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A Greater Love [Reading] ➮ A Greater Love ➶ Rachel Ann Nunes – Thomashillier.co.uk Miguel Silva is a street orphan who will do anything to avoid the wrath of his alcoholic aunt and to keep his little sister Sara happy He and Sara roam the streets of Portugal begging and stealing to Miguel Silva is a street orphan who will do anything to avoid the wrath of his alcoholic aunt and to keep his little sister Sara happy He and Sara roam the streets of Portugal begging and stealing to feed and clothe themselves A sudden twist of fate throws them into an even A Greater PDF/EPUB ² colder world where their only chance for survival is Daniel and Cristina Andrade Daniel Andrade has put his bitter past behind him and found a new life with Cristina But the past returns in force when Miguel steals his wallet on the ferry throwing into motion a series of unstoppable events Daniel doesn’t want to face the secrets of the past or open his heart to anyone—yet that is exactly what he must do or face losing everything he loves Cristina Andrade also has secrets Now she must choose between her husband and the deep longing in her heart Or is there a compromise Only Miguel can help them find the way—and time for Miguel is running out Can the Savior’s love heal them all before it’s too late.

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  1. Miriam Miriam says:

    Rachel Ann Nunes came to give a talk in my neighborhood once and my mom and I attended I grew up reading her Daughter of a King book and so was thrilled to meet and learn about her She signed my copy of Daughter of a King as well as a couple of other books I have by her She gave me a copy of this book A Greater Love and I remember enjoying it although I honestly don't remember the plot I remember it touched me as an 11 or so year old It was sad though which you have to be in the right mood to read But overall I liked it and it is special to me because of the memory of meeting Rachel and reading it for the first time

  2. Sara Liechty Sara Liechty says:

    At our Relief Society Meeting this past week Rachel Ann Nunez came and spoke to us about her life and about how important we each are individually She was inspirational and very nice She gave each of us a signed copy of this book I read it right away I loved it I thought it was inspirational and had so many Christlike themes I am excited to read of her books

  3. Joleen Joleen says:

    One really good book I'm glad I didn't know this was an LDS author before I read it or I'm ashamed to say and my apologies Ms Nunes I might have put it aside But there's no mention of anything Mormon at all in the book so I'm delighted with the story This book will touch your heart truly Two young siblings now orphans were taken in by their cruel drunkard of an aunt They live in a makeshift shack in a horrible area near Lisbon Portugal Their way of making money is to beg or steal It's a sad life but the brother tries to keep his very young sister happy with his love and protection His devotion for her is so very touching that even though you know his stealing is wrong you root for him because he does it to keep the 3 of them himself his little sister and his drunkard aunt alive He does have a conscience about it instilled by some missionariesGod seems to be steering things for the children and for a married couple who had something stolen by Miguel the brother The story around the time they meet is amazing and turns into a Kleenex worthy readGenerally I enjoy a totally different sort of book but this was a great change and I whole heartledly recommend it

  4. LAWonder10 LAWonder10 says:

    A Greater Love' is a very touching story at theHoliday time of the year or at anytimeThis is a touching bittersweet tale of a couple who after several years of marriage are childless one by choice the other because of the spouse's choiceIt causes a major problem in their marriageThis is also a story about two young children orphaned through the death of their parents and given to an alcoholic aunt to raiseSo many different status's in life with so much prejudiceThe story portrays the emotional and physical difficulties different people experience in the separate walks of lifeEach have their own challenges and sufferingsWhat an inspirational tale of survival suffering acceptanceand love It also offers a message of forgiveness and humilityThe story spans several months but it is at Christmastime and New Years it concludesThis would be a wonderful story to share with the whole familyIt was predictable but wonderfully so

  5. Susan Susan says:

    I really liked this book It's about two young children ages 9 and 6 who are orphans trying to survive in the middle of winter in Portugal They spend their life begging for food trying to keep warm and trying to keep away from those who would harm themAnd it's about a man and his wife who are rich and have every comfort money can buy but he refuses to let her get pregnant because he doesn't want to bring children into this terrible world I would highly recommend this book

  6. Linnae Linnae says:

    Miguel and Sara are siblings and street rats in Portugal doing anything they can to survive including stealing and begging Then their guardian dies and they are left completely to their own devices Meanwhile a couple elsewhere in the city are about to split up over differences in whether or not to have kids Can you see what's coming Yes there is a very good chance these 4 individuals will come together and solve each other problemsGood though predictable

  7. Charissa Charissa says:

    Riveting story of two orphan kids working hard to survive on the streets of Portugal and an embittered man whose marriage is unraveling because he is unwilling to bring children into a cruel world When their lives entwine the children learn to trust and the man learns how to love selflessly This was a sweet book that made me cheer as heartbreaking became heartwarming

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    This is an LDS author and I really liked the message this book gives of everyone being important But then again I pretty much love everything Rachel Ann Nunes writes

  9. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Very good story of the Love that really matters most

  10. Susan Susan says:

    These are two pretty brave orphans and they deserve to be loved These two bring out the good in others and a love that Daniel and Cristina need to forgive themselves

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