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Bloom ➵ [Reading] ➷ Bloom By Martin Kee ➪ – Tennyson Middlebrook never considered himself a storyteller The fairy tales he invented for his childhood friend Allison were only meant as a distraction from their troubled lives For Tennyson the sto Tennyson Middlebrook never considered himself a storyteller The fairy tales he invented for his childhood friend Allison were only meant as a distraction from their troubled lives For Tennyson the stories were a whim meant only to offer comfort in a bleak time of mass extinction and despair The characters in his stories never even had namesBut Lil’it is real if not uite human She is feh a non person existing in a fractured world of hoarded knowledge where the simple act of writing is a crime punishable by death At best she is property; at worst she is an exotic commodity something to be sold off to rich superstitious lords and bankers who would use her organs as aphrodisiacs She lives in a cage kept as a pet her saliva a pathogen used to concoct potions But when she is sold to the prince of a kingdom as a plaything she discovers her world is much bigger dangerous and far terrifying than she had ever imagined from inside the safety of her prisonThe world has been afflicted by Bloom a parasitic fungus striking down the very people who might be able to stop it For a disease that feeds on information the minds and memories of humanity are the perfect foodAs Bloom scatters the remains of his species Tennyson becomes separated from Allison When he learns that she may still be alive he must decide how far he is willing to go to see the end of the world with the only woman he ever loved even if she has no memory of him.

About the Author: Martin Kee

Martin Kee is the author of A LATENT DARK and BLOOM OR THE UNWRITTEN MEMOIR OF TENNYSON MIDDLEBROOK as well as a number of short stories and video games His books exist along the fuzzy borderlands of science fiction fantasy and horror and have been described as strange imaginative and visceral defying categorization in any specific genre When he grows up he'd like to be a starship pilot.

10 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    My brother recommended Bloom to me claiming it was amazing even going as far to say that he would put it up there as one of his all time favourite books ever and if you knew my brother you would know that is a huge statement I can tell you that this book did not disappoint in the slightest wow just wow It was amazing After reading it I would also say that this is one of my all time favourite books ever I recommended it to my best friend and she thanked me for recommending it gave it five stars and said I was amazing Everyone should read this bookAfter reading this book I will be getting my grubby little hands on anything else I can find by Martin Kee that is for sure

  2. Babette Babette says:

    As I started reading this book I started to get that feeling that comes when you know you've discovered something special The story swaps back and forth between two completely separate plots that slowly come together into a satisfying conclusion The story is compelling the settings are easy to picture and the characters invoke emotion sometimes sympathy sometimes disgust I tried to put the book down to sleep and ended up picking it back up because I couldn't get my mind off the story I love discovering new authors and Martin Kee is someone to keep an eye out for

  3. Nora Black Nora Black says:

    Bloom By Martin KeeBloom or Scribblers disease is introduced as a horror fungus a sprouting phenomena that is bound to keep you awake at night; however it evolves into something far complex and calculating a measure of a wonderfully productive imagination Bloom is the future it is all knowledge science and life The story opens with two young characters; the male character's function is to protect and love the female the female must protect and love the world This is an adult fairy tale a gem a marvel It is Alice in Wonderland The Hulk The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix all rolled into one Rarely if ever have I enjoyed or become so completely enmeshed in a book The reader is transported into a dystopia world on the brink of extinction Allison Rosling and the charmingly named Tennyson Middlebrook are childhood friends whose devotion to each other is the stuff of legend They populate the pages of the novel's past present and future Allison cannot bear anything to feel pain she is special and Tennyson must struggle to keep abreast The story unfolds intelligently on than one level at all times We are pulled along by the parallel tale of Lil'it the fairy But this fairy is of a type you've never even begun to imagine; she is beautiful tiny and brilliant however she is also poison itself Her adventures are a delight to read they are also spectacularly woven into the Allison Tennyson backstory that traverses a myriad of millennia you will find yourself flinging pages aside in your need to discover the outcome of their strange symbiosis The book is exciting uniue and beautifully written To imagine how this wonderfully original fantasy escaped major publishing interest is only a sad sign of the times Below find my half way through review I have not been able to put this book down I've been up all night reading Tennyson and Allison are beautifully drawn characters to say nothing of Lil'it; all of whom drag the reader unwittingly into a world filled with tension and fear the Bloom or Scribbler's disease is upon the earth it multiplies in seconds will it consume civilization? I can't wait to find out ABTW it is also filled wonderfully crafted writing

  4. Tina Tina says:

    This book has become my favorite It deserves 10 starsThe story starts with the innocent childhood friendship between Allison and Tennyson Those lazy summer days when you had fun exploring and playing outside There friendship is one that endures over time At the same time the book has a story within the story that you get glimses every other chapter about a fairy named lil'it The stories seem completely separate until they start to intertwine near the end of the bookThe bloom is the plague of the twentieth century that takes over the world and we see how the bloom affects Allison and Tennyson The fungus is actually a knowledge storage baseI usually don't enjoy science fiction types of books but this one is so intriguing and really held my interest I staid up several hours past my normal sleep time to finish it I couldn't put it down as the action in the stories kept me wanting This is one to definitely suggest and recommend This is the book that had it been a paperback would have been passed around between my friends

  5. Tywyll Tywyll says:

    uite an uniue take on the post apocolyptic esue genre with a fantasy twist I loved how the progression of the dual stories of Tennyson and Lil'it kept the reader wondering how are they connected The reveal of how came gradually and added to the story's intrigue For those two aspects alone Bloom gets 5 stars The things I really disliked about Bloom was the scenes of underaged drinking view spoilerTennyson having sex with a minor it being a new age or not; and men constantly lusting after Lil'it hide spoiler

  6. Jule Mcalpin Jule Mcalpin says:

    A truly original fantasy post apocalypse adventure story The friendship of Allison and Tennyson is epic The poisonous fairy is unlike anything I expected The book is everything I didn’t know I wanted to read Gorgeous world and perfect characters It could not have been written any better Loved it loved it loved it

  7. Cindy Cindy says:

    One of the best books I've read in a while and it was a free kindle book so doubly surprising Two intertwined tales one told in an apocalyptic future and the other is a twisted fairy tale Believable and compelling characters along with an intriguing plot made this book a uick and enjoyablefor the most part since parts are grimm indeed read

  8. Hollie Hollie says:

    I got this book as a freebie sometime back and finally got around to reading it While I found the storyline creative I did find the dialogue to be somewhat choppy It just didn't flow well for me personally

  9. Ken Ken says:

    I enjoyed this book a lot What's keeping me from giving it four stars is the overall lack of depth and the amount of infodumps near the end

  10. Katia Katia says:

    What a fun book Growing up and currently living in Visalia doesn't hurt So original and engaging; recommending to fellow Visalians

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