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10 thoughts on “Negligence (Trial Junkies #2)

  1. Robert Gregory Browne Robert Gregory Browne says:

    I wrote it

  2. Vickie Garner Vickie Garner says:

    Read bothNot UITE as good as the first trial junkies in my opinion But I will read his other books I like him a lot

  3. Selena Robins Selena Robins says:

    NEGLIGENCE is packed with action mystery and suspense as the reader is taken on a thrilling journey into the lives of a group of old college friends who now years later are dealing with their own internal conflicts job losses career changes and relationship challengesThis book deals with than a murder case which the protagonist Hutch and his friends get involved with It also deals with parenting issues and how secrets can have a tragic effect on family members It also deals with friendship loyalty trust issues and wanting to do the right thing and how far some will go to not only do the right thing but risk their lives to helpThis book is aptly titled as neglect is a running theme throughout the bookThe dialogue is snappy and the interaction between the characters flows smoothly All the characters including the minor and secondary characters are well developed Nurse Cathy was one of my favorite minor characters she could make a reader laugh shock a reader and bring a reader to tearsI really enjoyed learning about Hutch and in this book he shows us his flaws which allows the reader to connect with him even the second time around I also loved interaction with Hutch's friends and reading their points of view in this bookThis book is also packed with a lot of emotion from giving you a few laughs at the banter between the characters to bringing you to the brink of tearsNEGLIGENCE is a tightly written murder mystery which encompasses all the elements of a fast paced suspenseful action packed excellent crafted novel that pulls you in from the first paragraph and won't let you go until you finish the bookReading both Trial Junkies and Negligence gives one the urge to go and sit in a courtroom and observe the “trial junkies” and the trial going onI look forward to the next Trial Junkies book as I want to catch up with Hutch and all his friends and see what’s in store for them nextI highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a well written page turner that makes you feel like you are part of Hutch’s inner circleNEGLIGENCE is the second book in the Trial Junkies series however even if you haven’t as yet read Trial Junkies and I highly recommend you do you can read Negligence on its ownHIGHLY RECOMMEND

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    Negligence is the second book in Robert Gregory Browne's Trial Junkies seriesThe book starts off with this kid Jamal who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time who has been arrested for murdering a classmate Kelly Matt and Monica members of the trial junkies and friends of Ethan Hutch Hutchinson are sitting in on his arraignment Matt has been recently laid of from his job at the Post as a reporter and is now trying his hand at online reporting for The Chicago Beat a joint venture with Monica After an altercation in the court room that sends Jamal to the hospital Matt Monica Hutch who has arrived late to the courthouse decide to see if they can get in to talk to Jamal Matt uses Hutch's previous famous actor status as a ploy to get into the hospital is able to sneak in and talk to Jamal after which he is convinced there is something going on then a clear cut case of murderMatt starts investigating Jamal's story of being set up and figuring out that somehow the police are involved This leads him to the prestigious Eccelston Academy which was argued as Chicago's finest preparatory school where he finds things aren't exactly as they seem After an attack on Matt leaves him the hospital Hutch decides to continue Matt's investigation From here the pace picks up and just when you think you know what's going to happen next you find out you're wrongI personally really enjoyed this book a little then the first TRIAL JUNKIES I feel the characters had substance and I liked how Robert gave another character Matt a larger role in the story Hutch still is a prominent character in this book but I like the idea of giving each member of the trial junkies group a chance to shine so to speak Since Robert did introduce us to all the trial junkies it's nice to see their development instead of just being there for background The pace of the book is just right to keep you wondering what's going to happen next I would definitely recommend this book and look forward to trial junkie adventures

  5. Elliott Walsh Elliott Walsh says:

    'Negligence – A Trial Junkies Novel' by Robert Gregory BrowneA Review by Elliott Walsh 'Negligence' and it's predecessor 'Trial Junkies' are crime thrillers with lots of smooth competence in their composition Ethan 'Hutch' Hutchinson is a terrific protagonist for Browne to build his dramas around Hutch is a jaded and partially damaged man a film actor with a past marred by alcohol abuse but too a man who engenders fast loyalty from longstanding friends He is a natural leader of an odd pack of associates who have shared his troubles and in this story again cleave together to solve the uestion of who has been killing students at a tony Chicago prep schoolWhere as the action in 'Trial Junkies' draws much from courtroom drama in 'Negligence' the movement of the story leaves the jury and lawyers pretty much behind and plays out in fairly fast paced scenes and brisk dialogue with Hutch and his friends in pursuit of the truth behind a girl's death and the improbable suspect in custody These characters are vivid and their voices ring true Hutch's gang of associates is close knit and really well drawn It is fun to read and engaging to follow The story draws you in and moves along nicely It's a straight forward example of the thrillermystery genre and could easily be adapted to the screen The choices Browne leads his characters to make are for the most part logical and clearly motivated with maybe an exception or two I might uibble with but character flaws and groaning errors of judgment can be a shrewd device to drive your story sometimes Browne makes it work in the end If the amateur sleuth with the oddball posse genre is your reading passion you should give 'Trial Junkies' and 'Negligence' try

