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The Light Within Me (Six Saviors, #1) ❮Reading❯ ➼ The Light Within Me (Six Saviors, #1) ➵ Author Carly Fall – Alternate Cover for ASIN B00629TU18When Abby and Noah meet there is an explosive attraction between them that neither can denyAs a shy awkward social misfit Abby has gone her whole life feeling as tho Alternate Cover for ASIN BTUWhen Abby and Noah meet there is an explosive attraction between them that neither can denyAs a shy awkward social misfit Abby has gone her whole life feeling as though she's different from everyone else and she simply doesn't fit in well with society as a whole She longs to feel a real connection with someone and she finally does when she meets NoahUnbeknownst to Abby Noah is from another world and his sole purpose is to hunt down the The Light Epub / evil of his people that was unleashed on Earth hundreds of years ago He's certain he isn't going to be able to return to his home and anger and the need for revenge are his constant companions His focus has been eradicating the evil and making them pay for taking his life on his world away from himNoah tries desperately to fight his attraction to Abby so he can keep his focus on his mission But when Abby gets dragged into the evil and mayhem from Noah's world he realizes that maybe with Abby he can find a home here on Earthif he can save her in time.

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  1. Ingie Ingie says:

    Written July 26 201438 Stars Nice and pleasant PNR hero series a lovely and promising startA eight hours mf PNR audio I got the ebook for free than a year ago It was time to listening to the added audio I now also gotWhy has this book remained unread in my reader for over a year? It's really good and in a genre PNR I always like And no friends have read it either Strange and uite unusual Or is it this great male narrator Kevin Scollin that raises this so much? Is it the audiobook?From the blurb “Noah is from another world and his sole purpose is to hunt down the evil of his people that was unleashed on Earth hundreds of years ago He's certain he isn't going to be able to return to his home and anger and the need for revenge are his constant companions” This book and the series makes me think of the books about the Black Dagger Brotherhood and all the hunky vampires and their love stories The Light Within Me is a bit in the same style They all have their own separate alien color eye color They have their own characteristic style appearance etcWe have seen this phenomenon since we first met Snow White's seven dwarf friends Not new but generally a good base for a series I also like it when it's the guys who are the real main charactersThe Six Saviors are six male muscular strong warrior who came to Earth from the far away planet SR44 200 years ago They are here to execute and save us all from 12 criminals who escaped from their prison camp the Colony These Six Saviors are Noah Hudson Talin Cohen Rayner and Jovan I will not reveal about them or the plot It's best to be suprised by it all This is the leader Noah's book Next to read or listen to in this series #2 Finding My Faith Rayners bookThis was a pleasant and enjoyable start to this series and two MC's to feel for # The hero Noah Johnson one of the best murder investigators and criminal profilers in the US is huge strong and kind of bear like jeans leather boots black shirts He is a perfectly attractive male cute caring and irresistible with his somewhat sullen stubborn alpha mannerism # The heroine the lonely journalist Abby is sweet delightful beautiful yet a cute duckling with milky skin and auburn hair that soon will become a white womanly swan Maybe she has in the audiobook version got a slightly sueaky and ridiculous girly voice but otherwise I liked her and her cat“Abby” he heard himself say uietly “I think I'd like to kiss you”He watched her eyes flare slightly and then they locked on his lips“Well I don't see anything stopping you” she whispered’A lovely amusing story and a very well narrated audiobook It was Noah's story and it was truly perfect with a male narrator with a pleasantly raspy voice This is uite harmless easy going kind tender and partly innocent but steamy and romantic hot at just the right freuency Perfect for beginners to PNR sci fi and mf audult contemporary romances with fantasy elements I'm pleased much better than expectedI LIKE a really nice one This was the first book in the Six Saviors Series about six alien SR44 warriors on Earth since 200 years to hunt down the evil of his people that was unleashed The Six Saviors are Noah Hudson Talin Cohen Rayner and Jovan

