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The Edge of the Water ❮Read❯ ➲ The Edge of the Water Author Elizabeth George – Die 14 jährige Becca King ist auf der Flucht Ihr Stiefvater hat seinen Geschäftspartner ermordet und er weiß dass Becca es weiß denn sie kann die Gedanken anderer Menschen hören Nun ist sie auf e of the Epub â Die jährige Becca King ist auf der Flucht Ihr Stiefvater hat seinen Geschäftspartner ermordet und er weiß dass Becca es weiß denn sie kann die Gedanken anderer Menschen hören Nun ist sie auf einer abgeschiedenen Insel untergetaucht ganz allein mit einem neuen Namen einer neuen Haarfarbe und einer neuen Identität Ein Neuankömmling versetzt die Inselbewohner The Edge PDF or in Aufregung Die junge Meeresbiologin Annie hofft auf eine wissenschaftliche Sensation die Entdeckung einer unbekannten Spezies Dies Inselbewohner misstrauen Annie und auch Becca will herausfinden was Annie wirklich vorhat Bei einem dramatischen Tauchgang macht Becca eine ungeheuerliche Entdeckung und trifft eine Entscheidung auf Leben und Tod.

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  1. Mitchell Mitchell says:

    Okay there were definitely flaws in this one But it was such a joy to have a uick fast paced read Part of that is because it's a book two and there's no reason to set the scene And part of it because it's a book 2 but it's not just a longer version of book 1 Obviously there's a selkie in this one which is pretty clear from almost page one And there's than one pov character And lots of confusion And there's change and growth and it didn't have to continue in the obvious path with Becca's stepdad What I didn't appreciate was people telling other people who they were and apparently them being right Maybe that happens but it felt hard to accept Going back to Whidbey if only in a book was still a plus 35 of 5

  2. Maisy_Day23 Maisy_Day23 says:

    I love how the author gave different point of views throughout the entire story That way readers can get a look at what's going on in the lives of the other characters instead of just the main oneI didn't expect the twist of Jenn's thoughts and emotions on her sexuality but I think it touched the book in a thoughtful and diverse wayAnnie though gosh What the heck is wrong with that girl? She is all sorts of messed up in the head If I didn't know better I would say that she got fumed with that oil spill ages ago and it made her mental but clearly she was just born this messed up Annie had what we call an open relationship except their not really dating than one person their just fooling around with other peoples emotions and private parts That is not ok and does not make fucking around with a guy when your a lesbian or less and screwing around with his feelings ok Nor is it ok to come on to a 15 year old girl when she's like what? In her 30's That's child molestation This girl is crazy and should be put in jailBut anyway This was a great book and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series

  3. adithi adithi says:


  4. Anna Bubolz Anna Bubolz says:

    Review I liked this book overall If there was one thing I'd change it would have action I knew that Becca and Jen would become friends in the first book because you can't possibly hate someone that much for no apartment reason I was also pleased to find out that Becca did tell Diana about her whispers PlotThe plot of this book was about Nera Nera is a jet black seal It comes to Whidbey Island every year and this year is special because a marine biologist is trying to figure out what Nera is On the side Becca's whispers are coming in full sentences and she can read people's minds better Her and Derrics relationship is crumbling and they break up In the end most secrets are revealed which is nice Recommendations I would recommend this book to people in highschool This book doesn't have much foul language but it is a high school setting so a middle schooler shouldn't read this I think girls would appreciate this book than the males because it did have mushy romance

