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  1. Kimberly Erskine Kimberly Erskine says:

    Have you ever felt out of place or like you just simply didn’t belong? Perhaps you were one of the unfortunate kids who was always picked last for gym class The other kids for whatever reason didn’t want you on their teamOr maybe as a teenager you found yourself at a party where everyone was drinking or smoking and you had no interest to partake You were the only one not smoking drinking or partying You were the outcast You did not belongDoesn’t feel to good to be unwanted or to made to feel like you don’t belong does it?In Brian Humek’s Spiritual Non Fiction E book Purple Ducks Humek recalls various incidents in which he felt he just simply didn’t belong From tales of not knowing how to skip in elementary school to being singled out in choir and asked to resign Humek shares his stories in a personable way that makes it easy to relate to Humek also shows a strong sense of humor often laughing at his own mistakes and mishaps and poking fun of himself which makes reading Purple Ducks not only informative and insightful but fun as wellThe real strength in Humek’s Purple Ducks is that it not only tells stories of how Humek felt he didn’t belong but it also provides examples of how we tend to exclude others and make them feel like they don’t belong Unfortunately it is easy to single out others in our groups and to exclude them and we often times don’t even realize what we are doing Humek’s E book is geared towards Christians and churcheschurch leaders as a way to encourage them to be open understanding and at times less conventionalMany churches often become too uptight or set in their traditional ways It can be good to remain traditional but it is never a good thing when traditional turns into judgmental or inclusive Humek argues that a church should not only be a place of worship but rather a place that encourages understanding sympathy compassion and above all else an established community where everyone belongs regardless of their backgrounds Humek believes that one of the greatest ways to create a sense of belonging in our church communities may be to go outside of the doors of the church After all where in the Bible did God state that a church service cannot be held in a retirement home Starbucks or even a local pub? If these places help people to feel comfortable welcomed and open why not use it a place of worship and service to God?Brian Humek’s Purple Ducks is a well written funny insightful and inspiration E book that will make you uestion your previous beliefs on how a church service should be conducted It will make you open minded to other individuals and willing to try new things for and within your church In short after reading this E book you will be full of the determination to work harder in your daily life to include others and to make them feel as if they belongeven if they are a “Purple Duck”Purple Ducks is available as an E book to download on a variety of devices on SmashWordscom and com

  2. John Dobbs John Dobbs says:

    Sometimes when you get through reading a book you feel like you've just spent a few hours with an old friend over coffee or vent hot chocolate nonfat with whipped cream That's the way I feel after finishing Brian Humek's Purple Ducks Reflections on Why in the World We Want to Belong It is not lost on me that this is actually the spirit of the book I placed the book on my 'biography' shelf because Brian share so much of his interesting life with the reader There were times when I laughed out loud and some times when I just had to sigh along with the author Everybody likes to be liked and Brian seems to be the kind of person that makes people feel important when he is with them This book is written from a Christian perspective but I think that even someone who is not a believer would enjoy the nonjudgmental spirit of this book Brian wears his church of Christ heritage like a crooked hat it might slip around a little bit but it's boldly there I think someone who is wanting to read some encouragement to deal with loneliness fitting in finding a mission in this life or who just likes to read about the true life adventures of others will enjoy this book I hope I get the chance to meet Brian sometime I kind of feel like we're already friends I appreciate his love for the preChristians among us and the way he has followed his heart as he has followed Christ

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Purple Ducks ➽ [Download] ✤ Purple Ducks By Brian Humek ➲ – Thomashillier.co.uk Ever felt like you didn’t belong It's a common feeling But why in the world do we want to belong Purple Ducks looks into where that need originates and tells some funny stories along the way If you' Ever felt like you didn’t belong It's a common feeling But why in the world do we want to belong Purple Ducks looks into where that need originates and tells some funny stories along the way If you're a dedicated Christian this book will leave you with mixed emotions If you don't attend church after this read you may just find yourself wanting to join a congregation which meets in a pub Long description Belonging is important The lack of it can cause some serious damage to your life and to the lives of others There are all sorts of ways people exclude others and keep them from belonging to certain groups or organizations For the most part this exclusion happens at school when we are younger and at the workplace when we become adults But there's also another place where people can feel excluded that place is the church building This book is written by a man who witnessed exclusion in the church and took it upon himself to do something about that He read the stats went to the lectures and learned about how % of Americans do not attend church At the congregation he attended while in seminary he witnessed church leaders rejecting the community around the building They were different looking people and different thinking people than the thirty five members in the pews on Sunday morning And the people around the building liked to sleep late on Sunday mornings According to one church leader that was a mortal sin Having struggled with belonging all his life due to various situations and events Brian Humek realized he was not alone and wanted to write Purple Ducks for those who have been excluded and those who exclude others Peppered with humorous anecdotes on belonging or a lack of it Brian hopes some lessons can be learned from the words in Purple Ducks.