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On the Lips of Children ✩ On the Lips of Children pdf ❤ Author Mark Matthews – Thomashillier.co.uk Meet Macon Tattoo artist Athlete Family man He's planning to run a marathon but the event becomes something terrible During a warm up run Macon falls prey to a bizarre man and his wife who dwell in an Meet Macon Tattoo artist Athlete Family Lips of PDF/EPUB Ä man He's planning to run a marathon but the event becomes something terrible During a warm up run Macon falls prey to a bizarre man and his wife who dwell in an underground drug smuggling tunnel They raise their twin children in a way Macon couldn't imagine skinning unexpecting victims for food and moneyAnd Macon and his family are next.

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  1. karen karen says:

    despite being someone well trained in the art of readers' advisory sometimes it can be difficult to place the right book in the hands of the right reader because people tend to be vague about what kind of book they are looking for it is very infreuent indeed that someone will specifically ask for a book about tattoos feral children cannibals twins marathon runners bath salts and the fierceness of motherhoodbut when that day comes i will be readykids stay offa bath salts

  2. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Creepy good The author contacted me and I received a copy of the book in exchange of a honest review THE UICK A page turner story featuring the horrors of real human nature THE GOOD The first thing that captured me was that amazing cover There's a saying that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover but certainly the cover is a key factor to provoke an eagerness to read an unknown book I mean if you are looking already a specific book you won't care too much about the cover However if you looking for something new something able to pick your interest definitely the cover is what hook you And this cover is creepy good The main story is simple and it remains simple along the journey I always like that I mean if you started with something expected to become complicated there isn't anything wrong in that because you already are prepared to that The problem is when a wonderful simple story gets unnecesarily complicated andor too big Characters with a past Each character reacts along with hisher own previous experiences And you get to know the past of each main character in the right moments letting the reader to recognize the logic of their actions Each person is the sum of hisher experiences and you feel it in that way in the developing of the characters hereReal horror You won't find here any supernatural stuff but it doesn't mean that it won't be less horrorful in fact it may well be even scarier since it's a situation that it can happen to anybody and facing the sadistic violence that humans are able to do to other humansAnd one of the best elements of this book it's that the author decided to give some chapters to a character that she's a small child and when you read her chapters you really feel the uniue way that she reacts to her surroundings and the situations that she is facing You never feel that she's stupid which it's a poor choice by some other authors to think that a child is stupid andor unable to cope with adult situations Obviously a child won't deal with an adult situation in the same way than an adult but a child is already a person with a brain with feelings with experiences and because of that giving a fantastic opportunity for a storyteller to take the book in the right moments from the point of view of a child THE BAD Lacking of disposable characters It's a sad fact that any good horror story has victims characters with some development even one thinks that they are main characters and suddenly they are no However in here you only have main characters and on each side they are too important to afford to be missed THE ODD A climax relatively solved kinda easy I am not saying that it was a no sweat situation They certainly do a lot of things but at the end when one is analyzing the book after finishing it you feel that it missed some intensity especially thinking about the crudity of the antagonists