  5. Melissa Chung Melissa Chung says:

    Omg I finally finished I started this book in July 2014 and had it sitting on my desk forever unfinished I never really could get into it Today I put my foot down I stayed up until 3 in the morning to finish it tooI'm giving this seuel 2 stars In the first book 'The Edge of Nowhere' we meet Becca a 15 year old girl from San Diego We find out Becca's step father has killed his business partner So Becca and her mom make a run for it Fear that they will be killed as well In their haste to hide Becca's mother drops her off at Whidbey Island off the coast of Washington Tell's her she'll be staying with a friend and she'll come back for her soonThe first book was great A bit of mystery A little bit of paranormal abilities This second book was all over the placeThere are so many subplots going on The main mystery of this seuel was just weird It would have been great if this supernatural story line was a continuation from the first book The first 250 pages were so slow The build up dragged The secondary characters took too much time away from the main plot I was not impressed I think this is a trilogy wish is unfortunate I of course want to see what happens to Becca in the end but maybe not this year

  6. Sandra Sandra says:

    Elizabeth George's YA books have left me disappointed I am a big fan of her adult mysteries but it seems like she is trying too hard to break into the YA market by hitting all the teen check boxes ie mind reading fantasy young love angst bully become friend oh let's though in a little mythology in there too It's too much She should of just stayed with the straight mystery

  7. Jackie Jackie says:

    Loved this book— read it in one day

  8. Devon Devon says:

    This seuel definitely wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped It's been a while since I read the first book and I'm sure it had its flaws but I loved it It's one of those books that have stuck with me ever since I finished it This book however I can't say left much of an impression It was a little hard to read through to be perfectly honest and I think it's primarily because it seems so vastly different from what was presented in the first book The first book was suspenseful story about a girl out to keep herself from her dangerous step father with a little supernatural power for extra measure With this book it was like the author didn't know what to do because after this book she has one to write which is a shame because I think this all would have done well with just two books rather than the overused trilogy formula so she had to come up with something and this is it First off this story just comes off as an outright mess You have Jenn's perspective Becca's perspective and Derrick's perspective All of this seems so wildly different from one another it was hard to see how in the world they were connected Even when they finally came together well at least Jenn's and Becca's did it still seemed utterly confusing with a rushed ending to explain how everyone is connected to this one seal I'm all for varying perspectives but it could have been written much neater than it was in this book Jenn's perspective was the only perspective that remained interesting throughout the entire book I don't remember her from the first book which irritated me a little but I was okay with going along with it Jenn herself is a little tiring in how outright antagonistic she is and her home life didn't seem so bad to justify her behavior but I got use to her fast enough At least her side of the story was going somewhere Becca who was the only character I really was invested in seemed to have very little to do in this story and until way into the middle half her perspective is very dull It felt like her story which was all the first book was about was being shunted aside for this less interesting mystery about a seal I will say though that at least she didn't spend her time moping about Derrick That would only have made it worseDerrick's perspective was useless Really the author could have cut all the chapters from his POV and the story would not have been impacted at all It was like she was dying to keep him relevant but had no real way of doing so I feel like his perspective could have been compelling He is part of a very small minority on an island populated by mostly whites and he has a hard time reconciling his life in the States and his life in Uganda All of this would have been a uniue story line to follow one we don't see enough of in YA literature What does the author focus on? Sex He wants to have it but when he does it wasn't what he expected It read like some cautionary tale a Christian youth group would give to its students Somehow this all ties into his struggle with identity but to me it was a flat story about not knowing whether you really want to sleep with someone or not What does this have to do with Uganda? What does this have to do with Derrick as an actual person with a huge identity crisis? Nothing Nothing at all I'd say it was the chapters about Derrick that made reading this a chore I see a lot of people don't know what to think about the seal and that's because really there's no one way to feel about it It comes completely out of left field Suddenly everything it about this seal even the characters themselves constantly talk about why everything is about this seal It's an unusual seal the book says over and over That's because it's a selkie which seems so out of place with everything that has been given to the reader so far Suddenly we have magic seals Why? How does this impact the overall story which if you've forgotten in all this is Becca trying to hide out from her stepdad? I don't even know the answer to that myself I don't think I've been so mad about a seuel in my life I wanted to like it but it just didn't go with the first book at all It's such a shift in focus and direction that it's hard to tolerate I've never seen a bunch of characters who just don't know anything about themselves about the people around them about where they're going Every character arc felt like it ended up with IDK I guess I'll figure out at some point If this is suppose to represent teens then it's kind of off the mark I think real teenagers know a lot about themselves than this book will lead you to believe I don't know if I'll bother with the third book and if I do it will only be to see how everything turns out with Becca's stepfather I'm certainly hoping there won't be another ridiculous plot about seals or some out of place nonsense

