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Midnight Action Killer Instincts #5 ❰Reading❯ ➿ Midnight Action Killer Instincts #5 Author Elle Kennedy – Thomashillier.co.uk She’s got a broken heartand a fully loaded arsenal Ex–army ranger Jim Morgan leads a team of elite mercenaries but eighteen years ago in Paris he was part of a black ops unit whose mission was to She’s got a Killer Instincts PDF Î broken heartand a fully loaded arsenal Ex–army ranger Jim Morgan leads a team of elite mercenaries but eighteen years ago in Paris he was part of a black ops unit whose mission was to hunt down a rogue operative In order Midnight Action Epub / to trap the criminal Jim seduced Noelle the man’s daughter—a ruthless act that cost him the love of his life and turned her into a mortal enemy Now he can’t trust her but he still desires her He also needs her help Older wiser and Action Killer Instincts MOBI · unwilling to play the fool again Noelle runs a group of highly skilled assassins And she’s just been offered the hit of the century Eliminate Jim Morgan History gives them no reason to trust each other but with their lives in jeopardy at the hands of a common enemy the lines between love and hate are soon blurred Now Noelle and Jim must face the past if they want to have a future—let alone a future together.

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  1. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    I have mixed feelings about this one As much as I liked Jim and Noelle I feel there was still to much that happened between them for them to end up HEA I don't feel completely sold on their love I did really like them though I also have a really hard time with the fact that Noelle slept with D a number of times I don't care that Jim or Noelle slept with other people as they were not together for years but D lives and works with Jim and I feel that it's just eww I loved Jim's daughter Cate was awesome and I seen she gets her own book yay I just wish I would have been connected to Jim and Noelle Liam and Sully had one hot scene and then a bunch of crap I would have liked from them On a side note I listened to this book on audio and the narrator Allyson Ryan was amazing She does so many different voices and accents it really brings the book to life

  2. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    4 12 Stars I really enjoyed this one I just don't understand why it took me so long to finish it

  3. ♥Rachel♥ ♥Rachel♥ says:

    Midnight Action was an exciting second chance romance filled with action danger and hurt fueled by an old betrayal Noelle was betrayed by Jim Morgan eighteen years ago when he seduced her to get to her father as part of his uncover assignment Noelle was crushed but she picked up the pieces of her life and vowed revenge She got it and ever since then Noelle and Jim have been at each other’s throats Still every time they meet it’s a battle to keep their hands off to themselves and not just because they’d like to kill each other Noelle who has since formed an elite company of assassins’ receives an offer you’d think she couldn’t refuse kill Jim Morgan Instead of carrying it out she bands with him to find the killer and finally after all these years they’ll have to work together and face the past a past that is filled with pain on both sides Is it possible they could ever have a future after all they’ve put each other through? Years ago Noelle was crushed when she found out how Jim used her and when the details were revealed my heart ached for her But the situation is different from what she was led to believe Still the betrayal stings fresh because Noelle was so in love with Jim As the true events are revealed Noelle and Jim’s relationship becomes very complicated It’s a passionate tug of war between these two As if the revealing of past events wasn’t enough excitement for this story we have the mystery behind who wants to kill Jim supplying danger and action at every turn Part of the problem over the years between Jim and Noelle was his refusal to accept responsibility for how things played out I wanted to shake him for blaming Noelle at all Really the revenge that Noelle took was his own fault but thankfully it’s not long before Jim wakes up and realizes what a complete moron he was Once that happens it clears the way for healing to take place in between assassination attempts that is And between HOT angry hookups and I do mean HOT During these encounters Jim and Noelle can’t help but let some of their true feelings come through and it helps them let go of the past a little bit at a time I adore second chance romances It makes me sad when a couple loves so intensely and then everything goes tragically wrong I long for their HEA But it was evident to everyone around that Jim and Noelle had a one of a kind bond and it was only a matter of time before they realized it as well I haven’t read the previous stories in this series but it’s not necessary to enjoy Jim and Noelle’s addictive and moving storyMidnight Action was full of intriguing secondary characters and the set up for future romances were included as side stories I found one very sizzling indeed A copy was kindly provided by Signet in exchange for an honest review

  4. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ says:

    5 AMAZING Stars 33From the moment I finished Midnight Target I wanted to know about Jim and NoelleI knew these two will drive me crazy in a good wayI freaking loved their story these two loved each other and hate in the same time for their own reasonsNoelle and Jim has to work together and this is a great opportunity to work on their issuesWhenever these two are together is like an explosionThey are super hotpassionateintense and eroticI admired Noelle and loved her she is sassybadassstrong and sometimes funnyJim is simply perfect stubbornbossy and sexyI loved all the other charactersIf you are looking for a series with actionsuspense and fantastic characters this is perfect   

