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  1. Patrick Patrick says:

    So here's the thingI wrote the introduction to the 30th anniversary edition of The SandmanHow absolutely stupid is that?It's been half a year since I got the invitation and months since I actually finished writing the introduction but I still can't believe itTo celebrate I thought I'd write a review here But rather than just my usual messy gush about how I love some story I got permission from the publisher to re print part of my introduction I wroteShare and enjoyWhat follows is an excerpt from the introI’ll admit I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do hereIf you’ve already read Sandman what can I tell you that you don’t already know deep in the secret corners of your heart? You know this story is lovely and brilliant and sweet and strange You know it is beautiful and deep and wry and wondrous You knowIf you’ve already read this book you know nothing I can say is as good as what waits for you ahead So go Stop reading this and go If you haven’t read this book and are perhaps standing in a bookstore or a comic shop wondering if it’s worth your time what I can say to convince you? Should I wax rhapsodic? Get lyrical and grandiose? Reference some of the story’s funnier jokes so I seem clever than I really am? No I love this book too much I don’t want to spoil its secrets or steal its thunder So let me tell you the simple truth No hyperbole Sandman changed my life It’s not often you get to say that and mean it But it’s trueIf that’s not enough to convince you I guess all that’s left is for me to tell you a story or two Because that’s what I do Stories are important after all I came to comics late in life I can’t tell you why I was a voracious reader as a kid going through pretty much every picture book in the local library until I finally started chapter books around age 9 Then I read a novel or two a day until I finished high school Even as I slouched through college comics simply weren’t on my radar Didn’t occur to me to read them Didn’t occur to me they might be worth reading I had a couple thousand fantasy and sci fi novels under my belt and my classes were exposing me to Shakespeare and Chaucer Sanskrit theater and the Harlem Renaissance poets I read Roethke and Frost and Brooks and Baldwin But comics? That was like Garfield right? And superheroes? I didn’t spare any thought for them and when I did I assumed they were and I’m ashamed to write this now silly bullshit for kidsI was well into my 20’s when at a weekend long party I sat down in a uiet corner and idly picked up a copy of Dark Night Returns I read the whole thing straight through completely lost in it deaf to the riot and welter around me Hours later I hunted down the person who had brought the book I shook it at them angry and incredulous demanding “Is it all as good as this?” “Oh no” he said sadly “But some of it is close” First he gave we Watchmen and it floored me despite the fact that I didn’t I didn’t know superheroes mythology from a hole in the groundNext came Sandman And it was unlike any story I’d ever read In any genre In any medium I remember thinking “Can you do this? Can you have Odin and angels and faeries and witches and just everything? All at once? In the same story? Is this allowed?”It lit me up inside I wouldn’t shut up about it I’d give it to people and say “You have to read this It’s like Shakespeare” I blush a little now remembering that It’s not the best comparison It’s just that back then Shakespeare was the best thing I’d ever read The truth is Shakespeare wishes he wrote something this good But let’s back up a bit I’d prefer to be fully honest here I didn’t feel that way about Sandman immediately Not right out of the gate I read this first graphic novel and liked it well enough Preludes and Nocturnes is lovely It introduces the world the characters there’s a nice little plot Tension Mystery Hero’s Journey Mythic underpinning Decent to the underworld Vengeance Recovery of self Got my RDA of all manner of awesome here Cool Then I kept reading and the storytelling got looser But I was still happy Shakespeare shows up I dig that And there’s faerie tales And What? Are we in Africa now? Wait is someone telling a story about a story inside a story? Okay That’s cool I guess this series is like a bunch of different stories? But they’re all interesting so who really cares if they don’t really have much to do with each other Then I kept reading and there was a little plotline And a new character or two And and hold on Wait Does all this fit together? Has it all fit together from the beginning? Has everything been leading to an ending? Oh Oh lord I never knew a story could be like this End excerptThere's of course I do tend to go on a bit when it comes to books I love But I'm guessing you get the gist of it If you read The Sandman back in the day trust me it's as good as you rememberIf you've never read The Sandman this is the place to start And trust me it's absolutely worth your time

