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White Trash Zombie Apocalypse ❰Download❯ ✤ White Trash Zombie Apocalypse Author Diana Rowland – Thomashillier.co.uk Our favorite white trash zombie Angel Crawford has enough problems of her own what with dealing with her alcoholic deadbeat dad issues with her not uite boyfriend the zombie mafia industrial espionage Our favorite white trash zombie Angel Crawford has enough problems of her own what with dealing with her alcoholic deadbeat dad issues with her not uite boyfriend the zombie mafia industrial espionage and evil corporations Oh and it’s raining and won’t let upBut White Trash PDF \ things get even crazier when a zombie movie starts filming in town and Angel begins to suspect that it’s not just the plot of the movie that's rotten Soon she's fighting her way through mud blood bullets and intrigue even as zombies both real and fake prowl the streetsAngel’s been through than her share of crap but this time she's in way over her head She’ll need plenty of brainpower to fit all the pieces and body parts together in order to save herself her town and uite possibly the human race.

About the Author: Diana Rowland

Diana Rowland worked as a bartender a blackjack dealer a pit boss a street cop a detective a computer forensics specialist a crime scene investigator and a morgue assistant which means that shes seen a lot of weird crap She won the marksmanship White Trash PDF \ award in her Police Academy class has a black belt in Hapkido has handled numerous dead bodies in various states of decomposition and cant ro.

10 thoughts on “White Trash Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Yodamom Yodamom says:

    Angel is a not stop go go brain muncher in this edition I really enjoyed the fast paced edge of my seat constant danger and destruction mode she stayed in for most of the book Points that made this a winner1 Angel is growing up acting mature taking responsibility 2 She goes to the dark side for survival but is not sueaky clean3 Her love life muddles I love a messy heart4 She is not the docile doormat little zombie woman YES5 She knows when a good bite matters LOL you'll get this towards the end of the bookI devoured this in less than 24 hours while pretending to work feed my family and sleep I liked it D

  2. Ferdy Ferdy says:

    SpoilersNot as enjoyable as the first two in the series but still pretty good I found the pacing in the first half really slow and there were some aspects I found really cliched and boring also Angel's attitude towards certain people pissed me off The plot was kind of all over the place — there were some mysterious deaths a zombie movie that was being filmed then Angel getting attacked by a zombie she made in book 1 there was also evul scientistscorporations doing evul things and it was all kind of meh Angel was still a decent enough character I did think she let people walk all over her like her dad Pietro and Philip she should have defended herself She was being manipulated and kept in the dark way too much But I guess since she was basically a nobody it was only natural she would be used and abused by those in positions of power It was just off putting reading a MC who had no control over things — everyone was pulling her strings and I wanted her to get the upper hand in at least one or two things Angel's relationship with her dad was the most interesting aspect of the book I was a little frustrated at her coddling her dad and being the parent in the relationship but I guess it was realistic since her dad was such a loser I liked that even though her dad was a loser he wasn't uite as big of a loser as he used to be Also I thought it was sweet that he never turned his back on her when he found out she was a zombie I'm not sure I would have liked the book as much if it hadn't been for their relationship Marcus was slightly likeable in this one but he was still kind of a douche I'm not all that invested in his relationship with Angel but he's way better than Philip I think Angel has chemistry with Brian and Nick than those two I hated Philip so much He was such an abusive dick I don't care that he was undercover when he was messing her around he still physically abused Angel and he still let her get experimented on by the bad guys What really pissed me off was how Angel was nice to him after all he'd done He was a fucker and Angel just acted like a doormat I wasn't impressed with that moment between them at the end either He has used and abused her too much for them to become a couple I liked the addition of Heather bar Angel she was the only other decent female character It's annoying that everyone important in Angel's life is male — her dad Marcus Philip Nick Derrell Brian Nikas Pietro Angel needs some female friends or role models I hate that she only has guys around her I'm curious to know what Allen's problem with Angel is Maybe he used to love her mum or something How is Pietro Marcus's uncle if he's centuries oldAll in all I enjoyed it Although I would have liked it if the story arcs had been interesting and if Angel hadn't let everyone get away with treating her like rubbish