  2. Lady Raven RAVE! Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    for readersBRIEF SUMMARY On the planet of SR44 twelve murders called the colonists escaped to Earth On the said planet the military hand picked six combatants called six Saviors to track them The six that were chosen each had their uniue abilities that they bring to the group The six Saviors are Noah Hudson Talin Cohen Rayner and Jovan This is Noah’s story THOUGHTSThe first thing I should say about this book is that it has a mix genre feel to it Although it has a sci fi element to the storyline the story took place on Earth and still had a modern feel as well The author uses the first few chapters to set the foundation for the series as much of Noah’s life was explained and his purpose of being on Earth for two hundred and eleven years with the Savior membersNoah’s character for me had a way about him that came of very appealing The way he interacts with the other members was funny and very entertaining as they all lived together The moment Noah sees Abby sets everything into motion with the plot Abby is a journalist both her and Noah’s first few interactions were awkward in a good way as you feel their chemistry growing Noah is trying to stay away from Abby because of what he is and Abby is trying to get close to Noah while clueless of what’s going on around her Abby’s life has never been pleasant growing up since her mother died Always feeling different shy and out of place it made her feel like an outsider throughout her life With everything that’s going on around them their romance was sweet as they made you feel like a teenager with a crushAs for the plot the colonists were creating havoc on Earth and leaving dead bodies wherever they go In a few scenes you kind of have an idea how the plot would unfold but had to have a time out as one particular secret caught me off guard; I did not see that one coming As for the other members all five Savior members Hudson Talin Cohen Rayner and Jovan were just too yummy Six guys over 6’5 great physiue and living together makes for a good read As for Hudson if it wasn’t for Noah he would have stolen the show for me within this book loved him He was also the chef of the houseThis is a promising series that I can honestly say if you aren’t a fan of sci fi fantasy this book will get you a bit interested Length 3777Storyline GREATEnjoyment GOODIntimacy Level GOODRomance Novel Junkies

  3. G.G. G.G. says:

    To be honest I don't read romance often I did this one because it was with aliens and they sounded uite awesome too Now let me add real uick that I have read a book similar to this one from another author But let me also add that I am not in no way blaming this author The other story which also has a Noah as main character was written many years after this one What I found funny was that even the writing styles were similar Still even though I could guess what would happen I did enjoy the story and was eager to know how it would end Characters I liked being in the heads of Noah and Abby The third person close POV was well done in my opinion I read in some reviews that some people think it was too much and not advancing the story I say we have to remember that it is a love story first and all and it fleshed the characters thus advanced the story which is even truer in romance So I see no fault in there Story itself wellas with all romance it seems to be mold around the same style Maybe I'm saying that because of the other book but still Most romance I've read end up a bit similar in the end That's why I choose the ones I read carefully Overall a good read that I would recommend to lovers of aliennon human romance

  4. Susani Susani says:

    DNF Stopped at 6% view spoilerWas enjoying the book until I realized the H has mateis married to woman on his planet Read GR reviews to get info He gets intimate with h wout telling h about already having a matebeing married H marries h Reviews made it sound like he didn't love the ow and didn't plan on going back to his planet so that made it okay He left his wife to go on mission made love to her night before he left just too morally wrong for me to want to read hide spoiler

