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Perfect Storm His to Possess #3 ➻ [Download] ➸ Perfect Storm His to Possess #3 By Opal Carew ➺ – The third sizzling segment in the erotic serial His to Possess an intoxicating tale of a woman torn between a dominant billionaire and a tattooed bad boy rock musicianAs Jessica is pulled deeper into The third sizzling segment in the erotic His to Epub Ú serial His to Possess an intoxicating tale of Perfect Storm Epub / a woman torn between a dominant billionaire and a tattooed bad boy rock musicianAs Jessica is Storm His to ePUB ☆ pulled deeper into Dane’s opulent life of luxury power and sensual domination she experiences pure blissand an overwhelming fear that it’ll all come crashing downThe closer she gets to the powerful billionaire the she begins to see his carefully concealed vulnerable side and the struggles of his painful past Soon she finds herself becoming than just his assistant and lover She’s become his most trusted confidanteBut someone from the past—someone she never expected to see again— is about to return And it could cost her everything.

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  1. Dina Dina says:

    2 starsUm not sure where this is headingBut seriously

  2. Shantel Eddy Shantel Eddy says:

    This book definitely took be by surprise There is defiantly a huge plot twist I have no other words because my mind is blown

  3. Veronica of V& Veronica of V& says:

    I received a copy of the book via NetGalleyPerfect Storm is the third installment of the HIS TO POSESS erotic serial featuring Jess a young executive assistant and her wealthy dominating boss Dane RanierIn the previous episode we learned that Jess and Dane have resumed their sexual relationship and that Jess's ex Storm has been to visit Jess' parents and my soon drop into her new life in PhillyIn this episode the physicality increases in several ways First there is sex Three events in the episode It is fairly well described and notably aggressive than the previous two episodes Second Dane becomes demanding pushing Jess's boundaries to include sexy dress and in office encounters In this there are some risky situations that results in Jess's roommate Melanie walking in on them in medias resThough embarrassed Mel and Jess come to terms with this office dynamic And Melanie divulges her attraction to Dane's brother and business partner Rafe Rafe has been absent to this point though we learn a bit about his rocky relationship with Dane via some kinda info dump dialogue Third the power dynamic between Dane and Jess is escalating to light Domsub At the end we get a shift when Storm arrives and he's not the man Jess thought she knew But his presence threatens everything she wants nowMy thoughtsThe sex is better though not nuclear hot I'm becoming frustrated by the lack of ANY talk about protectionBC The first episode used condoms but the last twoall bareback and um no NO Cover up Buttercup Or at least mention hygiene and contraception Otherwise I fell like I'm watching a train wreck not a hot scene As this series progresses the story is being subsumed by the sex Right now I feel like Jess does nothing all day but sit around hot ready for Dane's deep penetratingthoughts And that's not nearly as sexy to me as a gal who has some other aspirations as well as the hot sex Just sayin'I am enjoying Jess and Dane much and the Storm twist was predictable but in a good way I look forward to the resolution of this love triangle

  4. Monica Cardoza Monica Cardoza says:

    The passion between Jessica and Dane is hot but an unexpected person arrivesJessica Long has been working at Ranier Industries for awhile now and it seems that her and Dane Ranier sexual relationship is going strong It seems that they get the groove on in his office and especially since it’s soundproof Only that it seems that one rule about Dane’s office is broken Well Dane had given Jessica a task and she complied She gave him something that maybe a lot of male boss’s have fantasies of Well her fantasy was superb because afterwards it was intensely stemming hot in the office they couldn’t wait Only that someone walked in and surprised But let’s go back to the beginning when book 2 ended she was speaking with her mom and she received word that Storm was back and wanted to speak with her How could her dad given him the information how dare he Only when he shows up and she is back in his arms can she resist his body his kiss What will Dane do if he catches them? Who is Strom in actuality?Oh my fricking god I could not believe it This story totally blew me away As I have been reading this story the characters seemed familiar and I just couldn’t place them Then a story that Jessica told Dane in book 2 it clicked in me where I have read these characters If you readers have not read Unraveled it’s a couple of small short stories by varies author’s you will come upon a story about Jessica and Storm how they met and a little bit about their love story How it all started It’s an awesome readOkay back to Perfect Storm this was totally perfect If I thought book one and two were awesome this one was brilliant Again Ms Carew had exceeded my expectations and created something wonderful I love how this story is coming along and I can’t wait to see read what Storm has to say Why did he leave Jessica but most of all how is Dane and Storm going to interact with each other?This is a must readThanks to NetGalley who provided me a copy of this ARC for an honest review

  5. Beccca May Beccca May says:

    Holy smokes I am well and truly speechless from that ending I totally did not see that one coming and literally had to pry my jaw from the floor after reading the last page of this third installment to this captivating series I am so hooked right now I couln't stop reading if I wanted to I'm a little ashamed to admit that I just spent my lunch break tearing thorugh this book and now I cannot wait for the next one With each book this story gets better and better The sex scenes are scorching hot and the plot just keeps getting interesting especially in this latest book This book picks up right where the last one left off Jesssica is still participating in an affair with her boss Dane and loving every minute of it As much as she resisted the idea of getting involved with the powerful and domineering businessman Dane is able to bring out a side of her that had lay dormant prior to meeting him Each time they are together is hotter and sensual thatn the last As their connection deepens what started out as strictly a sexual relationship is turning into something much greater Dane pushes Jessica to discocer new desires and tests her limits in ways she never imagined before meeting him However despite their electrifying passion and chemistry for one another Jessica just can't seem to move on from the memories and feelings of her past relationship with Storm When Storm walked away and broke Jessica's heart in the process she never thought she'd see him again But when he shows up in the most unexpected place and refuses to leave her alone Jessica realizes she wonders if she ever knew him at all Things are really starting to heat up by the end of book 3 and I am dying to read the next one in this series I'm telling you this series is addicting and impossible to put down

