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Hades Gate (Marius Mules, #5) [Reading] ➶ Hades Gate (Marius Mules, #5) Author S.J.A. Turney – 54bc As tensions build in Gaul and the druids manoeuvre the tribes towards general rebellion Priscus and the diminishing senior staff of Caesar's army prepare to return to Britannia this time with a v bc As tensions build in Gaul and the druids manoeuvre the tribes towards general rebellion Priscus and the diminishing senior staff of Caesar's army prepare to return to Britannia this time with a vast army and a will to crush the tribes of that mysterious island Meanwhile in Rome and with his ties to the general severed Fronto contemplates a non military future as he settles into the life of a married nobleman socialising with Rome's elite and coming to terms with the decline in his fitness in recent months In this year of rising troubles Priscus will miss his former commander's presence than ever while Fronto will learn than he wishes to of the great Pompey With rebellious Gauls defiant Britons vengeful giants veteran gladiators and dangerous criminals Fronto is pushed to the limits driving him to a decision he dreads and a battle for his very life at the steaming hellish land of Hades' Gate.

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  1. Charles van Buren Charles van Buren says:

    An action packed volumeHADES GATE is an action packed volume in the Marius' Mules series The action stretches from Gaul to Britain and back to Gaul with a major revolt by the tribes All of this is interspersed with danger in Rome for Fronto

  2. Paul Bennett Paul Bennett says:

    Once again I found myself enthralled by a book by SJA Turney That shouldn't be so easy as this series takes place in one of my favorite periods of ancient history and involves some of the colorfulpowerful men in Rome's history and as such I expect a lot from writers who tackle those subject matters I have yet to be disappointed by Mr Turney's efforts At the end of MM IV the main character in the series Marcus Falerius Fronto had a seemingly irreparable falling out with Caesar which means he will be spending this campaigning season in Rome and Puteoli instead of Britain and Gaul Trouble and finds him anyway in many guises from the maddened Pompey to a revenge seeking German no place is safe for Fronto or his family and friendsMeanwhile Caesar has his own difficulties in Britain and then with the threat of a somewhat united Gaul rising up against him With his officer corps somewhat depleted Caesar finds it necessary to bring in experienced men from other legions Thus the author introduces who because of the HBO series Rome are probably known to most of us already; Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus have important roles to play as senior centurions in the 14th Legion There are differences between the Rome versions and the two crafted by the author one of them being the fact that they are both centurions and Pullo is the senior of the two I think that it is interesting to note that Pullo and Vorenus I believe are the only two legionaries mentioned by name in Caesar's War Commentaries so it is only fitting that they play their part in Marius Mules although I do conjure up the faces of Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson when reading their parts in the bookThe dual plots are handled in such a way that it seems each scene ends in a cliff hanging scenario which only spurs the reader to keep going in spite of the lateness of the hour With each volume in this series the main characters keep progressing in their development those that survive anyway as the author has a knack for surprises when it comes to not only the intrigue of the story lines but with who gets rubbed out Not that that is a bad thing war and other nefarious characters are always ready to claim a victim or two though I have found myself shouting at the ceiling 'oh my God he killed so and so'Like a devious devising Kronos SJA Turney weaves a tale of intrigue and action in Marius Mules V – Hades Gate Like the previous volumes in this series Hades Gate is historical fiction at it’s best Great time of history wonderful characters and the raw power of a Roman Legion shield wall have me looking longingly forward to Marius Mules VIthey just keep getting better