  5. MsRomanticReads MsRomanticReads says:

    This review can also be found on my blogNewspaper journalist Abby needs a story a really good one that will keep her gamefully employed Unfortunately her cop connections are remaining tight lipped about the recent string of serial murders so she turns her attention on Noah Johnson the criminal profiler working the cases with the intention of making him the focus of her story Sparks and instant sizzle ignite between her and Noah but little does she know just how big of a story he could really beThere's a good reason why Noah is the best in the business Not only is he not human but he's had centuries to excel at what he does Many years ago twelve Colonists convicted criminals escaped his home planet SR44 and fled to Earth where they began committing violent crimes Noah along with five other specially trained warriors were selected because of their individual abilities Together they're known as the Six Saviors Their mission was to hunt down the Colonists and eliminate them It should have been an easy task a uick in and out and then return home That was 211 years ago The Colonists had somehow managed to take on human forms and procreate causing their offspring to be potential threats as well Abby's professional interest in him is a red flag He knows he should stay away from her but he's inexplicably drawn to the sweet human something that has never happened to him in all his time on Earth When she becomes the latest target of a Colonist he would do anything to protect her even if it means telling her the truth about his origins Will her inuisitive nature about the universe in general help her to digest and accept him and can she rely on the feelings of comfort and safety she's always felt in his presence? This was my first read by author Carly Fall and with this first in a series I am HOOKED Ms Fall's delightfully wicked cheeky and snarky narrative brings the six warriors and the heroine to life making them instantly likeable loveable and leaves you feeling invested in them You also get a feel for each individual personality which seems to fit their uniue abilities and vice versa The brief history of their origins their home world SR44 was very detailed – their society and way of living their forms colors sights and sounds With all that knowledge the warrior's desire to return home was palpable and understandable Noah was just adorable With his lack of experience with human females he seemed almost shy and virginal and he was also prone to screwing up occasionally He was still an alpha male through and through but with a soft side that made it easy to fall in love with him Another endearing trait of his was his struggle with his growing feelings for Abby versus his feelings of revenge and longing for justice Making him choose seemed almost cruel – the love of one over the safety of many? Pretty poignant uestion Abby was a wonderful heroine and counterpart for Noah I liked her sense of humor and self confidence around him or maybe I should say her assertiveness She didn't uestion his interest in her and just went with what felt natural and that made their relationship feel believable to me That was a refreshing change from the insecure heroines I'm used to reading about Another point in her favor was that she listened to him when he tried to tell her how to stay safe I often bristle when heroines mistake the hero's protectiveness for being overbearing or trying to tell them what to do and they just walk right into trouble Not Abby She took it and ran with it literally There were some interesting twists that I suspected or even found a little predictable but it was fun seeing the characters taken by surprise This story had a lot of suspense and a healthy dose of sizzling heat but I enjoyed the sweet romantic factor the most The characters showed their vulnerabilities which made me feel invested in them I'm about to start Rayner's story in Finding My Faith I can't wait to buy the entire series in PB Disclaimer I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

  6. Chantelle Larson Chantelle Larson says:

    I'm not entirely sure why I finished this book There were many things in this book that usually annoy me to the point of not being able to continue reading I almost set this book down several times but I did finish so here goesFirstly there were many parts in this read when I felt as though I was reading something written by a college studentsome good plotline going on but just basic character development and ALOT of grammatical errors Some were so bad that I had to reread earlier parts to understand what was going on A lot of the epiloge and dialect was extremley cliché and overused not once did I think to myself Huh that's a really cool way to explain thatbut everything I have read somewhere before Also a lot of the characters traits and behaviors are hypocritical of eachother and just don't make sense For example take the main hero Noah he is portrayed as being dedicated loyal and a trained soldierthe best in fact He has been serving his planet and people for hundreds of years on earth but once he meets Abby he all of a sudden is ok with basically cheating on his wife back on his home planet The author chalks it up to being ok because he never loved her and he wasn't ever planning to return home anyway I'm sorry but a man like Noah if a man like him truly existed would not be ok with that He wouldn't make excuses and he wouldn't try to justify it he would continue with life as it and get the job done that he was sent to do then he would return to his loveless marriage intact on his own planet I didn't like the fact that without looking I could tell that this story was written by a woman I like happy love stories as well as the next girl but don't give me men that act like women in the story its a dealbreaker for me I'm talking about the bachelor pad back at Noahsif that many men lived together drinking listening to loud music and playing pool as often as the author indicates the house wouldn't be immaculate all the time as described the men also have a lot of tender moments together as well That justdoesn't happen no matter what planet men are from Barf Men are men that's why we love themOverall I wouldn't reccomend this book or series to anyone and due to the writing style or lack there of of the author I doubt I would read anything by her again