  3. Carole (Carole& Carole (Carole& says:

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeThis audiobook was just a lot of fun Over the past few months I have kept circling back to this book wanting to buy it I have so many audiobooks in my personal library that I still haven't read so I tried really hard to resist adding any to the pile But I kept coming back to it I finally caved in and bought the book and am really happy that I did This series has been a lot of fun so far and is the perfect choice when I am looking for a fun and light hearted storyI am pretty sure that I don't want to ever be a zombie OkI am completely sure But if I had to be a zombie then I would want to be like Angel She is smart resourceful and just pretty much kick ass She does what she feels is right even if it it isn't easy I like how easy it is to relate to and like this character even though she has an imperfect backgroundI really enjoy the underlying sense of humor in this book There is a zombie movie filming in Angel's town during this book which I thought was unexpected I can't help but find myself smiling during many of the scenes because being in Angel's head is just funny at times The book does have its tender moments Angel's feeling towards her dad and the effort she goes to in order to protect him were impressive Angel also spends some time during the book really working to find out who she really is and stands up to Marcus when she needs to do soI absolutely love the narrator This is a story that I feel like I enjoyed a lot because I picked up the audio version Allison McLe brings Angel to life wonderfully and really displays a wide range of emotions I love her accent and the voices that she uses for other characters work well The pacing of the story was perfectly done and this turned out to be one of those audiobooks that I just didn't want to turn offI would highly recommend this book to others This is the third book in the series and I do feel that it would be best read in order since the relationships between the characters build from previous books I can't wait to start the next book in the seriesInitial ThoughtsI had a lot of fun listening to this audiobook Listening is the way to go with this series

  4. Christy LoveOfBooks Christy LoveOfBooks says:

    “No self respecting zombie would be caught dead smoking” This series I love it so much I’m actually kind of mad at myself because I didn’t wait longer to listen to White Trash Zombie Apocalypse but dammit it’s hard to resist these I want to devour the audiobooks one right after another but at the same time want to spread them out It’s a freaking dilemma for sureJust like the first and second installment White Trash Zombie Apocalypse kicked ass The author knows how to pack a lot in without it being overwhelming or messy The plot is smart and tight which is something I appreciate so much WTZA gives us a new story and mystery while flawlessly progressing the overall series story arc I often found myself leaning forward in anticipation for what would happen next and then Angel would say or think something in the midst of the intensity that would cause me to burst out laughing I love thatI adore Angel She is seriously one of my top favorite heroines She’s such a good person er zombie despite having a not so great upbringing but what I absolutely love is how she continues to grow and better herself It’s weird to feel proud of a character but I can’t help it She’s clever and uses logic to think things through and her snark is a beautiful thing When people give her crap her comebacks are pure goldThis series is filled with a lot of wonderful characters beside Angel Just as Angel evolves so do the rest of them I love the great dynamic she has established with so many of them and what a fantastic support system they have become There are some new characters introduced as well and I’m looking forward to of themI can’t recommend listening to the audiobook enough If you’re a reluctant audio listener or think they aren’t for you this is one of those seriesnarrators that will prove otherwiseWhite Trash Zombie Apocalypse people read it Well after you’ve read the previous books anyway But I can say that after listening to this book the series only gets better

  5. colleen the convivial curmudgeon colleen the convivial curmudgeon says:

    25I've enjoyed this series than I thought I would when I picked up the first book It's generally just mind candy but hey I got absolutely nothing against that I like Angel's voice and the humor laced throughout and I think that than anything elevated this series for me above it's compatriots so much so that I went out and bought this third installment and was very excited to start reading itSo it was a bit disappointing when I found myself not really loving itI think mostly it's the lack of humor Not that there wasn't any but everything seemed so serious often bordering on melodramatic for much of the book and it just didn't have that tongue in cheek glint that the first two books hadAlso I think I expected from the premise Between the blurb and the title I expected something well apocalytpic I guess But really it's just sort of same old same old in the weird world of Angel I even felt like some things were regressing or at least being held stagnant which I felt should've been progressing like her relationships with her father and with MarcusSpeaking of which while I find her relationship with her father at times vexing and at times sweet I'm just not feeling the whole thing with Marcus Whenever they're together they end up sniping at each other but we're told that they're still crazy for each other and meant to believe they have a really deep connection But I'm not feeling it With some things that happened in this book though maybe that will improveThat said I'm not digging the little inklings of possible love triangleness I think if I remember correctly there were other times in these books where I felt it might go that way and it didn't so I'm hoping that stays true and we avoid the whole awful triangle trend I would be ok with her ditching Marcus and going with someone else though That would make for a different kind of awkwardness of course but it could be interesting It would probably be soap operay though so maybe not Anyway The plot itself was ok but a bit unbelievable I had a hard time believing view spoilerPietro would let Charish or whatever her name is back into the fold because she was being handled or whatever I also don't like the whole we know everything that's going on but we're going to keep it a secret from Angel so that she gets herself into trouble needlessly thing hide spoiler