  3. Jane Jane says:

    I like the way Mr Turney has incorporated the geologic peculiarities of Puteoli into the novel Mr Turney is steadily improving his saga with each book in the series I heartily recommend all of them I like how the novel is laid out month by month subdivided into chapters with three plots Fronto his family associates and enemies in Rome and Puteoli; Caesar and his legions in Gaul then his abortive expedition to Britannia then back to Gaul first from Roman POV then from native POV This divided the book better for me; I read slower and would stop at the end of a few sections I certainly admire the author's originality in devising battle plans and the actual fighting each time Battles in small chunks agree with me I liked the wedding and reception the idea of the Potemkin fort near the conclusion in Gaul and the action involving the Nervi courier I only caught a few anachronistic expressions or words eg sauna I had wondered how Fronto would return to military life after his irreparable break with Caesar; That aspect was handled very well The character building goes on apace; we find out a bit about each main character I liked the new minor characters introduced into this novel except that the villains were really Beyond the Pale I'm glad the women were given a bigger role and Lucilia had the last word About Fronto's physical training of course that's setting up for the next installment but it was a graphic illustration of the lesson that no one does something if people keep nagging; personal desire to master something has to come from one's own motivation `

  4. Paul Collard Paul Collard says:

    I am a little ashamed to say that Marius' Mules Hades' Gate is the first self published novel I have read I now wish I had not waited so longSJA Turney writes with the skill fluency and detail a reader would expect from a successful novelist on their fifth instalment in a series and in MMV he has created a wonderful multi layered story following the stories of two main characters Fronto in Rome and Priscus in Gaul The supporting cast is large and although that can be a little overwhelming they are all well drawn interesting characters who all add to the richness of the story His description of battle is riveting and he manages to capture the sheer horror and the gory brutality of war as it must have been for the men of the period There is an earthy realism to Mr Turney’s writing and although it can be grim it certainly makes for a gripping readI thoroughly enjoyed the mix of the twin storylines but I was occasionally aware that MMV is just one part of a series Of course that means I will now seek out and buy the four books that preceded MMV so perhaps Mr Turney is one step ahead of me thereAs an e book MMV is available for around half the price of a mocha chocha frapaccino If that isn’t seriously good value then I do not know what is I for one will happily buy all the books Mr Turney feels able to write and I am already looking forward to the next instalment in the Marius’s Mules series

  5. Alexander Anderson Alexander Anderson says:

    High Value Military Historicy PotboilersI’m aesthetically or at least pretend to be opposed to a series of anything whether movies booksor bad presidentsBut I’m going to confessI am addicted to this series of historical novels concerning Caesar’s campaigns although Caesar playing one of the principals not acting as the main protagonistThis is the 5th in the series and the 5th that I’ve read audiobook listened to in the last couple of monthsSo far it is the best of the lot of addictively entertaining and well designed novelsI’ve given a 3• rating to each of the previous instalmentsAlthough falling back on stereotype characterisation and plot development occasionally the author is an adept enough wordsmith to pull it all off exceedingly well

  6. Kevin Gardner Kevin Gardner says:

    Another winner Hades gate is the fifth outing for Simon Turneys fronto and another fine addition to the series it is This book sees fronto in rome sorting out problems at home while Ceaser campaigns in gaul with his legions the twin story lines working well to keep the story flowing with the action coming thick and fast both in rome gaul and a Brittania This is a cracking series and in my humble opinion far superior to Simon Scarrows Macro and Catto series which i feel is way past its sell buy date Highly Recommended

  7. Jaybour Jaybour says:

    The Worst in the SeriesI have seldom read a book so fraught with grammatical inconsistencies I instead of me he instead of him she instead of her omission of commas at the end of direct speech the list goes on and on Add to this grammatical disaster the cavalier redistribution or reassignment of officers amongst the various legions and you have the makings of a most unpleasant and frustrating read If only the editor's throat were available for throttling

  8. Jonathan I Jonathan I says:

    Why a 5? Because Turney consistently produces a good story that is well researched follows actual history with a limited number of time frame inappropriate sayingsFocused on the story of Caesar in Gaul the book has a legionary as it's key figureI always enjoy Turney's series

  9. Steven Robinson Steven Robinson says:

    took the story in a different direction which was very interesting enjoyed it a lot

  10. Bill Harrell Bill Harrell says:

    I lived in these areas for four4 yrs Outstanding 🙂

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