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Lock Key ❰Read❯ ➫ Lock Key Author Traci Hunter Abramson – Thomashillier.co.uk After years of hiding from her criminal family Carina Channing is ready to start a new life in Virginia Beach But cutting ties with the past proves impossible thanks to a mysterious key she received f After years of hiding from her criminal family Carina Channing is ready to start a new life in Virginia Beach But cutting ties with the past proves impossible thanks to a mysterious key she received from her imprisoned father After a warning visit from her uncle Carina and her boyfriend Navy SEAL Jay Wellman begin an urgent search to discover the key's purpose before their enemies intercede With their lives and shared future on the line Carina and Jay race against time to unravel the threat and the promise this one simple family key holds.

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  1. Amanda Caswell Amanda Caswell says:

    While not my favorite book by Abramson it was still a good read with a good mystery This book continues the story of Carina and Jay began in Code Word where her Chicago mob family was after something her father had sentand a little revenge Now Carina and Jay are living in Virginia Beach planning the wedding with their families when it appears someone is again trying to retrieve her father's package a key and a postcard Will they figure out who is after them and why before it's too late?While there were some elements of the story that I had a hard time believing the narrative was engaging The funannoying thing about Christian or LDS fiction is that any unreality in situation can be dealt with by prayer revelation and the simply fact of God's timing While focusing mainly on the mystery of the key there are other problems to deal with that made the book much realistic Carina's younger sister Bianca is having problems with a bully at school Carina is worried about the wedding dress designs for celebrity Kendra Blake and how to launch her clothing company and Jay is learning how to balance his life as a SEAL with a new family Abramson never disappoints

  2. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Reading this novel was like having a reunion with old friends in the saint suad I loved getting reacuainted with carina and Bianca after their close call trying to escape their father's family ties to the cartel I loved seeing the family relationships in the saint suad When Bianca starts a new school in Virginia beach she is bullied by a swim mate and fellow student The saint suad stand together and set up a video of the acts so the principal believes Bianca When the threat comes in the form of a bounty for the whereabouts of the Channing sisters jay Carina's fiancé takes them to NY to try to connect the clues of the key and postcard Carina's father sent They end up finding a enormous elegant condo showcasing Central Park that is Carina's trust along with some They have the unexpected visit from Silvia their cousin He wants their father's money and is willing to kill to get it Jay saves the day and they plan to use the new found money to build an auatics center for Pete jay's dad and Bianca's swim coach to use along with a house for the whole family Jay and Carina's wedding date gets closer

  3. Shauna Shauna says:

    I have a friend Jen Geddes who LOVES Traci Hunter Abramson as much as I do and the whole time I was reading this book I kept thinking Jen is going to love thisSo I dedicate this review to you JenThis book continues the story of Jay Carina and BiancaCarina and Bianca have been in hiding from the criminal past of their familyBianca has a new school and a new swim team and unfortunately a new bullyCarina is falling deeper in love with Jay and designing dresses for a very famous clienteleBut when Carina is surprised with a visit from her uncle she Jay and Bianca go on the run againCarina also hold as key that will unlock all the answersonly problemno one will tell her what the key unlocksJay and the Saint suad take on the bullycan you even imagine how that high school boy feels when he comes up against the suad And they also help Carina try to find the piece to the puzzle she callslifeSO AMAZINGLY GOODLOVED LOVED LOVED ITA TRUE PAGE TURNERFALL IN LOVE WITH JAY AND THE SAINT SUAD ONCE AGAIN

  4. Jan Jan says:

    I loved this part of the series of the Saint Suad She dealt with bullying in high school a swim team and the dedication to the sport and of course family Not all family is related by blood but by love respect and support for each otherStill Love this book

  5. Mom Mom says:

    Another great book in the series I was glad it was a carry over from the previous book so that the issue of the key Carina had could be resolved I don't know how in real life you would ever be able to get away from the mob if your family ties were to it You would think you always had to have your eyes looking back to see if anyone has caught up to you Carina came into a lot of money but it was fun to see her use some of that to built a center to name for her mother Pete would get his swimming pool and they would have a house big enough that Jay's parents could live with them and Bianca too since she is still in high school Makes since for Pete to be close to Bianca since he has her on his swim team and they practice three times a day That is intense Not as much hands on with the Seal team in this one besides trying to follow up on leads Jay has for them Although moving Carina and Bianca out of their apartment was interesting as Brent lowered boxes down to Jay over the balcony so that anyone staking out the apartment wouldn't know where she was moving to Their plan to drive the moving truck to Balti was a great way to fool who was following them

  6. Gail Gail says:

    An exciting story of Carina trying to start a new life and getting away from her mafia family she assumes responsibility for her sister Bianca after their mother is murdered Carina and Bianca have moved a few times to keep safe from their family They receive a key from their imprisoned father but have no idea what the key belongs to or opens but the key holds power because the mafia family is trying to track them down An uncle does find them and warns them and tries to talk them into giving him the key but Carina resists Hiding again her NAVY Seal boyfriend Jay and his family assist them all in hiding as well as finding what the key opens They still aren't sure exactly who is after them and trying to kill them for the key but we find out what the key belongs to and their whole world changesand they also find out who the killer is tovery suspenseful story with intrigue mystery and just the right amount of romance Fun read

  7. Dlora Dlora says:

    I didn't realize this was the seuel to Code Word but nevertheless author Abramson did a good job creating this novel to stand on its own Cariana is the daughter of a mob boss and is hiding from the warring factions of the family Her mom has been murdered and her dad is in prison for it not that they believe that he did it He is however willing to stay in prison anyway and has left his daughters with a key and a puzzle Unfortunately the other members of the mob family want that key Cariana's younger sister Bianca is in high school and the story is almost about her than Cariana and her fiance Jay Wellman who is a member of the Saint Suad SEALs We get great details about Bianca's competitive swimming training as well as her dealing with bullying in her new high school all the while they are trying to stay hidden from the mob Good action scenes This book in the Saint Suad series is a step away from the normal SEAL activities and political intrigues

  8. Cynthia A Schwenck Cynthia A Schwenck says:

    Another great read from Abramson I have found that when I read an author's books back to back after 5 or 6 books I begin to get irrated with some of the characters They start to feel whiny rude etc I am reading Traci Hunter Abramson' s books from the first to the last and have yet to be irrated by a character In part this is because the books are enjoyable but also because the primary character in each book changes As with the others I have enjoyed this book and did not want to put it down

  9. Amy Amy says:

    Follow up to a previous book in the series Doesn’t work as well as a stand alone Lots of references to previous books and characters It felt like following an engaged couple around as they house hunt wedding plan and visit a financial planner Then there was all this teenage high school drama with creepiness solved by overkill SEAL team stuff I know it’s supposed to be fictional suspense but I couldn’t find the balance of reality and fictionViolence no sex mild language

  10. Kim Dennis Kim Dennis says:

    Another great book by Abramson This one was really 45 stars There were a couple of things that bothered me when it came to the school situation However I went with 5 stars just because I love the series so much It was fun to get a lot from Bianca in this book as wellI'm having kind of a lovehate relationship with the series I love the series I hate the fact that every book I read brings me that much closer to it being over

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