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  1. Beverly Beverly says:

    The story begins with murder and continues to pull you in with uestions and half answers about the mystery at hand A beloved very plain and ordinary librarian is found dead is a small Detroit suburb that rarely finds anything exciting than their local drunk in the newspapers From the first page where they begin with finding the body to the last page where you hope they've found the answers the author keeps your attention fully Written in a text that is very different and somewhat large helps make the read not only easier physically but mentally as you truly feel like you're reading something real from someone's notebook You almost feel yourself being brought into this small town and bit by bit finding out information that amazes you Nothing is what it seems the past is definitely not what it seemed and the future is truly in uestion as one of the main characters Constable Buck Wise weaves his way through a series of discoveries A great read well presented and thrilling enough to keep your attention from the beginning Rebecka Vigus manages to present a thriller that truly is entertaining and enjoyable Thrill readers of most ages from young adult to the very old can enjoy sitting back and reading a clean well presented thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat until you close it The ability to keep your attention without blood gore and non stop sex makes this mystery even enticing to those looking for something exciting but not too intense I think Ms Vigus has captured the essence of a modern day Agatha Christie without all the pomp and circumstance Grab it today read it uickly and hope she comes out with another one soon

  2. Sharon Grow Sharon Grow says:

    First I must say that I have read and loved every mystery that Rebecka Vigus has written If you have not read her “Macy McVannel” or “Dani Montgomery” books you are missing out on some great reads Her several standalone books were great too and I could see them developing into series as well Now back to “Secrets” I so enjoyed reading this book that once I started I could not stop I finished the book in one afternoon and then wished that I had it to read all over again and I just might do that The book is a wonderful smooth mystery about a death in a small town of a much loved librarian Constable Buck Wise formerly a Detroit Homicide Detective is charged with finding out who committed this murder Ms Vigus introduces you to the residents of this small town as they all uestion who could have murdered their beloved librarian As Constable Wise connects the clues the death of the librarian introduces each new “secret” and becomes a much involved investigation If you are looking for a mystery similar to Agatha Christies’ mysteries then you will really enjoy this book There is no serial killer with explicit murder scenes getting really tired of those just a well rounded mystery with well rounded characters Enough mystery to keep you guessing with just enough of the character description to feel as if you wish you were living in that town with such caring individuals by paytonpuppy

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Secrets ❥ [KINDLE] ❂ Secrets By Rebecka Vigus ➢ – Secrets is a mystery In the small town of Oak Grove the librarian is murdered No one can figure out who would want to harm the librarian Constable Buck Wise finds himself engulfed in the secrets of hi Secrets is a mystery In the small town of Oak Grove the librarian is murdered No one can figure out who would want to harm the librarian Constable Buck Wise finds himself engulfed in the Secrets of his hometown the mob and state senators Can he discover why Miss Emily was murdered and who did it read Secrets to find out.