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Vampire Thirst (Dragon Heat #2) [PDF / Epub] ☉ Vampire Thirst (Dragon Heat #2) By Ella J. Phoenix – Sometimes life takes you down a completely different path from the one you had originally plannedAfter successfully rescuing the daughter of a draconian senator and other innocent women from a vampire Sometimes life takes you down a completely different path from the one you had originally plannedAfter successfully rescuing the daughter of a draconian senator and other innocent women from a vampire psychopath Sam and fellow warriors Zoricah and Yara have to trade sunny New York for gloomy London Time is running out on their unfinished mission More innocent people will die if they don’t catch the person behind the attacks in New York But something is making Sam lose control of her powers Something or someone Ever since her first and uite heated encounter with Hikuro her energies had gone haywire The vampire king’s second in command affected her in a way no one had ever before Her torment however is bound to get worse with Hikuro’s unexpected arrival in LondonEver since she set foot on vampire territory Sam had turned Hikuro’s carefully controlled life upside down He doesn’t trust her but some strange force pulled him toward her; an inexplicable attraction that defies centuries of training But if Hikuro is to keep his king safe he must keep a close eye on Sam even if he loses his sanity and his heart in the processPraises to 'Dragon Heat Book ' by Ella J Phoenix“Love the heat” CreativeDeedswordpresscom“Phoenix you’ve got yourself a new fan” Redhotbookscom“Wow Talk about hot And I'm not just talking about the dragon fire” transcendingdreamsnet.

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  1. Nicole P Nicole P says:

    For the most part I enjoyed this book I love the whole concept of vampires and dragons with other magical creatures getting a mention here and there In the second book of the Dragon Heat series Sam is pushed to the forefront as her uniue capabilities are needed She has a thorn in her side in the form Hikuro the vampire king's second in command The just seem to rub each other the wrong way When Hikuro is sent to London to give them news an explosion forces them to work together Interspersed was Tardieh and Zoricah and their little tiff about marriage and taking the next step despite their races not usually seeing eye to eyeMy biggest gripe was Sam There was constant talk of her being this awesome warrior who fights valiantly and well And yet when the fights happened I found her to impulsive weak and stupid She was ill disciplined and unnecessarily stupid New characters were introduced making this series intriguing I look forward to seeing Rafe up against Yara pun intended

  2. A.R. Von A.R. Von says:

    This is the second book of the Dragon Heat series and my favorite so far Love the way the author continued right off from where book one left off and added some extra twists and spice Awesome Any fan of the genre will fully enjoy Vampires ThirstSam has a past she can’t much remember When investigating some leads brings her to a place that sparks some of her past Well let’s just say she’s one hot messHikuro was raised a warrior with great strength and determination For many years he has been tested and always won But now he finds himself unable to resist See he’s rather weak with it comes to only one thing Make that one person SamLove these two together and I’m happy with the way Sam Hikuro and Zoricah and Tardieh relationships are progressing I cannot wait for book 3 and what else is to come I strongly recommend reading book one of the series before cracking open this bad boy There’s some awesome history you DO NOT want to miss out on with the characters

  3. ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝ ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝ says:

    35★★★★Vampire Thirst by Ella J Phoenix Dragon Heat #2I won this R2R in exchange for my honest opinion through LibraryThing Member GiveawayNot sure how or why I got a hold of the second book in a series without reading number one This truly drives me crazy This book had some hot scenes in it It also kept my interest Yet I found parts to be some what confusing I figure this is from not reading book 1 I suppose if I did read Dragon Heat it would all make sense to me Thank you to the author for sharing this book with me it is a world I'm sure I could fall in love with

  4. Amy Amy says:

    4 12 star read More Dragons Vampires Shifters and now Werewolves Oh my While reading DRAGON HEAT I fell into total crush mode over Hikuro There was something about him that told me there was fire beneath that stoic face and was I right Sent to London by Tardieh to check on the girls and still drawn to Sam’s side Hikuro tags along when she doesn’t want him to much to her annoyance She can’t seem to breathe when he’s around or think for that matter Her body heats up when she doesn’t want it to and her thoughts wander to his muscular body and fiery eyes on her – constantlyIn VAMPIRE THIRST by Ella J Phoenix the reader is treated to characters including a sexy werewolf named Rafe who will surely be showing up to cause plenty of trouble for Yara in the next Dragon Heat series installment and plotline to lead us further into the mystery of who is behind it all We learn about Sam her past her haunting nightmares and her abilities We watch as she and Hikuro give into their temptations even while she fears the result We experience the angst that Zoricah feels when she acknowledges her need to be a huge part of Tardieh’s life and we cheer as bad guys are expedited straight to hell I'd love to tell you of what is in store for you when you read this amazing paranormal romance but then I'd spoil it for youIf you haven’t started reading this series that features dragons vampires shifters and do – please – you’re missing a fabulous taleI highly recommend VAMPIRE THIRST by Ella J Phoenix to anyone who loves paranormal romance action fast paced storylines and hotter characters than even our favorites from Charlaine Harris VAMPIRE THIRST gives us extraordinary characters action that crosses into otherworldly planes danger and excitement that will thrill and excite and romance that will steam your glasses or at least the front of your reader Experience the Dragon Heat series for yourself You will be hooked immediatelyeCopy provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review

