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I Have Been All Things Unholy Unholyverse #1 [Epub] ➞ I Have Been All Things Unholy Unholyverse #1 By Bexless – Thomashillier.co.uk My Chemical Romance AU“He thinks I have stigmata” Frank said because what the fucking hell it couldn't get any worse He might as well just lay it out“Oh well” said Brian into his hands “Of c My Chemical Romance AU“He thinks I have Been All eBook ✓ stigmata” Frank said because what the fucking hell it couldn't get any worse He might as well just lay it out“Oh well” said Brian into his hands “Of course”Words complete.

10 thoughts on “I Have Been All Things Unholy Unholyverse #1

  1. madeline madeline says:

    Ray is hairdresser is still one of the funniest lines I've ever read in my entire life

  2. E B E B says:

    I really hate real person fanfiction I say as I find myself reading this and adoring it to no end I honestly generally can't stand RPF It's usually written poorly and has a voyeuristic feel to it Not this fic It is so well written that I have regained hope in fanfiction everywhere Thank you Bexless

  3. Lyndsey Asgard Lyndsey Asgard says:

    This is gonna be a re read for years to come It's just way too good and way too much funReread Jan 2020 It's still just as fun This book is one of my favourite books I've ever read Not favourite fanfics favourite BOOKS It's that good The characters are so funny and charming and Frank's character is really on that dumb bitch juice but I relate so hard

  4. Emma Clary Emma Clary says:

    This book is honestly amazing It has brutally emotional moments genuinely horrific ones and just beautiful ones that you'll hold on to a while after reading Honestly after reading the first part I had to take a break cause I saw character death tagged in part two and was like NOPE NOT READY FOR THAT YET I think my favorite part of the whole book is that Gerard is so committed not just to catholicism and to God but to being a good person and having a positive impact on the world above all else which is something I think the character and the person have in common not the catholicism part in the person's case While romance is a part of it it's not the focus of the book at all it's mostly a background plot until the end but the buildup is so well done as are the horror moments and as someone who studied Gothic literature they were really intriguing and seriously well done I could honestly rave about this book for a long time I legitimately want a physical copy to put on my bookshelf and lend to non mcr fans and see what they think

  5. Lee Lee says:

    Listen I don't ship frerard At all But this book? This book is good To my fellow non shippers? Read it anyway It'll be the best fanfiction you'll ever read because it certainly was for me

  6. Tetra Tetra says:

    Unholyverse is 100% my favorite MCR fic and one of my favorite fics of all time This story is full of blood sweat and tears and I am endlessly appreciative of Bex for the amount of research and dedication she put into it Unholyverse is a MUST on your rec list

  7. ste ste says:

    it’s the best bookfanfic i’ve ever read i lost a lot of hours of sleep because i just needed to finish it as soon as possible and omg this is just a work of art

  8. Nightwing Nightwing says:

    35 Very good better than ASOTM in my opinion but not really my type

  9. ellemaddy ellemaddy says:

    Unholyverse is one of the best fanfics I have ever read I mean the dedication the writer put into this fic is just amazing In this fic Frank Iero works in a tattoo parlour with Bob and Mikey I don't remember whether Ray works there too or not And then one day he was particularly having an awful day and he decided to get a new tattoo This tattoo turned out to be hexed or something and he started having bad dreams getting stigmata bleeding like crazy you know all type of satanic or religious? shit But before all that he met Gerard an actual priest I mean wow Everyone called him father and I just can't imagine Gerard Way being a priest in real life because that shit is not possible Anyway in this fic he's a priest but he's thinking about leaving the church and then he met Frank and they fell in love and he tried to save Frank from the cursed tattoo It was fucking awesome Then they went to Rome and met the Pope if i remember correctly I mean it was AWESOME After that they started hunting down ghosts and Frank became kind of bitter because he almost died If you're looking for a frerard fic to read I suggest you read this one The Dove Keeper is also very good but it kinda makes me uncomfortable because of the age different between Frank and Gerard A Splitting of The Mind prepare a box of tissue and only read this if you're a masochist Anatomy of A Fall ghost Frank nice Some people say that Wind Up Toy is also good but I never read that before In my opinion Frerard fics are literally the best kind of fics even if you don't ship them I read other fics from other fandoms and none of them are as good as MCR fics I'm serious

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    An incredible series overall The characters who are the actual members of My Chemical Romance are expertly placed by Bexless in an alternate universe that involves religion demons stigmata curses and friendship Bexless takes Gerard Way Frank Iero Mikey Way Bob Bryar Ray Toro and Brian Schechter as the people we know and love and makes them hers in this incredible fanfiction This story also addresses some very real uestions about religion and homosexuality as well as denying yourself and who you are Adventurous bloody a little and humorous this is a must read for anyone into bandom

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