist bomb catapults her into an alternate universe full of magic and mystery teenage Noriko find herself the central figure in a political power struggle over a dark prophecy she's destin After a terrorist bomb catapults her into an alternate universe full of magic and mystery teenage Noriko find herself the central figure in a political power struggle over a dark prophecy she's destined to fulfill turning the man she loves into a monster that could ultimately destroy the worldNoriko and Izark are hiding out in the uiet rural region of Aibisk But their retreat is short lived as they are soon stalked by both bounty hunters and a powerful new enemyAs their feelings for each other grow Noriko must seriously contemplate her fate Will she end up destroying the warrior she has grown to love.