  5. Dawn Sullivan Dawn Sullivan says:

    After devouring the first book Dragon Heat I was so excited to read this one I consider myself lucky that I got to read book 1 2 together I was hooked and needed of the magical and oh so sexy world Ella has createdThis book starts off giving us a recap of book #1 and we also get a glossary of terms at the beginningAfter the sizzling chemistry between Sam and Hikuro that was heating up my Kindle I was dying to read about them The way he acted at the end of book one had me wanting Sam is a female warrior on Zoricah's team She is a powerful human with amazing powers She has no idea how she got her powers and for her to control them she needs to find out where they came fromHikuro is a ninja vampire warrior A badass samurai vampire He is one of the vampire king's closest friendsSam and Hikuro meet in Book 1 Dragon Heat Right away there is a burning connection that neither of them truly understands Can they work together? Will Sam push him away? You have to read to find outIn this dark sexy and delicious book there yummy vampires fascinating dragons a really cool panther and a mysterious shifter mix in a few slimy razbians and we get a uniue series with lots of mystery action and intense emotion with smoking hot sex That is what I call my kind of book Exciting with lots of twists and turns bringing us into Ella's magical world The ending was amazing Ella's story telling is superb and I can't wait for Yara's storyFavorite uoteLife is so not a straight line Sam thought as she felt the first signs of the teleporting free fall envelop her Life is like a seuence of cycles Childhood is one teenage years another You start green thinking you are still in the last cycle; then things change you crash you cry then you learn from that and you're ready to move on to the next phase And if you're good to yourself happiness will be sprinkled along the way

  6. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ says:

    Samantha Sam Austen barely has control of her powers yet knows that she wants nothing to do with Hikuro Sam can't seem to control her reaction to Hikuro but that doesn't stop her from trying Hikuro is a three hundred year old vampire that's unsure of his place within Sam's life Sam is tracking down a lead but her powers go haywire Hikuro rescues Sam yet unsure who is helping whom Meanwhile Tadieh and Zoricah are struggling to understand their relationship Tadieh thinks that Zoricah doesn't want him yet nothing could be further from the truth Zoricah is trying to track down leads but is coming up empty Will Sam admit her feelings? What is happening to Sam's powers? Can Hikuro break through Sam's defenses? Your answers await you in Vampire ThirstThis action packed seuel doesn't leave you hanging like some books do This creative and imaginative book captured my heart and attention The characters are splendid my opinion wholly uniue and compelling Definitely looking forward to the next installment in this series

  7. The Book The Book says:

    Read as an arc copy for an homest review 5 stars Utterly gripped by this seuel to Dragon Heat Vampire Thirst is largely Hikura and Sam's journey both characters fleetingly introduced in the first of the series Dragon Heat I loved the dynamic of these two characters in the first story and Ella has excelled herself in this installment Fast paced ninja action relevant and completely gripping I enjoyed the first novel but this second installment completely surpassed my expectations and has me desperate to read the third and final book The introduction of Rafe the wolf had me desperate to read of him Vampires dragons shifters and werewolvesElla J Phoenix has totally converted me to the paranormal fantasy land she has believably created with this series

  8. Chrissy Dyer Chrissy Dyer says:

    Wow This series gets better and better I love the way the story continues on to the next book and you find out and about the characters as romance and war blossoms all around them