  7. Kristiej Kristiej says:

    This was a freebie I picked up some time ago though I don’t remember when for the life of me I was going up and down my list of books trying to figure out what I was in the mood for when I spotted this one and decided “Sci Fi romance That’s what I’m feeling” I’d heard no buzz at all about this one and had never even heard of the author so I had no preconceptions at all So I was rather pleased when I found myself uite enjoying in Noah is one of a group of six warriors that has come to Earth from another planet when a number of nasty criminals escaped from his and made their way to Earth where they have wreaked havoc for over 200 years Now the beings on the planet SR44 are kind of human like they aren’t really human so in order to avoid detection and capture the six warriors have taken on human formsWhen they first landed they thought they would only be here a short time before they could head home but that’s not the way things have turned out Some are slowly realizing that they may never make it back as the Colonists as the bad guys are called have mated with human women and they progeny have to be tracked tooOver time Noah has taken on the role of leader and is currently tracking down a real nasty Colonist who is slashing throats He works as kind of a profiler and the local cops call him when a murder sounds like the ones he is trackingAbby is our heroine and works as a reporter on the crime beat She feels an affinity to this as her own mother was murdered years ago She sees Noah in a photo and decides to do a story on him He reluctantly agrees to meet her and when they meet in person there is a very strong connection and attraction between the two of them But Noah can’t let it go anyway because if he does he is stuck in his human form and starts to age normally This would mean he could never go home againThere was such a sense of loneliness with Abby She had no family and she had never really fit in with anyone She had very few friends and only lackluster relationships with guys She is just different somehow So when she connects with Noah she falls deep and she falls uickNoah has also experienced a great deal of loneliness over the years even though he’s had the other 5 Warriors with him With Abby he doesn’t feel this sense of being alone though The he sees of her the he feels for her but he has to balance that with what he will lose if he continues this relationshipI liked both Noah and Abby as well as the rest of the Warriors I don’t know if there have been any made but I could see possible connections with the Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward but I found this book mainstream even though it’s a ParanormalSciFi I found both the main characters well rounded and interesting I liked the conflict they experienced When I finished this one I went back to check out the rest of the series and discovered the first six books bundled together for under 10 on and I had no hesitation picking it up I want to find out what happens to the rest of them now