  2. Patrick Patrick says:

    First off let's be clear I'm a big soppy fan of Gaiman's Work Secondly I've read the Sandman series several times before So this is a record of my fond re reading and musing about this story rather than some sort of objective review But if you've read any of my other reviews that won't come as a surprise I think it's been a full ten years since the last time I've read this series And given that my memory is well to put it plainly uite shit I get to experience the series with a fairly fresh set of eyes at this point The first thing that I notice is that the art is different that I remember I remember it being darker and grittier More real AND surreal at the same time But that I'm expecting is the lens of corrective memory at play In reality the art seems for lack of a better word cartoony The colors are bolder garish than I remember Note I had the same experience recently when I re read Watchmen So I'm suspecting this is an issue with me rather than the comic Or perhaps I'm remembering the later parts of the comic vividly The other thing I'm surprised to see is that both John Constantine and a few members of the DC cannon show up in this first book Mostly just brief walk ons but Martian Manhunter is there and we see Arkham asylum and the Scarecrow These things don't detract from the story I can say that for a fact because on my earlier reads when I hadn't read many comics so I didn't know who many of those characters were But I have to say reading through this time they kinda surprised me You see I think of the Sandman series as being well kinda self contained That's not the right way of putting it really as the story is hugely vast It's sprawling and lovely and mythically rich I guess what I'm saying here is that while it seems perfectly natural that Sandman exists in the same world as Odin and Puck and Eurydice having Batman in that cosmology even by association feels really odd to me And the I think of it it's strangely off putting That said I'm fairly certain these DC cameos were early things and weren't repeated extensively throughout the rest of the series As for this first book it makes for both a great story in itself and a great start to the larger series That's not a common thing Is it worth your time?Absolutely I don't care if you don't read comics you should read this series And if you do read comics you cannot consider yourself well read until you have Sandman under your belt Seriously

  3. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    I thought it was time I added The Sandman It fits precisely into my systematic program of reading “Hold on” I can hear all you folks out there saying “ Your 'systematic program of reading'? Why you're one of the most eclectic readers I know”I can understand why you might feel that way but there is a little method to my madness Although it is true that some of the books I read progressive political analyzes slim 20th century verse collections cat books classic spiritual treatises or the occasional literary novel do not fit within my grand plan most of them doAbout ten years ago I realized that many books I liked were from emerging belittled or despised forms or genres the Elizabethan popular stage play the budding 18th century novel the gothic romance the Victorian bourgeois novel published in serial form the novel of sensation the decadent experiment the adventure tale the sea story the spy story the ghost story the pulps both mystery and terror the space opera and other science fiction and fantasy of the '50's the detective novel and the modern horror tale Whereas the writers of “literary fiction” are often too concerned with critical opinion judiciously curbing their personal obsessions and producing unreadable “writerly” prose the humble genre writer is likely to give his “inner crazy” free rein and either tell his eccentric story in no nonsense fashion or on occasion let his plots and prose burgeon untrammeled like a blooming meadow garden At worst the result is amusing or odd; at best it is something original something newNot long ago it occurred to me that—being too much a creature of words—I had neglected an obvious example of an emerging genre the comic book of the late 80's on its way to becoming the “graphic novel” Since I'm already in love with Gaiman's American Gods I decided to begin with The SandmanI am glad I did The first eight numbers of Gaiman's series are on the surface a traditional uest story Morpheus Lord of the Dreamworld imprisoned for years by a sorcerer goes searching for the objects of power—his helmet his jewel his pouch of dream dust—so that he may once again exercise full power over his realm But the stories it tells and the genres in touches range widely from an Edwardian tale of an Aleister Crowley type sorcerer a pulp EC Horror Cain and Abel anecdote a contemporary British horror story of drug abuse through a mythic descent into hell featuring an epic duel with demons until it climaxes in a ghastly ordeal of modern horror with a little meta fiction thrown in in which an escaped madman in a diner in possession of the Dream Lord's mind manipulating jewel brutalizes the restaurant's clientele for hours The final number “The Sound of Her Wings”—perhaps the most elegant of the eight—is however a kind of whimsical coda introducing us to Dream's sister the irreverent and down to earth DeathI thought everything about this saga—story dialogue art—was well executedexcept for one small detail Gaiman chooses to make a reference to the DC universe the Justice League of America to be precise in a way that breaks the spell of what otherwise would be a completely self contained transcendent and mythic journey But that's the kind of thing that's bound to happen in emerging genres People take risksAnyway I'm hooked On to Sandman Volume 2 “The Doll's House”