  9. Lucy Dosch Lucy Dosch says:

    We pick up where we left off after Dragon Heat with both the action and the romance The conspiracy builds and we see that insta love doesn’t always go smoothlyThe missing dragon senator’s daughter was rescued by Zoricah and Tardieh and their friends in New York Information found at the scene leads their investigation to Europe Zoricah Yara and Sam head to England to meet with an old informant but with barely a word to Zoricah Tardieh takes Hikuro and the others and heads to Spain to do his own investigating Zoricah is torn between continuing the investigation and finding out why the man who only days before was profession undying love just walked out of her life without so much as a look backHikuro shows up just in time for Zoricah’s townhouse in London is be blown up adding to the uestion of how did someone find her safehouse and how big is this conspiracy? With Hikuro backing up Yara and Sam it is now the perfect time for Z to head to Spain to see why Tardieh is suddenly giving her the cold shoulderIn England Sam is attacked and only makes an escape because Hikuro is following her He comes to learn that Sam hasn’t been attacking Hikuro she simply has little control over her energies Sam was born a human but as a youth was brought to a psychiatric ward where strange experiments were being performed Sam no longer ages and she emits electricity Hikuro teleports Sam to his home to teach her how to focus and control her energies and also to keep her safe It seems that someone wants to see exactly what makes Sam sparkWith Hikuro Sam and Z all otherwise engaged Yara is left alone in England and has picked up a stalker of her very own a wolf shifter who has been blackmailed into killing the Vampire King and Yara is his best lead to track down the elusive TardiehTHOUGHTSNow that the basic character introductions have been made and the world building laid out we start focusing on the investigation and fleshing out our cast of characters both good and bad The second book was certainly enjoyable and exciting because of itThis story was broken up in to two parts one part focusing on Sam’s origins and the romance between Sam and Hikuro and the other part going back to Zoricah and TardiehAs a simple human Sam was subjected to electroshock therapy in the psychiatric ward sometime around WWII Due to that treatment it took years for Sam to even remember her name This is a perfect explanation of why her past still comes to her in flashes but she does remember and about the orphanage she grew up in and the doctor did experiments on her in the Ward Hikuro and Sam had an instant attraction in Dragon Heat but Hikuro was still pretty pissed and mistrusting of his own reaction to Sam after she zapped him at the club to get Tardieh’s attention It takes awhile for him to work through his anger even though the buzz is still there between them Once he realizes that Sam isn’t trying to attack him and hurt him but that she simply can’t control the level of energy she expends he works with her to focus her power which also gives them alone time which works its way into sexy naked timeOnce things start to settle for Hikuro and Sam we then switch over to Zoricah and Tardieh At the end of Dragon Heat Tardieh wants Zoricah to become his ueen but since Zoricah’s blood isn’t pooling in her genitalia she knows that nobody is going to be wishing congratulations to the Vampire King for selecting a unacceptable demi goddess Dragon as his ueen Z want them to think about the conseuences of their relationship but in an all or nothing sulk Tardieh goes off to do his own investigating since Zoricah “turned him down” While this matter is not completely settled they do agree that they want to be togetherZoricah is not completely wrong in her belief that the vampiredragon mating is going to make the others crazy The wolf shifter is blackmailed to kill the Vampire King and of course starts following Yara figuring out where to find her Once again some aspects of the investigation are solved but not everything This will lead us into the beginning of book 3This story had at least 100 pages than the Book 1 and really gave us time to spend with characters and with building the story plot as well as the romantic aspects The next story features Yara and the wolf shifter and has 100 pages than this one We know all our main characters so I anticipate really being able to get into a juicy plotReceived a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

  10. Shelly Shelly says:

    Picking up immediately after the first book in the series this is an exciting travelled and fast paced adventure Zoricah Tardieh Sam and most of the characters from the first book return to continue the search for the mastermind behind the experiments on both the draconians and vampires Phoenix made an interesting choice telling this tale Instead of weaving together all the story lines Phoenix told Sam and Hikuro's story in its own section Zoricah and Tardieh's continuation in it's own then she brings everyone back together in the last section That worked for me I found that I didn't have any trouble following any part of the story considering each couple's story take place in different parts of the world The dragons and vampires have historically lived in separate parts of the world and Phoenix does stick to that I'm not sure that this read would be as enjoyable if you didn't read the first book which gives the back story of both couples including the circumstances surrounding Sam and Hikuro's first meeting So I would definitely picking that one up also Sam the energy producing phenom from Zoricah's team and vampire Hikuro from Tardieh's team have been directed by their respective leaders to work together to help solve the mystery of their disappearing people For them to do this and do this well both Sam and Hikuro have to put aside their first impression of each other I thought their chemistry worked really well Sam has been either running or fighting for a long time She's not had a chance to have a life outside of obedience to her leader and their people I felt for her What a noble yet sad existence Her reactions to Hikuro fell in line with her background and experience she didn't just fall into bed with him nor did the love words fly Theirs was a slowly built romance that had it's set backs and it all worked There's not a hotbed of sex here but what there is Hikuro you're the man props to you for taking care of your woman Hikuro an old vampire is shocked and even dismayed about this attraction that he feels towards one of his people's enemy He's fighting something that he just can't win I felt the struggle and the angst he had about this feelings towards Sam It made him very likable to me and I was on team Sakuro all the way A nice surprise was the ongoing story of Zoricah and Tardieh The ups and downs that they go through as an established couple is addressed and thank goodness there is genuine love there because those elders are a bunch of manipulative bastards who all need to have something happen to them I can't wait for the next story in the series I really want Yara up next she's so feistyHappy reading folksRating BARC provided by author for reviewReview posted on wwwredhotbookscom

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