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The Girls Number Doesnt Answer ❴Read❵ ➱ The Girls Number Doesnt Answer Author Talmage Powell – Three people were dead their heads bashed in their bodies hacked with a samurai sword All three victims were Japanese The murder weapon was traced to Nick Martin a veteran of Iwo Jima Nick had spent f Three people Number Doesnt ePUB ☆ were dead their heads bashed in their bodies hacked with a samurai sword All three victims were Japanese The murder weapon was traced to Nick Martin a veteran of Iwo Jima Nick had spent fifteen pain ridden years in and out of Army hospitals He tried to drown his memories of the horror but whisky only put him right back in the middle of that fierce battleNick drank a fifth the night of the The Girls Kindle - killingThat's the kind of case the police call 'open and shut' But Ed Rivers a private detective was a friend of Nick Martin's And no one was shutting the door of a death cell on Nick not while Rivers could still go after the real fiendishly clever murderer.

  • Paperback
  • The Girls Number Doesnt Answer
  • Talmage Powell
  • English
  • 06 May 2015

2 thoughts on “The Girls Number Doesnt Answer

  1. Dave Dave says:

    “The Girl’s Number Doesn’t Answer” is the second of five Ed Rivers novels authored by Talmage Powell The others in the series are 1 “The Killer Is Mine” 3 “With A Madman Behind Me” 4 “Start Screaming Murder” and 5 “Corpus Delectable” Rivers is a private eye in the Tampa Bay area having his office in Ybor City the Spanish section Rivers was originally a New Jersey police officer who fell for a girl who left him for a hood and then watched as his girl and the hood lost a race with a freight train He has some bitterness about this He thought she had been “everything fine and decent molded into human form” Rivers is not a Tampa native and can’t really stand the heat there Each evening he buys a twenty five pound block of ice and places it in front of a fan to cool down his bedroom or soaks in a tub of chilled water He’s tall gangly and ugly He explains “My face usually gets a reaction I’ve seen it fire the eyes of women with feelings ranging from acute distaste to hot hunger”A friend of Rivers’ Nick Martin is accused of a gory triple murder beheading committed by use of a massive samurai sword that been hanging in Nick’s living room Everything points to Nick being the killer such as opportunity access etc and it doesn’t help that Nick and his wife Helen ran from the murder scene and were hiding out Rivers with all odds against him and pretty much on his own is out to prove Nick’s innocence Nick remarks at one point that Rivers doesn’t have many friends because the word means something to him “You give a part of a kind of holy thing inside of you when you call somebody a friend”Like all of Powell’s books this is a good solid read and moves uickly without too many plot entanglements If you enjoy fifties PI novels give Powell’s Ed Rivers series a try It is simply good solid PI fiction It doesn’t try to be too fancy too poetic or too philosophical but once you pick up one of his books it is really difficult to put it down before you reach the conclusion

  2. Tim Tim says:

    Interesting to note similarities between the murders of a Japanese family in THE GIRL'S NUMBER DOESN'T ANSWER and Perfidia by James Ellroy Ed Rivers is a private detective who works on behalf of Nick his friend who's a war hero suffering from PTS and is accused of the horrific crime Nick has battled the bottle and flashbacks and is the sole suspect in the crime Ed works hard to clear Nick's name by tracking down the real killer Decent storyline as Ed bucks the stacked deck against his friend to prove his innocence with a surprise as to who the actual killer turns to be and the danger he faces in revealing who committed the crime Next up by Talmage Powell will be With a Madman Behind Me the 3rd book in the Ed Rivers series with The Killer is Mine being the first

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