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10 thoughts on “The Magnificent Savages

  1. Beth Gibson Beth Gibson says:

    If you like historical sagas this book may be for you The characters will travel from New York to China to Italy and back to New York The story starts out in the 1850s The central characters are the Savages owners of a large shipping company The story details their involvement in the opium trade and later as slave ships It's a story of one brother who hates his half brother because their father loved him best It is their tale of revenge against each other Though I have loved Stewart's books in the past I felt this one wasn't uite as good There is way too much detail in describing buildings And while a certain amount of historical background is necessary to build a setting and understand the conflicts this book went into too much detail It left me totally confused as to the hierarchy of several different Chinese rulers It was hard to tell the good from the bad characters And some scenes were overly long I did keep reading though because I knew there was big revenge that was going to come at the end and I wanted to see how the good brother was going to get back at the evil one It is not a disappointment from that perspective

  2. Gio C Gio C says:

    Great adventure book filled with all the the things anyone could want Action Adventure Romance and humor I recommend it

  3. Joanne Joanne says:

    This is the third book I have read by Fred Mustard Stewart and once again I was not disappointed with his writing This story was mostly about Justin Savage the illegitimate son of a major New York shipping industry giant There has always been rivalry between Justin and his brother Sylvaner the legal heir but it intensifies after their father’s death Pirates opium trade murder plots war games blackmail the exotics of China and Italy first love and lots of lust are discussed The book is written over about 12 years starting in 1850 when Justin is just a teen and portrays his life into a young polished wealthy man despite his birth circumstances and bad boy past One thing I enjoy about Stewart’s novels is the tie of history into a story usually based around a family heritage

  4. Theresa Theresa says:

    Received this series as a Christmas gift Have been looking for a historical saga to get involved with The first book The Magnificent Savages is a good start Set in the 1860's it has a little bit of everything The early years of New York City both politically and socially the high seas trade with China pirates and Am looking forward to starting the next one

  5. Fred Ann Fred Ann says:

    A swsshbuckling adventure romance the setting in China for much of the book lent it oriental appeal while the story of this new york based sghipping family developed within international intrigue An interesting read

  6. Olean Public Library Olean Public Library says:

    A great read Beginning of a nice series Privateers piracy sea traders and great loves fill this book Awesome read

  7. Jackie Weger Jackie Weger says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous depictions of NYC in the 1800's Stewart did a fine job taking his character from youth to manhood in one adventure after another I did not skip a page

  8. Matthew Matthew says:

    It was good however I had picked it up hoping for a grand adventure but it ended up of a romance

  9. Jeannie Kilburn Jeannie Kilburn says:

    this story was not about Savages but about a family named Savage It was a good adventure

  10. Katharine Ott Katharine Ott says:

    The Magnificent Savages written by Fred Mustard Stewart and published in 1996 by Forge A first rate adventure

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The Magnificent Savages ❮Ebook❯ ➮ The Magnificent Savages ➯ Author Fred Mustard Stewart – From the bestselling author of Mephisto Waltz which became a motion picture starring Alan Alda and Jacueline Bisset comes a rousing tale of passion adventure treachery and heroism Justin Savage illegi From the bestselling author of Mephisto Waltz which became a motion picture starring Alan Alda and Jacueline Bisset comes a rousing tale of passion adventure treachery and heroism Justin Savage illegitimate son of shipping magnate Nathaniel Savage heads out to sea in as a cabin boy on one of his father's clipper ships When the ship is captured by pirates Justin is forced The Magnificent PDF or to act against his own family's ships by the pirates' leader the gorgeous Madame Ching.

  • Hardcover
  • 383 pages
  • The Magnificent Savages
  • Fred Mustard Stewart
  • English
  • 03 November 2015
  • 9780312861117