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True Lies (His to Possess, #4) ❴KINDLE❵ ❃ True Lies (His to Possess, #4) Author Opal Carew – When Jessica invited Dane back to her bed for one night of hot no strings attached sex she never expected to see him again However when the night's over they find that sometimes a casual fling doesn't When Jessica invited Dane back to her bed for one night of hot no strings attached sex she never expected to see him again However when the night's over they find that sometimes a casual fling doesn't end the next morningShocked by the reappearance of Storm in her life Jessica finds herself torn between her growing feelings for Dane and her love for the man who left her behind And when a shocking twist pushes Dane away Jessica finds herself turning to the one man she swore she’d never trust again.

10 thoughts on “True Lies (His to Possess, #4)

  1. Dina Dina says:

    More like 1 and 12 starsWhy? Why? Why? Just How could she? How could he?

  2. Shantel Eddy Shantel Eddy says:

    This series is starting to hit me right in my heart They are both fighting for her but when I get mad at the one brother I get sucked right back in I can not pick between the brothers for her to stick with They both care so much about her Storm is wanting to fix things wither her and Dane is starting to fall in love with her or at least finally letting himself but he still feels like it wrong because she was with Storm before she met Dane and Dane doesn't want to risk his and his brother's relationship than it already is Its so frustrating because I love both guys

  3. Monica Cardoza Monica Cardoza says:

    An emotional read the reasons why Storm left Jessica The read truth of just who is Storm comes to light in this storyWow I could not believe what I was reading I could not believe who Storm was how he could have done that to Jessica because for the first time he was free How about Jessica how could he have hurt her like that? Then you have Melanie poor Melanie finding out that the man she loves is in love with another woman Dane knows that the have to talk about what is happening but he has his brother back again They can start all over again and be the brothers that they were meant to be Jessica poor Jessica still in total shock with what she just found out about Storm what is going to happen now with DaneThis was of an emotional read for me the characters were fighting what they were feeling especially Dane and Jessica They both know that they are in love with each other but Dane pushes her away and uses the excuse that their relationship is purely physical only sex I love him for that he wants to protect her but he is no better than Storm You have no idea what Storm has in store of Jessica it blew me away Only you are going to have to read this story so you can find out what it is What is Dane going to do when he finds out? It seems that Storm is a little blind about what is going on with Dane and Jessica what is he going to do when he finds outOnce again Ms Carew you blew my mind This story is coming along beautifully and it’s beautifully written The emotions of the characters could easily be felt in this story I do have to admit that I had a couple of tears that came loose but I fell in love with these characters even This is definitely a must readThanks to NetGalley who provided me a copy of this ARC for an honest review

  4. Beccca May Beccca May says:

    Ok so I've said it before and I'm saying it again with each book I read in this series the story just gets better and better The drama and suspense is at an all time high by the end of book 4 and so are the scorching hot love scenes This latest installment has bene my favorite so far and I honestly can's wait for this work day to be over so i can dive into the next one This author knows her way around an erotic romance novel and I am totally hooked The characters the plot the drama the SEXit all adds up to utter perfection This series is a must read I insistNow here's a uick summary When Storm shows up out of the blue Jessica is beyond shocked This was a man she thought she'd never see again and was starting to move on from Now she doesn't know what to do Upon seeing Storm again all the old feelings she had for him come back full force and she is completley torn With her growing feeligns for Dane and her love for the man who left her behind Jessica is confused than ever and doesn't know what to do Especially now that she knows Storm isn't who he said he was However when Dane starts to distance himself emotionally from Jessica and shuts her out she finds herself turning to the one man she swore she wouldn't ever trust again This story is getting so freakin good and I only hope it continues to get better I honestly don't even know who I want Jessica to end up with at this point I love her with each of the men and uite frankly I'm kinda hoping she gets to keep both is that too greedy? Well its erotic fiction so a girl can dream right?

  5. Samantha Samantha says:

    Here we join Storm Dane and Jessica reuniting Everyone but Storm has put two and two together Dane realizes his brother is the one to break Jessica's heart Jessica realizes the hurt that has almost destroyed Dane with his strained relationship with Rafe and that Rafe has not only broke her heart but has been Lying too Rafe realizes he made a mistake with leaving Jessica the way he did Now he wants to fix it This installment makes you fall for Dane even He wants Jessica but he doesn't want her hurt He tries to give her the time she needs but she just wants him What does he do? Well you have to read to find out

  6. Debi Debi says:

    I received a copy from Netgalley and Publisher for an honest reviewTRUE LIES by Opal Carew is #4 installment in HIS TO POSSESS a sexy serial I am typically not a fan of this format but Ms Carew can pack a punch in a small space Jessica is reeling with the revaluation that Storm wants her back He walked out broke her heart and lied about who he is Her secret affair with Dane has her confused Dane's reaction to a night of sizzling sex and a deepening connection hurts and sends her into Rafe's arms Yes it's a lot of drama for a small package A talented author can make a serial worth your time

  7. Christine Christine says:

    Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for this ARC copy in exchange for an honest reviewAgain the story line is getting better and intense I felt all characters showed some raw emotions and Jess and Dane seem to be struggling with their feelings the mostI don't want to stop reading This is a fantastic series and I am already looking forward to reading the next series from this author

  8. Margaret Sholders Margaret Sholders says:

    Jessica moved away from home to recover when her ex lover jilted her Dane has been missing his brother Rafe who ran from his part in the family business because his ideas were over looked Flash to Philadelphia and Rafe Storm has come back into their lives There are lots of twists and turns I can't wait to see what happens next

  9. Sue Galuska Sue Galuska says:

    Jessica comes to realize that Storm is Rafe Ranier Dane's brother and he has decided that he wants her back in his lifepermanently She is conflicted as to who she wants to be with She loves the soft romantic side of StormRafe but also loves the hard dominate side of Dane She just can't decide

  10. Georgette Georgette says:

    Now that Storm is back can Jessica forgive him or does she still want DaneUgh I wish I had the full book instead of the novellas The waiting between is killing me I do love them though Onto #5

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