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  • Paperback
  • 50 Rules for Teenagers Volume 1
  • Yeri Na
  • English
  • 15 May 2016
  • 9781413900675

7 thoughts on “50 Rules for Teenagers Volume 1

  1. typewriterdeluxe typewriterdeluxe says:

    I read 50 Rules for Teenagers when I was a tween and have re read it twice as an adult This sibling rivalry comedy is full of hijinks has a few heartwarming moments and the art is ridiculously beautiful and detailedMa Roo Mi Roo Chang Soo and Ji Eun are all drawn with intense delicacy and care Even their goofy manhwa artist older sister though drawn cartoonishly with opaue nerd glasses doesn't mar the standard of art in this workThat's why the times I read this manhwa the uncomfortable I am with the depiction of Soo Ji in contrast to the depiction of other characters Soo Ji is a character who looks old for her age has naturally curly hair and is considered unattractive by everyone I'm sure that an unattractive character can still be drawn with care she has a big heart she's friends with the main character but her face is so sloppily drawn it they harken back to the straight up racist doodle on page 89 demonstrating how screentone works

  2. Holly Letson Holly Letson says:

    This was so much fun to read that I would definitely like to continue the series Hopefully I can find scanslations somewhere to read online since Ionly own V1 Mi Roo is a great character Very realistic and easy to relate to I like her alot On the other hand her brother Ma Roo can be very insensitive and somewhat of an asshole at times Their father putting Mi Roo in charge during these economically troubling times in their lives was a brillant move on his part as nobody else seems to be able to control Ma Roo and keep him calmBut it's sweet to see that no how rude he acts Ma Roo does actually care very much about Mi Roo He oft times hits his friends when they make rude or derogatory statements about her and her looks But that doesn't seem to keep Chang Soo from being interested and hopefully something develops between Mi Roo and Chang Soo in later volumes

  3. Alyssa Dannaker Alyssa Dannaker says:

    So much fun to read It's hilarious I was literally laughing out loud at the dinner table spaghetti flinging from my fork Favorite characters by far are Ma Roo the delicious and hysterical twin brother and Mi Roo the eually funny and cute twin sister and also her gorgeous soon to be boyfrienddd Chang Soo heehee Even though this is an older manga it is still amaaazing and funny nn Definitely reccommended

  4. Vonze Vonze says:

    Cute older manga 2004 about a typical teenage girl at odds with her twin brother and various family struggles her mom's on the road for work her dad is having a hard time at his own job her much younger brother depends on her for everything and her mangaka comic artist older sister often needs her help to meet deadlines Not to mention she thinks her brother's friend is really cuteThis book stood out to me because I don't normally encounter large Japanese families four kids

  5. Ziha Ziha says:

    i loved this

  6. Snow Snow says:

    read for fun

  7. Michael Michael says:

    This was a very entertaining high school dramedy but I've never been able to find vol 2 If anyone knows where I can find it please tell me

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50 Rules for Teenagers Volume 1❰Reading❯ ➸ 50 Rules for Teenagers Volume 1 Author Yeri Na – Thomashillier.co.uk The desire for a normal teenage life haunts Mi Roo While most people her age are having fun with little or no worries Mi Roo is stuck playing the role of student homemaker and full time babysitter to for Teenagers eBook ↠ The desire for a normal teenage life haunts Mi Roo While most people her age are having fun with little or no worries Mi Roo is stuck playing the role of student homemaker and full time babysitter to her siblings With a mother who is gone than half of the time 50 Rules MOBI :↠ and a twin brother who serves only as a hindrance Mi Roo is trapped in a constant balancing act of housework and schoolwork She's no super hero though and it will take than her undaunted determination to stay afloatMi Roo doesn't mind all this responsibility but when she meets Ma Roo's handsome Rules for Teenagers Kindle Ø buddy Chang Soo she finally realizes that she wants something from life But in a world of worry and responsibility can teenage Mi Roo find time for love.

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for Teenagers eBook ↠ Other names Rakun N Kun 나예리 羅藝利.