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  1. Mada Mada says:

    I just can't take it any Jessica really has no morals dignity or self respect If a man would have done what she did everyone would have considered him a degenerate and a manhore How would she feel if she had a sister and her boyfriend would just tell her that he slept with her sister? So Jessica A man who loves and respects a woman would never share her with other men especially with his brother Dane you're an asshole Rafe you actually redeemed yourself when you dumped her but then you blew it again We should be thankful there are no other men in the Ranier family because knowing Jessica she would probably jump in their beds too I was afraid for a few seconds even for the steward and the limousine driverThe threesome

  2. Beccca May Beccca May says:

    Okayas a whole this series totally blew me away I absolutely loved it and had I read it as one continuous book as opposed to 6 separate installments I totally would have given it a 5 star rating I'm not saying this last part to the series wasn't amazing I just couldn't help but feel like the ending was uite bittersweet It's kind of ironic because from the very beginning I wanted Jessica and Dane to end up together I loved them as a couple and their chemistry was blazing hot Then Storm shows up and everything changed for me I felt sorry for Storm and after the last volume in this series I honestly thought maybe Jessica would be the solution to the rift between the brothers and that their mutual love for her would bind them all together Maybe I've read a few too many erotic romances involving ménage but I kind of saw the ending playing out with Dane Storm and Jessica living HEA in a triad relationship Let's just say that's not what happens Not that there isn't a HEA ending to this storyjust not for everyone Jessica does end up accepting a proposal from one of these men but I can't help feeling sad that one brother is left broken hearted Overall this is definitely a series that I would highly recommend I have loved everything Opal Carew has written thus far and this book was no exception I adored the love story and connected with the characters but I won't deny that the erotic aspects to this book were what reeled me in and kept me coming back for and Whenever a book like this doesn't include an epilogue I always feel kind of disappointed I just wish we could have a glimpse into the future and what it holds for these three characters Nonetheless I enjoyed every moment of reading this series Here's a brief summary of this last book Jessica's life is in a state of utter chaos and confusion She care's deeply for 2 men who also happen to be brothers but realizes at some point she is going to have to choose and she just can't bring herself to hurt either one of them Not to mention both men are able to light her body on fire and take her to places she never even imagined However she can only keep on man forever With both brothers fighting for her heart Jessica is tied in knots and has finally reached her breaking point Yet underneath all the craziness that has become her life there is only one man that she knows without a doubt she belongs to Jessica realizes this man will always possess her and once she accepts this fact the choice she had been agonizing over suddenly becomes crystal clear

  3. Monica Cardoza Monica Cardoza says:

    Dane and Storm two men that have fallen in love with the same woman Jessica one woman that loved two men Who will she choose will it be Storm or will it be Dane?Wow in the last book in the series it went by way to fast Too many things happened all at once one might it seemed that something amazing was going to happen then everything fell apart I was so saddened with what happened to Melanie I liked her but I also respected her decision It was for the better but Jessica OMG she just totally blew up in front of both Dane and Storm I felt connected to Storm in this book because I believe he opened up about himself and his childhood He opened up about his feelings towards Jessica Dane was a different story he was so dominate and fierce but then he went coldhearted That is the part that I didn’t like Only that come on I could not stay mad with Dane for very long and especially for what he did for JessicaForever is the end of this series and the book that made me cry the most I don’t know if it’s because I knew it was ending or the amount of emotions that were in each character I loved all of the characters in this story even Melanie She is the bestfriend that any woman would want especially with all her crazy nail color designsI have to say this again please reader you have to seriously read these 6 installments to this amazing book His to Posses It is utterly hot intense fierce and passionate and Ms Carew writing style is amazing I will have to check out of her books I believe that Jessica made the right choose This is a must read seriesThanks to NetGalley who provided me a copy of this ARC for an honest review

  4. AngelinaT AngelinaT says:

    I really really enjoyed this series right from the start Jessica had gone to the big city to find a job and ended up with so much What can be hotter than a threesome where the lucky lady has a tattooed bad boy and a sharp dressed alpha male competing for her love The sex scenes were scorchers in this series and if you are looking to read an erotic story this is the one for you I was team Dane from the start because I am sucker for the sharp dressed dominant male but I also felt like Storm deserved someone better than Jessica Someone who never fantasized about threesomes and someone who would love him and only him He wanted to be loved and he realized this and that is why he gave up on Jessica and didn't stand in Dane's way I knew from the start that there was story to be told about Melanie and I can't wait for that one to come out next