  9. Melanie Melanie says:

    This book continues the story begun by author George in The Edge of Nowhere Becca King is now living in a treehouse provided by Seth She still remains in hiding from her stepfather She and Derric are officially a couple but Derric is having trouble with the secrets and the Seth thing What are they to each other? Why can't Derric know the secrets Seth knows? This eventually leads to a breakup and to Derric taking up with Courtney high school it girlOn a side note Jenn McDaniels sworn Becca enemy is trying to get ready for soccer tryouts that will allow her to make a team that will give her a chance at a scholarship so that she can get off the island and go to school Those plans are derailed when Annie Taylor marine biologist PhD student shows up and ropes Jenn into helping Annie's interest is a seal named Nera that returns yearly to the area and is all black She wants to prove it's a new kind of seal or a genetic mutation so that her thesis will be star material Jenn and Annie develop a loose but stressed relationship Annie is very different and Jenn finally learns why when Annie reveals that she is bisexual and has a girlfriend back home This eventually leads to Jenn uestioning her own sexuality; or rather it being uestioned for her by Annie In the end Jenn is still uestioning Plus Jenn is curious about the strange mute woman who has shown up Where'd she come from?Another side story Derric and Courtney take up with each other after Derric and Becca call it uits Their relationship is fraught with DESIRE from the beginning They both find it increasingly difficult to keep their hands off each other and remain celibate Derric is struggling because he wants intimacy to feel right and be with the right person; Courtney because her faith reuires celibacy In the end the pair do indeed have intercourse Derric is unsettled by the whole experience but Courtney believes in cements their relationship for all timeYet another side note Becca has begun working forwith Ivar Thorndyke and Sharla Mann This couple co habitats but are not involved with each other Right away Becca feels that something is off about these two Ivar knows something interesting about the seal that Annie Taylor is so interested in And he is bound and determined to keep everyone away from the seal Through her whispering detection Becca also learns that Sharla is keeping secrets as well When she locates baby clothes in an old trunk her imagination goes wild Then there's Eddie the local loon Becca encounters him with Diana Kinsale out on the beach with a rifle vowing to kill her Neither Becca or Diana know who her is Eddie continues to act erratically throughout the novelThere are several other plots going on as well None of them come together really well in the end Readers learn that the mute woman is the daughter of Nera the seal Both women are selkiesThe DerricCourtney sideline didn't add anything to the story The AnnieJenn sexuality issues didn't add anything either I felt like there was a good story in there somewhere but George never uite got there

  10. Debra Daniels-zeller Debra Daniels-zeller says:

    I had to throw the towel in on this second book in the author's young adult Whidbey Island series Maybe it's me but it seemed like characters were stereotypes and the dialogue felt forced Would Jenn a poor girl really set up an obstacle course that included a toilet seat? Also I didn't get why this book started first with the seal Cilla and then with Jenn McDaniels and not Becca King the protagonist of the first book in this series Becca didn't appear until chapter 3 Also it felt like too many stories going on the black seal Becca's step dad Becca's on again offf again relationship with Derrick Derrik's relationship with his sister he left behind in Africa Derick's relationship with Courtney the Bible toting girl who likes to do everything but intercourse Jenn's budding sexuality sexting bullying I gave up when Annie the woman who came to study the black seal donned a thong swimming suit and her nipples poked out and she stared openly at Jenn as she undressed It seemed predatoryuncomfortable and out of place What was the premise of this book?

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