  4. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    Mr Gaiman thank you for the dream See what I did there? But in all fairness this is a dream This comic is just everything I want a comic to be It’s dark and brutal; it’s profound and sophisticated it’s imaginative and creative I just love everything about it It’s superb Let’s begin with the characters Dream So the protagonist is a god a very old god And he represents one of the key elements of life itself hope He is everything the mind longs for He is the reason to carry on living Dream walks in the darkness He comes from the darkness and brings the light However such an entity has been brought down by the folly of humans He’s been locked away and his power sought after The world is in turmoil; thus the story begins As Dream seeks the stolen relics of his power the depth of this world is slowly revealed Lucifer Morningstar Although Lucifer isn’t a major character in this volume I do feel like he is being forshadowed as a later antagonist in this series Well at least I hope he is I love the rendition of Lucifer here He is very much in the Miltonic vein Proud and beautiful yet twisted beyond repair One of his minions has a relic of Dream’s and although the two are hospitable towards each other the words speak of veiled threats and a violent past I can’t wait to see Lucifer and Dream philosophising the sovereignty of hell? Give me Death So Death is a gothic girl who oozes with nihilism? She’s a rock chick who is clearly rather badass She’s Dream’s sister and is rather pissed off that he didn’t call on her for help Why are these characters so fucking cool? I could spend all day reading about this lot Did I just find a new favourite comic series?

  5. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    FanTABulous preluDe Creative TeamWriter Neil GaimanIllustrators Sam Kieth Mike Dringenberg Malcolm Jones IIICovers Dave McKeanLetterer Todd Klein A PRELUdE TO dREAM It is NEVER “only a dream” John Constantine Definitely there is stuff that if you read again you’ll get it differently but even so you’ll get it differently if you re read it again in a different orderI am re reading again the first four TPBs of The Sandman since I was able to buy the rest of TPBs of the series BUT I chose to read first the TPBs of Death and definitely it was the right call Neil Gaiman commented at the end of The High Cost of Living that Death can serve as an introduction to The Sandman and he was right I guess he knows something about it since he’s the author hehehe But seriously now that I read Death The High Cost of Living first of re engaging into The Sandman I was able to recognize some characters and getting the importance of comments made there Even wondering details like how Roderick Burguess was sure with just a glance that Dream wasn’t Death but wasn’t able to know who was exactly Allowing me to enjoy even the re reading experience of this first TPB in the seriesOf course re reading again this first TPB taking in account that I already read before the following 3 TPBs allow me to enjoy the introduction here and there of characters that they will play relevant roles in the rest of the series And that I was able to appreciate and understanding certain scenesSo indeed this is a prelude to The Sandman since Neil Gaiman is just establishing the general scenario where he will develop the story in the following TPBs BROKEN dREAM I am riding in your dreams 1916 Morpheus the King of the realm of Dreams the embodiment of Dream is trapped by mistake by a black sorceressRoderick Burguess didn’t want to catch Dream he was after DeathBut what’s done it’s doneDream is trapped in a magic circle during 72 years and even bereft from his tools of office which are key receptacles of his own power1988 Dream is able to escape Weak Angry ConfusedDuring this first TPB of The Sandman Morpheus must seek out for his tótems of power a little pouch full of sand a helm with the shape of a WWI gas mask and a rubyDream needs all those three artifacts since he put inside of them too much of his own power and therefore now without them he won’t be able to regain control of his own realmDream will have a little help from John Constantine to get back one of those items but about the remaining two he must face alone dangerous challenges in unexpected places andor against unexpected oponentsAnd since Morpheus needs those things to get back to full power evidently he isn’t in top shape to fight his enemies with raw power so he must rely in cunning and destiny to try to be again his “old self”

  6. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    I need to admit something I've never gotten Neil Gaiman's books They confuse the hell out of me I really never know where he is going with a story gasp This one was some freaky ass shit Some old guy wants to perform a ceremony to capture Death YeahokayAnyways he ends up capturing our guy Dream Dream bides his time Then he wants his domain back Then some freaky ass shit goes down I see a whole lot of fangirls and boys on these books Don't kill me yet I have another one to read But I'm skeered

  7. Chad Chad says:

    I'm stuck at home during a pandemic so why not revisit an old friend Sandman was the first comic I remember reading in high school where I first thought Hey maybe comics aren't just for kids Even though Vertigo later distanced itself from the rest of the DC universe I love how Gaiman grounds this right in the DC universe while still making it its own thing John Constantine who uickly become one of my favorite DC characters Even the Justice League shows up with the main villain Dr Destiny being a JLA villain Rather than ignoring the Golden Age Sandman Gaiman explains how the two are related Gaiman does embrace a dark horror vibe especially in the issue where Dr Destiny tortures the patrons of a diner Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg give the book a nice 1950's horror look The book looks like it could have been issues of Eerie or House of Mystery Speaking of House of Mystery I adore how Gaiman repurposes the host of those books Cain and Abel making them supporting characters in Sandman I like how he uses the idea of the Dreaming to explain those old DC horror storiesAnd then there's Death Who would have ever thought that Death would be this adorable perky little Goth girl not so much menacing you as you die but comforting and helping you on your journey to the great beyond I'm so glad that I can go back and revisit this 30 years later and it's still just as magical as the first time I read it

