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7 thoughts on “Complete Harlow Series (Harlow Series, #1-3)

  1. Jen ❥ Jen ❥ says:

    The Harlow Series is a really great story worthy of five stars if it weren't for the atrocious editing Jessica and Alex had great chemistry together and I enjoyed the angst and suspense built in to the story but the author's misuse of words was really distracting throughout the entire book Than vs then admission vs omission wound vs womb reserved vs resigned incased vs encased are just a few of the words used incorrectly and there were several occasions where I had to re read the sentence to try to figure out the correct meaning And that's another pet peeve of mine you try TO do something not try AND do something Two different meanings there C Shell shows a lot of potential in her creativity and story telling which I admire but I really really hope the next book is edited to fix these types of errors If you are able to overlook such mistakes then I highly recommend the Harlow Series as an entertaining new adult tale but if you're a stickler for grammar you'll definitely want to pass on this book until it has been edited

  2. Terri Terri says:

    I'm giving this one a 35 I did enjoy this series There were 3 books and I liked the fact that they were uick reads No over the top drama or cliffhangers Jessica and Alex were a very sexy couple with great chemistry I did feel that the storyline was a bit familiar and predictable

  3. T T says:

    This was in dire and I mean DIRE need of an editor At times it was painful to read and Iʻm a pretty forgiving reader I wish this story were original but it was not It was a chopped salad of 50 shades and the Crossfire series and every other book that came out like it Very little story prior to the female getting felt up by the male Just ugh

  4. Alba M. Alba M. says:

    En realidad 375Para pasar el tiempo vale pero no es realmente una historia en si para mí Ha sido todo muy FSOG Él mandon posesivo el chofer ella lo de atarla y esas cosas contratar guardaespaldas demasiadas referencias ue en el fondo me hicieron aburrir la historia El epílogo bastante soso Me esperaba algo más pero visto lo visto no sé de ué me sorprendo

  5. Jenel Jenel says:

    Good story It just had lots of grammar issues Needs a better editor cause whoever did this job sucked

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    Love love love this series

  7. C. Shell C. Shell says:

    Enjoy all three books together in one easy bundle

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Complete Harlow Series (Harlow Series, #1-3) [KINDLE] ❂ Complete Harlow Series (Harlow Series, #1-3) By C. Shell – This book is no longer available To read the Harlow Series you must buy Beneath Him and Embracing Him I would delete this but Goodreads won't let me This book is no longer available To read the Harlow Series you must buy Beneath Him and Embracing Him I would delete this but Goodreads won't let me.

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  • Complete Harlow Series (Harlow Series, #1-3)
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  • 13 April 2015

About the Author: C. Shell

C Shell lives in the hot state of Texas with her husband and two beautiful girls Romance books are her obsession One that includes a bad boy or an alpha male who knows what he wants is her own personal version Complete Harlow Epub / of heaven She finds the happy endings and endless possibilities of books alluring and addictive When she is not thinking up her next kick ass character she is working in the community r.