  5. Kitty Kitty says:

    This is the part where things need to be justified I am completely tornAt one point threesome with brothers is totally morally wrong It suddenly became a dominance relationship with Dane which was mentioned in the first or second book I cannot believe any self respecting woman would subject to this kind of sexual act andor arrangement Seriously having another threesome after you get engaged with one of they men? Didn't you just meet a few months ago? Although the sex was super hot I'll give it thatOn the other hand Rafe just had to come to this realization that he didn't really love Jessica but just the idea of having her Yeah right It had to happen to give way to Dane and Jessica's happy ever afterWhat does this mean? Do they get to fulfill the threesome fantasy any chance they get?What about Melanie? Did she end up with Rafe? As far as justifications go it should have happened Also no one is THAT undertanding in real life

  6. Shantel Eddy Shantel Eddy says:

    The ending of this is not what I though would happen I am happy with the way it ended but its not what I expected at all I want another story about the rest of her relationship with who she ended up with I want it to be of them being in love not them just having sex other than that the story and the series flowed very well I just want about Jessica

  7. noodle noodle says:

    This series made my heart ache the good kind that is why I liked this book I haven't felt those feelings for months I'm sadden for Storm I'm not so sure if I totally liked the ending My heart kind of shifted when I heard about Storm Don't get me wrong I liked Dane I think he's sexy and caring but Storm had me at the moth tattoo It's just so sweet He's IDK open to his emotions But I don't want also for Dane to be heart broken It's just so confusing who to pick for Jessica to end up withI also have bit of concern If Storm didn't end things with him and Jessica would Jessica not accept Dane's proposal And Dane proposed in front of Storm That's sure was hard for Storm's part IDK what his true feelings for Jess but I'm pretty sure you are not that 100% okay when your ex got engaged in front of you to your brother I mean can you say OUCH And I'm pretty sure he has feelings despite what he said Have a Storm story Though I say my feelings about this book and it's nega I liked the book I think the story is nice it reminds me of a korean series I liked the ache feels I felt whenever I'm hurt for a character And for that I'll be struck for days

  8. Samantha Samantha says:

    We finally get the stunning conclusion What's going to happen with the three of them? Will one night change everything? Who will Jessica choose? How will her friendship with Melanie be affected? Will things change for the worse? I can't answer those things for you because I seriously enjoyed this series so freaking much I really didn't want it to end I'm not sure how I felt about Rafe's character because we have known him as the heartbreaker from the beginning and only get bits and pieces I'm for sure team Dane Everything about him makes you want to answer to his every command I just honestly encourage everyone to read this seriesIT WAS GREATI'm going to be honest Small short reads can be irritating when you read them as they come out They are short and make you crave And possibly die a little bit at each ending I'm happy I got to be able to read the full story because the suspense would have prolly killed me However I would have grinned and grumped about it in my head These are great stories and I strongly suggest reading them

  9. Debi Debi says:

    I received a copy from Netgalley and the publisher for an honest reviewFOREVER is the 6th installment in the HIS TO POSSESS erotic serial I must say that I did not see this development coming The brothers will share her in hopes of getting her to make a choice Each will face the truth of their hearts and desires She does not want come between Dane and Rafe Dane Rafe Jessica and even Melanie try to make a sacrifice for the people they care about Extra points for Opal Carew for being able to offer erotic menage scenes drama and character growth in such a short episode HEA was interesting and seems to set up a second series

  10. Sue Galuska Sue Galuska says:

    The last part of the story starts with Dane telling Jessica she can make love with both of themtogether Dane tells her what to do in his dominate ways and she loves it Dane wants Rafe to see how much Jessica enjoys being dominated Rafe does not enjoy watching Dane smack Jessica's ass because it takes him back to his childhood when his father used to beat him Jessica explains that she does enjoy it and then she ends up having sex with both of them By the next morning the three of them realize who Jessica should be with and they celebrate with sex This was an enjoyable uick read

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Forever (His to Possess, #6) ❮PDF❯ ✫ Forever (His to Possess, #6) ✓ Author Opal Carew – The eagerly awaited final segment of the erotic serial His to Possess the intoxicating tale of a woman torn between a dominant billionaire and a tattooed bad boy rock musicianBoth Dane and Storm send The eagerly awaited final segment of the erotic serial His to Possess the intoxicating tale of a woman torn between a dominant billionaire and a tattooed bad boy rock musicianBoth Dane and Storm send Jessica’s body up in flames but only one man can have her for keepsWith both men fighting for her heart Jessica has reached her breaking point But beneath the confusion and chaos there’s one man she truly belongs to one man who will possess her forever—and the choice is about to become startlingly clear.

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