  3. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

    Mark Matthews is freaking brilliant Read his books Okay there we go review done Yet again I had the pants scared off meNo seriously I am a new avid fan of Mark's writing because it's just so darn good This book chilled me to the bone had me holding my breath yelling at characters and telling them what to do on the edge of my seat heart beating wildly The works Mark knows how to take everyday life situations and inject a whopper dose of urban horror into them These situations may somewhere not be that far from reality A VERY sobering thoughtThe book opens with a screaming start The horror hit early on love that We meet a woman trapped in an underground tunnel that once ran from Mexico to the USA not any there was a cave in She's in the tunnel with two small babies trying to keep herself and her babies alive That in itself is horror enough but wait let's crank up the fear and chill factor a notch or seven Baby 's tongue took moments to notice anything but soon the tiny mouth of the babe began to suck on her finger She pulled the finger out of his mouth dipped it back into the pool of blood puddling in her other hand and then tapped it back on the child's tongue 's tongue lapped became wet and then he swallowed coughed twice and somehow found enough energy to cry Then he cooed You do NOT want to know where the blood comes from that's the only taster I am giving you but let me tell you this book made my head spin with the imagery the desperation the horror it's creepy and I freaking loved every second of it Then we come up for air and meet Macon Macon is an ink man he is a Tattoo Artist and a good one at that his partner Erin is proudly wearing tattoos that Macon inked on her once upon a time now he has inked his heart onto hers The happy couple They have come to San Diego with their daughter Lyric to both run in a marathon They are so going to wish they hadn't So that's the easy opening part of the book it's all uite nice but you can feel the tension coming oh yes it's subtle but my spider senses were on high alert Macon decided to take a run the night before the marathon and heads off down a little known trail recommended to him by the hotel staff he encounters some characters along the way including a huddle of homeless men living in a makeshift camp at the side of the trail I was on edge just at this point waiting to see what was going to jump out what was going to happen They have a dance of interaction and conversation and Macon carries on running He doesn't know it but Erin has decided to put Lyric in her pushchair and follow him too to catch him on the trail I was just so knowing that was a very bad idea Should have stayed in the hotel honey What happens to them next is so horrifying my mouth was hanging open How far would you go to save your family from hell? Macon faces this very challenge when Erin and Lyric go missing on the trail He goes looking for them I was hiding behind a pillow reading it clever that So this was me Macon just called the police dude please please things are like really bad call the FBI call the team from Criminal Minds just call somebody don't tackle this on your own hero manHe didn't listen to me Let hell on earth commenceI am not saying any about the plot because I think it's a book you need to just go into with as much of a blank page in your mind as you can muster then let the words that Mark has penned scream the words onto your blank page until your eyes hurt from being unable to stop reading because you are going to want to know SO BADLY what happens next and then next and again Freaking awesome Totally tense reading material What I can say is when the two worlds that are introduced in this book collide things will never be the same again for you dear reader images will be seared upon your brain for days weeks even This is urban horror the monsters are not made up they are real That's why it's scary and horrific because it's human beings creating the horror It's so cleverly done What I so loved about this book is the switching points of view we hear from Macon Erin the woman underground and even Lyric and it's done seamlessly it's not jumpy or disjointed you know who is speaking and getting all perspectives is stunningly good It's important to the overall impact of the book and it works really well Erin and Lyric have ended up in hell on earth and Macon can be their only saviour unless of course he becomes a victim too The darkness of the human psyche is well explored the detailed graphic imagery is crystal clear the tension and fear you feel with the words is tangible and real The characters are dynamic well written raw just bloody fantastic pun intended As they look at evil straight in the eye how much can they bear? The body and mind can only take so much where are the limits? And what of the woman with the babies? Are they still feeding?As for the final outcome you have got to read it for yourself I can see a seuel to this book pretty please It's stunningly good I was breathing heavy frantically feeling for the characters I was so worked up I felt like I was IN the darn book with them Honestly it's like that sucks you in and makes it your world for the time it takes to read it You will never consider all children innocent and pure again On the Lips of Children indeedFantastic Brilliant Don't shy away from this if you are not a horror fan because there is horror and then there is horror If you have only ever read Stephen King novels expand your mind you might find something better If you enjoy a good tense thriller or graphic crime novel even you can manage this easily and you know what? I bet you will love it too

  4. Char Char says:

    On the Lips of Children was not what I expected at all Since reading one of Mr Matthew's previous books Stray way back when I first got my Kindle I've been meaning to read of his work When he offered a free copy of this one in exchange for an honest review I said yes I'm glad I did Stray was a good read but this novella short novel? is up my alley as I am a horror lovin' galThe story begins with a couple Macon and Erin staying at a hotel with their daughter Lyric They are in town for a marathon taking place the next day Before dark in the morning Macon gets some info on a runner's trail that ends at the beach and he's off That's all I will say about the plotThe book's description will give you a little This was an imaginative story The general subject matter I won't be any specific than that for fear of spoiling something has been done before However Mr Matthew's characterization is what sets this book apart From the lead character's inner thoughts while running to their inner thoughts regarding what happened to them laterthey all rang true to me The atmosphere in this one was dark I loved the building sense of dread and tension that I felt I didn't think the author would be able to keep that sense of tension throughout but in the end I have to admit that he did Lastly this book was pretty gruesome In fact that may be an understatement It's nothing a seasoned horror fan would be disturbed to see but if you're not a regular reader of the genre the details involved here may disturb you All in all I loved this story Recommended for fans of horror and dark fiction A copy of this is posted at the Ravenous Reads blog for which I write guest reviews You can find this review and of my reviews there