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Midnight Action is the fifth installment in Elle Kennedy's romantic suspense series titled Killer Instincts Ms Kennedy has been teasing her readers since book one with a palpable but undisclosed history between mercenary leaders Jim Morgan and Noelle Phillips In Midnight Action we finally got the nitty gritty details of it all It's sweet innocent sad sexy angry resentfuland it all makes sense why their relationship is the way it is present day I loved that this book was their story It's my favorite of the series to date However in addition to Jim and Noelle there are eually engaging side stories that offer some explanation for Jim's on and off MIA status and a separate but seriously sexy relationship setup for an mm romance that I hope isn't too long down the road Midnight Action will absolutely be a re read for me If you follow this series you can look forward to a spectacular #5 Check it outMy favorite uote She suddenly realized how fleeting it all was You always thought you had all the time in the world You took it for granted that the people you cared about were always going to be there2517My fav in the series so far Completely engaged and absorbed every page Full review to come

  6. Ezinwanyi Chinyere Ezinwanyi Chinyere says:

    Jim Morgan and Noelle Phillips have had a contentious relationship since book 1 None of their operatives knew why Jim and Noelle hated each other only that the feelings of animosity were palpable when they are in the same roomIn this book the author gives the background to this volatile relationship by alternating past and present every other chapter The narrator does an excellent job with so many characters because this installment had a lot of moving parts18 years ago a young Jim Morgan seduced a 17 year old Noelle Phillips to gain information on Noelle's dad who was on the government wanted list for selling intelligence to the foreign enemies The information resulted in the apprehension and death of Noelle's father Noelle was devastated at Jim's betrayal and vowed vengeance In this book Noelle receives a call from a client who wants her to murder Jim Morgan and it seems like Noelle finally got an offer she couldn't refuse Except she told Jim and they decided to work together to uncover who wanted Jim deadThe heat and chemistry between those two was among the highest I have ever read They were wildly attracted to each other but there was no trust and no forgiveness for past wrong This new assignment allowed Noelle to address her grievances and Jim to make amends I was hoping the D would be part of the euation but this was a second chance romance trope and D was a third wheelAllyson Ryan did an amazing job on this book I was never lost in this audiobook I loved the voices she used for each character because it was believable The author didn't disappoint in Jim and Noelle's story which was my fear since the author has been alluding to it for 4 books now I like them together and I understand why Noelle was so prickly and caustic She had been constantly betrayed at a young age by those she trusted She had been through a lot and survived through sheer grit and inner strength While I hadn't liked her in prior stories having her background made all the difference It also allowed me to understand Jim's journey and sacrifice The action in this book was constant and the plot was really interesting I was entertained as the stubborn protagonists finally addressed the elephant in the room their love It was slightly angsty but the ending was expected This was my favorite in this series This book utilized many of the supporting cast we have met and it set up two new storylines I am glad Jim and Noelle finally got over their hate and moved on to love Special Thanks to Tantor Audio for the audiobook given in exchange for an honest review

  7. Saly Saly says:

    Rating 35 starsOh Noelle I love you so much that I can't even express it and if it were upto me you would have gotten a much longer prolonged and agonizing grovel from Jim Morgan the guy who broke your young heart and made you into the ueen of assassins I had such astonishing expectations from this book and it couldn't be met but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy reading this one But I wanted much page time for Jim and Noelle and was annoyed reading about Bailey Liam Sully Sean when I just wanted this compelling couple to come back on page I loved seeing the very few glimpses in your past and would have loved to read about your transformation And another thing I feared came to pass in this book the plot device that threw you and Jim together and made the story move forward I have suspected this plot device for a while but was hoping it was just a red herring but alas it wasn't But I expect to see plenty of novellas about you and Jim especially how Jim convinced you to MARRY him

  8. AH AH says:

    Initial Thoughts My favorite book in the series so far Midnight Action lives up to its name Lots and lots of action packed edge of your seat moments explosions thrills and The lead couple Noelle and Jim have chemistry that is right off the charts These two sizzle and a lot of furniture is destroyedThis is a great little escape perfect for summertime reading Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group NAL for a review copy of this book

  9. Jae Jae says:

    This book was all Noelle She was such a hardassed bch in the previous books that I was worried that she would make a terrible heroine But there was so much to her story after all It explained a lot on how and why she turned up the way she was And I even shed a few tears for her But I finished the book with a bitter dislike for Morgan For what he did to Noelle he should've grovel harder for her forgiveness Make some effort at least Super soldiers are allowed to be softies from time to time too I like my soldier soft for me 4 STARS

  10. nick nick says:

    455SO SO GOOD This is by far my favorite book in the series I absolutely LOVED Jim and Noelle together and all that pent up passion they had between them Also kudos to the author for surprising me with a few twists in this one Elle Kennedy is a writing goddess

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