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Family Whispering [PDF / Epub] ☄ Family Whispering ✓ Melinda Blau – Thomashillier.co.uk Parenting is something you do Family is something you areBefore her untimely death in 2004 Tracy aka the Baby Whisperer and her longtime collaborator journalist Melinda Blau conceived a fourth book th Parenting is something you do Family is something you areBefore her untimely death in Tracy aka the Baby Whisperer and her longtime collaborator journalist Melinda Blau conceived a fourth book that would apply the commonsense principles of baby whispering to the whole family This ground breaking book explains why family is defined by much than the relationship between parent and child By widening the lens to focus on the family as an entity Blau uses the Baby Whisperer philosophy to illuminate how the multiple bonds and interactions that unfold within a household of adults and children coalesce to form a larger family dynamic By taking this wider perspective she enables readers to see everyday challenges such as sibling rivalry communication and time management with fresh eyes Informed both by research and stories of real families this new book is filled with the handy tips and memorable acronyms that Baby Whisperer fans have come to expect The advice is simple practical and often counterintuitive asking kids to help around the home can make them happier; setbacks can often make a family closer The hopeful message is that with insight awareness and family think we can actually design our families to be happier and productive improving the daily lives of parents and kids and thereby benefiting society as a whole in the process.

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Family Whispering
  • Melinda Blau
  • 09 January 2016
  • 9781451654462

About the Author: Melinda Blau

Award winning journalist Melinda Blau has been researching and writing about relationships and social trends for than thirty years With her lucky thirteenth book Conseuential Strangers People Who Don't Seem to MatterBut Really Do she widens her lens to include the surprisingly vital connections that extend beyond family and close friendsa subject that has taken her into the world of.

5 thoughts on “Family Whispering

  1. Sara Cantoni Sara Cantoni says:

    Partiamo dal presupposto che sono una Grande Grande Grande ho già detto grande? fan del lavoro di Tracy Hogg Il linguaggio segreto dei neonati è stata la mia Bibbia con il primo figlio e mi sono anche divorata Il linguaggio segreto dei bambini Ho trovato in Tracy la voce che mi serviva il metodo che mi ha consentito di conciliare maternità e sanità mentale Grazie al suo metodo in ualche modo sapevo cosa fare o almeno avevo delle opzioni da provare prima di sentirmi totalmente perso nell'oceano della maternitàuesto volume ha un'unica grande peccamanca Tracy La Blau infatti ha scritto il libro dopo la morte della Hogg ispirandosi al suo metodo traendo ispirazione dalle conversazioni che le due hanno avuto e raccogliendo molte testimonianze Le parti nelle uali si sente Tracy uindi uelle legate alla genitorialità e ai figli sono ottime uelle legate alla coppia e agli adulti un pochino più deboliNel complesso un buon volume con spunti interessanti ma non illuminante come gli altri

  2. Hilary Hilary says:

    Family Whispering takes a whole family approach encouraging everyone to work together for everyone's benefit Family life shouldn't revolve around the children making them the center of the universe but children shouldn't be excluded from decisions or work chores that affect everyone Making children stakeholders and giving them responsibility isn't a new concept but it's sometimes hard to implement because every family is different with different needs and dynamics Taking time out before making an angry or sarcastic retort is a time old tradition but usually used by adults on children rather than between themselvesTracy and Melissa show you how using family think rather than parent think can work for you using a key acronym of REAL Responsibility Empathy Authenticity and Leading with love to keep you on track giving you suggested phrases and strategies for every change or problem to make it possible Specific sections deal with growing up responsibilities family change sibling issues recognizing and using routines parent child conflicts and much As I read I thought There's a lot homework in this book and it's true The other books were somewhat simpler in approach because the needs of a baby or toddler are simpler than balancing the needs of every family member This one has exercises designed to analyze family interactions and responses and a Family Notebook to record your answers so you can see change Anyone who's gone through multiple nights of Pick UpPut Down knows how crucial it is to see progress There are multiple scenarios to help you see the full impact of changes as you work through the solutions with the hypothetical family Tracy encourages you to find a family mentor maybe a grandparent auntuncle or family friend who knows your family and can offer trusted advice from his or her own experienceMelissa's voice is much apparent here but you can see Tracy's influence words and experience everywhere and we also get to know a little of Tracy as a person not just that voice of reason whispering in our ears Although this is written with parents of school age children in mind anyone who is a part of a family whether in an adult or child role will benefit because this is not a book about parenting it's a book about dealing with lifeDisclaimer I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    This was an easy to read helpful book on parenting It really made me take a different look at my family and the way I parent This is a great book to give to new parents old parents grandparents or expecting parents

  4. Cara Cara says:

    Beautiful book with inspiring and helpful examples of how to connect and stay close within your immediate and extended family Tracy Hogg beloved author of The Baby Whisper began this book before she died

  5. Heidi J. Heidi J. says:

    Lots of useful information here but I would need time to really do it justice in my own family life I may have to get my own copy and go back through

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