  5. Bark Bark says:

    A simple run in an unfamiliar place takes a turn for the very worst when a young family is dropped into the pit of hell Or at least what I imagine might be happening in the pit of hell Macon decides to take a leisurely run the day before his first marathon but he’s on unfamiliar turf Before long he’s bugged by a group of homeless folk but that’s nothing compared to the terror that’s about to hit him when his lover decides to take their child along the same unfamiliar path to catch up to him This story is uite scary because it all feels so real Crazy but you know it could happen It almost makes me grateful that I’m too lazy to ever run a marathon and prefer to run only as much as I have to in order to keep the cardio up for the zombie apocalypse Zombies won't be catching me I’m not going to spoil this but there’s some creepy stuff that goes down and there are children in peril The atmosphere is tense and claustrophobic and the characterization is pretty damn fine There is a lot of time spent in these flawed people’s heads and I found their thoughts on running grief pain and the art of tattooing all very interesting If you’re looking to take a peek into the darker corners of humanity this is your story

  6. Mark Matthews Mark Matthews says:

    Oh that author dilemma of reviewing their own book

  7. Melki Melki says:

    Aaaaa CHUDsWell okay like CHUMs Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Meth headsThere's nothing particularly new here and the writing won't win any awards BUT it's a good solid page turner so dig in

  8. Paul Paul says:

    One of my favourite non king horror novels

  9. Katy Katy says:

    Book Info Genre Literary Dark FictionReading Level AdultRecommended for fans of dark fictionTrigger Warnings murder mutilation cannibalization cutting self injury reported death of a child danger to babies kidnappingMy Thoughts This is a very twisted book Dante's behavior due to the excessive drug use and his constant talk about needing to take people's faces off to see who they really are made me think of that movie Face Off I also have to wonder why after seeing what meth and salts do to other people anyone would even want to try the stuffThere are some typos Most consistently “feint” is used instead of “faint” and “taught” instead of “taut” but I noticed others as well The typos were corrected in the final version I had an ARCThis is not uite horror although the ending is left vague enough that you could imagine it so if you wished The main characters Macon and Erin are both adrenaline junkies into tattooing and running I know this author is a runner so it's obvious he writes what he knows Fans of dark fiction should find this an interesting read but keep in mind there is a lot of rather nasty gore so sensitive readers should bewareDisclosure I received an e book copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownSynopsis Meet Macon Tattoo artist Athlete Family man He's planning to run a marathon but the event becomes something terrible During a warm up run Macon falls prey to a bizarre man and his wife who dwell in an underground drug smuggling tunnel They raise their twin children in a way Macon couldn't imagine skinning unsuspecting victims for food and moneyAnd Macon and his family are next

  10. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Although I won a copy in this book in a Goodreads giveaway I had already purchased a copy for my kindle before the contest ended This is definitely a story that captured my attention right from the synopsis itselfMacon is a tattoo artist in town for an upcoming marathon When he goes out for a practice run his girlfriend and six year old daughter decide to head out after him What entails is a nightmare enough to cause any parents lack of sleep In a drug smuggling tunnel near where Macon takes his run lives a very uniue family They are headed by a deranged former drug dealer along with his wife and their two children that have lived their entire lives subsisting on the bodies of others captured or brought their wayThis story was a heart clenching horrific read from the very start The images conveyed in Mark Matthews' story are all too realistic and the characterization so good that you won't want to stop until the very conclusion of this novel This was my first read by Mark Matthews and I hope to see some works of horror by him in the near future An original story with jaw dropping scenes of horror and disbelief that I thoroughly enjoyed45 starsRecommended

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