  6. J.D. J.D. says:

    JD Rhoades One of the problems with the amateur sleuth genre is that after a few books it becomes and improbable and harder to believe that a bakerdog walkerantiue store ownerwhatever is going to be at or around the scene of so many murders to solve Robert Gregory Browne has solved this conundrum in an ingenious way his amateur detectives are trial junkies people who hang around the courthouse to watch the high drama and occasional low comedy that is daily life in the criminal justice system They got their start in the first book in the series also highly recommended when a group of college buddies were drawn back together for the trial of one of their group accused of killing another Now each for their own reasons they're back at it looking into the matter of a young African American scholarship student at an elite prep school accused of killing a female student Along the way washed up actor Ethan Hutch Hutchinson and his pals uncover nasty secrets and run afoul of some powerful and dangerous people Things are further complicated by a disturbed young woman who's developed an unhealthy fascination with Hutch from his glory days The main characters are fully realized and compassionately portrayed with a real feel for the shifting alliances long running conflicts and irritations that arise in any group of friends The plot twists and turns and twists again Robert Gregory Browne does a great job of keeping you guessing and creating a suspenseful atmosphere where you don't know who to trust

  7. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    This is the second in a series and a lot of time is spent revisiting the first book so I was not very interested in that and someone who had read the first one might rate it better A young adult called Jamal is out mugging with his father's gun when he spots a well off girl he knows staggering around disoriented and weeping He decides to see her home safely but a police car draws up and the officers uickly jump to the wrong conclusion Next is a court session where Jamal is on trial the girl was found dead next day Jamal is blamed An out of work actor watches trials all day and he manages to speak with the lad Jamal tells him what happened and blames the police The actor Hutch tells his reporter friend Matt about it and Matt tries to follow up on other deaths at the same school in a well off neighbourhood But when Matt is attacked Hutch has to take over the caseThis started slowly and warmed up after a while Hutch did not come across as much of a personality he was mostly thinking about things he used to do and had little social life As the majority of the book did not take place in court I didn't think the series title Trial Junkies fitted I also wondered why Hutch didn't take a law degree if he was that interested in court procedures But it's a readable thriller and has some good characterisation

  8. Debbie Oxier Debbie Oxier says:

    This is the second book in the series about the trial junkies Hutch is back from Tuscany where he left Ronnie uncertain whether he'll ever see her again He goes to court to see what cases were coming up He sits in on the arraignment of a young black man accused of murdering a white girl Hutch' s friend Matt a reporter is intrigued when he finds out the kid is claiming he ran into the girl by accident and she'd been wearing a wedding dress and had her face painted white He claimed she was high The cops don't believe him neither does his own lawyer but Matt has a hunch there is involved so he starts investigating When he gets stabbed and almost dies Hutch steps in and takes over going undercover to try and find out what happened I loved the suspense It kept you guessing to the end and I was already sold on the characters after the first book Thoroughly enjoyed this one and hope there will be

  9. Erin Erin says:

    Fun fast paced well written legal thriller I enjoyed getting to know the characters better and seeing how there relationships grow and change Looking forward to the next Trial Junkies novel

  10. Lisa O& Lisa O& says:

    I really liked this book even so than the first Trial Junkies The characters are coming alive as the relationships shift and develop and the plot was fast moving and gripping

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Negligence (Trial Junkies #2) [Reading] ➬ Negligence (Trial Junkies #2) ➳ Robert Gregory Browne – DEAD GIRLS TELL NO TALES She was found with a bullet in her head and the kid she was last seen with woke up drugged and disoriented in a neighbor's back yard Now the kid is awaiting trial for her murd DEAD GIRLS TELL NO TALES She was found with a bullet in her head and the kid she was last seen with woke up drugged and disoriented in a neighbor's back yard Now the kid is awaiting trial for her murder and reporter Matt Isaacs is convinced that there's here than meets the eye But Matt's old college pal Ethan Hutch Hutchinson washed up actor and newly minted trial junkie isn't so sure until a violent attack propels Hutch and his friends into the middle of a conspiracy that takes them all the way from the courthouse gallery to the not so hallowed halls of an exclusive Chicago prep school straight into the hands of a killer.