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  1. Teresa Teresa says:

    The story started out slow but turned out to be uite exciting ending with a cliffhanger urging us on to the next book It may seem as if there were already too many characters you have to have 9 people on a baseball team of course and then there are the main characters the 3 siblings but the addition of a new team member adds an important historical social dimension one that is handled well here considering the targeted age groupThe game in this book takes place in Nicollet Park the home of the Minneapolis Millers a team of pro players a few of whom I'd heard of St Anthony Falls the only natural waterfall on the Mississippi River plays an innovative role in the storyI missed having the map on the back endpaper showing where the barnstormers had been and where they are headed Perhaps this happened when the series changed from being titled Barnstormers to Sluggers or perhaps it's due to the upcoming travel schedule of the team which doesn't seem as straightforward as it was in the previous booksSince today is Opening Day here's an old fashioned baseball term for you I should've mentioned it in a review of one of the earlier books Outfielders used to be called 'scouts' so the positions are left scout right scout and center scout instead of left fielder etc

  2. Silvia Martin Silvia Martin says:

    Part of Barnstormer series I read to my son He loved them

  3. Cindy Cindy says:

    Nice kids book I hadn't read the first 3 so that was a little confusing as there are a lot of refferals to past events Basically this book revolves around the game so there are little parts of adventure but not as much as I'd like to see

  4. Linda Linda says:

    4th in a series for children Old time baseball mystery supernatural Definitions of old baseball terms in the outside margins Once again left the reader with uestions Where will the team go next

  5. PWRL PWRL says:


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Sluggers: Water, Water Everywhere [Reading] ➶ Sluggers: Water, Water Everywhere By Loren Long – In over their heads THE YEAR IS 1899 and the Travelin' Nine are barnstorming their way across the good ol' US of A trying to raise money to pay off the Payne family's big league debt Griffith has a ru In over their heads THE YEAR IS and the Travelin' Sluggers: Water, PDF or Nine are barnstorming their way across the good ol' US of A trying to raise money to pay off the Payne family's big league debt Griffith has a run in with the Chancellor and learns that the baseball isn't the only item the infamous industrialist is after Even mysteriously the Chancellor claims to have something that the Paynes want And Ruby Where in the world has she vanished to Does her disappearance have anything to do with the Chancellor's threats Or is there some other plan in play And finally Graham makes a heartfelt birthday wish and somehow gets exactly what he asks for But uestions still remain Was it real Can it possibly be true Or is it all just a dream If they don't watch out Griffith Ruby Graham and the Travelin' Nine may find themselves in deep water in the Land of Lakes.