  6. Becky Becky says:

    Again with the liking but not loving in this series I was kind of expecting something pretty different than what I got based on the title Not that that's necessarily a BAD thing just different than what I kinda maybe hoped for But for what the book was I did like it I just wish that some of the repetitive recap stuff would peter out We're now 3 books into the series so it's no longer necessary to tell us that Angel is a zombie If recap info is needed it should be plot info that people could have forgotten from the last book not the main thing about the book's main character That's like needing to repeatedly and pointedly remind us that the main character is a woman Just a bit unnecessary I like Angel and how she is not really willing to compromise her independence with Marcus That's not to say that she's not willing to compromise at all but she is definitely not going to let him control her coughEDWARDcough I also like that she's purposely taking things slowly and wanting to find out who she is and what she wants before rushing into a relationship based on a single parasitic commonality This is a very refreshing change of pace from all the instalove out there that makes me gag I am still enjoying the humor in this series but I did feel like this book shifted to a serious tone Angel still got off some good one liners but overall it didn't have the same Fuck it attitude that I've come to love from Angel Maybe that's part of that maturity thing that she keeps mentioning but I hope not That's one of my favorite things about the series One complaint though I didn't realize it until it was ruined but I actually liked that Angel was just a regular zombie She wasn't special or chosen or anything except now she is apparently sigh I mean I guess that that kind of thing is necessary these days Everyone wants to be special But ugh special is so boring when everyone IS special I LIKED Angel just being a smart mouthed ignorant drop out ex junkie white trash zombie I liked that THAT is what made her who she is I don't think it's necessary for her to be zombie special and I was really disappointed when that bit came up Ah well I still really like these and I'll still read the next book That's not out yet

  7. ☕️Kimberly ☕️Kimberly says:

    In White Trash Zombie Apocalypse Angel Crawford is knee deep in problems from dealing with her Dad to trying to deciding how she feels about her not uite boyfriend You think that would be enough to keep our curious little zombie out of trouble but nopeshe is asking uestions Her little Nancy Drew hat is constantly on and she picks up on things She soon discovers the secret lab is still open for business Things get seriously complicated when a zombie movie comes to town and the labs involvement will have you cringing I thought Rowland's ingenuous idea to weave this thread into the ongoing story arc to be well done and uite clever Again I barreled through this listening during every free moment Rowland weaves snark suspense and mystery into this installment Before I even finished I ordered How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back the next audio in this series This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  8. Ian Ian says:

    A zombie movie is being filmed in her home town and the zombies might or might not be real When a body shows up on the movie set everyone's favorite coroner's office zombie Angel once again finds herself in the middle of the shambling moaning action White Trash Zombie Apocalypse feels a lot like a ticker tape parade All the stars are there you watch them drive by you cheerthen you go home and wonder what just happened A lot of new characters are introduced who are peripheral to the story and honestly don't do all that much Things are hinted at which don't lead anywhere view spoilerWe didn't even get to meet the bad guysat least I don't think we did hide spoiler

  9. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Zombie Mama is so cool and I love herNow I want

  10. Douglas Meeks Douglas Meeks says:

    Where do I start for this third installment of the life of Angel Angel is still trying to have something that resembles a normal life even if she is a zombie well adjusted as she is but life just isn’t going to let that happen just yetThe fact that there is a zombie movie being filmed in her town is just a complication in some of the things that are going to happen Add to it that fact that it rains almost the whole book which gives a whole new level of stress to everything and just adds to the “life sucks and then you die” type of atmosphere in much of this novelThe story starts off interweaving a bit of the previous story of how Angel got to be a zombie which is good if this is the first book of the series you have read although you have missed some very good novels if you don’t read them all preferably in orderIt doesn’t take long before Angel starts to attract trouble did I mention people trying to killcapture her and so we have the “zombie mafia” corporate intrigue a bit of a science fiction flavor and less we forget there seems to be the beginning of than one love interest Curious to see where that one is going to go since Marcus the seemingly permanent love interest previously seems to have some competitionAs with previous books in this series the mysterythriller to solve is the prime mover in this novel and it is done well a bit multi layered but not done to the point of confusionIf I have any complaints about this book it would be that my violent revenge junkie was not fed that well since I am usually rooting for the heroheroine to put all the bad guys 6 feet under Trust me there are some violent encounters in this story but I felt cheated out of some of the satisfying examples of revenge but the above mentioned “multi layered” plot does not really allow that at least not yetI do like to be surprised and I got that along with some additional interrelationship with her Dad which I predict you will enjoy I can't say much on that one without selling the farmBottom Line I loved it kept me interested and someplace around the 50% mark it became a “I can't put it down” story that kept me up late and losing sleep so I could finish it Her confusing relationship with her Dad presents a bit “humanity” to this zombie story it would not otherwise have and gives it some added emotional depth 5 Stars for a great story and a well written one

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