  8. Bradley Bradley says:

    Re Read 1320Just as good as the previous reads Original ReviewI have to say I enjoyed this much better the second time around Both times I really got a kick out of the Crowley sidestory and I still have no idea who or what the original sandman comic was all about nor do I particularly care but this reimagining is a real work of artIt's not even the art per se although I did enjoy seeing Bowie as Satan It fits him so well It was the story It seemed to stumble about for a short while as 70 years of imprisonment turned a very old god into a shadow but once he was released we had the real power of myth awaken and we suddenly had a uest to Regain Powerful Artifacts including John Constantine representing normal human worlds Satan representing hell and Doctor Dee representing dreams all made perfectly real Each success returned Dream to his former glory and established a truly epic worldbuilding experienceIf everything is possible then what is necessary?The answer? A good night's sleep PossiblyOh hell I know what's going to happen later This has made me almost impossibly giddy to revisit it Welcome home Dream

  9. Brad Brad says:

    Since joining goodreads I’ve been baffled by the Neil Gaiman love fest American Gods Neverwhere Stardust The Graveyard Book they appear to be universally loved and I’ve been skeptical of this emotion that borders on worship These books are good and all and I recognize their general accessibility but I don’t personally find any of them mind blowing literature Gaiman’s prose is no match for China Mieville’s or Iain M Banks’ or Ursula LeGuin’s and countless others who write speculative fiction and the way he recasts mythology into contemporary settings is clever than inspired The love accorded Gaiman therefore feels disproportionate to the uality of his work – at least to meLately however I’ve been reminded that I once loved Neil Gaiman and that reminder was my return to The Sandman Preludes and Nocturnes Like his other fine work The Wolves in the Walls The Sandman series plays to Gaiman’s greatest strength his ability to conjure beautiful images from artists But it also elevates many of the things that Gaiman is usually only able to do adeuately His writing when confined by thought and dialogue bubbles is inspired mostly because its goal is to be natural and believable rather than aspiring to literary greatness; his contemporizing of mythology is much palatable happening as it does in a comic book universe predisposed to gods and heroes; and his naturally cinematic pacing works better in a graphic format Yes indeedgraphic novels are Neil Gaiman’s best formSleep of the Just – This may be the greatest first issue of a comic ever written The capture of MorpheusDreamSandman or whichever name of his you prefer the sleeping sickness his inevitable and beautifully patient escape and vengeance guarantees that any fan of fantasy or comic books or fantasy and comic books must continue with the series Even better though Sleep of the Just could have been its own stand alone issue and that would have been good enough There are few single issues of a comic that are so fulfilling I buy it all and everything I had to know was given to me Luckily Gaiman left me with plenty beyond what I wanted to know My personal favourite the introduction of Sandman’s helm KillerImperfect Hosts – A kick ass follow up episode that includes a taste of Sandman’s powers the characters that populate his Dreamworld and the beginning of his search for the three artefacts stolen when Burgess captured him instead of Death This episode is most notable however for the way Gaiman weaves his Sandman into the existing universe of DC I am not a DC fan I read Batman and Superman because they are cultural reuirements and what I know of the DC Universe is filtered through the pages of those books but Sandman was a rare piece that warped and wefted its way into the DC universe without letting itself get bogged down in DC’s usual shabbiness Imperfect Hosts is where this all begins to happenDream A Little Dream of Me – A weakened and vulnerable Morpheus is busy looking for his sandbag the first of the three stolen artefacts that can restore him to his former splendour and power So he tracks down John Constantine the Hellblazer who bought the sandbag years before and put it into storage but the sandbag is gone stolen by Constantine’s ex lover Rachel a heroin addict who needed money for a fix She never got it; instead the sandbag took control of her mind throwing her into a forever nightmare that included the transformation of her father into a room sized living breathing tortured mass of flesh Dream a Little Dream of Me is a horror show that hints at the depths of nightmare Dream will combat in future issues and it embeds Morpheus deeply into the DC Universe It’s a satisfying chapter in Morpheus’ rebirth and this is where the patient build towards the story’s literary uality begins A Hope In Hell – This is the one issue that really doesn’t thrill me too much Morpheus goes to Hell and meets up with Lucifer Beelzebub and Azazel – Hell’s triumvirate of Dark Lords – demanding the return of his helm He ends up dueling Choronzon for his helm in a reality battle Each takes a turn in the shape or form or concept of something or other Each incarnation is slightly tougher than the opponent’s until the victor’s incarnation can’t be beat Morpheus defeats Choronzon as hope which totally sucks Hope? Please I can see hope as a stage in the battle perhaps but as the ultimate incarnation of victory? No way Hope can be good but it’s also an emotion that can derail thought and action and that makes hope potentially bad and self defeating Still Lucifer was cool and his parting words about Dream give us plenty to look forward to in the series to come “One day my brothersOne day I shall destroy him”Passengers – A creepy start to the search for Morpheus’ last artefact – the Ruby of Dreams A decrepit Doctor Destiny is sufficiently mad when he escapes Arkham Asylum Morpheus runs into J’onn and Scott Free from the JLI and the Doctor Destiny corrupted Ruby throws Morpheus into a catatonic stupor on the floor of a storage garage in the middle of nowhere all setting the stage for the most terrifying chapter of Volume One24 Hours – Bloody nasty marvelous Dreams in the hand of a corrupted man become corruption and the whole Earth suffers This is the best issue of The Sandman in Preludes and Nocturnes so I'll let it speak for itself But be warned this one is not for the faint heartedSound and Fury – This is a satisfying resolution to Dream’s return to power Sandman shows John Dee mercy he bestows the Earth with a night of pleasant dreams and he returns to his Dreamscape to rebuild his kingdom It’s not uite as powerful as 24 Hours but it does what it needs to doThe Sound of Her Wings – Death is a beautiful thing If there were no other reason to love Neil Gaiman this realization would be enough because Death really is a beautiful thing both in the comic and at the end of our livesI’m glad I revisited Gaiman's greatest moment Maybe now I can enjoy his new stuff and appreciate him as much as so many of my friends do