  6. Ilana Ilana says:

    Title The Perfect StormAuthor Opal CarewPublisherYear St Martin's Press 123113Length 30 pagesSeries His to Possess #3OverviewWhen Jessica invited Dane back to her bed for one night of hot no strings attached sex she never expected to see him again However when the night's over they find that sometimes a casual fling doesn't end the next morning An office affair was the last thing Jessica ever imagined herself having but each encounter with Dane is better hotter and sensual than the last As their relationship deepens Dane pushes Jessica to discover new desires testing her limits in ways she’d never considered But despite their unstoppable passion Jessica can’t shake the ghost of her past relationship with Storm the man who broke her heart and refuses to leave her alone My ThoughtsThis are just starting to get juicy in this 3rd installment we know that Jessica has made a few decisions about things in her life which is nice but we also know that Storm is going to come back at a time that she's not overly excited about When Storm walked out on Jessica she felt like her heart was breaking but with her life in Philly going as it is she's moving on and is ok with that when she learned at the end of book 2 that her father had given him her information on how to reach her wellwe knew that a triangle of sorts was going to pop up and boy did it Not only has someone else figured out what Jess has been up to but Storm reappears at a moment that's less than ideal and we're left off on such a cliff that i can't wait to see how everyone reacts

  7. Vanitha Vanitha says:

    SPOILER ALERTI got this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review 'Perfect Storm' continues from when Jessica has a phone conversation with her mother and finds out that her father gave Storm her phone number and may in fact try to find her The story goes into detail as to why Dane and Rafe have such a rocky relationship I won't get into that here but it seems as though Jessica and Dane are getting to know each other Jessica reveals to him how Storm left her high and dry From there on their sexual relationship continues and becomes interesting and risue I must sayMelanie walks in on Dane having sex with a woman but she is not able to recognize that the woman is Jessica But eventually Jessica does reveal to her that it was her I was kinda hoping it would be a good way to create tension between the two of them and make the story a bit interesting Anyway my favourite part of the book was the ending when Jessica is in Dane's office putting away files and when a man enters the office and addresses she turns around and sees that it is Storm dressed in a fancy suit He embraces her and kisses her passionately but Jessica comes to her senses and remembers how he broke her heart Then Dane walks in and tells him to back off but when Storm turns around Dane addresses him as Rafe And there you have it the mega twist which I did not expect but should've known when Jessica walked into Starbucks in the first book and thought Dane was Storm because of their very similar looks Dane and Storm aka Rafe are brothers I look forward to reading what happens next

  8. Monica Cullip Monica Cullip says:

    His to Possess #3 Perfect StormOpal CarewThis book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest reviewJessica is content to be working for Dane It was a little bit of a rocky beginning after mistaking him for an exboyfriend Storm and the surprise of finding out he was her new boss They tried to keep their hands off one another but it was impossible the sexual attraction was too great So the new deal now is simply sex And oh my there is alot of that She is told to only wear garters stockings and a thong at all times so that it would make access to her so much easier He flirts with her he teases her he gets her worked up constantly He takes her constantly in the office whenever he wants however he wants Hot hot sex I am telling you Miss Opal Carew can certainly write a riveting sex scene Besides the hot sex these two are getting closer they are talking they are becoming friends They are attending functions together and multiple meetings they have had lunch dates and indepth family discussionsYou would think that now the story is just going to be about the two of them right? NOPE seem that the exboyfriend Storm is missing her he wants her back and has managed to get her location from Mom and Dad and he is coming out to see her There is the making for some heavy duty stress here and then BAM another cliffhanging ending This time I need to wait a week for the next installment I don't know if my tender heart can take the stress

  9. Kristin Kristin says:

    Dane and Jessica's physical relationship is still progressing nicely at the onset of this book They actually get caught having sex at work by her friend Melissa But since Dane's body was in front of hers her identity isn't known She ends up admitting to Melissa it was herI enjoyed this book even though nothing much happened in it I like Dane and Jessica They truly seem to have some kind of connection and its enjoyable to read aboutI hate that I have to wait until the next installment There was uite a cliffhanger at the end of the book Let me just say that Rafe showed back up

  10. Amy Amy says:

    35 stars Storm has come back boys and girls And sexual performance is no longer the sole bailiwick of Dane Storm’s got it going on too More so even because Storm is the object of his and Dane’s secretary’s eye Melanie has loved him for like everStorm though got to Jessica first Can he keep her? Will he? What about Dane?The hotness continues in this one much as it did with the first two installments The sexy times are scorchin’ hot For a 44 page uickie it’s a fun hot readIf only Jessica were compelling If only there was sustained tensionAh if onlyThanks to NetGalley for the previewPublished on cupcake's book cupboardVivaAmaRisata

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