  8. Elise Marion Elise Marion says:

    The Run Down Abby is a crime reporter for a Reno newspaper After her mother was killed when she was only ten she struggled to find her own identity as a person Her life is mundane and boring and although she craves she cannot uite put her finger on why she feels so different from other people She can't uite figure out what to do to shake up the monotony that is her lifeNoah one of six warriors from the SR44 alien race has come to earth in a human body on a mission Several criminals from his planet have escaped to earth and now live among humans murdering and wreaking havoc whenever and wherever they can The mission of the Six Saviors is simple take out all of the alien criminals and their half human evil offspring before they can return back to their home planet Hundreds of years later Noah and his five companions are still on earth hunting down their foes Many of them have lost hope of ever going home some still hold out hope that their mission will be completed and that they will once again return to their former livesWhen Abby contacts Noah who poses as a criminal profiler in order to gain access to crime scenes for an interview for the paper the two meet and their worlds collide Noah who knows he will lose his immortality and the SR44 form within his human body if he succumbs to love does his best to fight his feelings for Abby but to no avail He faces the decision between continuing on his path of vengeance and completing his mission or giving it all up for love When it becomes clear that one of the criminals from his planet is targeting Abby Noah will protect her at all costsWhat I liked about this book I am not much for books about aliens but I thought that this book had alot of original ideas I loved the way the planet SR44 was described and the fact that each person on the planet possessed their own uniue color At night the warriors' alien forms show through their eyes by a colorful glow; Noah's eyes glow orange I also liked how the author used the villians in this book to explain popular murderers and serial killers across history Famous figures like Saddam Hussein Charles Manson and Jack the Ripper were all part of the alien race of ruthless criminals escaped from the warriors' home planet Another thing I liked about this book was how fresh and likeable Abby was as a character She is pretty but doesn't know it suffers from a bit of depression because her life isn't what she would have hoped it would be and she tends to embarrass herself uite often something a clumsy girl like me can really identify with I loved how Noah was so crazy about her from the beginning flaws and all What I didn't like about this book I am really at a loss on this one as there wasn't much I didn't like about this book I usually tend to be turned off by the mention of brands and names in books but even that didn't bother me in this one I was so caught up in the story that I didn't care when the names of popular brands or brands of food or beers were mentioned several times I just did careAt first I was disappointed by the fact that I knew almost immediately who the criminal is that is stalking Abby It doesn't take much to put the pieces together But as I continued to read I was engaged by all the other surprising turns that the story took and I uickly forgot about that Let's Talk About Love Scenes The sensual scenes in this book start off slow and them progress to scorching In the beginning Noah is resistent because the men of his race will lose their SR44 alien forms if they fall in love and make love to the woman they love They will become mortals and begin to age Noah who has spent hundreds of years hunting down the evil criminals from his planet fights with all he has not to lose his head and his alien form However as things heat up between him and Abby he comes dangerously close to losing it I could really feel Noah's inner struggle as he fought to maintain his composure while still exploring the new feelings that Abby was bringing out in him Overall This book was a great paranormal read It was by far one of my favorite review books of the year I loved all of the little plot twists that kept the story going When it is revealed why Abby has always felt so different and why she has always been so dissatisfied with her life I was floored It was a twist I wasn't expecting and it was little things like this that kept the story going for me The second book in the Six Saviors series is due out in March and I am really looking forward to it If it is anything like The Light Within Me then it promises to be a very entertaining read

  9. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    35 StarsAbby has never felt like she fit in anywhere Her mother was killed when she was just a child and now Abby works the crime beat at a local paper to feed her interest in unsolved murders She's never really connected with anyone until she catches a glimpse of Noah in a crime scene photo She's so drawn to him that she tracks him down and asks him for an interview setting in motion a chain of events that will change her life foreverNoah is an alien from another planet He and five other warriors traveled to Earth 200 years ago to track down a band of criminals that escaped their penal colony The Six Saviors live their lives committed to their cause They can't go home until the criminals and possibly their offspring are contained And to keep them focused they are prevented from ever feeling ultimate pleasure If they do they forfeit their longevity and their alien form and are forced to live the rest of their lives as humansNoah has never so much as kissed a human woman He's never really had the urge to take the risk until he meets Abby The two have an instant connection that he struggles to fight His honor insists that he put his mission first but the time he spends will Abby the harder it is keep his priorities straight He tries to keep his distance But all of that goes out of the window when one of the colonists targets AbbyThere were some things I really liked about the story The writing is good The world building is simple and easy to understand Noah is a sexy virgin with a solid sense of morality I really liked him and I enjoyed getting to know his fellow warriors The author does a good job giving each man his own voice which kept them from all blurring together in my head I thought the interactions between Noah and Abby were hot even though we had to wait awhile for them to seal the deal And I found myself really rooting for them to make it workI really only had two complaints One was the predictability The moment I heard Abby never really felt comfortable in her own skin I knew why One element of her history did manage to surprise me but the bigger picture was easy to see coming And while the climax was still exciting I knew who the bad guy was very early on My other issue is one of my biggest peeves is Love Too Soon Noah and Abby spent two days in each other's company before the L word started flying A few dates even off page would have gone a long way to helping with the believability of their deeper emotionsThose issues aside I did enjoy the book It had good pacing; interesting characters; and some steamy scenes I will definitely check out the next installment 3 12 stars Book provided by author for review

  10. Samidha; समिधा Samidha; समिधा says:

    Don't judge me it was free on IBooks and I decided to give it a go Can't say that it was a total flop show though

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