  10. Kirstine Kirstine says:

    I am anti life the beast of judgement I am the dark at the end of everything The end of universes Gods worlds of everything And what will you be then Dreamlord? I am hopeThis is my favourite uote from this book and one of my favourite uotes in general It's beautiful And true thank god so true I really liked this book I've wanted to read The Sandman for a long time and after this I'm beginning to grasp why it's become so popular You can tell that this is a prelude to the actual series Morpheus one of the Endless master of Dreams has been kidnapped and once he breaks free well things aren't as he left them So the first volume is all about Morpheus trying to get his power back It's an enthralling and entertaining journey that introduces a lot of characters places and plots that will be revisited later I enjoy Morpheus a lot as a character He comes off as very sympathetic and yet it's soon made clear he can be as brutal and unforgiving as many others He is Endless after all It's a lot violent than I remember it as which is probably because I just gratefully forgot I'm not prudish but I have to admit the cruelty is often very difficult to watch I suppose I'll have to get used to it because judging by the second volume it's not slowing downI'll definitely continue with this series and now I've finally bought the whole thing It's creative the art is to die for and it manages to be both dark and hopeful at the same time Well most of the time

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Preludios y Nocturnos (Sandman #1) ➸ [Read] ➳ Preludios y Nocturnos (Sandman #1) By Neil Gaiman ➽ – La obra maestra de Neil Gaiman ue revolucionó el mundo del cómic durante la década de los noventa por fin disponible en una nueva edición Una inolvidable epopeya protagonizada por Morfeo Rey del S La obra maestra de Neil Gaiman ue revolucionó el mundo del cómic durante la década de los noventa por fin disponible en una nueva edición Una Preludios y PDF/EPUB or inolvidable epopeya protagonizada por Morfeo Rey del Sueño perteneciente a la familia de los EternosSandman es con razón la colección de cómics más aplaudida y premiada de los años noventa Esta epopeya soberbia y muy melancólica cuenta con el elegante guion de Neil Gaiman y los dibujos de un elenco de artistas ue se van alternando y ue se encuentran entre los más solicitados de la actualidad Es una rica combinación de mitos modernos y fantasía oscura donde la ficción contemporánea el drama histórico y la leyenda se entrelazan a la perfección La saga de Sandman comprende una sucesión de relatos únicos en la literatura gráfica y narran una historia ue jamás olvidaréisAdemás ECC Ediciones ofrecerá este título al precio de € para todos y cada uno de los volúmenes.

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